How much have you spent on pressies , total? No judging, I'm just very nosey, and like to see how far along the scale of spending I am!!

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mustrunmorewantsanewname Wed 05-Dec-07 22:09:39

So? How much/for how many people?

joyfulspike Wed 05-Dec-07 22:15:38

parents and dh parents £10 voucher each + photo of ds (my mum and his parents)

Sisters and brothers (2 each) 0, but their kids (7 in total) get £5 voucher each, except 2 oldest who have their own kids and we get their babies (2) small toy £3-4.

grandparents (2 sets) £5 voucher + photo of ds

we buy for 4 close mates - cheap bottle wine £4ish each

total about £85

I also buy a couple boxes of choccies/biccies just in case, so add another £10.

What about you?

Nemostwonderfultimeoftheyear Wed 05-Dec-07 22:23:04

DH photo frame £3, socks £3,
DS board game £4,LFC football and scarf £12,£30 towards a camera
DD1 stephanie costume £10, lazytown music transporter £15, winnie the pooh bike £4.20
DD2 Little people plane and bus £20

DC have lots of other stuff my mum has been buying through the year and comes in abundance to overly spoil them so instead dh and I stowed it in the loft..pmsl

Nemostwonderfultimeoftheyear Wed 05-Dec-07 22:23:25

meant to says tocking fillers for all 3 dc =£15

deckthehallswithFEETofTIGERs Wed 05-Dec-07 22:27:43

I buy for dh, dd, Mum, sister, two brothers, inlaws, friend+d+dd, other friend's dd.

Will probably spend about £200 on the lot

DH will spend about £50 on me

Also a tin of chocs for the work, tin of chocs for dd's nursery

So in all as a household I think we will spend around £250-£300. I'm actually quite shocked - I didn't think it would be as much as that

StudentMadwife Wed 05-Dec-07 22:30:28

dp mum £30-50
dp dad £20-35
dp bro child £20-40
dp best mate £15-20
my best mate £40-80
best mates child £30
dp £100-300
kids about £60 each and £50 joint

I don't know in all but got a wii off Ebay yesterday for DS1 and DS2 for £225 and seller is delivering to me! (made sure i found a local one i could pick up to save postage charge!)

StudentMadwife Wed 05-Dec-07 22:31:57


SantaBeClausImWorthIt Wed 05-Dec-07 22:32:11

I have no idea blush

I started at the end of August so have been spreading the cost.

It's probably more than I think. And certainly more than I want to know/confess.

But I love it! grin

I've bought most of my presents today, when I'm finished I think I'll have spent about £100

4 x tins of chocolates for £18 - 1 tin per adult couple in family.
4 x boxes of chocolates for £12 - for single adults in family.
6 x selection boxes for £15 - for younger kids in family, with a toy or a fiver.
stripey mens scarf £5, smellies set £3 - for bachelor brother.
electrical steamer £8 - for adult niece.
spongebob tshirt £8 - for teenage niece.
catapult and a tin of jellybeans approx £6 - for 12 yr old nephew.
box of nappies for baby in family £9 (well, they'll be more useful than yet more babyshoes!)

Need presents for my dp (booze and books, usually) two or three bits from claires accessories for the little girls in the family to add to the selection boxes, something for mil and a jumper or something for my dad. So perhaps more like £140-£150 total. Yikes.

BibiJesus Wed 05-Dec-07 22:35:30

Just off to tott mine up and be blush at the total no doubt. BUT, I have spread the cost over the last 4 pay packets and not bought anything full price - but I just know I'm not going to like the end figure.

I said we weren't going over £300 this year. Will post back as soon as I pick myself up off the floor.

BibiJesus Wed 05-Dec-07 22:37:06

Forgot to say it will be for 7 adults and 10 children (dds,neices and nephews). Not including me and DH.

DS £35

Sister £10

Mum £10

Dad £9

Nan £10

Then there will be DS's stocking at £5ish

So in total, £79 (ouch!)

mustrunmorewantsanewname Wed 05-Dec-07 22:41:09

Well, I was horrified when I added up mine, given that I bought most of it half price last years sales, and me and dh have a budget of £7 for each other. But I seem to be average compared with you lot! I just cant see how I ended up spending so much, when everyone seems to hav eso little from us!

