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LydiaTheTattooedLapin Wed 28-Nov-07 12:02:41

Hello there.

I have finally emailed everyone with their matches! (well, everyone except the two of you that joined in yesterday - you know who you are wink)

So if you don't think you have received your email, please a) check your spam and b) mail me on mnsecretsanta@gmail.com if you haven't had it, and I will resend.

I am having problems getting rejected messages from a few of you - it seems to be a Hotmail problem. So you might get an email from some random woman with a strange Hotmail address - that's me!

Please could everyone just drop me a very quick line when you have got your email, so I know they have got through - most of you have already done this, thank you. Just an email reply saying "Received, luv mumofbenandgeorgie1989" is fine (it helps me enormously if you stick your MN name in somewhere).

Ummm, what else.

Questions thread here - please check here and also post any general questions here rather than emailing me. Obviously email me if you have specific questions about your recipient.

And there is a Thank You thread here too.

Thanks everyone for joining in ! smile

LilyLoo Wed 28-Nov-07 12:05:21

Just wanted to say well done and thanks to you LL your a star for organisng all this smile

Baffy Wed 28-Nov-07 14:11:24


littlelapin Wed 28-Nov-07 14:32:37


littlelapin Wed 28-Nov-07 15:52:10

jingle bump

littlelapin Wed 28-Nov-07 17:00:30


JARM Wed 28-Nov-07 17:40:44

oooh, posted the you know what for you know who to you today my dear - and dont worry about hassling me, ill tell you to bog off if i need to!!! xxx

hohoholepew Wed 28-Nov-07 17:45:50

My dh works for a courier firm and they're delivering mine free of charge! Cheers DHL

littlelapin Wed 28-Nov-07 17:52:56

hurrah DHL! grin

Ah, the thingy for wotnot, JARM? <taps side of nose, winks>

How's that bump doing!

shoshaliteupthetree Wed 28-Nov-07 18:01:40

Received, wrapped, stamped, and posted grin

Well done LL

shoshaliteupthetree Wed 28-Nov-07 18:02:40

Received, wrapped, stamped, and posted grin

Well done LL

JARM Wed 28-Nov-07 18:28:36

that bump is being a stubborn little so and so, but hopefully the sweep this afternoon will have kicked things off!

DavidTennantsMistress Wed 28-Nov-07 18:43:29

i've got mine thanks LL - prob won't be able to email you back still off line at home (prob another 10 days or so) but i'll send it out after the weekend. Have just finished sorting my goodies cupboard out

(jarmy get on MSN!)

littlelapin Wed 28-Nov-07 18:49:22

DTM, don't worry, as long as I know you have received the email I can tick you off the list wink

(Are you in my neck of the woods at the mo?)

pyjamagirl Wed 28-Nov-07 19:10:09

bump got my email going at the weekend x

littlelapin Wed 28-Nov-07 19:12:54

Don't need to bump, PJ, it's a sticky wink but thank you anyway!

pyjamagirl Wed 28-Nov-07 19:15:05


milge Wed 28-Nov-07 19:17:38

I haven't had an email LL( and yes my spam is empty and have added you as a contact), I have emailed you

littlelapin Wed 28-Nov-07 19:18:10

milge, got it, my error, have emailed

TheMadHouse Wed 28-Nov-07 19:24:49

No e-mail here either, I have mailed you

littlelapin Wed 28-Nov-07 19:25:22

<tears hair out>

<hunts down owners of Hotmail>

OK will check!

littlelapin Wed 28-Nov-07 19:32:18

MadHouse, you have mail!

milge Wed 28-Nov-07 19:33:35

One problem off your very long list, LL. Email safely rec'd many thanks grin

Nemo2007 Wed 28-Nov-07 20:27:23

I shall get mine sorted and try to post by saturday..I do say tryhmmblush

ScoobyDoo Wed 28-Nov-07 20:28:44

LL i have been unable to do mine as yet but i will definatly have it posted by early next week, you know who i am talking about, ok? smile

littlelapin Wed 28-Nov-07 20:31:46

Oh yes Scoob, you mean mmummpffff <hand over mouth>

ScoobyDoo Wed 28-Nov-07 20:33:28

<puts hand over LL's mouth>

Shhhhh it's a secrwet wink

VeniVidiVickiQV Wed 28-Nov-07 22:13:26

You are a star smile

DaisyNightingale Wed 28-Nov-07 23:35:42

Is there a date by which we should have posted?

littlelapin Wed 28-Nov-07 23:46:30

Any time from here on in, I would say. Just so long as it is there by Christmas! smile

QuintessentialShadowOfYuleTide Wed 28-Nov-07 23:49:45

I will go post on monday! smile Sending some stuff over to Rhino at the same time. And I am so excited about Christmas this year!

