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Toddler with trapped wind at night

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Tellytub Mon 02-Mar-09 09:16:39

Hi, I am new to mumsnet. I have a ds 18 months, who has suffered terrible tummy pain and trapped wind since birth, being unable to sleep for any length of time at night. He has seen so many docs but we are told that he will most likely grow out of it. We have had trials avoiding all sorts of foods but it seems that all food upsets him. I am constantly searching the internet on information on toddlers with abdominal pain and trapped wind and came across a message on mumsnet from Fimbles who has dd, same age as my ds, with near exact symptoms. Alas the message was posted at the end of 2003. I am desperate to find out if fimbles found a cure for her dd but unable to contact her by CAT messaging. If anyone knows or is in contact with fimbles I would be most grateful if you would let her know of my message. If anyone else has any advice to offer please help. My son has recently been started on Lactulose 10 ml twice daily and Senna 10 ml at night. Initially he passed a lot of wind and slept pain-free for 5 nights but his symptoms recurred and he has been in agony again for 2 weeks. There is also a question of silent reflux and he has been on Ranitidine syrup for quite a while but again we are not really sure if this helps. He also now seems to be in pain, holding his bottom, when passing stools which is maybe once or twice a day.

sad no advice, sorry but bumping for you

bitofadramaqueen Mon 02-Mar-09 13:12:05

I dont have any advice I'm afraid, but I did a quick search for you and no-one has posted under the name 'fimbles' for a few years. She may have namechanged though. You might want to start a thread namechecking 'Fimbles' in the title to see if it catches her, or anyone who knows her, attention.

TinkerBillsMum Tue 17-Mar-09 13:54:56

Hi, I'm also new to Mumsnet and found your message surfing for a magic answer to my son's nightly trapped wind. He's now 2yrs and 3 months old and has been the same since birth (also had colic and gastric reflux til c8months). We've also been given Lactulose which seems to help with his constipation and told he'll 'grow out of it' which I find quite annoying - is he just to suffer every night until then??? Anyway, I'm afraid I have no magic answers but thought it may help to know there's someone else also searching for the same answer - if i discover anything, I'll post it on here and please ask that you do the same. Many thanks and crossed fingers

01daisy Mon 06-Apr-09 04:31:08

Hi, I'm also new to mumsnet. Unfortunately I have no solution to this problem. My dd also suffers from bad wind,and seems to be only at night. She is now 15 mths and has had this problem since birth. She trashes around at night something fierce and as for the crying and screaming. I too have been told she will grow out of it - but when? If anyone gets some helpfull advice would be gratefull. Likewise if I ever get a solution will let you all know.

CatandOllie Thu 30-Jul-09 13:16:44

Hi. I have a 13 month old son who is waking up in the night screaming with trapped wind. He throws himself backwards or kicks his legs up and thrashes around. He can't lie still and gets upset as he can't settle himself. I have to try winding him but it can take anything between 1 to 2 hours to shift his wind and get him back to sleep. I try Gripe Water but it only works sometimes. He was diagnosed with reflux at about 3 or 4 weeks old and was put on Gaviscon Infant. This helped his reflux and we gradually weaned him off it by about 10 months. He has always been windy and, although his reflux appears better, he keeps waking in the night in extreme pain. I have been writing down what he has had to eat and it seems that he is worse when he's had cheese. I've cut this out of his diet for 5 days and he has been a bit better. I took him to the doctors today as my health visitor keeps saying he shouldn't be suffering with wind by now and that she thinks he has a sleep problem instead. The doctor has put him back on Gaviscon and wants to see how he goes over the next 4-6 weeks. If there is no improvement he said to take him back and they will look down the route of food intolerances. I have been finding it so frustrating as no-one seems to believe me that he has wind. The health visitor said he would be like it in the day too if it was wind!!! I hate seeing my son in so much pain and I'm totally exhausted from the sleepless nights.

lillypie Thu 30-Jul-09 13:32:26

I had this problem with my DD (2.4) until she was 2.I used to rub her tummy and gently push her knees back until it passed (so to speak)

No magic cure I'm afraid but she did grow out of it.

hi, dd grew out of this last month(ish) -at least its certainly been a while since she last woke in pain. She is now 21 months.

I used to mix a couple of teaspoons in a bottle of warmish water for her to drink when she woke, it certainly helped, and the action of drinking helped to pass the wind.

homeopathy might also help?

MumofMadandEb Mon 24-Aug-09 12:02:34

I have an 18 month old girl and she has been diagnosed with silent reflux and with a "Milk Protein Intolerance" it means that her tummy has trouble digesting the protein found in cows milk, soy etc (this includes by-products eg cheese). I personally have found that when she eats even a tiny piece of cheese or a couple of spoons of yoghurt then she has bad wind for days afterward, especially at night. The dietician and allergist have recommended she only have "Rice Milk". The doctors have said that after she reaches 2 her system may start to cope with it better.... or not.... as her cousin has the same thing and he is 9 and is still on the Rice Milk. Just thought I'd give you some food for thought...

One day we'll all get some sleep....

biggernow Thu 12-Nov-09 21:24:21

i know this thread is quite old...but felt I should re-open it given I have same problem with DS - 2.3 yrs. Especially when teething. But 5 nights this week he is waking with wind pain. He can go a while without problems, then we have a spell of problems (since birth) I have find elminating banana, any rice products and grape products have helped- but molars coming through and dribble is crazy and problems have returned....

Did anyone have any other solutions..?????'s hoping this catches someones eye!!!

VerityBrulee Thu 12-Nov-09 21:45:11

My ds had reflux when he was a baby, which was cured by cranial osteopathy.

He is 11 now, and sitting beside me having woken up with trapped wind! This happens fairly regularly, he's drinking peppermint tea now, when he's finished I'll pat his back, he'll do a couple of big burps and be fine. The peppermint tea works like magic, I know it's not the kind of flavour that would appeal to little ones but it might be worth a try.

filmlover Thu 12-Nov-09 22:19:26

Hi all
I just wanted to add my recent experience that may help. My boy is 13 months and has had tummy problems/wind/constipation and sleep problems since birth. He was recently diagnosed with cow's milk protein intolerance and we have gone 'dairy free'. the change is remarkable, he is happier (he was always quite 'grizzly'), his runny nose has cleared up, his constipation gone, and trapped wind an occasional rather than regular night-time problem. Just my experience, but may be worth trying. Do insist on seeing a paediatrician and dietician, and keep insisting until the GP agrees. good luck.

biggernow Fri 13-Nov-09 10:43:44

thanks for feedback- hope your boys tummies continue to get better.

Anyone else got any advice? Did Tellytub cure problem?