I have spent £178.38. Thats for dh, ds1, ds2 (whose main pressies both came off freecycle, thank god!), my Mum, about 15 other children, and (mostly small things) for about 12 adults.

suwoo Wed 05-Dec-07 22:41:52

Oh God I'm not sure, but significantly more than most so far. Seems like I have so many to buy for. We spend about £10 on each child and £30 on each adult. Me and DH don't buy each other though as seems mad from a joint account. Poor DS who is 1 next week has gifts I bought him with his (£500 odd) christening gift money in July and DD has £179 this year- which is more than ever. Have been buying since September to spread the cost.

smartiejake Wed 05-Dec-07 22:44:00

Mum/ dad/ Mil/ granny £25 each
Neices and nephews(6) £20 each
Brothers/ sisters/and inlaws (6)£5 each
dh £150 ish
2 dds £400 in total (including wii £260)

wolveschick Wed 05-Dec-07 22:55:47

In total will spend around six hundred on presents but this includes DD1 and 2, DH and numerous relatives and friends children. Compared to friends this doesn't actually seem that bad. DDs not yet wanting Nintendo/Wii thank goodness!

BibiJesus Thu 06-Dec-07 08:38:40

I've spent about £400 on my 3 dds and 6 neices/nephews and 7 adults. Which is a lot more than I intended or budgeted for! Bibi has been merrily spending and ignoring her budget obviously.

That's very conservative compared to what I know my relatives and friends are spending. My auntie has spent that on her dd1 alone (DS lite, Heeleys, HSM everything etc).

I'll hopefully be on a career break next Christmas so the budget will be a quarter of that!

Hulababy Thu 06-Dec-07 08:46:50

I have 20 odd presents to buy for and it comes to an awful lot more than most figures on here so far. Not sure I dare add it all up!

morningpaper Thu 06-Dec-07 08:49:36

30 people - spend about £10 on children, £20 on adults and £50 on close friends/family

Have also been buying for a few months to spread the cost!

LadyMuck Thu 06-Dec-07 08:49:47

Into 4 figures, though mainly due to dh's present, and most of that comes out of his "hobby" budget, rather than our Christmas one.

DH's family have always been very generous with Christmas presents, so we end up reciprocating to a certain extent. My family have been historically more thrifty until my brother married someone for whom Christmas is a big deal which has started to lead to present inflation there too.

Proportionately we've spent very little on our dcs, but then as everyone else is giving them mega presents we don't feel we have to. Ds1 was some Star Wars Lego, ds2 wants Peppa Pig's campervan. Their stocking will be a board games and chocolate variety pack.

morningpaper Thu 06-Dec-07 08:52:38

Present inflation is very difficult to resist, isn't it? Without looking like a tight bastard.

FlossALump Thu 06-Dec-07 08:53:06

DP 40-50
Mum(her request to keep it to 10) 20ish
Step dad 15
FIL 30
MIL 30 they have higher expectations than my family FIL "I'd like a shirt, not a cheap one".
Nephew 20
Friends 15-20
Friends children around 10.

Don't know about DS yet. Have some little stocking fillers. Depends on what DP and me argue about decide on really. Something around either cars stuff, scooter or DP wants an iteddy.. hmm I'd expect it to be between 50-100. He is 3.

TwinklyfLightAttendant Thu 06-Dec-07 08:54:53

I think about £50 for mum and dad combined, as they have been so generous this year, bought a car for us to use etc. shock I still feel it isn't enough though cannot afford it really.

Ds1, about £40 total I think. Ds2, about the same - one big thing to last him a while! I started buying months ago, in the sales etc.

Other people, prob about £5-10 each, not too many of those though smile

So maybe about £150- 200, tis more than I thought blush

My family is so generous, doesn't feel like there is much choice but to reciprocate.

TwinklyfLightAttendant Thu 06-Dec-07 08:57:40

(I try to save presents in the cupboard for a suitable recipient, some of this year's are from years ago!) Shh...