Fa la la la la!

Was looking forward to meeting you Wabbit (and all you other guys) on saturday, shame I cant make it.

littlelapin Wed 28-Nov-07 23:55:53


I'll have a drink (or two) for you. And then come on here and post, LOL.

Hey, we should log on from my phone at midnight or something, and do the online equivalent of your drunk mates phoning you up and shrieking down the phone at you grin

QuintessentialShadowOfYuleTide Wed 28-Nov-07 23:56:43

ha ha, that would be fun... grin

littlelapin Thu 29-Nov-07 00:00:51

I will see what I can do grin

We are so discussing this on the wrong thread!

lullabyloo Thu 29-Nov-07 10:56:35


littlelapin Thu 29-Nov-07 11:02:29

whazzzzzup, lullaby?

cushioncover Thu 29-Nov-07 12:08:30

Hi LL, I haven't received an email yet (i've checked spam) I do have a hotmail account so perhaps that is the problem.

The last email I had from you was when you passed on a thank you note for the bit I did early IYKWIM. smile

lullabyloo Thu 29-Nov-07 12:27:34

grin....just all this talk of meet ups & jollys
just missed one I was soooo looking forward to because ds & I were ill....& now we are both ill again <mutter grumble>

I am ill but I am STILL BLOODY GOING! Dealthly lurgies wouldn't keep me away!

I will try not to spread it..

Atishooooo grin

Actually will be better by Saturday. I will. Mind over matter.

littlelapin Thu 29-Nov-07 13:30:30

cushion, I will email you, think I have cocked up (ticked you off after the last thing)

TheYoungVisiter Thu 29-Nov-07 13:54:38

ok a couple of silly qs (apols if these have been answered on other threads)

1) Do we wrap the presents? Or just the ones for the grownup, but leave the children's ones for their mum to do?
2) Do we put our mn name on the card or it is supposed to be totally anon?

littlelapin Thu 29-Nov-07 13:57:31

1) yes (leave childrens for the mum, include paper if you like)
2) it's up to you grin I think most people are going anon, but there's no rule

TheYoungVisiter Thu 29-Nov-07 14:03:14

ok! thanks, just wanted to find out the etiquette wink. Oddly enough Debretts didn't have an entry on internet secret santa.

littlelapin Thu 29-Nov-07 14:04:43

What a shocking omission! grin

TaLcYz Thu 29-Nov-07 14:36:28

oooh..i wrapped them all up!

message to recipient.......please undo the lo pressiesgrin

Pannacotta Thu 29-Nov-07 15:30:35

Know I am horribly late in this LL but how can I join in the appeal? Cant find the main appeal thread...

littlelapin Thu 29-Nov-07 15:38:07

email me - mnsecretsanta@gmail.com

EllieG Thu 29-Nov-07 16:48:23

You haven't emailed me lapin - shall I email you too?

colditz Thu 29-Nov-07 18:33:08

Oh no I have wrapped them!!

I will include a card listing contents,

biglips Thu 29-Nov-07 19:34:36

is it too late to put my name down??, as i did this last year and it was lovely but i wasnt sure if i had any money for this year but now got a spare few bobs to spend smile

RabbitBurns Fri 30-Nov-07 08:45:32

Anyone who hasn't had their email, email me to check and I will resend. I've had confirmation emails from all but about 30 of you, so I know most of you have had them.

Last minute people - email me, but really today is the LAST DAY! grin

EllieG Fri 30-Nov-07 08:47:16

Have just emailed you

saltireWallace Fri 30-Nov-07 09:06:26

You know I got my email. Will post my stuff out at the weekend

lullabyloo Fri 30-Nov-07 11:50:39

loving the name wabbity one grin

RabbitBurns Fri 30-Nov-07 11:51:55

Och aye grin

lullabyloo Fri 30-Nov-07 12:14:19

the noo (or something)

biglips Fri 30-Nov-07 12:49:14

Rabbitburns - what is your email addy pls?