2sleepy Mon 21-Dec-09 05:05:22

It is 4.56 am and I am up with my one year old boy who can't sleep due to trapped wind. Just wanted you to know that the only thing that has helped him is seeing the cranial osteopath. It does recur when he's teething or like now recovering from a stomach bug but she seems to be able to help release the tension in his system, thus enabling him to "release". Just wanted to offer some comfort to mum's of fellow sufferers.

Vicky81 Sun 17-Jan-10 20:52:25

I am having exactly the same problem with my 13 month old. It has been going on since he was a few weeks old with terrible colic, reflux, trapped wind. The reflux turned into silent reflux we have been on gaviscon, then ranitidine and domperidone and now omeprozole (Losec). My son is on a dairy free diet but a lactose free formula once a day as he will not take the dairy free formula (it tastes foul!). We are under a consultant who suggest may be a dairy intolerance/allergy. I am still BF morning and night. He wajes at least 3 times a night crying usually with trapped wind. The omperozole is helping the silent reflux but the consultant wants to do allergy testing and coeliac testing but not til he is 15 months. He has never slept through the night since he was born and the last weeks he has been waking approx 4-6 times a night.

irishprettykitty Sun 24-Jan-10 22:10:20

My little one has the exact same problem. he has severe reflux and is on zoton tabs and Zantac liquid. he is dairy free too but makes no difference. We just had a ph probe done to see how bad the reflux is and hope we get answers then but at the mo we get no sleep. Anyone had anything that helps?

Jo2007 Sun 31-Jan-10 16:01:02

My daughter is 2years 2 months and has suffered the same. Just to say that homoeopathy has worked very well - go to the Society of Homoeopaths page to find a qualified one. Also try an Osteopath to assist with relaxation which can help the wind to come out. I have also found some yoga moves - head to knees and lying on back with knees over to one side and then the other - helps.

filmlover Thu 01-Jul-10 22:44:16

Another thing to add to my previous post. The progress continues with our son. The things that have worked:
1. Dairy free(including the hydrolyzed formula called Nutramigen)
2. Seems obvious, but we now avoid wind inducing foods - for our son we stopped onions, raisins, baked beans and strawberries.
3. We saw a fantastic paediatric ENT specialist who said that he also has large tonsils which were getting infected and adding to stomach pain (from the glands in the stomach) and put him on 6 week course of antibiotics.

We found a sympathetic GP who took us seriously (rather than the normal - wait until he's two and it'll sort itself out - argh) and we insisted on referral to specialist paediatric support. It was a long and stressful road but he is doing really well now (fingers crossed). This post in just in case any of this helps anyone else in a similar position.

Jo2007 Fri 16-Jul-10 21:24:41

For anybody else seeking help I have recently found Fennel tea at 6.30 on an evening means that my daughter - now 2 years 7 months gets a full night sleep.

TinaCh Thu 09-Sep-10 20:38:26

I am wondering if my son who is 16 months is suffering from trapped wind. He has started waking most nights and is crying and trashing around and is very difficult to calm. Often he doses on and off before I can get him back to sleep. I am thinking trapped wind as I have heard some little farts.

Any thought and solutions would be appreciated as until recently he was a pretty good sleeper.

sandysquirrel Sun 19-Sep-10 18:12:16

hi i would just like to tell you all how glad i was to find this web page my daughter has been suffering from all the above symptoms for the last 16 months and i have been exhausted from lack of sleep and worrying about what is wrong with her, i can now see that having trapped wind and problems passing wind is not unheard of! i have tried everything i can imagen to try and help her but nothing seems to work, veg and beans are the worst for my daughter and leave her screaming in pain all night, i have to massage her belly to try and help her pass wind and sometimes it works and she may sleep for an hour or so, but other times it is impossible and she wakes up every 15minutes all nite thrashing about in pain sad my fingers are crossed that this is just something that she will grow out of but at least i have read all your post and know iam not the only mum going through this! thanx everyone and please if anyone finds that miracle cure post it up a.s.a.p!!!

Amanda9 Sun 19-Sep-10 20:33:27

Hi, I'm so pleased to have found this thread. My son is 11 months and he has suffered from wind since he was tiny. I took him to see a cranial osteopath when he was about 6-8 weeks old and she really helped. I then took him back again at about 7 months as he was still suffering with wind/poo problems. His emotions always seem to have been ruled by his bowels! At about 5-6 months he would be really grouchy for a few hours and then he would lean right forward, fill his nappy, and then be the happiest baby ever! The cranial osteopath did seem to help. The last time i took him he slept through that night for the first time in about 2 months, but only for one night. At £38 a session, we can't afford to take him every day!

I'm pretty sure he has a citrus intolerance as his wind is a lot worse after citrusy foods so have cut out satsumas, strawberries, raspberries, grapes, kiwi, etc.

Over the last month I've started giving him 'New Era tissue salts for indigestion, colicky pain and Flatulence' from Holland and Barretts. They definitely seem to have helped. The first couple of days he really 'loosened' up, and that was only on half a tablet am and a whole one pm. Since then I think he;s gradually got used to them and i now give him a whole tablet with breakfast, lunch and dinner.

The last few nights have been a nightmare, I'm not sure if it's something he's eaten. I did give him tinned peaches for the first time so wondered if it could be that? I'm tempted to increase the dose of tissue salts but I'm not sure if i should. I took him to the doctors (again) on Thursday and she suggested leaving it another month (again), and she also wasnt sure about the dosage of the tissue salts as they have sodium in.

Anyway, I'm now trying gripe water tonight to see if that helps. Last night he woke at 10.30, 11, 11.30, 12, 12.30 and then i fell asleep feeding him until 2.20, went back to bed and then he was up at 6.30.

Anyway so sorry for the long rambly post! If anyone has any suggestions then I'd love to hear them.

moomin77 Sat 25-Sep-10 22:39:20

This all sounds so familiar. I finally convinced my GP enough was enough and told him to refer my 14 month to paediatrician -had to wait 10 weeks for appointment! He changed her medication from lactulose and senna to movacol - hasn't changed much tho. Her constipation and trapped wind has stopped her sleeping through since we started weaning (she was fine until then). She's been in bed 3 hours and I've already been up to her 4 times as she's been in pain, she generally ends up in bed next to me in the night to make it easier for me to help her pass wind - rub her tummy clockwise and gently push her legs - with her knees bent - back and forth towards her tummy. Sometimes i'm amazed that such a small child can have so much gas. Paed did also suggest probiotics.

charligirl Sun 26-Sep-10 09:41:26

So glad I found this thread, joined Mumsnet just to join in.

