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Worm medicine from chemist?

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Downdog Wed 12-May-10 16:10:34

Need to worm DD 2.5 tonight. Not done this before.

Childminder called to say DD is very unhappy with itchy bum - we suspect pin worms. (She has said she had itchy bum before but kind of randomly & DD often says she has sore this or sore that when she doesn't want to do something - so we don't take complaints too seriously unless it is accompanied by some other indication of illness/affliction).

She also has a cold and wet the bed last night so she's in misery right now - bless her.

So I'm off to local chemist after picking up DD. Can I buy the required medicine over the counter?
Do you think the pharmacy at Tesco would stock (easiest to get to/park etc).

Many thanks

McDreamy Wed 12-May-10 16:12:33

Yes you can just ask for it at the pharmacy. They will advise you to treat the whole family. I am sure the Tesco pharmacy would have it, in fact I think it was a Tesco pharmacy in Aylesbury I bought it from when DD got them.

yes, you can get it over the counter. it's ovex you need. the syrup is nicer than the chewable tablets

Seona1973 Wed 12-May-10 16:15:04

Ovex and Pripsen are treatments you can use. You can buy them over the counter (although I havent had to ....yet!)

isobelsmom Wed 12-May-10 16:21:44

Prispen is vile and you will probably struggle gettin the little one to take it (my dd 3yrs has had them twice and refused after the first taste)! If you phone your docs you will be able to get it on prescription FREE for you all as the little one has it, we had a liquid form last time and so far (Fingers well n truly crossed) we have had no itchy bums etc! its a chalky banana flavour so quite easy for little ones to take without squirming! Hope this helps you!

Downdog Wed 12-May-10 17:00:19

Thanks for all your very helpful comments.

I actually called the doctor as per isobelsmom's suggestion. The doctor phoned me back, we had a great chat smile & he is leaving a prescription for us all to be treated including our childminder. Great - much easier than going via Tesco & it's FREE which is extra lovely this month. Doc's open till 8pm now so I can collecd DD, then pick up prescription & get it filled & then home - easy peasy.

isobelsmom Wed 12-May-10 18:09:07

Brilliant, glad I got in quick enough to help, I am very new to Mn so am still 'finding my feet'. I found my doc really helpful too, and even better so that its free!! hope your Dd is all clear soon!

elliemental Wed 12-May-10 18:11:52

oh god, i am 40 and STIll traumatised by having to take pripsin as a child.
seriously, can't even look at a strawberry milkshake without nausea.

isobelsmom Wed 12-May-10 19:31:04

Lol Elliemental, i tried to get my son to take it in a strawberry milkshake last time dd was infected, it soooo didn't work, he knew what i was up to by the smell of the powder alone!! Rancid stuff, can't understand why they think kids will take it!

elliemental Wed 12-May-10 19:36:03

I would rather be eaten slowly from the inside out by worms than take that stuff ever again!

Thank heavens for Ovex!

Downdog Thu 13-May-10 11:50:28

Doc was great, yes free to treat us all & doc added one for CM too. Tablets were chewable - tasted dry & chalky but we all managed.

Just hope they work now! Seems like a tiny treatment to kill lots of nasty creatures in the gigantic intestines.

isobelsmom Thu 13-May-10 15:57:01

haha yes it does seem a tiny treatment but powerful, afaik it paralyses the nasty creatures and therefore they all come away, did dd get a 2nd dose for 2 weeks time? mine did, as the eggs layed already will hatch but cannot reproduce if medicine is taken 2 weeks apart!

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