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RTKangaMummy Wed 11-Oct-06 19:43:29








RTKangaMummy Wed 11-Oct-06 19:44:06

ooooooooooooooops sorry had caps lock on

WelshBorisKarloff Wed 11-Oct-06 19:44:55

Bubble console- £59.99 in toys r us, online in entertainer £14.99

tweenies game to go with the console usually £14.99 I had it for £4.99

Quick delivery, great bargain

Gillian76 Wed 11-Oct-06 19:44:58

Amazon. A1

Use last year for LOADS of stuff.

cazzybabs Wed 11-Oct-06 19:48:21

I like and also for the under 7s but very epensive (lovely wooden toys!)

Olipop Wed 11-Oct-06 19:48:48 (or is it .com!!) I actually phoned my order in but you can do it online - lovely stuff, came really quickly.

MummyPig Wed 11-Oct-06 19:52:29

I like Letterbox too. Traidcraft also send things really quickly.

Had problems with before, didn't send one of the items, refunded me the amount eventually but with no communication, so I didn't know what was going on and was still hoping it would arrive before Christmas.

BettyBatShapedSpaghetti Wed 11-Oct-06 19:53:38 - CDs/DVDs/books/games/gadgets etc. with FREE postage.

We've only ordered CDs and books but they've always been reliable and cheap, send you emails about dispatch etc

Last year I got some great buys from ToysRUS on-line (popular toys too like Baby Annabel at about £15 less than elsewhere) but I think you just have to keep checking to see what the special offers are.

HuwEdwards Wed 11-Oct-06 19:55:18

John Lewis - excellent. Some good food and wine gifts for adults.

MaloryTowersPonceAndProud Wed 11-Oct-06 19:56:51

book people


kikidee Wed 11-Oct-06 20:06:23

Amazon are only good if your order is early. I ordered some things at the very start of December and the delivery date was after Christmas. It was mostly books so I got the whole lot from WH Smith on-line instead for more or less the same prize.

Great little Trading Company was good for toys as was Letterbox. I did a telephone order from Hope and Greenwood (retro sweets at a hugely inflated price because of the lovely packaging) for something I had seen in a magazine and they were good.

Marks and Spencer were also pretty good.

CountTo10 Wed 11-Oct-06 20:10:55

amazon, toys r us, tesco/asda

one i'd be wary about it is verbaudet. I ordered items on there last year for xmas and not only did they not come they never told me, I had to keep ringing them up to be told in the new year that they'd been out of stock in nov!!!!

EmsTomot Wed 11-Oct-06 20:24:21

I would check out, they have lots of lovely wooden toys at affordable prices and some lovely gifts too - also have everyday products that are basics for pregnancy, babies and toddlers.

CorpseBride Wed 11-Oct-06 20:45:18

IMO Amazon are not the company they once were. Great Little Trading have let me down too often and I won't be using them again.

This years business is going to Letterbox, The White Company, Traidcraft, Mad4Ponies (v. slow site but quick delivery), Earthworks, ELC and A Quarter Of.

Marina Wed 11-Oct-06 20:50:37

Amazon are only reliable if you shop early. They totally messed my order up last year and I was furious.
My top sites are
Hawkins Bazaar
Book People
Red House
All with good customer service and a fast turnaround
Urchin are also good but pricy and limited choice

VeniVidiVickiQV Wed 11-Oct-06 20:54:07

i have bookmarked this thread. Fabulous! thanks ladies.

TooTickyTheAppleMuncher Wed 11-Oct-06 20:56:37

Tickseed have a great selection of interesting toys, very friendly, excellent quick service.

lizziemun Wed 11-Oct-06 20:59:03

early learning centre are good the give you a deliver by date once order has been received. Just done all my christmas shopping from there this afternoon will be here by tuesday next week.

Just do any ordering early as most will say 28days delivery.

Have also used gltc and again ordered delivered within a week.

If possible look and make a list of what you need to get first before you order so you don't havr to do it more then once for delivery charges.

I agree about brilliant website. free delivery within 3-5 working days. ive used it for dvds, cds, gifts, books and i honestly cant fault it.

mollymay Wed 11-Oct-06 21:54:51

for the last two years ELC have done a 20% of everything offer during the run up to xmas so it might be worth hanging on a bit....(sorry lizziemun!)

CamberWAILbeauty Wed 11-Oct-06 21:55:17

I ordered some games, a scooter, pyjamas and bedroom stuff from Great Little Trading Company on Saturday and it arrived today! Never had a problem with them.

Also for brilliant stocking fillers and craft stuff

and of course, hawkins bazaar for the bizarre

luckymummy2Sophie Wed 11-Oct-06 21:58:03

Ditto to

I've used them loads. Cheap and free posting. Do loads of stuff too.

Also, if you trust it, ebay. I do trust it...a little too much. I'm thinking of starting up EA...ebayers anonymous...cos I think I'm addicted!
Remember, not everything on ebay is second hand. I got dh some Homer and Lisa Simpson socks for dd to give him for Christmas... he loves the Simpsons. The good thing about ebay is that you can search for very specific things.

anyway, don't get me started on the merits of ebay!!

prettymummified Wed 11-Oct-06 22:03:36

this is one of my favourite cheap cosmetic sites with free delivery

saltire Wed 11-Oct-06 22:09:27

The Book People

Mail Order express

toys R Us

LunarSea Wed 11-Oct-06 22:30:39 for super jigsaws, and lots of other wooden things.
Tridias for toys which aren't character branded
Woolgar's for more of the above (and just because they're local to me, and nice people, and I miss their shop now they're online only!)

80sMum Wed 11-Oct-06 22:41:20

You might like to sign up to Greasy Palm to get discounts from various retailers. It's surprising how it mounts up.

emmatom Wed 11-Oct-06 22:59:36 - similar to Amazon, but cheaper and free, quick postage.

busybusymum Wed 11-Oct-06 23:00:42

I agree with PP I have just ordered some bits and bobs from My order arrived within 4 days form putting online order in. Excellent. they also give a % to charity, (if your school isnt using this system please feel free to nominate our school, its code is SSO1171. )

the book people if you like books

Amazon always found to be good too!

RTKangaMummy Thu 12-Oct-06 11:19:23


Has anyone got any horror stories?

Please make sure you tell us that it is a horror story iyswim


jessicaandrebeccasmummy Thu 12-Oct-06 11:22:31

Amazon seem ok so far

I do all my xmas shopping online - dont have the patience for town!

I used a really cute sweet shop last year online - just cnat remember the site - it was for retro sweets...... if someone knows - tell me! I have fudge and turkish delight to buy again this year!

HowwwlidaymumsHauntedCruises Thu 12-Oct-06 11:24:34
free delivery and they will giftwrap free too, great for all ages , mine always get tubtints from them as a stocking filler and its great for awkward teenagers too!

redbullbloodandbump Thu 12-Oct-06 11:26:08 brilliant we get our books,cds,dvds,and computor games from them really cheap.

