mad typing game

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southeastastra Sun 24-Dec-06 21:09:45

here it's addicitve!

charliecat Sun 24-Dec-06 21:11:04

love it already... only got 3

Ooooh. Got to 55th then died, whoops.

MistletoeGolightly Sun 24-Dec-06 21:50:37

oh my god so addictive! 231 and counting...

Hmm, 18th. Time for bed.

293 - thanks for posting this I need to practise of my typing speed - very addictive but fun

wangle99 Sun 24-Dec-06 21:55:51

I got to 1st

Typing well is my only claim to fame though lol

7swansaswimmingup Sun 24-Dec-06 22:01:24

brilliant, got 304 on 5th attempt! used to love typing

Oops, you're second now.

mawbroon Sun 24-Dec-06 22:01:58

Ha, this is great, but I am so rubbish at it.

Imagine Cod.....

wangle99 Sun 24-Dec-06 22:04:44

Didn't think I'd stay first for long but was determined to get there!!!!

JoPG Sun 24-Dec-06 22:11:23

239, quite pleased with that as I am a pretty rubbish typer really.

southeastastra Sun 24-Dec-06 22:23:37

696! they go by too fast

fussymummy Sun 24-Dec-06 22:30:37

I had a go, but am so crap at typing!!!

I did have my son shouting at the time, saying he felt sick!!!!

No excuse, i know!!!

southeastastra Sun 24-Dec-06 22:34:59

blimey nqt and wangle you must be super typers!

JustUsTwoTurtleDoves Sun 24-Dec-06 22:53:08

Bloody hell you super-swots obviously aren't pissed enough!

TinsellyRhino Sun 24-Dec-06 23:11:07

ooo thats great 261 first time

but I neeeed to go to bed now

SPARKLER1clausiscomingtotown Sun 24-Dec-06 23:13:22

Very addictive - but far too much sherry consumed - I should be good at this as I'm a medical secretary .
Will have another go when sober.

lulumama Sun 24-Dec-06 23:15:32

208 !!! LOL it;s ace...going to have another go!

PigeonPie Sun 24-Dec-06 23:32:15

I got to 208 too! (not bad for first time and after a glass of port and very tired!)

tortoiseshell Sun 24-Dec-06 23:34:54

89th - score of 1236 - not too bad for a first go I don't think!

TwinkleInSantasEye Sun 24-Dec-06 23:57:53

Got to 46th with 1641 on second attempt. Going to bed now!

JollyOldSaintNikkielas Mon 25-Dec-06 20:32:28

Knew I shouldn't have looked here!

mummytosteven Mon 25-Dec-06 21:58:49

got to first on the unix commands one!

SlightlyMadSanta Mon 25-Dec-06 23:02:34

I will not look
I will not look
I will not look
I will not look
I will not look
I will not look
I will not look
I will not look
I will not look
I will not look
I will not look

I bet you have been saving this link for X-Mas even when we all have loads of time to play (not) - I can't possibly get addicted tonight

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