LadyMuck Thu 06-Dec-07 09:19:01

Agree Morning Paper. I got caught out 2, maybe 3 years ago. I agreed with my parents that we didn't really need to spend much on presents especially for adults and that we would just given a small gift, though still buy the kids something. My brother was trying to move house and money was tight.

Being the organised person that I am I finished my Christmas shopping only to discover that my SIL had pooh-poohed the idea and had gone the whole hog, with my parents capitulating too. So I ended up spending more on them than I would have in the first place, as my small git didn't trasnlate into a larger gift easily so I ended up buying 2. The problem is Dh and I have/had the highest salaries in the family, so we would look unbelievably mean if we went for unilateral disarmament. I feel sorry for my parents who must struggle with this, but if they had stood with me 2 years ago, we could have dealt with it then!

bunnyhunny Thu 06-Dec-07 09:22:28

my god most of you have done really well - so many presents and ona budget.
I have spent :
ds about £40
dh about £60
mum and dad (separately) £15 each
bf's kids £6 each (x3)
secret santa £10 and £5
brother £15
step mum and step dad (separately) about £6 each
dogs (!) about £5
and probably a few little bits £15
that's about £215 (couldnt be bothered to work it out properly)

dh's budget for his family is another matter though - 3 siblings, separated parents so 2 families, a nephew and a niece, grandparents, me, ds.
I think he has budgeted about £300 +

LoveAngelGabriel Thu 06-Dec-07 11:44:10

£100 on small gifts for 6 children in our family / kids of friends

£150 on DS, including stocking

£50 on a my dad and sister

£150 on my mum as joint birthday/Xmas present (day at spa with massage and lunch)

= £450

We'll probably buy a few more bits and bobs, so call it £500

Tutter Thu 06-Dec-07 11:45:08

prob about a grand

but big money spent on our parents, not children

juicychops Thu 06-Dec-07 12:26:16

in total including ds i have spent about £450 on xmas presents spread over the year.

My budget was £350 so quite shocked. Will have to try harder next year! but i love present buying so get a bit carried away

rudolphdoesntneedbratnav Thu 06-Dec-07 12:31:53

About £100 each on DDs and DSD so £300 there

Budgeted £50 per couple for my parents and DPs parents and £25-30 per couple on my sister+BIL and DPs Bro and SIL to probably a total spend of £450-460. [gulp]

TroutSprout Thu 06-Dec-07 12:45:25

70 on each dc (150)
about 60 on dh
About 250-300 on family and friends (thats both sets of parents and 20 neices and nephews)

So... about £500


bozza Thu 06-Dec-07 12:51:58

I will work it out while I am walking round Asda. But I think it will be near the top end of the numbers on here.

auntilin Thu 06-Dec-07 12:52:06

I do try to buy in the sales/ discount shops all year, we don't buy individually for extended family adults , well just a token, bottle of wine or chocs etc. but children get gifts, ours prob. £40 worth each, nephews & nieces aprox. £10.each

i will prob have spent £10-15 each on close friends.
we buy extra food and some alcohol but def, do not go ott & never more than we could afford.

Nymphadora Thu 06-Dec-07 13:01:13

I try to spend £30-40 each on my parents
and must have spent about £60 on my bf (1st chrstmas haven't a clue how far to go blush)
Kids about £60 each cos neither are after much this year
auntie/uncle/cosuins & partners £20 per couple

Jambuttie Thu 06-Dec-07 13:05:19

Obviously I'm a serious over shopper blush

DH- £100
In Laws- £20 each
Nieces/nephews I send a tin of sweets to each house( we have 17 between us)
My 3 sons godparents- £30 each
Our Goddaughters(2) £30 each

We have 3 sons and ordered £1500 High Street Vouchers for xmas which we have spentblush

Ds1 birthday was in November and our DTs birthday is January and still need to get birthday pressies in

ABudafulSightWereHappyTonight Thu 06-Dec-07 13:10:55

Absolutely no idea. Lots - that's all I know!

Actually adding it all up might be scary so I won't! (Might add up cost of DS's stuff as a matter of interest.)