Last year i had a problem with ELC the toy boxs were all battered when i opened the box you cant give broken boxes to kids can you, anyway took back the broken ones and they exchanged no problem

LunarSea Thu 12-Oct-06 11:33:50

jessicaandrebeccasmummy - was it one of these?

MissyBabee Thu 12-Oct-06 12:32:09

i can reiterate the problems of dealing with amazon near to christmas. my sister had to go out and re-buy loads of presents year before last because her order never showed til after the big day.

think they've sorted themselves out a bit now and don't promise things they can't deliver in time. means you have to be organised.

they are great the rest of the year though!

bossykate Thu 12-Oct-06 12:49:46

hello everyone

can i ask for your recommendations for good site to buy christmas decorations on-line?


batters Thu 12-Oct-06 13:33:23 is very good.

Agree with Marina re Amazon - delivery dates change and change and change if you are ordering anything out of the ordinary, and you need to keep a watchful eye on this. Have received an order from October mid January - it was originally meant to arrive at the beginning of November .

Mailorder Express - ordered a Playmobile advent calendar yesterday and it has arrived today.

Tridias - good for something a little unusual.

Have used Woolworths on line a long time ago and was fab. Ditto John Lewis.

Hated the service with toys r us, again it was years ago, but it put me off ever using them again.

chickeninabox Thu 12-Oct-06 13:37:51 seems very good - have ordered a couple of birthday pressies and both people were impressed.

Marina Thu 12-Oct-06 13:39:29

bossykate there's a good range on the John Lewis website or are you after something a bit more out of the ordinary?

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Thu 12-Oct-06 13:41:22

THANKS LunarSea - BagsofSweets it was - WOO HOO!

bossykate Thu 12-Oct-06 13:41:34

thank you, marina. not looking for anything particularly unusual - it's just our house was looking rather bare last year!

Amazon (particularly for toys/ps2 games etc) and the book people are both really good. I wouldn't leave it too late though.

BloodyTenaLady Thu 12-Oct-06 13:50:22

Tesco, all Christmas gadgets didnt work and they gave me a hard time replacing them. Crackers were poo too and they were meant to be luxury.

I enjoyed receiving stuff from Boots, quite efficient and you clock up the points.

franca70 Thu 12-Oct-06 14:16:55

letterbox is great

Twohootsandapumpkin Thu 12-Oct-06 16:49:58 have been rubbish recently. Ordered a present with a promotion code, put in the code but the discount did not appear on the invoice page so I cancelled the order (or so I thought) before I went any further. I then tried again and went through with the transaction (got confirmation) still no discount. So had to ring them, they said yes the discount would be applied but doesn't show up on the web? What???

So I said could they check that only one order had gone through and they said yes. Guess what 2 of the same thing arrived!! I was furious!

Sent both back in disgust and am still waiting for my refund 10 days later!

My advice - don't bother with them!

joelallie Thu 12-Oct-06 16:51:52

traidcraft - for cheapish jewellery and accessories - also fair-trade chocolates and wine.
amazon - of course. I bow before the wonder that is Amazon.
tridias - toys
mailorderexpress - for toys (huge range of playmobil and all the things that you've seen elsewhere but cheaper.
letterbox - toys
brightminds - toys....

anyone seeing a theme emerging....

I like the woodland trust site for cards, calendars and gift membership.

Used to really like Hawkins bazaar but website wasn't easy to use so ordered over the phone from the catalogue.

Couldn't do shopping in realy. Shops are not that good in our town and I don't really enjoy shopping anyway. The idea of a long, desperate shopping trip on a December saturday with 3 kids in tow does not sound good to me. Don't mind the odd brief visit to see the lights and choose some crackers but nothing more....

DingALongCow Thu 12-Oct-06 17:07:00


Online end-of-line bookseller.
Some books really heavily discounted and delivery is only £3 in the UK no matter how big your order.
My family have used them for the last ten/twelve years (they did a monthly newletter for books before the website) and have never had any probs. Delivery can take up to 28 days if you have ordered something at the bottom of a pile of boxes!

If you want posh chocs then hotel chocolat is brilliant. And you can order it now and ask them to deliver anywhere in the uk for you by a specific date1 I use it for loads of stuff, forgotten birthdays/easter/congrats etc! Never had a problem!

For cheap toys/novelty gifts/decorations/calendars and cards I use studio cards but be HAVE to order early and they get less and less reliable the closer it gets to christmas, though I've always been told if stuff is out of stock and I've been sent replacments/credited promp'tly if needed (again the closer it gets to christmas the less likely they are to have replacements). You do get a discount on the order price too, if it's your account number you're ordering under, so it's worth seeing if any friends want to order stuff.

Can't think of anything else that hasn't already been mentioned!

lexiemum Thu 12-Oct-06 23:02:10

personalised mousemats

used many times last year - practically every family member received one! fantastic service, good value for money and receive goods usually within 24hrs of order.

MissyBabee Fri 13-Oct-06 08:28:28

LunarSea, i can't believe I have been looking at a Sweets website at 8.20 in the morning!!!!! Baaaaaad

Twohootsandapumpkin Fri 13-Oct-06 14:13:51

These were v good recently - order arrived the next day.

Sell soft shoes for kids and a few other bits - not necessarily xmas stuff but good anyway

MrsMcJnr Fri 13-Oct-06 19:32:06

I like Hotel Chocolat & Cox & Cox.

Rosa5 Fri 13-Oct-06 19:58:41

letterbox for me really helpful when you ring them up for more info on a product.
Amazon ( best postage rates for Overseas )

RUBBISH ....Vertbaudet customer service terrible. Put order in in August and its still not complete. So have asked to change the sizes originally ordered would not risk ordering anything for Christmas from them ..It might arrive for Easter if lucky !

RTKangaMummy Fri 13-Oct-06 22:34:13

Does anyone have any discount codes?

lexiemum Sun 15-Oct-06 13:06:15

best one I've found so far

enter zq5909 = item reduced by £13.50
enter xx494 = 10% off

I've done two seperate orders using this - set an account up for my mum. still working today.

sunnydelight Mon 16-Oct-06 12:42:30

I use Amazon loads and never had any trouble with them (all deliveries spot on last Christmas) BUT I bought a portable DVD player for DS1's birthday in August and it was faulty. When I went to return it the website was directing me towards taking it up with the manufacturers. I managed to navigate around that on the website and got it collected and was awaiting a replacement when I got an e-mail telling me to contact the manufacturer (by now Amazon had my money and the returned faulty player). This is totally illegal under UK consumer law; your contract is with the retailer and attempts to make you resolve problems with a manufacturer is an attempt to breach their statutory responsibilites and is therefore potentially a criminal offence (most consumer law is civil). One very snotty e-mail quoting the legislation gave me my replacement within 12 hours but I was really surprised that a big company like Amazon were trying to get away with it. So beware if you are returning stuff!