RabbitBurns Fri 30-Nov-07 12:49:51


RabbitBurns Fri 30-Nov-07 12:50:18

(littlelapin in St Andrew's Day guise here wink)

biglips Fri 30-Nov-07 17:35:43

aaaahhhh righto!

ive sent the email x

EllieG Fri 30-Nov-07 17:45:26

Asked this on the other thread but no one answered...am feeling a bit worried about what/how much to send - don't know the etiquette of this not being around last year - don't have loads of spare cash but got a few bits and pieces, is that OK? Don't want to offend anyone, or not send enough and have receiver think oh no those are crap i wish I had got someone else.

RabbitBurns Fri 30-Nov-07 18:24:58

Minimum £10,000 wink

Nooo, send whatever you like, there is massive variation in what is being donated. Almost every recipient is matched with more than one person - actually, every recipient - so really, don't stress. I am sure they will love it! I'd be chuffed if someone just sent me a bar of Dairy Milk! grin

EllieG Fri 30-Nov-07 19:14:16

Oh that's OK then, I will stop worrying. Have got all ready and will send off tomorrow.

lullabyloo Fri 30-Nov-07 20:16:41

hint taken....email me your addy wabbit grin
I'm a green & black's 70% dark gal myself

RabbitBurns Fri 30-Nov-07 20:29:53

LOL just kidding. Actually one of last night's dinner guests rocked up with a box of G&B truffles - luuuuush wink

lullabyloo Fri 30-Nov-07 20:50:55

envy.....at dinner guests with taste
(our last visitors brought continental pralines [ungrateful spoiled brat emoticon]
but actually....I'm rather keen on conscience chocolate now....it's squidgier & absolutely to die for <swoon>

Sobernow Fri 30-Nov-07 20:58:09

I haven't sent mine yet, but just want to say how much I enjoyed shopping for it! I was given a hint about what the recipient might like and that set me off on a theme. Thoroughly enjoyed thinking about someone else and will do my best to wrap it gorgeously as well.

Thanks for doing this.

RabbitBurns Fri 30-Nov-07 21:01:46

I was going to post mine today, I went to the main post office... there were (no exaggeration) 60 people queuing and THREE people serving hmm.

So I'll be posting it on Monday!

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House Fri 30-Nov-07 21:12:51

can imagine you LL going up to PO and looking hmm f it im coming back next week <<stalk off>> grin

RabbitBurns Fri 30-Nov-07 21:24:59

Were you there?! hmm I did say "oh for goodness sake this is ridiculous" rather loudly as I flounced out grin

Bewilderbeast Fri 30-Nov-07 23:17:20

worried! I thought we were sending things we had or some mners who oculd afford were sending vouchers or bought presents but having read these threads it seems that everyone is going out and buying new things. What is the etiquette?

lucykate Fri 30-Nov-07 23:22:05

i haven't bought anything, just sent something little that i made. am hoping that the mnetter it's gone to knows who it is for as i didn't put a note in with it or anything, it's for her dd.

littlelapin Fri 30-Nov-07 23:24:04

Nooo, lots of "preloved" stuff being given, also handmade things.

Bewilderbeast Fri 30-Nov-07 23:36:20

phew! I didn't want to end up being the grinch that stole xmas.

littlelapin Fri 30-Nov-07 23:36:58

LOL, no you are fine grin

Lizzylou Sat 01-Dec-07 10:16:49

LL, do you have any gaps at all? Anything that I could contribute (appreciate that this is late in the day, but have been having PC probs at home and am at work today).
If there is any item I could send, please let me know!

Lizzylou Sat 01-Dec-07 10:18:13

By "Gaps" I obviously mean any items not already donated, sorry!

Lazarou Sat 01-Dec-07 15:31:11

LL, I have just mailed you regarding my parcels.

Lazarou Sat 01-Dec-07 15:31:56

That was to Littlelapin smile

DirtyGertiefromnumber30 Sat 01-Dec-07 15:45:26

sent mine today - what a fab feeling! grin

DavidTennantsMistress Sat 01-Dec-07 17:35:14

LL - sorry only just come abck online again - no back by shoshable in dorset - will be down again for a few over night stays (tomorrow being one of them) can't wait to get back there for good thou.

Peachy Sun 02-Dec-07 16:23:55

Sent the one parcel yesterday, other tomorrow hopefuly.

Lazarou Sun 02-Dec-07 18:14:16

sent all mine on friday. Some went recorded and some went standard parcel-dont ask, so they will probably arrive on different days.