My DD2 is now 15 months and was an angel sleeper sleeping through most nights 7-7 with a dream feed at 11 from 7 weeks to 6 months when we started solids. Prior to that I did find that if I ate onions she woke with wind, if I had red onions it was horrific, screaming in agony day or night.

She has never had reflux and has tested negative for lactose intolerance,
She is still waking with wind, if she is teething it can be every couple of hours 7-7.

I wondered if it was dairy or wheat as an issue, then she had my Mum's lasagne and slept all night!!! I will say if she has alot of wholemeal she is bad, it's usually at night but if she was weetabix or shreddies for breakfast she wakes at her lunchtime nap with painful trapped wind.

Yesterday she had raisins at 11.30am and passed some of them whole in her nappy at 5.30pm, just 6 hours later.. then woke at 8, 9,12, 1, 4 and 6

DD1 used to wake between 4 and 6 every morning with the same thing, she stopped overnight at 15 months when I stopped giving her a breastfeed at bedtime, perhaps too much after her dinner for sleeping tummy too cope with. DD2 screams the house down if I try and give her less milk at bedtime.

It's worse when she's teething and I just hope she will grow out of it, meanwhile she has a crap diet with little fibre and restricted wind inducing fruit and veg.

bakesy Mon 18-Oct-10 21:51:17

Hi everyone - i just wanted to add to this post incase it helps anyone as i myself have trawled the internet looking for help over the past few months and i came here myself feeling desperate....we had months and months of upset with our twins waking in the night with trapped wind and we tried everything to try and ease it, every over the counter medicine, massaging, you name it - in the end i decided that i would take their bottles away and replace them with sippy cups with straws (noby sports cup) to see if this had any effect - i hadnt planned to take their bottles away from them so young (they are 14 months) but we tried it and it has been our saving grace. they now sleep for 12 hours a night undisturbed and have no trouble with wind whatsoever. this obviously may not work for everyone but i just wanted to let people know that defnitely could be a possibility. we had no idea they were taking down so much air just by drinking from the bottles - so i hope that this will help someone!

ohforsomesleep Mon 08-Nov-10 21:12:22

Hooray I'm not the only person in the world who has to hoist a toddler over their back for winding at silly o' clock at night!

I have twins who are 2 yr 3mth, my daughter was diagnosed with reflux at 6 weeks and was in hospital for a week to stabilise her condition subsequently put on Enfamil formula and ranitdine which greatly helped but didn't stop the wind at night. From about 2 years old I have seen a marked improvement in wind at night and is rare if she wakes up at night now.

Sadly my boy is a different matter, he was a very difficult baby to wind and had bad colic with Colief seeming to be the only thing that helped slightly. We have wondered if he has silent reflux but our GP doesn't recognise this and as he doesn't lose weight and is otherwise healthy we are fobbed off with our request to see a paediatrician. He is only windy at night so guess it's to do with the lying down aspect, and I am up between 2-6+ times a night to pick him up, rub his back where he will burp from one end or another and settles back down to sleep. The poor mite does seems to be very distressed when he cries out and settles back down after burping but I keep thinking it can't be normal at this age.

Some things I have found helped are: -

Replacing bottle with sippy cup

Limiting the amount of liquids after 6.30pm

No heavy meals late at night

Fruit is given during the day and not after tea

Giving him at least an hour to digest his food before bed

Also giving him some warm water has helped move the trapped wind at night

It is really rubbish when you won't be taken seriously and night after night of broken sleep I am just hopeful it is a stage that he will grow out of.

wiltshire123 Thu 17-Feb-11 10:53:53

Tellytub - Did you ever find anything to help your toddler in the end?

Iggly Thu 17-Feb-11 11:51:07

I'd love to know too! DS gets this. We find fennel tea helps a bit - a few teaspoons in his water. Also give some if he wakes at night but doesn't stop him waking in the first place!

Chummuk Mon 28-Feb-11 08:47:26

Dear all
I was so releived to see the messages posted here. My baby has had this problem from birth too, on and off. Right now she is having a bad spell, waking up every 2 to 3 hours in the night, arching legs in pain. She is almost 2 now so for all the mums with younger kids, don't take a doc's word that it disappears at 2! I am fed up of it. We have tried gripewater, lactulose,probiotics, domperidone and even cutting out risky veggies and dairy. It reduced but then started again a month back....I don't know what triggered it...can teething be the culprit? She is getting her last teeth now. I am eternally grateful to anyone who can give me a possible cure. It is just too heartbreaking to see her sleep disturbed night after night. THank you.

Tara0408 Wed 09-Mar-11 13:24:15

Dear all,

It has also been a big relief for me too to find this discussion and I have just joined mumsnet to join in.

We have had this problem with DS (2 years old next week) on and off since day one.

He never has a problem during the day, but typically at around 6-7pm the pain starts. Now that he can talk he says 'bum bum sore' and quickly sits down on his bum and starts rocking on the floor as if he is trying to get rid of the pain. Have also noticed his little willy going hard during the pain. The pain seems to come in waves, almost like contractions. This definitely happens every time he has oranges when he has the sypmtoms for 5 nights, but he can be in pain on other nights and I don't have a clue why. It lasts about 6 hours where he continually wakes seemingly in agony, sometimes he will have some wind which may or may not help, other times I bring him downstairs and he may have a poo which may or may not help.

I even rang the emergency doc one night as he was in such a state I thought his appendix must have burst or something. Doc very helpfully said to put sudocrem on his bum! Also had no luck with health visitor. So we saw a nutritionist privately who said he was sensitive to wheat and yeast. I can't say whether his new diet helped or not as he can go for a few weeks with no symptoms. Now she says he is ok with wheat and yeast, but it is still happening.

I just feel at a loss as what to do as I can't pinpoint a pattern with the food. I am just hoping he will grow out of it.

A few of you have mentioned it being worse with teething. I have been wondering about this and am wondering whether the excess saliva they swallow when teething could be a factor as it contains acid. I am wondering with our DS as he is sensitive to the acid in organges whether there is a link? He has 2 teeth left to go, so if it stops after all his teeth are through I will let you know!

Any comments anyone has would be greatly appreciated.

My DD suffered with kidney infections, febrile convulsions, hospital stays etc etc when she was younger (shes 5 now) and I have to say I think this is more stressful as it is the not knowing and not being able to help the poor little mite.

Tara0408 Wed 09-Mar-11 13:30:26

Also meant to say that the nutritionist said it sounded like shooting pains up the bottom, does that ring any bells with anyone?