GeorginaA Mon 16-Oct-06 12:47:18

Amazon has let me down the last three christmases - if you do buy from them, make sure it's things like books and CDs which they have in their warehouse and not toys which they then order from their supplier (i.e. only order in late November with things that say "dispatch in 24hrs" on them).

SoMuchToBats Mon 16-Oct-06 12:50:17

Lakeland is always good.

Last year my sister ordered something from a site called Jamboree and it was rubbish. They didn't send the order, but didn't let her know there would be a delay with it. Then when she tried to contact them, they weren't very helpful, and had trouble tracking the order. In the end she cancelled it, and ordered something else from Heritage gifts, who delivered really quickly. They do a good range of Playmobil, Lego, Orchard toys, and several other well known brands of toys, as well as china, glassware etc.

joelallie Mon 16-Oct-06 12:57:50

Just ordered from thebookpeople. Really low prices and free P&P over £24 ( I think it was). Not received the order yet but I ordered over the phone last year and got the delivery within 2 days.

PeachyBobbingParty Mon 16-Oct-06 13:59:55

Amazon lost our order alst year, a DS so not cheap. they ahd it ina different colour but wouldn't send that, unless we paid for the new console first THEN claimed a refund- we had been waiting 2 months by then , so entrusting them with another £90? erm, no.

hadn't arrived by Feb, so gave up and claimed it all back.

Like toysrus,, yellow moon, from last years experience.... oh and Argos online.

PeachyBobbingParty Mon 16-Oct-06 14:04:24 is great fr notalgic sweeties, sued thema few times

Joelalie- dunno what you mean - so glad we're near Newport / Cardiff / Cwmbran for Christmas LOL!!!!!

joelallie Mon 16-Oct-06 14:35:14

peachy - Used to love Cardiff at Christmas time Spent three very happy years at uni there.

Taunton is OK and I don't mind a treg into Exeter or Bristol - as it won't be a real shopping trip, just a jolly to look at the lights and have lunch somewhere nice. I would never ever ever ever again go for a full-on 'god-what-shall-we-get-for-awkward-auntie-doris-and-uncle-bob-who-only-plays-golf-and-has-all-the-golf-related-crap-that-was-ever-made-anyway-whilst-dodging-crying-toddler-in-buggy-and-bad-tempered-old-ladies' rl shopping trip.! Garden World at Highbridge had a huge christmas section - we normally visit and buy a few special tree decs, have a play on the pirate ship and maybe some tea and cakes. That almost accounts for ALL my rl xmas shopping these day. Heaven!

PeachyBobbingParty Mon 16-Oct-06 15:03:21

Used to like garden world, til they got the snakes. yeesh.

Do everything on the net, really. SO much easier!

joelallie Mon 16-Oct-06 17:15:27

Don't you like snakes then?? Narrowly escaped getting one for DS#1 for christmas. Not that I mind them but wouldn't want the responsiblity of caring for something that dies if it gets cold!! So we're buying him 2 rats instead I quite like the idea actually.

PeachyBobbingParty Mon 16-Oct-06 17:28:39

Like rats, cockroaches, wasps, spiders... phobic of snakes. Even my hinduism lecturer ahs tor efer to them as 'unmentionables'

joelallie Mon 16-Oct-06 17:39:29

I'm with you on spiders and other various insects but nothing with fur or scales. We now have a cat, 2 fish (soon to be more) and we'll have 2 rats - I can see my determination not to become a menagerie is fading away

PeachyBobbingParty Mon 16-Oct-06 17:55:53

we had a cat already, just taken on a three legged no tailed kitten (found beaten up in Bridgy and taken to mys siter who works at a vets), getting goldfish for DS2 for christmas.

Would love a dofg but landlord woulodn't LOL

Cappuccino Mon 16-Oct-06 18:01:17

oh you know I like Vertbaudet, never had any problems

cremolafoam Mon 16-Oct-06 18:20:19
cremolafoam Mon 16-Oct-06 18:20:55
poppiesinaline Mon 16-Oct-06 19:23:47

Toys R Us - BAD BAD BAD experience with them last year.

Ordered on line in October (so I was being really organised) 9 out of the 15 things I ordered were out of stock already. They had no idea when they were coming in, but held the rest of my order back (but still took the money out of my account )

To cut a long long story very short - I cancelled my order one week before Christmas as it still hadnt turned up and had to dash around the shops like a maniac trying to buy everything by which time DDs main present I could find NOWHERE .

They took ages refunding me and still, to this day, have not refunded me my 'delivery charge' of the goods I never received

Out of pure principle I refuse EVER again to buy ANYTHING from Toys R Us.

There rant over

holidaysoon Tue 17-Oct-06 00:04:52

Have been badly let down by Amazon like lots of others on here. (ie left with no gifts the odd e-mail saying it's coming when it didn't etc). Just used red house books (can get ot it through the book people) with no problem and very speedy too.

holidaysoon Tue 17-Oct-06 00:05:48

Oh not really Christmas but bump to 3 was fine too. Very quick grobag delivery!

piximon Tue 17-Oct-06 13:29:44

I've had problems with Verbaudet and now don't use them for clothes. They take so long with the delivery (even for items they said were in stock) that by the time they arrive they are too small. As an idea of how long, I'd ordered bigger sizes to start with!
Had no problems with Amazon, Book People, Hotel Chocolat and Hawkins last year.

joelallie Tue 17-Oct-06 13:34:39

I am truly by the number of people who had problems with Amazon! They have never let me down. Only time I got a bit niggly was when one thing took 2 weeks to arrive - they told me that it might but I just hoped it wouldn't.

danceswiththedevil Tue 17-Oct-06 13:53:29

I've used this website a few times and they have been excellent with very quick delivery. They sell gardening stuff but also have fab selection of wicker and seagrass storage baskets (also bought ds some cute wellies from here)
P&P is free grovelands

TheDaVinciCod Tue 17-Oct-06 13:54:32

the ket with amazon is NOT to do huge orders just do several up to free postage

janeite Tue 17-Oct-06 19:16:31

Have never had any problems with Amazon. The Bookpeople are absolutely brilliant. M & S a bit hit and miss. Boots have always been fine.

The place I would NEVER EVER order online again from s Woolworths - shockingly bad service and not a word of apology when my order came 3 months after it should have done.

Adorabelle Tue 17-Oct-06 19:42:18

I'm also v.surprised at the amount of pple who've
had probs with Amazon. Always found them to be
very good.

I like Urchin, Great Little Tradings and ELC online. We've bought from all 3 on quite a regular basis & all 3 have been brilliant.

popsycal Tue 17-Oct-06 19:43:53

amazon have been fine but i dont do huge orders....
hawkin's bazaar

FIMBOnABroomstick Tue 17-Oct-06 19:46:22

We have used (Dh's MP3 player) with no problems

VeniVidiVickiQV Tue 17-Oct-06 19:46:59

I was just about to look up this thread, when, lo and behold - here it is in active convo's

thank you....!