WhenScoobyGotStuckUpTheChimney Mon 03-Dec-07 09:49:23

Lapin, my ds is really poorly with V&D & is off school today & probably tomorrow, i won't be able to do mine till towards the end of the week all depending on ds, sad

TenLordsaLapin Mon 03-Dec-07 09:53:44

not to worry Scoobs, is only Dec 3rd. Hope DS feels better soon x

Hulababy Mon 03-Dec-07 09:56:21

I haven't got mine posted out yet either. As still feeling rough after my op it will be end of week I think. Need to sort a courier out.

WhenScoobyGotStuckUpTheChimney Mon 03-Dec-07 10:03:38

It is annoying me though because it's in the back of my mind, i like to be organised, hopefully all will be well & i can get things brought on wed/thurs & post friday, i will let you know when sorted.

Poor ds though he is lieing lifeless on the sofa, it did start saturday early hours, i went out got a bit drunk when i got in at 2am, 5 mins later i heard ds being sick in his bed sad i ran in (well swayed in) to help him, he has been sick again this morning is well., just hoping dd does not get it!

TenLordsaLapin Mon 03-Dec-07 10:10:23

Oh hulababy you feel better too!

I know how you all feel, mine have been sitting in the hall for days blush. I did actually get as far as the post office but threw a strop at there only being 4 people manning 14 counters hmmblush

Hulababy Mon 03-Dec-07 10:12:44

Any recommendations for couriers, esp door to door ones, now that payperdrop have stopped?

TenLordsaLapin Mon 03-Dec-07 10:13:40

Urgh, no idea, maybe start a thread about it? I am sure other MNers will want to know too.

WhenScoobyGotStuckUpTheChimney Mon 03-Dec-07 10:20:43

Where have payperdrop gone then? how strange they just stopped!

Hulababy Mon 03-Dec-07 10:23:14

Already started a thread and no one answering!

Not sure why they stopped, only quite recently too. Apparently they are setting up their own service. In the mean time though - I need a cheap and reliable courier!

JingJanglingBexieHoHoHo Mon 03-Dec-07 11:34:56

Home Textiles on ebay are just as cheap as PPD. They use Parcelforce.

SleeplessInTheStaceym11House Mon 03-Dec-07 11:44:23

payperdrop sent me an email saying they have stopped using DHL but have now set up their own fleet of vans, if anyone wants me to fwd it to them it might have contact details on it!

santaslittlebumper Mon 03-Dec-07 11:51:44

can you forward it to me please sleeplessinthestaceym11house.
talcrocks@yahoo.co.uk thanks

Hulababy Mon 03-Dec-07 12:44:50

Don't think the payperdrop's own site starts up until January.

TheBlonde Mon 03-Dec-07 14:38:02

ppd thread here

Sobernow Mon 03-Dec-07 14:49:27

Sent mine ordinary first class today.....

QuintessentialShadowOfYuleTide Mon 03-Dec-07 17:52:30

Mine was sent first class today, too.

TenLordsaLapin Mon 03-Dec-07 17:55:27

And mine! <finally got around to it!>

Peachy Mon 03-Dec-07 17:58:39

Second of mine posted now- so alldone and duste

Will get to chasing up Other Thing now

TenLordsaLapin Mon 03-Dec-07 18:14:03

<snogs Peachy> Thank you smile

TellusMater Mon 03-Dec-07 18:17:04

I was planning on putting something with a "use by" in one of my parcels. So if I made and sent it now, it would need to be used before Christmas. But if I wait until nearer the time, will the recipient think they've been forgotten?

TenLordsaLapin Mon 03-Dec-07 18:21:22

Send it now, they can just eat it before Christmas! grin

santassecretsender Mon 03-Dec-07 18:30:03

If the mum of 4 boys in richmond has recieved her parcel can she post on here and let me know? It was a humble parcel (so sorry there were no vouchers or exciting things) but sent with sincere wishes for a good xmas and a happy 2008....

TellusMater Mon 03-Dec-07 18:34:34

Will do then LL.

TenLordsaLapin Mon 03-Dec-07 18:54:06

SSS - I have asked smile

Santa100 Mon 03-Dec-07 19:20:49

LL Could you ask if my recipient received her gift please? I posted on the thank you thread asking.. should have posted here. Mine was humble too sadly.. but included a wrapped gift for The Mumsnetter of the House, and un wrapped toy for a child, plus giftwrap/tag..

I posted it last Tuesday morning. Bit worried that it's got lost..