Pstan Wed 16-Mar-11 05:33:53

My son is 9 months and he has the same issues, he sleeps for awoke and then wakes up writhing in pain, he has never slept through the night. I have tried everything and am now trying prev acid for reflux but nothing seems to help. I feel terrible for him and for my 2 daughters who are woken up each night with his crying. If anyone has any ideas let me know.

sarkat Mon 21-Mar-11 10:05:44


New to mumsnet had to join as my 24mth old has been having wind problems for over a year.

Started when she was about 12mths and the pain got worse over several months, crying out and up for anything between 2-4 hours every night.

We noticed that her tummy was very big but put that down to 'toddler tummy', however she also developed an umbilical hernia about the same time as the wind problems.

I took her to doctors and finally got referred to a specialist at hospital who ordered an ultrasound and discovered a large cyst in her right kidney. This was removed promptly and for a while the pain stopped.

However, the wind has now returned and is getting worse again, I have tried many things to no avail. Doctors ordered an ultrasound and everything alright inside since the operation.

At the time of the operation, Oct 2010,the consultant wanted to put a stent in her utherea tube connecting her right kidney to her bladder to see if that helped with the pain,(a bent tube can cause pain)but during the operation she bled a lot due to pressure of the tube,so removed the cyst straight away. He never thought the pain I was describing was linked to the cyst, but the cyst would have made it worse due to pressure on her organs.

So back to square one! I am now pressing the doctor to refer me to a food alergy specialist to rule that out!

Any ideas would be gratefully received!


nickiemum2010 Fri 22-Apr-11 22:14:39

Hi Im new to this site and also a new mum my 9 month old some has been having problems with his wind since birth, tried speaking to the health professionals about this but have told me he should be bringing it up on his own and I keep telling them he is having a hard time doing so. It gets worse at night. Ive tried all the anti colic stuff around and nothing helps him at all. I'm find it hard to cope with and get quite upset that I cant help him.

FoxtrotMikiLima Fri 22-Apr-11 22:33:49

Although my ds didn't have it as severe as some of the cases on here, he has had issues with trapped wind since birth. We went to see a cranial osteopath who specialises in children for a separate issue but he did a full MOT on ds and said he had a slightly distended tummy - after he worked on it, ds's wind improved dramatically. I was initially sceptical about his diagnosis (thought he was creating 'issues' so we would need to pay to go back) but I really think it made a massive difference, and we only needed to go three times including the initial consultation.

Dh and I wonder if it is sometimes genetic as dh had the same problems when he was very little - so bad that it is probably his earliest memory.

His mum said he was given a drink of warm water with a little sugar dissolved in it after his tea each night which she claims made the problems less severe. She also rubbed warm almond oil on his stomach in movements which remind me of the movements I was told to do on ds's stomach in baby massage - and perhaps a more lo-tech version of the osteopathy???

Anyway, I would definitely seek out an osteopath who specialises in children's treatment if I had the same issue again. The one we went to is in Twickenham (and a reasonable distance from where we live) but worth the travel for the problems it sorted out.

nanatothree Fri 22-Apr-11 22:33:57

Start keeping a food diary and put down everything they have at mealtimes/drinks. It will help looking back to see if there is a pattern of worse nights/sleep. My DGS suffered since birth and was fobbed off with "its colic it will go when he is 6mths old". It didn't. But got so bad GP tried Neocate and lo and behold he was allergic to Cow Milk Protein. The pead.consultant he was referred to found not only milk but egg/wheat/soya.
Bloating/wind improved 90% cos sometimes its a babies form of IBS. Now he is 3 and still under consultant but so much improved but was hard to diagnose at first.

nanatothree Fri 22-Apr-11 22:38:23

Meant to say cost poor DD a fortune in meds trying one thing or another.Different bottles, different teats, different teething gels, different colic medicine, you name it she bought it. She was that desperate and the HV no help at all.

sophiemumof2 Mon 09-May-11 07:28:58

hi everyone

i have a 5 year old and a 1 year old, and i have all the problems as you guys. My 5 year old carried on with tummy aches till the age of about 3.5yrs, and i took him to a homeopath and it worked amazingly for him, my other son, not so much!

He doesnt get constipated, but has the runs every single morning. He is a big cheese and bananna lover, im going to cut this out today. also, his poo smells like wine !! i think its the milk fermenting in his stomach perhaps and giving him the pain and wind. I have tried him off formula and with full fat cows milk but he wont drink it and he wont eat yoghurts ... maybe he is trying to tell me something ??

ive also tried lowering wheat and use wheat free pasta and crackers and this helped for a while. My homeopath has told me to give him Carbo veg, which i think i will try more of as the first time didnt seem to help. It comes in tablet form that get from my local health food store. I might also try rice milk, but i think first thing is cutting out dairy .... will report back, wish me luck !!

sophiemumof2 Wed 11-May-11 07:28:32

its a couple of days on now cheese free, and my son has had now painfull wind or runs !!?? could this be the start ?

alypaly Wed 11-May-11 19:01:42

Lactulose can cause alot of wind....see if doc will prescribe Movicol. Its possible he may be impacted

Lizzie77 Fri 13-May-11 21:35:35

New to mumsnet.
Such a relief to see my 13 month old is not the only one! Will try lots of the ideas suggested.
The Health visitor says that it cannot be due to a food intolerance as she is gaining weight well. Is this the experience of those of you with a diagnosis?
Also, just wondering if any of yours are thumb suckers. She seems worse when she's been sucking a lot, but it may just be my imagination.

Hi so happy ive found this thread...... Ive been searching on the internet about wind & milk intolerance in babies! My 8 month baby girl has been diagnosed as having a low tolerance to cows milk so her milk has been changed to nutramigen... She has been waking up at night for as long as i can remember with wind pains it really only gets bad at night the past few months she is ok during the day but suffers really bad at night and it is heartbreaking to see this as it is so hard to wind her as she tenses her back and neck.... She wont settle down at night for me if she has wind & could take ages to get up then eventually when she does she could wake up every few hours with more wind when i thought i had it all up!
The first doctor I said this to just dismissed it & told me she was old enough to get up her own wind!
She is now on the new milk nearly 6 days & the wind is still a problem what am I to do about this now??
This is my first baby so is all new to me but am getting some usefull info from websites like this so if anyone could give me any input that would be great thanks!

doradaexplora Thu 19-May-11 11:51:48

Im also new to mumsnet and decided to search about this because my d is suffering and it breaks my heart to see her in so much pain. She has also suffered with winds from birth but never diagnosed with colic / reflux, there were times when it would ease but after a couple months or so it would start up again. She is 16months now and having another terrible bout. Reading this thread has actually helped and I will be taking some of the advice given here. Thank you

jencon Sat 28-May-11 20:41:23


Wow, I just registered with mumsnet after I found this thread. I've never actually posted on a forum before!