For family we buy for the children and do a Chris Kringle for the adults. So each adult buys for one adult - limit 50 euro.

themoon66 Thu 06-Dec-07 13:12:03

Absolutely nothing so far.... it's still far too early in themoon household to be even discussing it.

yaddayule Thu 06-Dec-07 13:13:57

I have no idea
The whole of Christmas has been bought online and I can't bring myself to tot it up

When the credit card bill arrives then I may well be kicking myself

SweetSnowflake Thu 06-Dec-07 13:14:17

approx ive spent

£350 on dd
£200 on dh
£40 on mindees
£100 on mum
£50 on friends children
£20 on chocs for teachers
erm, think thats it?

OComeOLIVEfaithfOIL Thu 06-Dec-07 13:15:30

dh - nothing yet!
dd1 and dd2 - about £70 each
MIL - about £100 all in (she has dd1 and dd2 when I work so gets lots of little things)
FIL - £30
A N Other relatives x 4 - about £15

so about £400 maybe?

but if you add in all the Christmas food and cupboard goodies for ME.....<<<faints>>

rudolphdoesntneedbratnav Thu 06-Dec-07 13:17:50

Oh heck, forgot about DP, we have spent £150 on each other blush

Wordsmith Thu 06-Dec-07 13:18:03

We'll probably end up spending between £80 and £100 each on the two kids. Didn't intend it to be this much by DS1's Man Utd strip with his name on the back was £60!!! Shock. No way will I spend £100 on the Nintendo DS he asked for - that way it would be the only present he gets and I don't think that would be much of a Christmas stocking compared to his brother's!

To be honest I think we're spending way too much - had planned £50 each.

DH and I will probably spend about £25 on each other, if anything.

Then we have my mum (about £20-£30) and my 2 brothers (£10-£15 each), bottles of wine for DH's brother and sisters (3) and then either £5 vouchers or £5 presents for our 13 great-nephews and neices.

The actual nephews and neices don't get anything! They're all in their 30's and 40's anyway.

It will proabbly be about £350 in total shock - way too much.

LadyMuck Thu 06-Dec-07 13:18:24

Let's keep the food shop out of it please! that is definitely increasing way past the rate of inflation, but mainly due to all the kids getting bigger!

LedodgyChristmasjumper Thu 06-Dec-07 13:19:49

dd: £60 inc stocking
ds: £40 inc stocking
best friend's children (we only buy for the kids) £20 between them.
Family: This year we are doing a secret santa I get to buy for BIL maximum £20 and dp buys for his other bro maximum £20.
nephew: £8
Nephew: £6
Niece £9
Niece £9
Niece £8
Nephew: £10

Dp and I don't usually buy for each other but since the secret santa thing we're doing with his family save sus some cash we will prob spend about £30 on each other. smile

LedodgyChristmasjumper Thu 06-Dec-07 13:20:29

Oh yeah and add 2 bottles of wine for about £8 for dd's teacher and teaching assistant.

Clary Thu 06-Dec-07 13:25:54

About £380 after quick tally with one still to get for difficult nephew. Phew that's quite a lot shock

This includes 3 children (8, 6,4) plus stockings; DH; 15 other assorted family from siblings to niece-in-law; four neighbours; and nine (count em!) teachers who are getting home-made fudge plus a teacher from Oxfam.

Don't buy for any friends or friends' kids (tend to do birthdays instead) as I think 30+ is quite enough!

Some of you don't seem to have counted anything for your own children <peers over glasses>

Clary Thu 06-Dec-07 13:39:05

I also want to add that my list includes all of DH's family apart from his brother who he has to pick something for. Oh, and me of course. But I buy for his mum, his sister, his nephew and niece etc etc (It's just easier and I like doing it smile)

bozza Thu 06-Dec-07 14:00:04

Mum and Dad - £60 joint present
Ils - same so £60
2 sisters/1 SIL/2 BILS - £20-25 each - say £120
3 nephews - £30 each - £90
Aunt/Uncle - going to them for Christmas tea, so is a token of appreciation as much as a present - £12 ish
Grandad - £15
3 friend's children - £15 each = £45
3 other friend's children - £10 each = £45
friend and partner - £10
Great Aunt - £10
Childminder - £10 plus bottle of wine so £13.33
Nursery staff - £10
School staff - £10

So that little lot is £490

DH says he has spent £120 ish on me. I have spent £30 on him but have only got socks/pants/book and am looking at getting 2 golf clubs that will cost £80.
DS I think we will have spent close to £250.
DD it will be more like £180. But she has got more and bigger stuff than DS.