D'oh.. you don't know who I am do you! hmm grin Will email you..

Santa100 Mon 03-Dec-07 19:22:54

Actually the Mumsnetter in question is from Witley, Surrey. Could you just confirm you received it please? Thank you xx

TenLordsaLapin Mon 03-Dec-07 20:04:24

SSS - see thank you thread

A few people have missed the delivery and so have had to have the parcel redelivered, or had to collect from the PO, so don't worry if it takes a little longer for them to post!

PaperChain Mon 03-Dec-07 23:49:00

Is it too late to nominate someone to receive a gift? I know of regular mumsnetter with 2 dc who could benefit from this....

CocoDeBearisCocoDeBear Tue 04-Dec-07 08:46:13

LL I have just picked up your email, but my computer won't let me reply. I can dispatch all tomorrow, is that ok? Sorry for the delayedness of getting my ass into gear.

TenLordsaLapin Tue 04-Dec-07 09:00:39

Coco - message received, thank you

PaperChain - give me an email on the address in the OP, I may be able to help (I might even already have her on the list)

fortunecookie Tue 04-Dec-07 10:40:21

LL, did you get my message? I'm so very sorry. Please tell me what else I can do to help.

TenLordsaLapin Tue 04-Dec-07 10:52:24

Got it, replied, DON'T WORRY! smile

EllieG Tue 04-Dec-07 11:01:54

Sent mine yesterday recorded delivery. Was that OK?

TenLordsaLapin Tue 04-Dec-07 11:04:05

Sounds good to me, mine just went first class grin (I got a receipt as proof of posting though, that was suggested by someone who took part last year)

EllieG Tue 04-Dec-07 11:05:49

Well am in channel islands and things sometimes take a while so thought the extra might be sensible. They PROMISED me it would get there in plenty time for xmas though.

TenLordsaLapin Tue 04-Dec-07 11:07:16

Oh yes, definitely a good idea then.

Ooh the Channel Islands. Is it lovely? Several friends of mine have said we MUST go for hols, that it is fab and brilliant for small children.

EllieG Tue 04-Dec-07 11:10:39

It is nice I think, but then am probably biased. Lovely clean beaches, nice weather in the summer (though not this year - LOADS of rain like everywhere else)and very safe. I would move away because house prices and cost of living so expensive, but is lovely for bringing up the LO's.

fortunecookie Tue 04-Dec-07 11:28:23

I am worrying because I'd hate to think of anyone missing out, especially as they've been promised!

TenLordsaLapin Tue 04-Dec-07 11:35:44

Honestly don't, other people are sending things too, and I have some "spare" donors as well that I need to allocate.

StaceyBranning Tue 04-Dec-07 12:05:56

I got mine and posted yesterday first class so hopefully will arrive soon.

Great job LL well done you.

[Big pat on back for LL]

StaceyBranning Tue 04-Dec-07 12:07:19

Oh bugger, didn't think of getting a proof of posting receipt, oh god hope it gets there okay now...

[SB goes off and worries in the corener]

TenLordsaLapin Tue 04-Dec-07 12:15:04

You leave that coroner alone! grin <visions of Stacey sitting on CSI bloke>

It will be FINE.

leggylil Tue 04-Dec-07 12:18:22

got me worried now as i didn't get proof of posting either
Its only a small gift but I just hope the deserving mumsnetter gets it and likes it

EllieG Tue 04-Dec-07 12:22:16

Oh yes, meant to say too - well done LL - great job grin

TenLordsaLapin Tue 04-Dec-07 12:23:21

<zips mouth to prevent any more panicking>

It will ALL be fine! The Post Office only loses Inland Revenue CDs wink

leggylil Tue 04-Dec-07 13:10:37


Peachy Tue 04-Dec-07 14:21:09

Nah LL, that's TNT (guess who Dh wrked for ....) LOL wink

(they sold his bit a few months back to a bank- so nto only did they lose their CD's they seem to haev bizarrely sold their most profitable contract hmm- great work!)

MarsSelectionBoxLady Tue 04-Dec-07 16:27:16

Ok. Have shopped for the children. Just the mum to do. Need to find a box and buy the wrapping paper.

Wabbit... you've got mail!

EllieG Tue 04-Dec-07 16:33:05

Oh no I didn't send anything for the Mum! Were we all supposed to be doing that?

MarsSelectionBoxLady Tue 04-Dec-07 16:51:36

No it's not necessary but I know that my recipient has had a rough year and wanted to make her smile.