MadameMorticiaMills Tue 17-Oct-06 19:47:04

Hawkins Bazaar - placed an order on 6/10, arrived on 12/10.

I live in Sweden! Fab Fab Fab

grumpyfrumpy Tue 17-Oct-06 19:56:35

we like gamleys never had a probelm wtih our order
love lakeland and baker ross too
granny made for something different

dawnt4 Thu 26-Oct-06 09:30:39

ToysRUs have a fantastic half price sale on a lot of there toys etc. I've just placed an order for the sound city railway set table for just £99, usually £199. Great Bargain. Pity there are no codes out there to make it even more so lol!!!!

nutcracker Thu 26-Oct-06 09:43:50

Would reccomend..

Book People

Will be steering clear of..

Amazon - left delivery far too late last year

Nursery and - Recently placed an order and the iten was showing as in stock. 6 days later they email me and tell me it is on back order and they aren't sure when i will get it.
So especially as they supply the ones for sale on Amazon and they seem to have plenty on there, but at a higher price.

Tiggiwinkle Thu 26-Oct-06 10:15:45

Would also recommend and The Book People. I
buy masses from Amazon, but find it better to pay for the postage-if you use the "free delivery" option there seem to be more delays and problems.

I have had problems with Mail Order Express over the years, with stuff showing as "in stock" when its not, and delays in dispatch.

Hawkins Bazaar is great, as is Firebox-I ordered a game on Saturday last year, and it arrived on the Monday morning!

twickersmum Thu 26-Oct-06 10:47:25

i would recommend
gorgeous range of toys
use code KF1ZZ140 at the checkout for free delivery too!

spamfaces Sun 29-Oct-06 18:12:38

The main shops I always go back to are:
Argos - always look up and reserve online before going.
Woolworths - especially now they've got a catalogue - free delivery if you get it delivered to the store.
Amazon - when there's enough for free delivery.
ToyCrazy - nice cheap little toys and shrinkles sets
thebookpeople - quite a good range and always cheap

Also for CDs, DVDs, games etc, normally one of these is the cheapest - cdwow, play, sendit, blahdvd

Also I look at Kelkoo - a price comparison site to check the cheapest price of things before buying.

Another thing is if you have kids at school, the school may have signed up to one of those perfiliate sites where you can link through to earn commission for the school - I always try to click through from the link from the school where possible.

Tickle Sun 29-Oct-06 18:52:41

cremolafoam thank you for sorting my Christmas in one swoop punk rock baby is where i shall start....

Greensleeves Sun 29-Oct-06 18:54:18
xena Sun 29-Oct-06 19:38:05

20% ELC BIG039 valid until 27th DEC

jud2905 Mon 30-Oct-06 18:03:13 fast delivery some great special offers and if you spend over £100 you get a 5% discount card of any future orders

HappyMumof2 Mon 30-Oct-06 19:42:30

Message withdrawn

lexiemum Mon 30-Oct-06 19:48:54

theres been a couple of probs with the LX code - didn't affect me but a couple of others on here ended up paying the full cost despite what the payment was shown on the web. they did though get a refund of the £13.50 but had to hassle customer services for it.

HappyMumof2 Mon 30-Oct-06 19:53:29

Message withdrawn

jodee Mon 30-Oct-06 20:05:43

Can't remember the exact reason but Studio Cards were awful a couple of years back, and their after sales was dreadful.

naturemum Tue 31-Oct-06 20:53:30

I have just ordered some fab personalised calendars from Sweet Baby Face link

We saw this company at The Baby Show the other weekend (they were by the John Lewis stand) and the calendars are gorgeous! Such a perfect gift for the grandparents. For babies the calendars come with a really fun sticker set that has various milestones on so you can record when they did what!!

Free postage, quick delivery and they do fab personalised Christmas cards too! Check them out!

What do you think!?

Radley Wed 01-Nov-06 14:02:26

I want to echo what Greensleeves said about the shop that sells clothes etc.

I ordered some bits for christmas on Monday and they came today, superbly packaged etc and the jigsaw I got is so divine I might keep it for myself.

YellowFeathers Thu 02-Nov-06 09:27:59

I found some gems last night.
In sainsburys they have Bukaroo for £1.87, Kerplunk for £2 and Twister for £2.
They're the original MB Games versions too. Not rip offs!

LunarSea Thu 02-Nov-06 10:19:33

Thanks for that - might check out Sainsbury's later. At those prices it's worth stocking up on presents for the rash of kids parties over the coming months too.

HappyMumof2 Thu 02-Nov-06 11:41:14

Message withdrawn

YellowFeathers Sun 05-Nov-06 08:29:17

heres another bargain for girls
even better if you can collect in store!

weirdbird Sun 05-Nov-06 20:12:32

Another one who has had terrible problems with Amazon, am still waiting on a book that was ordered in June (was definitely still in print then) they didnt ship it and no reason offered as to why not, spoke to Customer Services 3 times, still no book and now it has gone out of print and I can't find it anywhere else.


In all that time I have had one email saying it might take an extra 4 weeks than they had said, this was 3 months after it should have already arrived!

If you use Amazon do it WELL IN ADVANCE OF XMAS!!!

firemaiden Thu 09-Nov-06 10:45:27

gltc, hawkins bazaar, elc and firebox have all been excellent so far for items in stock and for sending on pre-ordered items. Really quick turn-around so all much recommended. Only weird thing about ELC is that they don't send an email to let you know your stuff is on the way so you suddenly get boxes turning up unexpectedly but I suppose you could say that they are entering into the whole point of Christmas - unexpected surprises .

pamina3 Thu 09-Nov-06 10:52:28

Have also had problems with LXDirect and Additions when using codes - have been charged full price and have had to ring up and query each time.
Vertbaudet have also been rubbish - am still waiting for an item which was supposedly sent on 24th October.

On the plus side, have got some great 3 for 2s on toys, with free delivery over £45. Some really good scientific toys for age 5+ at £4 each, but 3 for £8 (type in Scientific in the search)
I also really like the Book People.

Sheraz Thu 09-Nov-06 11:20:55

Just had an order through from Letterbox. very efficient, they have some unusual and traditional toys. Very pleased, just placed an oder wtih ELC using promo code. Big scaving and an easy to sue site.

advocateofthedevil Thu 09-Nov-06 11:41:12

I want to second Bombay duck because the order I placed yesterday morning arrived today! They've got a couple of lovely fairy bags in the sale too, a good sized back pack and a little tote bag both in hot pink with an applique fairy on the front.