My little boy was 6 weeks prem and had been on rantitidine and gaviscon since he was 6 weeks old for wind and acid reflux. Once he was on that, he gained weight really, really well (he was a wee fella back then, now a monster!) but he just couldn't go on his back at all, fed hourly to 2 hourly and couldn't sleep. The rantidine managed it really well and from about 6-12 months he slept through the night, except where it was obvious he had outgrown his dose and then he'd settle once the ranitidine was increased within a week.

But he's 14 months now and for the past 2 months he's been waking up every 1 to 3 (if we're really lucky) hours. Before he goes to sleep he kicks his legs, arches his back and moans for ages, whether I hold him or leave him- we've tried everything. Paed put him on a dairy and soy free diet and 20mg omeprazole. The diet has been 3 weeks now, how long has it taken others to kick in? He's really windy too. 23 farts in a hour the other night!

Anyway really sorry for the long post, but it is really reassuring to hear there are others in our position. I'm just sorry for the babies. It's really hard to see him in pain. Paed keeps going on about reflux after a year being almost "unheard of"!

Thank you

Lizzie77 Thu 02-Jun-11 18:17:14

Have had 2 good weeks after cutting out all onions. Could be nothing to do with it but touch wood dd has been better than ever before, when she did seem to be getting worse all the time. Onions are in everything though! At least it gets me cooking more. I'm not sure about garlic or leeks though. Has anyone else found this helps and if so what did you cut out?

nic0 Wed 06-Jul-11 01:34:50

This all sounds so familiar, I'm also compelled to post on a forum for the first time!

My 8 month old has been extremely unsettled since birth and we have struggled to find an answer.

He has terrible wind/gas/reflux during the day and night - he squirms, kicks and cries and is almost impossible to put to sleep (day naps are always on me in a carrier while I rock back and forth and night times he is in the bed upright on me but still waking in discomfort every hour or so, due to wind/tummy pain.

I am desperate to help him and have tried so many things: osteopath, herbal remedies, reflux medication and gaviscon, massage and leg pumps, elimination diets etc. But nothing really works, or if I think it has, the squirming returns soon after.

I'm sorry I can't help any of you, but I was hoping you might be able to answer a few questions:

- I am breastfeeding and only feeding fruit, vege and rice solids. Have you found eating certain foods makes things worse, and has this only applied when giving solids directly to your baby or also passing through your breastmilk?

- My little boy wants to breastfeed constantly, and feeds really quickly while he kicks his legs, strains, pushes to pass gas. He swallows so much air, but sometimes it is the only thing that will console him and allow him to fall back to sleep. Problem is he is then up with same problem again an hour later! Does/did feeding help your child and what else could I do instead of feeding at night?

- My boy seems to be constantly burping, but often he cries, squirms in discomfort and needs lots of help bringing up the burp (gripe water and then kept upright and distracted for hours). Did you experience the same thing, was the process of burping upsetting to your children?

- Lastly, the process of passing gas also causes him extreme pain. I try and help by massaging or pushing his legs to his belly, but this usually makes the pain worse. What else helps them pass gas and why is it this difficult for him? It also seems impossible to get ALL the gas out, so he NEVER seems completely comfortable.

Sorry for the long post, but it has been very difficult watching him so unhappy and being told "babies just cry", "he just needs routine" etc, when it is so obvious that he is different from other babies due to some serious discomfort!

Thanks in advance!

barns Fri 08-Jul-11 10:18:45

Hi, I have a 7 month old and could have writen the post above! I know this thread is old, but hoping someone will
come back and tell us the magic answer!

Jo2007 Mon 11-Jul-11 14:39:11

I posted a year ago on this thread and my ds now 3yrs 7months. Just to say that continued visits to an experienced homeopath have now got her to the stage where she has no problems in the day and sleeps through from midnight (if I rub her tummy after she has gone to sleep at about 8pm - so still a lot of work but better!) Also seeing a nutritionist who says it maybe candida of the intestines which requires you to cut out all processed sugar (and she didn't have a lot) and also reduce fruit - dilute fresh juice etc. Should know in a month if this is improving things further, will re-post then. Good luck everyone. Ps referals to hospital and GP visits are very hard worlk as no-one can belive it can they?

Lizzie77 Wed 13-Jul-11 21:11:31

I posted a few months ago and at the moment (touch wood) my 15 month old daughter seems much better now that she is not having any onion, leek or garlic and I'm keeping it to a minimum in my diet (she still has a morning bf). She gets a bit windy whenever she has a cold as she sucks her thumb a lot and I still have occasional nights where she spends a few hours in pain - but it is so much better than it was.
I spent months being told by HVs and GPs that I shouldn't cut anything out of her diet and I should just give Infant Gaviscon.
I'm convinced that onion etc. are at least part of the cause for her as when she is given some accidently she has a really bad night.
In answer to nic0 - I'm think that food I eat while breast feeding her has an effect, warm water from a cup sometimes helps at night (she likes peppermint tea), but to be honest I usually bf as it saves a trip downstairs, she doesn't mind the actual burping bit, but getting to that stage seems to really hurt.
Hope this helps a bit.

nic0 Thu 14-Jul-11 05:47:59

Great to see some responses, thanks for replying. It's nice to know that others have had the same experience and I hope we can help each other by sharing our stories.

I have recently stumbled across some info regarding lactose intolerance and lactose overload. All sounded very familiar, so i'm going to try using lactose free formula. For the last few days I have been replacing day feeds with LF formula (pumping to keep milk supply), while still breastfeeding at night. Eventually will try replace all feeds -although pumping is a hassle, i'm ready to try anything at this point. Apparently, it is also possible to get a test for lactose intolerance done, but Dr has not mentioned lactose intolerance so I have decided it's easier to take matters into my own hands.

The other development is that we have been referred to a speech therapist at children's clinic, due to our trouble with squirming while feeding and constant wind. Apparently, there could be a swallowing disorder or something. Could be interesting.

I will let you know the outcome, but thought these ideas might be helpful to those of you with similar problems.