So that is another £660. So total = £1150

And that doesn't include the school photos I will be handing out or any craft things I do with the children as presents or any jam/chutney I might give out as presents.

mum - £25
dad - £10
dad's gf - £5
secret santa at work - £5
teacher and beaver leaders - £20 in total
dh - £120
brother - £15
friend - £15
mil - £30
friend's son - £10
nephew - £15
nieces - £35 total
dd - £200 but that includes a bike that she does need as outgrown old one. Otherwise it would have been £120.
Gran - £10
childminder - £10

£525 in total. EEEEEK

kaz33 Thu 06-Dec-07 14:06:58

DS1 - nintendo DS and other assorted stuff £200

DS2 - drum kit and other assorted stuff £200

Don't normally spend that much on the kids but will make up for it by spending less in other areas

DH - jeans, gloves, nicole fahri shirt £80 ( I love ebay smile

Parents - £20 each
Brother and SIL - £20 each
Niece - £30
Cousins daughter - £10

sweetheart Thu 06-Dec-07 14:11:35

shock shock shock shock

Oh my god!!!!!!!

You lot all spend so litte - my shopping bill this Christmas comes to approx £1300!

Thats buying for about 30 people.

sweetheart Thu 06-Dec-07 14:12:00

Plus it's my sons birthday at Christmas too so we spend extra on that aswell.

sweetheart Thu 06-Dec-07 14:14:06

phew bozza - just read yours, that makes me feel better!

MuffinMclay Thu 06-Dec-07 14:17:44

Dh about £100 so far (might add the odd stoking filler)
DS £100

Nieces/nephews - £20 each (£10 only on the baby)

SIL £20
BILs £10

My parents joint gift, about £40

MIL £15 (photo frame) - seems mean but she wants nothing at all and has more money than sense.

GMIL - £15

Brother £20 max

About £650 on 28 people. I do it through out the year and allocate £50 a month, so I have gone £50 over budget.

bozza Thu 06-Dec-07 14:26:19

I have spent more this year I think than ever before. I have a problem reconciling DS's DS and Liverpool shirt (total of £160 together) with DD's playmobil house off Ebay and boy baby born (total of £100 together) due to the fact that DD's are so much bigger than DS's. But DS is only 6 and still a Father Christmas believer so I can't do an economic explanation beforehand.

The additional stuff plus stockings are of similarish value. It is the main presents that are disparate. I am not bothered about spending less on DD because I spent less on DS when he was 3. It's just how they will look on Christmas morning.

CantSleighWontSleigh Thu 06-Dec-07 14:35:42

Errr, let it suffice to say more than anyone else on this thread (or will be once I've finished anyway), but that will come as no surprise to you mrm! hmm
Don't think I'm spending as much as last year though, as have shopped more frugally for the 35 or so children that we buy for.

belcantavinissima Thu 06-Dec-07 14:36:40

um, i think about £600 blush which is for
3 dc
both our sets of parents
sisterinlaw and her dp
3 nephews
brother and his dp
other brother
brothers mum and dad (complicated- dont ask!)
brothers brother and his dw

so for 20 people i have spent roughly £600- i am guesstimating, dont want to add it up properly but know that dh gave me £450 and i have spent more. whoops. still, its only once a year. grin

Can't spend it if you haven't got it! grin

To be honest, the adults in our family aren't bothered about presents, and if I ask what should I get the kids in the family, the adults says "money!" which isn't helpful as we're always skint. So chocolate it is for all of them, they can either like it or lump it!