Lazarou Tue 04-Dec-07 19:34:10

ll, have mailed you again. xx

sophiewd Tue 04-Dec-07 20:20:27

TenLordsLapin, have emailed you about a concern.

StaceyBranning Wed 05-Dec-07 11:47:45

Yay, just read the thank you thread and my parcel arrived safe and sound. yippee!!!!!!

Oooooo I have a warm fuzzy feeling, thanks LL fantastic job grin

TenLordsaLapin Wed 05-Dec-07 12:06:22

Oh you namechanger you Stacey - I have just emailed you, you can ignore it! grin

LL, I just realised I have something I can send like, tomorrow. I jsut need to find it can you email me at fan-fkn-tastic @ hotmail dot co dot uk.

MarsSelectionBoxLady Wed 05-Dec-07 15:44:32

Okay... now how do I get the 2 rolls of Christmas wrapping paper into the blardy box?


TenLordsaLapin Wed 05-Dec-07 17:47:25

VS, have emailed you

Hulababy Wed 05-Dec-07 17:53:20

Mine has now been posted. Address to The Mumsnetter of the House, so hope it gets there okay! Have had to put my address on parcel for sender's details (real name, not MN name). nd just seen that I forgot to put the Christmas card in too - oops!

Hulababy Thu 06-Dec-07 12:31:01

Have fingers crossed mine arrives now!

TinyTimLivesinVictorianSqualor Thu 06-Dec-07 16:57:09

I didn't put a christmas card in damn. I didn;t even wish the person a happy xmas, they will think I'm bloody rude!
Well, it doesn't say who it's from anyway so they'll think some unknown MNer is rude grin

shoptilidrop Thu 06-Dec-07 17:40:24

im a bit worried that the parcle i sent last thursday hasnt been recieved... ive not seen anything on the thank you thread.

I didnt put a return address on it either.

lazawreath Thu 06-Dec-07 17:44:18

shoptilidrop, ask ll to send them an email to see if they received it.

shoptilidrop Thu 06-Dec-07 18:11:37

ok, ll if you arent busy could you find out?

TenLordsaLapin Fri 07-Dec-07 15:11:03

shop, I have emailed, but she hasn't replied to any of the ones I've sent and also hasn't been on the boards for a couple of weeks - I think her internet might be up the swanney!

tiredemma Fri 07-Dec-07 15:13:14

Have not had chance to forward mine yet LL (on placement and have NO SPARE TIME WHATSOEVER!!! at the mo!) Will post it on monday- thats ok isnt it?

TenLordsaLapin Fri 07-Dec-07 16:07:26

Last posting day is officially the 20th smile

TenLordsaLapin Fri 07-Dec-07 16:41:31

shoptilidrop - I was right, her interweb has been out. she's just back on today and she has received your package and is thrilled to bits! smile

christmasshoptilidrop Fri 07-Dec-07 16:54:21

oh wonderful, thanks very much lapin.

tiredemma Fri 07-Dec-07 17:18:42

Oh I plan to post on the 13th so ill be in time.

lazawreath Fri 07-Dec-07 17:41:46

littlelapin, i sent you an email earlier just wondered if the other lady received her two other parcels.

TenLordsaLapin Fri 07-Dec-07 17:42:51

Have emailed and will let you know smile

Bewilderbeast Fri 07-Dec-07 20:54:09

LL hijack, left work before I got an email from you (if you sent one) just packing up the parcels, do I add in the extras?

Bewilderbeast Fri 07-Dec-07 21:45:47

BUMP grin

TenLordsaLapin Fri 07-Dec-07 21:46:44

Extras??? <worries this is something pervy>

TenLordsaLapin Fri 07-Dec-07 21:49:53

Oh durrrr <slaps forehead>

I emailed her but no reply, so I would guess not?

Bewilderbeast Fri 07-Dec-07 22:28:31

ok thanks LL.

FrannyandZooey Sat 08-Dec-07 19:06:40

LL, is there a deadline we are meant to have sent them by?


I am half way there

TenLordsaLapin Sun 09-Dec-07 23:15:57

Last posting date for the UK is Dec 20th Franny grin

LouIsAWeetbixKid Mon 23-Nov-09 10:05:51

I have not been emailed either.

LouIsAWeetbixKid Mon 23-Nov-09 10:07:52

Stupid me for not reading the date. Was a bit confused at first.

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