Jo2007 Thu 14-Jul-11 14:09:51

I found that my dd was still poorly with even just breast feeding and did all the writhing about as described. I too wondered about swallowing but feel that it is just the wind backed up and now she is older she talks about bubbles being stuck in her chest.
Lactose intolerance tests were negative so I just carried on with breast feeding and yes, she did feed a lot - think it helps push the wind out.
For those of you worried that yours may still have it at 3yrs 7m like my daughter, just to say that it is easier - I get few day time problems. She still gets distressed with the burps coming up though as mentioned by nic0. And yes, it does seem impossible to get all the gas out but I feel I make more progress now than at the baby stage. I still find the homeopathy useful - it takes time but sometimes if she has seemed to get worse and then we have an appointment it puts her back on track.

vera127 Sat 23-Jul-11 07:57:56

Hi, also new to mumsnet. I have a 2 year old son, who used to have a bad colic, and until now struggles with wind. Especially at night. During the day, he is able to pass the wind without much problem, as he is very lively and I think movement help. But at night, it is another storry. I noticed he wakes up at the intervals that he is normally fed during the day, so midnight, then 4 am... But now, I have been owrking full time for over a year, and I am really struggling. He stays up from 4 am and can't go back to sleep. And it is all because he is struggling to pass wind. I tried all sorts of things, and nothing helps...

Iggly Sun 24-Jul-11 06:40:38

Hi vera, what have you tried? What is your DS's diet like?

Amirza09 Sat 13-Aug-11 02:36:51

Hi new to mumsnet and don't know if it's already been suggested but tea of Ajwain seeds(fennel seeds in English I think). It's an Asian remedy u can get the seeds from any asian grocers. Even for adults eating a spoon of these seeds does wonders. I suffered severe trapped wind after giving birth I thought I was firing at the time. Spoon of Ajwain ten mins later and lots of flatulence I was rite as rain. My DS suffered a horrible episode this evening, thrashed around like he was possessed (normally very calm babe). It's upsetting and worrying to watch. Gave him some Ajwain tea in his beaker n he's fine.
Hope that helps someone

Amirza09 Sat 13-Aug-11 02:39:47

*sorry - firing should have been dying

auntysooz Fri 19-Aug-11 05:12:44

Hi everyone, I just joined to share my story. My 10 month old has had a horrible time with trapped wind. It started when he was a newborn, he would spit up a lot and wake up every 2 hours at night and then not sleep during the day. Always trying to pass wind and in obvious pain. The doctors told me it was colic, reflux, silent refulx, allergies. I weaned him (I thought it may have been my milk) then started him on solids, tried an elimination diet to rule out allergies and food intolerances as he didn't seem to be able to digest anything. One day his chiropractor gave me the number of a kinesiologist who in one visit diagnosed a blocked pancreas, the ducts into his small intestine from the pancreas were blocked and no digestive enzymes were getting through - nothing was being fully digested and had a belly full of fermenting food. He worked his magic and unblocked the ducts and we now have a baby who sleeps through 5 nights a week. He still has issues with passing wind as he has never learnt how to do it - he is getting better - but is doesn't keep him awake at night anymore. I hope this helps someone out there, don't be scared to try alternate methods.

Mortal Mon 19-Sep-11 11:31:31

What to do when your pead insists there's no such thing as silent reflux and rubbishes any of your suggestions? My son doesn't wake up with painful wind as "I've never heard of a baby being woken up with painful wind". I know my son, he just wants to sleep but the pain is this stage - 10 months - I'm exhausted and going back to work soon...he's also constipated but the only dairy he has is in his morning porridge. Should I cut that out? What do I use instead? I'm desperate for more than an hours sleep and more importantly, I desperately hate seeing him in so much pain.

Mortal Mon 19-Sep-11 12:16:35

Ok, we're seeing an Oesteopath on Thursday morning, see if that helps.

auntysooz Wed 28-Sep-11 05:30:47

how did you go with the oesteopath? the kinesiologist I saw was actually a chiropractor who does applied kinesiology. If you have no luck with the oesteopath look up chiropractors in your area who do this and ask for an appointment of just applied kinesiology. It really is amazing stuff.
Hope you are doing ok - I remember how tough it was for me.

ruby11 Mon 17-Oct-11 20:40:03

my daughter has had problems with wind since being born i have tried everything infacol, dentinox, gripe water, colief, done baby massage and excersises proped her mattress up and even bought dr browns bottles everything seemed to help for a little while, my dr thinks she could also have silent reflux but im not to sure, she started to sleep all night althou was not completely comfortable she used to kick her legs thru the night but she still seemed to be asleep thru it, she has just had what i believe to be her 3month growth spurt now her wind is worse than ever burping and passing gas (mainly passing gas) my dr said she will eventually grow out of it, easy for her to say, i went round the pharmacys in my area and one of them recommended fennel tea i have reasearched it and reviews seem good so tonight is the first night im hoping in a coupledays time or so i can say i have a comfortable happy baby again althou im not holding my breath

wilcoxdani Thu 27-Oct-11 20:29:11

It has been a relief to find so many other babies have the same problem as my son.
He is 11 months now and has suffered from terrible wind and tummy pains since birth. We found out he was sensitive to milk protein when he was about 4 months and at the time i was breastfeeding so i wasn't eating anything dairy. It took about 3 weeks for his wind to calm down and although he was still excessively windy, his tummy pains at night completely stopped. He would still wake regularly but giving him a pacifier helped him to go back to sleep without a feed. (he often would feed just to soothe himself but it would make his wind worse)
I found as he got older his wind didnt calm down much but he could sleep better at night if i gave him warm water and winded/played with him for about 2 hrs before he went to bed.
When my son was about 8 months he started to refuse breast so with doctors advise we tried him on milk based formula but he straight away his nighttime pains came straight back and he wouldnt sleep at all.
Hes now on soya based formula and on a dairy free diet and slowly his wind has been getting much better to the extent that until a week ago was sleeping through the night!
Then suddenly he just went from 'almost normal' to the same as he was at 4 moths old.
i came on here looking for reasons why he might suddenly have got all this wind again and have realised it is probably because hes teething at the moment. I'm hoping it will go again when hes stopped teething and am also going to look into cranial osteopathy for him.

The most valuable advice i would give any mother with a baby like mine, check for food intolerances. i think 9 times out of 10 that will be the main cause of the wind and digestive discomfort.

also, i agree with so many of these mums, the health visitors and doctors just dont believe you! and god they always say they'll grow out of it, its so frustrating that they dont acknowledge that its a problem and just say yeh it will be alright one day.

Jo2007 Sun 06-Nov-11 11:20:02

What has worked so far for DD nearly 4yrs
1. Homeopathy - visit society of homeopaths - v important to get a good one
2. Kinesiologist - sorts out what food is best for your child and gives massage points that help
3. Movicol - supposed to be for constipation (which DD hasn't got) but seems to help the wind move through as well! GP said keeping things moving faster should stop food fermenting.
4. Fennel tea helped for a short time and warm honey and lemon drinks.

Just had 10 nights of a fortnight with her sleeping through. Still very restricted to food as identified with the kinesiologist but this is of course worth it if the sleep improves. All the best to everyone as this problem can be one heck of an endurance.