I'm chuffed I haven't spent much as it means I won't get into money troubles come january. There's too much emphasis on spending at christmas anyway, it's all perpertuated by the greedy credit card companies, bah humbug! wink

carries Thu 06-Dec-07 21:21:38

DH - too much, £100 plus 15 on stocking fillers

DD1- about £70
DD2 - about £40, she is only 10 mos

Mum and Dad about £70 between them

MIL - about £40

FIL - about £40

Step mother in law - £20

Sister - £30
BIL - £15

SIL - £30

Best friends - about £30 each

God daughter - £30

Nephew - £30

secret santa - £10

Cleaner - £10

Nursery staff - £10 total

DH's gran - £10

Various extras - homemade chocs or biscuits

Best friend's daughter - £8

So, far I'm sticking to budget. We set aside £1000 for Christmas to cover gifts, cards, stamps, wrapping stuff and food. I know food will take us over budget ++++++

I would like to spend more of our parents cos they are so good to us and the daughters but each year they say not to spend on them, but that seems mean.

scorpio1 Thu 06-Dec-07 21:28:19

dc x 3 @ 100 each = 300

in-laws = 50

my parents = 33 (champagne) plus whatever flowers will cost nearer the time

Sisters x 2 @ 20 = 40

a friend = 20

dp = 130

me = 100

ex in-laws = 20

ex-p = 15 (he is ds1 dad, therefore i feel i have to buy him something!)

Thats about it, excluding christmas cards/postage for rather a few people...

worriedmum34 Thu 06-Dec-07 21:28:34

Don't know - don't want to add it up to find out!
I buy for dh, ds, mum/dad, mil/fil/bil, bf and her lo, TA's at school, children at school (thats £1 each so £30 in total), sdd, nephews and nieces, nursery staff, 3x sisters......

Plus both mum and dads birthdays are just either side of christmas.

cheeset Thu 06-Dec-07 21:28:34

I never had a christmas stocking as a child,was anyone else like me?

My sis and I just had one main present,I feel a bit sorry for myself sad

MummyDarlingSausage Thu 06-Dec-07 21:50:30

About £500 in total (dh, dd, ds and 21 for family and a couple of friends. That's cutting down. This is the first year we are buying for children and child free adults only as dh comes from such a large family)

Califraunkincense Thu 06-Dec-07 22:14:37

I don't keep score and I shop for it all year. I have no idea.

TrinityTheRedNosedRhino Thu 06-Dec-07 22:17:05

about £450 for all 3 dcs together but that includes a Wii bundle at £260

cazboldy Thu 06-Dec-07 22:24:36

about £600

on 5 dc
2 nephews
4 neices
my brother & sil
my sister
my bf
her 2 dc

sparklyjen Thu 06-Dec-07 22:27:04

About £250.

Which isn't as bad as I thought.

Gonna be paying it off for a while though...

sparklyjen Thu 06-Dec-07 22:28:52

That's for 13 people.

CremolaFirCone Thu 06-Dec-07 22:40:30

dread to think but here goes(more of an exercise to see how much i have spent
sis £29 bike pannier
bil:£15book +CD
bil&sil: £20 Food smoker and BBq hamper
mil £60(including Dec birthday presssie)Chelsea Flower show ticket and trip
Fil Fark all so far
mum: £30 earings and perfume
Dad: £15 photo calendar of dd and CD
DD about £30 (2nd hand PAYG phone)including stocking which is nearly all chocolate
Dd's friends x3 £15 Books
Secret Santa at school £5 (Claires accessories)
best friend £10 wine glasses/candles and candlesticks
niece1 £8 flippin Penguins game
neice2 £12 Quentin Blake drawing book/sleepover voucher
nephew 1 £12 Power Rangers walkie talkies
nephew 2 £10 victoria wine voucher
dh and me ?30 fights to vienna

onlyjoking Thu 06-Dec-07 22:45:44

well i have not a clue and whats more i don't care, this chritmas needs to be special.

nappyaddict Fri 29-Aug-08 16:46:36

Have already started buying a lot of presents in the sales ....

1 - on DS i have spent £30 so far

2 - Parents - £10 each

3 - Sister and sister's boyfriend - £5 each

4 - Nieces/Nephews - N/A

5 - Aunts/uncles - £7.50 per couple

7 - Cousins (adults) - £10

8 - Cousins (children) - £5

9 - Friends - agreed nothing

10 - Friend's children - £5 each

Guitargirl Sat 30-Aug-08 15:07:23

Selfridges have opened their Christmas shop (and toy shop) in the basement. I was there today with DD, very bizarre to be listening to Christmas songs in August...!