NomDePlume Thu 09-Nov-06 11:42:22

Yellow Feathers, that thing in your link looks like a sex toy

fizzbuzz Thu 09-Nov-06 12:28:55

Amazon is the worst, ruined my ds Christmas last year with xbox 360, and constantly changing delivery dates. Informed me 6 days before Christmas that they wouldn't deliver on time. ***** nightmare and one absolutely devastated ds

advocateofthedevil Thu 09-Nov-06 12:38:06

Free gift code for Bombay Duck: LETC 6287 for a free set of incense sticks and holder.

Bozza Thu 09-Nov-06 13:37:57

Have had trouble with Amazon (delivery issues and also told me a book wasn't due for release until March and then delivered it), Studio cards (sent me an invoice when I had paid on ordering), WHsmith, and Vertbaudet with their stock levels/comms being poor.

I would recommend the following sites:
John Lewis
The Book People
Fragrances Direct
Figleaves (DH uses this one for my present quite often)

I am doing an order with Studio, despite previous issue, it was resolved OK.

Also, a good idea is to go on hotUKdeals to see if you can get any discounts.

thepoppy Fri 10-Nov-06 11:00:04

Problem I had with studio was years ago, cant really remember what it was now, mostly to do with things not arriving and others having to be returned. Never really thought that much about it again until O got copies of my credit report. I was recorded as being 2 months in arrears in payments a few times for the things I was waiting to be credited back to my account. Luckily the rest of my credit file is fine, but it could have affected my ability to get other credit through their wrong-doing.

book people are definitely fantastic, cdwow, play etc. bought loads from bumpto3 and kiddicare without any problems, always fast delivery.

edie123 Fri 10-Nov-06 20:47:50

Just chosen gifts on John Lewis-not ordered yet as going to do it when I get paid but it was fun, quick and stress free. Orders over £100, delivery is free. Will let you know how the delivery is but knowing JL im sure it will be fine.

moondog Fri 10-Nov-06 20:52:48

Hawkins Bazaar

Don't touch Dibor.The b'stards still owe me money but conveniently went into receivership-then started up again under same name.

Some charidde ones too ladies,remember.

Oxfam Present Aid
New Internationalist

Bozza Fri 10-Nov-06 21:02:08

Ordered from John Lewis on Tuesday evening. It arrived today and the there was even a piece of green plastic taped over the picture on the box. That was brilliant because it was DD's Christmas present (dressing table) and she was with me when I took delivery.

mrsnoah Fri 10-Nov-06 21:55:20

Yellowfeathers, just a word of warning.. if thats one of those hair braiders be careful as I have heard many friends having a nightmare of entanglement with them ending up with scissors invoved.
If its not sorry (slinks back to shadows)

magicmummy Fri 10-Nov-06 22:58:38

Hawkins Bazaar FREE Delivery Code:
Enter FP7 when prompted, then choose free delivery.

LX Direct £15 Off Code:
Promotional Code for first order: ZG5622
Promotional Code for next order: ZQ6022
Select products and enter discount code at checkout.

Marks & Spencers £10 Off:
Get £10 Off when you spend £50 or more at Marks & by using discount code UCDEYZ9V.

Body Shop 15% Off:
Get 15% Off your order when buying gifts online at The Body Shop. Offer valid until 30th November 2006. Promotional Code: DHMD000021

controlfreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaky2 Fri 10-Nov-06 23:17:44

amazon really messed me about last year too. placed (huge) order in good time. all delivery dates shown as well before xmas. paid for. order confirmed. then kept changing dates shown to later. about 7 days before (when all items should have been delivered THEY CANCEELED HALF MY ORDER!!!. see it makes me shout now just thinking about it. never again. they are crap. and dont forget why mn hq removed them as affiliated advertisers to site a while back. immoral and crap.

edie123 Fri 10-Nov-06 23:22:35

Bozza-what a good idea from John Lewis

fizzbuzz Sat 11-Nov-06 09:06:05

controlfreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeaky2 Amazon pissed me around so much last Christmas, that I found some website which dealt with online oredering problems. They made a formal complaint, but of course Amazon didn't respond.
I'd had that sodding xbox on order since end of August. I would like to email them this thread, so they can realise what people really think of them. They are completely unethical and immoral.Perhaps we should start a new thread all about Amazon

fizzbuzz Sat 11-Nov-06 09:08:28

Why were they removed from advertising on mn?

Pinkchampagne Sun 12-Nov-06 10:35:19

0946 gives you £10 off any order from la redoute

makemineadouble Sun 12-Nov-06 15:15:44

getting worried! I have been trying to pre-order a nintendo wii for my ds.. my local choices have already filled their list! so I thought I'd try Amazon??? I have joined their e-mail me when I can pre-order list but reading some postings on this thread I'm fast loosing faith in them any other suggestions PLEASE

TwoToTango Sun 12-Nov-06 15:52:02

Try here makemineadouble

TwoToTango Sun 12-Nov-06 15:56:35

Or looks like argos might be doing pre-order

saffy202 Sun 12-Nov-06 15:57:08

John Lewis have free delivery this weekend on any size order, have just ordered dh's present

makemineadouble Sun 12-Nov-06 16:23:08


Done it..went with argos have already had e-mail confirming purchase and they will deliver within postal days of release Dec 8th! did'nt even have to pre-order FANTASTIC THANK YOU x

TwoToTango Sun 12-Nov-06 16:29:41

Happy to help. I've had some good tips from this thread myself - just about to use the Hawkins Bazaar free postage code

bran Sun 12-Nov-06 17:35:19

I love this thread, there are some fab websites mentioned that I didn't know about before.

I've also had trouble with Amazon in the past and now I will only use them if I can't find the book elsewhere at a reasonable price. They should be sorry as I spent a fortune with them and only went looking for other sources of books after they messed me around several times.

Not mentioned before but I have found to be good:
Crocus for garden related stuff and cut flowers;
HQ Hair for cosmetics, smellies and generally indulgent stuff;
Beauty Sleuth like HQ Hair but smaller range and cheaper.

A big thank you to DingaLongCow for the link to Bibliophiles. I particularly love the list of titles that you can choose from when registering, I was so tempted to be The Dowager Duchess Bran. Do you think they get many princesses and sheriffs?

RuthT Sun 12-Nov-06 19:26:14

Um I would triple the amazon - great any time but for big orders and Christmas

I love this site for kids e-niko \link{HTTP://}

Also love for furniture Aspace \link{} but I am waiting for the sales

These are lovely indoor playhouses win green \link{}

Farhana Sun 12-Nov-06 22:19:15

hi plz look at my website
i make one off unique Swarovski crystal and semi precious gemstone jewellery and charms

tortoise Sun 12-Nov-06 22:20:32

Farhana You shouldn't advertise your own site.Pay for a business ad.

makemineadouble Sun 12-Nov-06 23:22:53

Farhana are you in personalities and positions?
BTW did'nt like the musak

"Small business ads (£30 fee)" Go on, you know you want to...