Beckymay Mon 07-Nov-11 22:09:35

My son is 14mths and still wakes 2-3times a night with wind, I know it is def wind because if I can get him to drink warm water he normally passes it but sometimes he is in so much pain he refuses to drink and he can be awake for 15-20mins throwing himself around and I can hardly hold him and I feel helpless.

He did suffer with colic for the first 3 months and was worse 6-10pm in the evening and normally fine through the night as he got older it started to ease off and I did believe he would grow out of it which he did for a while when I started weaning him on mashed foods. I would say he has been worse since I have started giving him more solid foods fish fingers etc and cows milk I thought it was just a matter that his digestive system had to get used to a change in diet.

I am so relieved to hear that there are other mams with similar problems as when I mention it to people they say he can't be suffering with wind at his age and it must be teething or something else but when he is teething he will let me comfort him and medicine and some cuddles normally does the trick but with the wind I can't do anything for him.

I am now going to start keeping a food diary as he does sleep through every now again so it could be linked to a certain food. He drinks out of a beaker in the day and has no problems with wind but he does have a bottle before bed it is his comfort because he does not have a dummy but I am wondering now if I should replace this with a beaker?? I suppose it will not hurt to try.

If I cannot spot a pattern with food I will look up other suggestions
1. Homeopaths
2. New Erg Tissue Salts for Indigestion Tablets.

Thank for the advice everyone.

slowburner Thu 24-Nov-11 21:31:10

My DD is 16 months and I am currently listening to her farting over the baby monitor, every night she wakes crying in pain and writhing about, I breastfeed her and she falls back to sleep. Some nights are worse than others, I am convinced she had colic/reflux when tiny not helped by cerebral irritation due to a brain injury at birth. I cut out dairy and soya at 8 weeks, she got better but even just a little dairy in my diet brings her back out in eczema and tummy pain.

It can take 10-12 days to remove all traces of dairy in the babies body, so if you are doing an elimination diet do ensure you stick to it for a fortnight to see if it has any effects. I also think onion is a cause of issues, we don't give too many windy veg, absolutely no bananas or raisins, ever, but egg is fine as is meat. DD is better than she has been but the one area we still have issues with is nursery who will insist on giving banana. We also notice diarrhoea if she has fruit smoothies, and she is worse when teething. Only time she gets bum rash is when teething, and after a fortnights holiday recently when I know she was 100% dairy/soya free she had terrible wind and I'm sure it is teething. We also find a Nuby sippy cup much better for water during the day than other cups.

HalleLouja Mon 16-Jan-12 12:19:02

DD s 7.5 months and since she has been on solids has been struggling at night with wind.

So much she is screaming in pain. Didn't have a problem before. The leek garlic onion thing might be an issue as my mum ca't eat any of those without being ill.

HalleLouja Mon 16-Jan-12 13:12:17

I also thought that eggs might be an issue. There is no way round it but to do I food diary I think.

madasabadger Wed 25-Jan-12 23:36:04


Sorry have nothing useful to add, but just wanted to say thanks. We have twin 11mth old boys and they have lots of the problems you've described about wind. They also wake each other up so even if one's okay you're pretty much stuffed for sleep! They also have silent reflux which I was interested to note several of you mentioned. They have banana most mornings for breakfast so I'm going to try skipping it, although they've been windy since they were tiny (i.e. pre-banana).

Anyway - is nice (?) to know I'm not the only one and also that I'm not crazy for suggesting they have trapped wind when they're not tiny anymore! I'll try your suggestions and let you know if anything amazing happens.
Thanks smile

madasabadger Fri 27-Jan-12 15:25:39

Left out wholemeal bread- Both bubs up screaming all night - think they finally settlrd (in our bed) 430pm. Maybe they missed their carbs??! sad

nix11 Sat 28-Jan-12 16:48:10

Hi, Im totally new to this but have been searching for months now, My Daughter is 11 1/2 months old and from about 6 months old has been waking in the night with tummy pains, she trumps away like mad and wakes almost every hour it started of just once a night but has progressively got worse, I just though she would grow out of it but I can't take seeing her in pain any more. I have tried Gripe Water and Fennel tea, we have an appointment at Doc on Monday so started a food diary on Thursday, we also tried cutting out certain foods but it just seems like everything causes Gas!. was wondering if anyone has any miracle cures. Thanks

nix11 Sat 28-Jan-12 16:49:04

Hi, Im totally new to this but have been searching for months now, My Daughter is 11 1/2 months old and from about 6 months old has been waking in the night with tummy pains, she trumps away like mad and wakes almost every hour it started of just once a night but has progressively got worse, I just though she would grow out of it but I can't take seeing her in pain any more. I have tried Gripe Water and Fennel tea, we have an appointment at Doc on Monday so started a food diary on Thursday, we also tried cutting out certain foods but it just seems like everything causes Gas!. was wondering if anyone has any miracle cures. Thanks

zenaria Thu 02-Feb-12 17:27:43

Hi all, Like you all, when I first read all of these posts, I started to cry. Having been to doctors, paeditricians, dieticians, cranio osteopaths, exclusion diets - nothing has worked completely. Before I read all of these, my partner thought it was me... so thank you. We both realised our daughter's pain is not in our heads or 'bad parenting habits'. Our daughter is 18 months, had 'colic' between 2 weeks and 3 months old, then constipation / trapped wind problems since. We have used Lactulose and then recently found it causes wind (so why did the doctors prescribe it???). We are currently using Movacol (sp?) and it is at least better than the Lactulose. I am now up every 2 hours (was every hour) massaging her tummy. She is still breastfeeding - I allow her twice a night as long as it is before 2 AM. She loves to feed as it helps the wind. Her problem is not the burping but lower intestinal. I cannot massage her quick enough the gases produce so quickly sometimes.
We recently took away her dummy and I think that is helping. My question to all: Did your little ones have dummies? I see that the question of sucking is asked above... are there any more thoughts?