How much have I spent? Too supposed to be on a very tight budget this year as am expecting baby no 2 in the new year and DD's birthday is also in January and with maternity leave approaching I did say I was going to cut back a lot. Oh well.

nappyaddict Sat 30-Aug-08 17:50:41

which selfridges is that?

tiredemma Sat 30-Aug-08 17:52:11

spent nothing. we go xmas shopping the week before xmas. get it all done in one day.

cant be arsed otherwise.

bah humbug

PavlovtheCat Sat 30-Aug-08 17:57:31

{shock] too much.

£250 on DH - an Ipod touch and case, and some clothes.
£70 on DD (but I also buy a present from 'nanny' in this, around £20, always something long lasting - this year I got her a musical wind-up snow-storm by Gisella(?) cost a lot!, Nanny would have bought this type of thing if she was here with us).
£70 presents to all family in USA including postage (3 destinations, 4 children 5 adults)
£30 to family in in UK (3 children, 2 adults).
£20 to everyone else.
(about £200 for my presents too?)

Should not have, spent that much on DH as now set a precedent! He knows that the Touch was a one-off and will not be repeated!

Guitargirl Sat 30-Aug-08 20:49:19

Nappyaddict - the London one. There weren't many people there tbh, just us and a few Middle Eastern and Italian tourists.

bythepowerofgreyskull Sat 30-Aug-08 20:57:04

always end up spending more than budget..

about £25-30 on stocking fillers x3

about £40-50 x2 ds's

about £20 on GodDaughter

about £100 each for DH & I

about £100 on PiL

About £100 on my parents

About £50 on Brother & SiL

About £50 on sister

that is aside from little pressies for teachers or box of chocolates for neighbours

GULP!! didn't think it was that much - but I spread it through the year so it never feels so scarey!

sarah293 Sat 30-Aug-08 20:58:27

Message withdrawn

BloodySmartarse Sat 30-Aug-08 21:01:37

i did spend about 400 quid in tkmaxx yesterday on presents for, hopefully, most people.
not really kids tho (family kids) will have to think about that.
does feel absurd to be quite so early tho hmm

sarah293 Sat 30-Aug-08 21:02:27

Message withdrawn

zippitippitoes Sat 30-Aug-08 21:04:13

reaction to thread hmm

in august hmmhmm

but riven do you and dh give each other something even if it is not something that costs money

or costs hardly anything

sarah293 Sat 30-Aug-08 21:05:17

Message withdrawn

zippitippitoes Sat 30-Aug-08 21:06:36

women are easy men are hard

BloodySmartarse Sat 30-Aug-08 21:23:45

dp and i dont do each other at crimbo (presents that is, arf).
christmas is for kids imo.
and spending quality time with loved ones, obv.
in my ideal world that is.
as long as the kids have a good time, its all good.
i like a good xmas dinner (dp cooks it beautifully - but then i have to spend about 2 hours clearing up the mess left behindhmm)
and i love the boxing day get together with all my family in london.

solo Sat 30-Aug-08 21:51:25

Last year, I told everyone that I was not buying Christmas gifts for anyone other than my Dc's. I had made the decision to take a career break and knew that money would be exceptionally tight. I think everyone was relieved and did the same in return to me, so everyone has saved money grin except for my parents and my Db and Sil.
This year will be much the same. I'll maybe buy for my parents this year, but I have no idea what! maybe a lottery ticket. I did that for their wedding anniversary this year and told them if they won, I wanted my £1 back!!!