SparklyfestiveYellowFeathers Tue 14-Nov-06 20:26:52

Vtech VSmile reduced to £29 in wooleys from £50!
In both colours too.

blueamema Wed 15-Nov-06 15:29:19

just got some stuff from john lewis this morning, loads of lush stuff.
if you keep check on their website they have free delivery days every now and again.

CornflakeKid Wed 15-Nov-06 15:34:46

lulasapphire have 15% off if you type in Prima Baby at checkout - fab toys, baby & mum stuff, blankets, clothes - all very cool stuff.

firemaiden Wed 15-Nov-06 16:12:16

cornflakekid - lulasapphire is an absolutely gorgeous site, thanks for telling us about it. I wasn't going to get my baby daughter much for Christmas since she'll be so little but have seen some lovely things on that website

blueamema Thu 16-Nov-06 13:10:43

i know its advertised on mn all the time, but i think kiddicare is a great site with super fast delivery!

Am loving this thread... have found some lovely websites ... thanks guys

no discounts i'm afraid but have a look at for some lovely and unusual present ideas for little ones.

cornetjo Thu 16-Nov-06 22:13:14

Has anyone else used the FP7 free delivery code for Hawkins Bazaar, because it doesnt seem to be working for me. Has the code changed?

UCM Thu 16-Nov-06 22:53:38

Posted this in another thread, but thought I would bump it on here. It has codes for loads of places.

blueamema Fri 17-Nov-06 11:08:30

has anyone used the £10 off when you spend £50 at m&s online... am buying at the moment and can't find anywhere to put the promotional code?

Enid Fri 17-Nov-06 11:10:43

Cannot STAND amazon now they have all the second hand sellers mixed in

don't use them any more

saltire Fri 17-Nov-06 11:12:14

Here's the ones i have used this year, and had no problems with

Mail order Express - love this lot, great for toys and never any problems

Toys R Us
Choicesdirect. com

The worst so far has to be Woolies. I posted on another thread about their Big Red Book. More like Big Red waste of paper. I wanted 18 things, and all except one was "not yet availiable".

blueamema Fri 17-Nov-06 11:30:14

£10 off when you spend £50 at m&s isn't working!

but you can get free delivery if you spend over £30 using promo code PCAHHZT

cremolafoam Fri 17-Nov-06 11:36:52

10% off all orders (excludes postage)
by simply quoting ‘SNOW’ at the checkout

Offer ends midnight 20th November 2006

at tridias

just got this today

heifer Tue 21-Nov-06 15:32:53

JoJo Maman Bebe - 15% off, Quote MTE62... offer closes 04/12/06

firemaiden Tue 28-Nov-06 14:25:01

Would NOT recommend Blooming marvellous (Blooming rubbish more like). Ordered things on their website. Today an envelope is stuffed through our letterbox with one item and a casual note saying the rest of your order is not available. Well why let me order it then and let me think that at least one area is sorted? They must know at the "till" whether the item is in stock or not. Not using them again .

Twirl Tue 28-Nov-06 22:40:02

Have done 4 amazon orders so far and all orders arrived within a week . Also Marks and Spencer have been very speedy and items are well packed. Fat Face were very quick to deliver too.

flutterbee Tue 28-Nov-06 22:54:38

My Amazon orders have been fine so far all arrived when they said they would and I have a DVD on pre-order that I hope their will be no problems with.

Boots on the other hand have been a complete nightmare, firstly the delivery was late, then I got an item I shouldn't have got and had an item missing from my order and then I had to trail all the way down to the post office to return the item (I don't drive and the item was pretty big). They then told me that they wouldn't pay for express delivery even though it was their fault so I would have to wait up to 5 working days for the item (no guaranteed delivery date) I argued and argued this with every manager I could and they bstill refused to pay the extra £5 to get it to me. So I waited for the parcel and again it didn't turn up so I rang the manager again and got told for some reason the re-order hadn't gone through and they would do it again so again it would arrive at some point within the next 5 days. Ofcourse I was out when it turned up and the depot was 40 miles away in Tunbridge Wells

At least after many many many calls to Boots they put 15000 points on my Boots card as an apology but I will never ever use them again.

TwoToTango Wed 29-Nov-06 17:49:58

cornetjo - this might be a bit late but the correct Hawkins code is FP7911. I've just used it. You put in the code and on the next page you get the option to pick a postal service and you choose free delivery. It just worked for me.

pebblemum Wed 29-Nov-06 18:21:18

If the men in your life like golf then is a great site. It has lots of things reasonably priced and each time i have ordered i have received them the following day even though i have only paid standard P&P rate.

Another one is At the moment if you add /sun to the address you can get 2for1 offers on a couple of things. I got 2x spa day for 2 vouchers for £20 (one for an xmas present and the free one is a treat for me)They also arrived within 2days of placing order

exbury Wed 29-Nov-06 20:09:52

Tridias - quote "STOCKING" at the checkout for free P&P (the previous code has run out now)

NorksBride Wed 29-Nov-06 20:44:09

I've just bought Snazaroo Face Paints direct from the snazaroo site. Ordered it Friday. Delivered on Monday. Brilliant!

NewLP Sun 03-Dec-06 22:41:02

Haven’t read through the whole thread so may have already been mentioned, but this has some amazing stuff – prices not bad too and you can collect ipoints.


Boleyn Sun 03-Dec-06 23:12:30

Hawkins Bazaar - stocking filler stuff
quote : FP7911 for free p&p

partybabestitch Sun 03-Dec-06 23:27:24

m&s reliable, but alwys take forever to deliver stuff.
next, good delivery, but i find thewesbite annoying positive experience
amazon, never had a ny problems,
book people pbrilliant
lkelnd my favourite
vertbaudet and laredout=btm, dont bother
figleaves, fantastic
boots, fine
elc, fine,

aanyone know anything about

NewLP Sun 03-Dec-06 23:37:47

Particularly like these:

Invisible playing cards

And if only
I had the cash and the room for it!! [sigh]

Boleyn Sun 03-Dec-06 23:38:39

Last year privided "Santa" with the last remote controlled Dalek, free delivery, for the retail price on the web. Santa couldn't thnak them enough.

Moral: it lasted about 1.5 days ....

Amazon - never had a problem if I watch delivery dates and weed out non-Amazon sellers. Had very good personal sevice from letterbox and free delivery with Hawkin.

Wish I'd found this site before I'd bought for my friends

no idea whether it is good but I LOVE the idea!

NorksBride Mon 04-Dec-06 00:59:57

World Vision for alternative charity gifts. We've bought primary teacher & TA's school books & a library card for children in Africa.

Debwray Thu 07-Dec-06 07:18:06

For a great deal on Christmas books try - they are a division of "The Book People" and all the books are well priced. A part of the new website launch they are offering 20% extra discount- use code SCH12
and for even better value once you've entered that code put in this one for free P&P SCH06. Offers open until December 31st.

