Christmas Day Breakfast - ideas on how to make it special without spending ages away from the dc.

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GoingQuietlyMad Tue 21-Nov-06 08:59:30

I have my MIL and husband coming here for Christmas, and because we have been entertained there countless times for Christmas, I would really like to pull out all the stops.

I want to put on something special for Christmas day breakfast BUT I don't want to spend ages preparing it and missing the dds (3 and 9 months) opening presents etc.

Can anyone think of ways I can make a fairly ordinary breakfast seem a bit more special, or a quick recipe I can roll out in about 15 mins or so.

Any feedback much appreciated.

Enid Tue 21-Nov-06 15:19:40

You could always push the boat out and go for this

special, no?

TheHighwayCod Tue 21-Nov-06 15:38:16


thats owudl make her wonder woman in FIls eyes

Waswondering Tue 21-Nov-06 15:39:02

The muffins are worth a dry run. The dried cranberries are optional - a friend makes them without.

But I do love them.

LunarSea Tue 21-Nov-06 17:11:55

We do smoked salmon omelette for Christmas morning.

Californifrau Tue 21-Nov-06 18:50:28

we usually do smoked salmon and scrambled eggs (tho amthinking am allergic to eggs so have to come up with an alternative) and then croisants and jams

pointydog Tue 21-Nov-06 19:00:50

Wow! I had no idea frankfurters could be so spectacular

nutcracker Tue 21-Nov-06 19:05:00

Can i just ask a thicky question ? I like scrambled eggs and I like smoked salmon. Do you just mix the two together then ??

pointydog Tue 21-Nov-06 19:13:42

Eggs 'n' fish. Stinky.

sweetkitty Tue 21-Nov-06 19:24:12

We always have a good old fashioned fry up, don't have one that often so a real treat. Left over from the days when we needed it to soak up Christmas booze. I usually wait until all presents are opened, paper etc tidied away and they will be playing away quite happily

TheHighwayCod Tue 21-Nov-06 19:24:47

leave the dc to puke on choc

Waswondering Tue 21-Nov-06 19:29:21

Croissants are v quick and can be eaten on the run without leaving the proceedings.

No idea what we're doing for Christmas morning breakfast - staying at bil and sils house having been on holiday with them the preceeding week. Hmmm. May need to discuss that one with sil!

mamama Tue 21-Nov-06 19:33:58

We usually have scrambled egg with smoked salmon and/ or croissants.

I second the vito on Nigella's xmas morning muffins - they sound and smell far better than they tase. However, her gingerbread muffins (eith in how to be a domestic goddess or Feast, can't remember atm) are really yummy & dead easy to make. I do them on xmas eve or get everything ready & bake them on xmas morning. The house smells all warm and spicy. Yum

nikkie Tue 21-Nov-06 19:56:49

we have pain au chocolate/croissants/jam etc dd1s favourite breakfast and quick/easy/minimal washing up!

MarsLady Tue 21-Nov-06 20:00:18

nutty..... oh yummy yum yum!

Gillian76 Tue 21-Nov-06 20:06:05

I don't know how much fuss will be expected but I'd go with a bacon roll personally.

And I couldn't think of alcohol so early in the day.

VeniVidiVickiQV Tue 21-Nov-06 20:07:23

Another vote for smoked salmon and scrambled eggs.

foxtrot Tue 21-Nov-06 20:13:19

chocolate brioche, bacon sarnies and a large tube of smarties usually does the trick here.
Third the thumbs down on Nigella's muffins, tried and found wanting i'm afraid.

NannyL Tue 21-Nov-06 20:22:33

i vote for chocolate briche, pain au cocolate and vanilla yogurt... oh and satsumas!

oh and cinammon and raisen bagels!

this year for Xmas breakfAST I will be having 2 or 3 chocolate brioce and satsuma... normally eat about 6 or 7 stasumas before X mas dinner!

crunchie Tue 21-Nov-06 20:25:07

Funny enough I do her muffins and everybody loves them

GoingQuietlyMad Tue 21-Nov-06 20:34:55

LOL Enid and Cod.

As I described to dh when he asked why I was laughing - it looks like a load of dog turds wrapped around a pineapple. Actually am tempted to serve this up one day just to see people's faces as it arrives a table.

poshgirlformerlymaggiesmama Tue 21-Nov-06 20:39:41

no time to read whole thread. but you can make american pancakes well in advance and freeze them. so then if you got them out the night before etcetc... an serve them with fruit and maple syrup t'would be very easy indeed

Enid Wed 22-Nov-06 09:23:34

orange salad? Light and refreshing

SlightlyMadScientist Wed 22-Nov-06 12:57:59

Havn't read the thread but we do coissants & jam & fresh OJ. 2 mins in the oven.

GoingQuietlyMad Thu 23-Nov-06 18:44:41

Enid, I love that cookbook. Wonder where I can get a copy?

fattimumma Tue 02-Dec-08 17:47:39

On Christmas morning we have scrambled eggs made with double cream, mixed with salmon served on a warm croissant. This is washed down with bubbly, which we finish off whilst opening presents.

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