BloodySmartarse Sat 30-Aug-08 21:59:36

i quite like that solo, the lottery ticket thing...

solo Sat 30-Aug-08 22:38:39

Well, it's inexpensive and if they win, you could get your money back!!! You'd feel pretty crap though if they won a couple of million and only gave you your £1 back. hmm

piratecat Sat 30-Aug-08 22:41:34

but its august, the sun may still shine.

how do yo know what your 'people' want/would appreciate yet?

i don't understand.

solo Sat 30-Aug-08 22:45:12

20 odd years ago, I started my Christmas shopping in the January sales. Continued throughout the year when I spotted a bargain and was done and dusted by October...I'm just not that organised any more.

cheesesarnie Sat 30-Aug-08 22:45:58


SpandexIsMyEnemy Sat 30-Aug-08 22:57:56

so far £4.49 for a fire sam thing for DS.

but also gonna get him some gold fishies (have an old tank which i'm going to make into a 'fire sam' or thomas themed thing with 2 fish in it. and a wooden train set - so all in will be approx £40 on him (one next month one in november)

mum/dad - ??? prob about £20 (feel a bit mean thou) - will get and do some home made stuff with DS for them - might talk to SIL about a family calender

grandparents?? - token gifts I think, maybe a biscuit box as well with some home made goodies in there - DS will have lots of fun.

erm nephew prob £10

beau - er.... home made gift - night in??!! lol, there's talk of a w.e away with the sun 9.50 hols so that will be a pres to each other type thing I think.

food - well xh will be here but don't intend spending much tbh,

hoping to get it all done for under £150 incl the food.

vixma Sat 30-Aug-08 23:14:44

Apart from my son, mother and partner £30.00 each....others, difficult to know as I run through deals on last etc

chipo Sat 15-Nov-08 20:17:31

£330 so far and 2 pressies to get at prob £30 each.

£40 for DD (lots of small bits, dvd's etc.)
£28 x 2 for 2 small cousins
£110 for DH (nice watch for xmas and birthday in jan)
£60 for sis (camera again for birthday and christmas)
£60 in total for 4 other children

UnfortunatelyMurderedMe Sat 15-Nov-08 20:21:49

Nothing on anyone other than the kids.
Tightfisted Bastard.
Dont see the point.
If i want it I go buy it. If they want it, they go buy it.
NOONE waits round for people to guess what they might like on Dec 25th....

For the kids.
Chemistry set each - Brought with boots points.
£15 worth of Nancy Drew books.
£3 fleece jim jams Primark
£30 between 2 kids in the pound shop, on art and craft and pencils and stickers and feathers and an easel, some paints, that sort of stuff.
Will buy them a couple of DS games.

Mercy Sat 15-Nov-08 20:26:46

Unfortunately - why on earth did you choose that name?

UnfortunatelyMurderedMe Sat 15-Nov-08 20:28:36

I was charliecat, then UnfortunatelyMe then it was halloween and i was going for something scary and havent changed back..

UnfortunatelyMe Sat 15-Nov-08 20:29:43

I have now

twinsetandpearls Sat 15-Nov-08 20:30:19


sallystrawberry Sat 15-Nov-08 20:31:03


Mercy Sat 15-Nov-08 20:33:19

Thanks charliecat !!!!!!

(it just spooked me a bit even though I'm not normally bothered)

hatwoman Sat 15-Nov-08 20:36:18

please tell me that at least some of these are about how much you will spend. not how much you have spent. please tell me I'm not the only one to have not yet bought a single present.

Hulababy Sat 15-Nov-08 20:38:17

This year it is a lot more than normal. This is because 6y DD is having a digital piano, so that she ca start lessons in the New Year, so that has already set us back just under £700 - but thinking of it as a longer term investment, so she wills till get some stocking fillers. Not done much more of shopping other than the children I have to buy for - so have spent about £60 on those to date.

twinsetandpearls Sat 15-Nov-08 20:40:23

I have not bought any presents and will not be buying any. May get dd a token present.

PottyCock Sat 15-Nov-08 20:41:45

i've bought zippo so far <cringe>

cupsoftea Sat 15-Nov-08 20:43:23

No idea what I've spent so far - have bought books and craft supplies plus a selection of toys & games that fill two supermarket reusable type bags.

AuraofDora Sat 15-Nov-08 20:59:39


kinda liberating in strange way

Wendyjayb Wed 03-Dec-08 22:17:30

Ds (3yo) - About £120
Sisters - £10 each
Bil - £10
Nephew - £45 (only because my sister does the same for ds)

Still got to get mum and mil

Dh and I have set a £25 limit on us this year smile

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