Katherine Thu 07-Dec-06 09:59:22

Amazon have been fab so far. I know they can sometimes give you long despatch days at the last minute but then at least you can cancel easily and they do warn you.

Hawkins and Natural Collection also fab (can find a 10% off NC if you just search on NC Offer on google - effectly got me free postage!) delivered DH present as promised within 2 days - unlike HMV who sat on the order for 10 days and when I phoned them up said they didn't know if and when more would be coming in and when I complained commented that the 400 people ahead of me in the queue were not complaining!!!!!!

John Lewis also spot on with their free delivery

Argos- pretty hopeless as they told me a beanbag inner was in stock right through the chechout then said it had been removed from the order as it was out of stock. They still tried to send the outer though and then the managed to deliver the rest of the order in 2 batches. Imagine sending a delivery van for one electric blanket.

Book People do fabulopus books at bargain prices and nicely packaged. Wonderful. Their delivery is also good - even delivered on a Saturday at no extra cost for some reason. But WHY WHY WHY does it have to say "BOOK PEOPLE" all over the boxes.

Mind you not much better. Chap handed large white box with on side over and said "See you've got someone and xbox for christmas". Gulp! Good thing DH wasn't home.

LIZS Thu 07-Dec-06 10:17:47

The Book People - arrived really quickly as usual.
Toys r Us - placed order on Tuesday for something which had just reappeared as in stock and was out of stock again by next morning , it is "processing" so fingers crossed.
Waterstones - placed an order on Monday with a discount code for seven books , six of which were on a 24 hour turn around, but it has all been back ordered as having to be ordered in from a supplier. These are just regular kids paperbacks and last posting for their destination is next week. If still no joy by the weekend will cancel and go to a real bookshop

spykid Thu 07-Dec-06 10:34:41

Also placed order with waterstones on monday and is all on back order!

So cross as I kn ow they are in the shops!

RTKangaSANTAMummy Thu 07-Dec-06 10:59:00


TESCO DIRECT were deffo brill

£50 off the price of LEGO MINDSTORMS so {£129 rather than £179}

ClementClarkeMoore Thu 07-Dec-06 11:03:34


all good

chocolaterobin Thu 07-Dec-06 11:18:03 are good, lots of gift ideas and free super fast delivery.

GiraffeGotTheLastRoomInTheInn Thu 07-Dec-06 11:24:07

Amazon have been fab, really quick. not great. Although I ordered and paid for next day delivery on Thursday last week at 3.30 pm, I only received the items today. So not next day then, but ONE WEEK, mr

And WHY isn't there an festive angry smiley?

brimfull Thu 07-Dec-06 11:28:46
shouldbedeckingthehalls Thu 07-Dec-06 12:14:16

I've been impressed with;
Amazon (great for books, dvd's etc, quick delivery)
M&S (reliable, use them all year and they're always reliable) (fairtrade- great gifts and stuff for the house, prompt delivery)
ELC (have always been good- buit slow to collect returns last year though)
Lakeland (again, I've always found them reliable)

LIZS Thu 07-Dec-06 12:51:48

@ waterstones spykid . Did you use the code too by any chance or coudl they just be "busy"

texasrose Thu 07-Dec-06 12:53:36

I've put an order in with Amazon this morning. I've just seen that I can't cancel or change it tho because the products are already being 'prepared for despatch'. The annoying thing is that 3 books are from 3rd party sellers (ie not Amazon) so I've ended up paying 4 lots of delivery chages (one for each different company and one for Amazon) at aound £5 each so I've added £20 onto the cost of what I wanted to buy.

Grrr.....I should have worked it out before I ordered it but it's too late now. I just hope the things get here before Christmas.

I should have read this thread first and gone to a site with special deals! Rookie Internet shopper that I am...

GlennCloseAsCruellaDeVille Thu 07-Dec-06 12:54:40

you can cancel up to 7 days after you receive the item..that is the law on distance selling

texasrose Thu 07-Dec-06 13:01:43

Does that mean you have to send the items back tho? It all sounds a bit if a faff to me...

Blackduck Thu 07-Dec-06 13:07:38
computermanuals (for the geek in your life...)

EmmyLou Thu 07-Dec-06 13:22:49

Pippa Designs - nice bits and bobs and beautiful Xmas wreaths here

Myriad Natural Toys

Tridias (toys)

Holtz Toys

The Wooden Toy Catalogue here

2 out of 5 possible links....must try harder...

Mindware - great games

schmizaj Thu 07-Dec-06 13:23:05

Had a bad experience recently with

Goods not delivered well over a month later and my countless email enquiries ignored until I went to Office of Fair Trading and got an enquiry number from them. Goods couried without explanation soon after. Then they had the cheek over a month later to ask whether the goods had been delivered!!

From now on, I only order from websites which also supply a phone number and street address.

LIZS Thu 07-Dec-06 16:41:30

Just got an email from Waterstones - one book. an Eoin Colfer, is out of stock but under consideration for a reprint so no guarantee of delivery before Christmas. What a load of cr*p . Might cancel the whole lot and buy direct instead

BettySpaghetti Thu 07-Dec-06 16:46:29

Quick tip - If you go into a Hawkins Bazaar shop and they don't have what you want in stock they will give you a code to order it online and get FREE P&P (normally £4.99 I think)

spykid Thu 07-Dec-06 17:29:29

lizs., yes I used the code. Think |I am cancelling order too

LIZS Thu 07-Dec-06 21:12:37

aargh now I can't cancel the order online - have emailled customer services back.

worcestercaroline Thu 07-Dec-06 21:48:19

lakefield marketing - peter rabbit people. Waited until nov 30th for advent calendar it still had not arrived and they said it was ont in stock, fuzzyfelts also did not arrive called up to enquire and they said they were waiting for them to be delivered- they still not arrived. They did not bother to email or call to tell me any of this, i had to chase them

wickedwinterwitch Thu 07-Dec-06 21:50:29

I've done all my shopping <smug> but

John Lewis
Tesco direct
were fab

elc (out of stock, hardly any delivery dates)
were crap (out of stock for a hotel guide, a popular one too, meant I cancelled the whole order with them, £80 worth)

foxinsocks Thu 07-Dec-06 21:55:08

John Lewis have been fab - put an order in yesterday late evening, they called this morning to arrange delivery AND with quite a convenient time slot (i.e. not your usual wait in the whole day thing)

Amazon have come up trumps so far but I'm a bit pissed off with their delivery charges - to opt for the free super saver delivery they couldn't guarantee Xmas delivery but opting for first class meant they could but it added 50% onto the cost!! But overall, I have been pleased with them this year.

gemzi789 Thu 07-Dec-06 22:14:38

Hi there everyone its my first time on mumsnet i saw this topic and thought id tell you about my nightmare with got my delivery mon driver had no paperwork,he tried giving me someone elses shopping arguing it was mine,had'nt brought my wine but brought my husbands(sods law),putting shopping way bread bag was all split,went for an orange today and they had all gone rotten.Fumming i phoned the so called help line what a waste of time that was all the girl could say was i would get my refund and paperwork 7-10 working days no apology or anything wouldn't recomend them at all although i would recomend sainsburys on time friendly helpful drivers and they have geat offers at the moment.Hope its too long winded

LIZS Fri 08-Dec-06 14:24:54

Waterstones order now cancelled - phew. Just got to brave the shops ....

