Christmas Day Breakfast - ideas on how to make it special without spending ages away from the dc.

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GoingQuietlyMad Tue 21-Nov-06 08:59:30

I have my MIL and husband coming here for Christmas, and because we have been entertained there countless times for Christmas, I would really like to pull out all the stops.

I want to put on something special for Christmas day breakfast BUT I don't want to spend ages preparing it and missing the dds (3 and 9 months) opening presents etc.

Can anyone think of ways I can make a fairly ordinary breakfast seem a bit more special, or a quick recipe I can roll out in about 15 mins or so.

Any feedback much appreciated.

indignatio Tue 21-Nov-06 09:34:29

Cook some sausages the night before. Wrap cooked sausages in croissant dough (avail in tubes in chilled section of most major supermarkets !!!) and bake in oven on morning

TheHighwayCod Tue 21-Nov-06 09:35:46

how cna oyu get pissed at brekafast barf

GoingQuietlyMad Tue 21-Nov-06 09:38:43

I love the idea of being a domestic goddess on Xmas morning with the muffin smell wafting through the flat. We will be a bit squashed in here, so I might be grateful of the break being in the kitchen for 5 mins.

How to impress PIL! I just feel like I want to do something different and special and start a tradition for the dc. And being really honest there is a slight competitive edge of "See what a great wife your son chose" - sad but true even though in theory I am a feminist.

I love your stollen idea - I have made them in Christmasses past, but not sure if I can handle the blood sugar rocketing that early. Need to pace myself or I will end up like a hyperactive toddler on E numbers.

Yum yum! We usually have panettone followed by rolls that we heat in the oven with masses of butter. But I am vey tempted by Nigella's muffins - I don't have any of her books though. Which one are they in? Will try and get from lirary!

KTeepee Tue 21-Nov-06 12:52:22

Presents are usually opened in our house at the crack of dawn so no risk of missing the big event while cooking breakfast! Scrambled eggs & smoked salmon is a staple here too...

Could someone post the recipe for those Christmas muffins, please? Might try them for a change (or on one of the other days over Christmas...)

MrsBadger Tue 21-Nov-06 12:57:42
KTeepee Tue 21-Nov-06 13:19:32


GoingQuietlyMad Tue 21-Nov-06 14:40:03

Thanks for that MrsBadger. Realised I have got the book and obviously never read it that closely.

Sound quite nice but I think I might need to give it a test run just to make sure.

MarsLady Tue 21-Nov-06 14:44:25

smoked salmon, scrambled eggs and champers! That's what we do every year! Yum! Takes hardly any time... and the kids are far more interested in eating the chocolate from their Christmas stockings than attempting real food!

TheHighwayCod Tue 21-Nov-06 14:45:02

but alcohol at brekafast

MarsLady Tue 21-Nov-06 14:49:52

oh coddy YES!

The turkey will be in the oven, my DSisters will be bringing ham and lamb.

There will be nothing else to do but smile our way through Church (hic) and come back home, turn the turkey and wait for my DSisters to arrive with a shedload more pressies and more crap for the kids to feast on! lol

Enid Tue 21-Nov-06 14:51:36



I made them once and everyone hated them and they were a PITA

I do pancakes as a sop to conscience, but really teh dds just want chocolate

I don't drink either as I feel shite by The Lunch

ComeOVeneer Tue 21-Nov-06 14:52:34

Snap Mars that is what we have too ('tis the family tradition that my father cooks this for xmas morning) with the option of buck's fizz or OJ for thse that want.

TheHighwayCod Tue 21-Nov-06 14:53:09

agree with enid



hangover mid mornign is NOt good

MarsLady Tue 21-Nov-06 14:54:06

Coddy... you lightweight! Does a glass make you all squiffy? lol

ComeOVeneer Tue 21-Nov-06 14:54:29

Common Cod , one glass of champers isn't hangover inducing though. And it is my dad wo makes it so it must be ok

TheHighwayCod Tue 21-Nov-06 14:54:50

i drather have some cafe direct kilamanjaro

ComeOVeneer Tue 21-Nov-06 14:55:13

Oops apologises for calling you common. (obviously I meant come on).

MarsLady Tue 21-Nov-06 14:58:54

dunno COV.... lol!

GoingQuietlyMad Tue 21-Nov-06 15:03:55

I agree with no alcohol before midday.

There are only two horrendous possibilities for the rest of the day IME.

One - sober up then have to face horrible reality of cooking Xmas dinner with a hangover.

Two - get absolutely hammered and host a Baby Jane style Xmas day in front of the PIL, complete with burnt food and arguments with dh.

madmarchhare Tue 21-Nov-06 15:04:05

Had kedgeree at friends one christmas morning, twas divine. I imagine you can do most of it the day before.

GoingQuietlyMad Tue 21-Nov-06 15:06:08

I did consider this, but my kedgeree is always really bland - do you have a good recipe?

nailpolish Tue 21-Nov-06 15:07:31

for the breakfast we always have scrambled eggs and smoked salmon on toast

and bucks fizz

GoingQuietlyMad Tue 21-Nov-06 15:09:07

BTW thanks for the tip about the muffins Enid. Only one thing that is worse than making a real effort, and that is when it produces something inedible that everyone hates or politely eats.

madmarchhare Tue 21-Nov-06 15:10:38

Havent ever done it myself tbh, but did a quick search and they all pretty much look this this .

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