I have to sing and warble and dance about this lot, Jammy Joes Toyshop. I got my parcel from them this morning, I only ordered it on Weds afternoon.

Excellent stuff have a look.

Pinkchampagne Fri 08-Dec-06 14:55:24

The Entertainer were great. My order was delivered the very next day! They have some great bargains too!

melpomene Fri 08-Dec-06 14:59:42

I also had a good experience with Jammy Joes.

Cath Kidston haven't been so great. I ordered 2 items on 21 Nov. One item hasn't arrived yet so I phoned this morning. They told me the item is out of stock (Why didn't they let me know earlier?). The man I spoke to was clueless and when I asked to change my order for another item that was in stock he said he didn't have the authority to do that. They were supposed to phone me back, but haven't.

catinthehat Fri 08-Dec-06 15:04:52

John Lewis excellent
M&S excellent

worcestercaroline Fri 08-Dec-06 18:41:10

Hawkins are brilliant ordered online wed evening it arrived today at 1pm.never had any probs with them

Had very good service from :-

Amazon - who emailed me immediately as my credit card would not work twice - went through the third time and items arrived within 72 hours of original order (over weekend). have been excellent.

mailorderexpress - everything delivered in plenty of time. Very pleased as have never ordered from them before.

Orchard toys - very good.

Not so good :-

Boots - wouldn't accept my advantage card number , so decided it wasn't worth doing anything online so will have to brave the shops!!!

Woolworths - ordered several things - everything in stock on their website - within 72 hours had three emails telling me certain things were out of stock. Very irritating. But the rest of the order came out on time.

fortyplus Tue 12-Dec-06 01:37:45

Which? website advises not to use

I've ordered several things directly from Amazon and they've been great.

LIZS Wed 13-Dec-06 09:43:31

Amazon - ordered Nintendo ds game on evening of 9th arrived this morning , cd player (ordered at same time) coming separately but has been despatched.

paddingtonbear1 Wed 13-Dec-06 10:02:06

I ordered dh's PlayStation last Thursday night from The package was better than in the shops and cheaper, and delivery was free. It arrived on Saturday morning!
I've not tried but my friends recommend it. ELC online has been fine too.

singsalot Wed 13-Dec-06 10:42:59

orange tree toys

orders over £30 free delivery and I ordered at midnight on sunday and it arrived this morning, lovely

oh and the postie asked if my mum or dad were in to sign for it, made me smile, it was VERY dark and I am the height of a 12 yr old....

chopchopbusybusy Wed 13-Dec-06 11:01:40

This Christmas I have used

Carphone Warehouse - excellent free next day delivery - excellent arrived next day
John Lewis - Sent direct to Sil - great free delivery - just hope it arrives on time
Argos Direct - picked delivery date and it arrived as promised
Amazon - felt like it was slow but it was free delivery and did arrive within the time promised.

I haven't read the whole thread - so apologies if already posted but if you are ordering from Amazon and are slightly under the limit for free delivery try this site where you can check for small item to take you up to free delivery - therefore cheaper in total.

foxtrottothefestivegrotto Wed 13-Dec-06 11:39:39

Big Red Warehouse (formerly Newcron) do lots of character toys and accessories.
Free next day delivery on all orders over £20 placed on our Web site up until midnight Sunday 17th December. (Next working day delivery)
- Special offer code required - Z6DLDC -

big red warehouse

santasaltire Wed 13-Dec-06 21:27:05

I have used Lego shop@home a few times over the past weeks and they are great.

PenkLass Thu 14-Dec-06 17:03:03 - massive selection and taking orders right until 19th Dec with guaranteed delivery, v quick delivery in the past!

FairytaleOfNewNORKSBRIDE Thu 14-Dec-06 17:26:04

Today's favourite - JD Sports. I ordered football kit on Tuesday night and it was delivered this afternoon. And I didn't pay for express delivery. Fab!

exbury Sun 17-Dec-06 23:09:02

Gluttonous gardener - here - beautifully packaged plant plus relevant pressie - and great customer service. I messed up and specified a date which wouldn't have given me time to deliver them to their eventual recipients - so I emailed them and they got them to me 24 hours later! has always been a good website to use in my experience.

Another one that I recently found are Berkshire based (this company sell childrens bedding etc). Very good family run firm with fair pricing and fast delivery.

santasaltire Mon 18-Dec-06 17:43:27

Well Oxfam unwrapped have let me down. I placed an order with them on the 6th december. It clearly states on the website goods will be posted in 3-4 working days. Still nothing. According to them they have been sent!.
I needed a couple to post inside Cards, but will now need to get something else tomorrow, which may not arrive on time! I also needed the other two for my cousin who was up at the weekend, so he had to go away empty handed.

Just been massively let down by Mail Order Express. Ordered DS's Christmas present - castle - from them on 2 Dec - supposed to be delivered in 2-3 days. Have sent countless emails asking when it would be delivered. Eventually they replied tonight saying it was out of stock. Have replied saying I hope they all have a bloody miserable christmas. And I do. Have bought all the Knights and horses to go with it, so need to go shopping to try to find another one (which will probably cost an extra £20). Top that with the fact that DD's main present is an all-singing all-dancing hamster cage for her beloved hamster... who died last night. I give up!

On the other hand, Selections Hardware of Leighton Buzzard are fab!

JollyOldSaintNikkielas Tue 19-Dec-06 19:35:17

Debenhams-ordered a body thing for under the posh dress for tomorrow night and it hasn't arrived (delivery by 16/12) rest of order came but not that

bubsagrub Tue 19-Dec-06 19:44:44

BEST online shopping experience is with - beautiful, colourful clothes, that normally arrive the NEXT DAY wrapped in paper with a lolly pop attached.

WORST online shopping experience - Mothercare...DHL delivery men sent from Hades itself!

Sedge Wed 28-Nov-07 07:47:44

try for kids clothes - funky and a little bit different and they have free delivery until Xmas (and 25% off Crocs)

captainmack Sun 30-Nov-08 17:07:11

Would avoid bad experience. Customer service non-existant.

bellaBuonNatalevita Sun 30-Nov-08 17:45:02

John Lewis - we ordered Wii Fit on Thursday and it arrived (free delivery) Friday morning. are pretty good with free delivery.

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