Daniellabanks Fri 10-Feb-12 13:02:25

Hi, like everyone above my 7 month old has had constipation and wind problems. To start with he can only drink aptamil comfort with coiled drops without projectile vomiting, then we started to wean him and he came out in a rash, after 7 months of sleepiness watching my baby scream in pain I,d had enough (endless gp visits and health visitors not helping) I stormed into my gps room and said refer my baby to see a peaditrician or I,m making a serious complaint, an emergency referral was put in and a week later we were seeing the specialist at our local hospital, he felt his tummy and sent him straight for an x ray, he then told us then he had been so constipated that the days that he was having softer poo was the overflow from the bowel and that the bowel had been full of hard poo that it had stretched the bowel to an abnormal size. The pain each night would have been the bowel constantly trying to contract back down to size but would be unable to due to the bowel being constantly full.
This really made sense, so our first part of treatment was high dose of laxative for 5 days to completely empty the bowel, then a medication to contract the bowel back down to a normal size thus eliminating the bowel contractions. So far is working well. The consultant also sent him for 9 allergy tests which showed mild allergies for tomatoes, soya and wheat. We have another appointment with him to see how it's going and next stage of plan to get my baby's bowel working properly again. It all makes sense, my poor baby had wind troubles as he had trapped wind due to all the poo! Just glad someone is finally listening and not looking at me as if my baby is just naughty at night

lesleymclean2012 Mon 13-Feb-12 11:41:07


Its so good to hear your not the only parrent out their suffering with no answers to your childrens problems.... i would love to hear from a few of the people above if you have 5 mins to answer me at my wits end with GPS and Hospitals although I cant thank them enough for what they have done already!!!!!

My son is 18 months old, 2 days after he was born I took him back to the Maternity ward as he was sleeping none stop and bringing up bile. After they done an Xray he was rushed to Yorkhill it showed he had a very large floppy Bladder and was holding over 500ml of urine, they have now managed this over the years and i catherise him and he wears a catheter bag at night as a safety precaution. He now pees every now and then.... slow progress but moving in the right direction.... When he was in hospital about 1 week old i kept expressing my concerns he hadent pooed, but they said he had "Man Poo" and found it hard, so for the next week they gave him supositries and he went a bit!!! after getting him home 6 weeks on, my concerns grew and his stomach starting extending about 10-12inches but whenever I went into hospital it never seemed that big, until once He became very unwell and dehydrated because of it and they xrayed him and ended up doing a manual evacuation (put him to sleep and use their fingers aparently its the only way to proper clear your bowel) and kept in for couple of weeks getting retual washouts every night, and put on 2 sachets of movical daily, I went home and continued both for 6 months... thenwe stopped them 10 months ago now but the problem seems to be at its worse, he has had 8 xrays within the past 6 weeks with it, but still no diagnoise I was advised to go back to washouts??? but he poos and the xrays show its gas so cant undertand why? When I question they say maybe its time for a Stoma Bag but I cant see that helping either, I fought against a catheter bag for this urine problems and against the odds has been successful. Mothers instints do account for something! They do admit my ds has problems they havent came across before but i just feel he cant possibly be the only one!!

Fortuantely for me the consultants have advised they believe my son has a very high pain threashold because he was born with medical problems and he only has little crys at night but during the day is active again unless his stomach is extremely big, this doesnt help though as your arent taken serious by the GP and constantly get sent away until he gets worst and then your back in hospital for days......

My questions - How do they diagnoise food tolerance? I only mind my ds getting Sweat tests done?

has anyone in particular been told its gas causing the problem after an xray rather than constipation?

My ds eats for a day then cant seem to fit anything else in for 3/4 days after and this is an ongoing pattern, is this similar to anyone??

Thanks Again xxx

Jo2007 Wed 15-Feb-12 11:23:16

My daughter has not had a any x-rays but 1 doctor out of 9 said he felt an impation and prescribed Movicol. But no extra poo came out.
I am convinced it is gas only as from 4 years of rubbing I can feel how the hard pockets break into small bubbles and pass out as a smell.
We have had no joy from conventional medicine. I take comfort from the fact that apart from the huge amount of wind my daughter has developed mentally and grown very well - although this does mean the medical practitioners then say there is no real need to investigate. But meanwhile we have to both deal with constant disturbed sleep and really limited food which rules our lives.
In my dd's case I don't think there is a quick fix - more a gradual adjustment. Leaky gut seems to fit her symptoms to me but again no easy answer.
Continued best wishes to everyone.

Jo2007 Wed 15-Feb-12 11:27:09

In answer to zeneria - no my dd did not have a dummy. just breast fed as a baby - but still had problems then.

twinplusbigsismum Wed 22-Feb-12 02:54:12

Hi! Never been on a forum before! Nice to know you're not the only one in the world with these problems and everyone else not believing you!

My 4 yr old didn't sleep well til about 3 yrs due to trapped wind, when after cranial osteopathy, lots of work with a homeopath and absolutely no help from doctors (one told me it was nothing to do with food, wind, stomach or digestion and it was separation anxiety and also that I should make her room nice! As if it wasn't already!!) a new homeopath recommended we try Biocare Junior Digestaid. This product transformed our lives overnight! Half a capsule mixed in with her main meal. I should mention she was already on a scrict and limited diet. We find foods that affect her are wheat/gluten, milk of any sort incl. any cheese, eggs, bananas, peaches, apples, onions and potates to name some but not exhaustive as she seems to be so sensitive to so many foods. I want to work more now with her as feeding her is a bit of a nightmare and I would love her to have a more varied diet. Watch this space! However thankfully we just got her largely sorted before I had my twin boys. I could not believe it when my nightmare began all over again!!

I barely sleep most nights with a combination of not being able to get one or both settled due to the wind, which rattles out of them or not as the case may be and/or being woken by screaming in pain throughout the night. I have them off wheat/gluten and cows milk and am certain one is intolerant to cows milk protein as the screaming was much worse when I was drinking it. They are 10 mths now and breastfeed and weaned. I have tried the afore mentioned digestaid, but found it made them sick, (I guess they were too little) although am in mind to try again very soon. This time saw a fantastic doctor (as well as afore mentioned homeopath, osteopath) and was referred to a pediatrician. One believed to have reflux. Infant Gaviscon has helped. Also tried Omeprazole, but wasn't happy and took him off it. Awaiting discussion with GP and referral for other twin and girl to dietician.....

To anyone in a similar position, you have my simpathies. It is hell, night after night of being up most or all of the night!

If anyone can tell me anything that you think could help, I would appreciate it!

Jo2007 Tue 28-Feb-12 10:16:22

twinsplusbigsismum - I can't believe that you had that nightmare all over again. And like me you have a 4 year old who has such a limited diet. I noted the digestaid you mentioned and may try that. At the moment I have had a very good fortnight with all dairy cut out but as with your dd she is so sensitive to so many foods. Now she is better without dairy I plan to try a new food every so often, but I will then rotate that food - no more than once in 4 days - if I don't get a bad reaction. Apparently if you rotate foods like this you can reduce the chances of the body reacting to it as an allergy. Will report back later.

chelseamorning Tue 28-Feb-12 13:58:16

My DS is now 5 but has had wind problems on and off now for a long while. He's inherited some digestive/gut problems from DP and I unfortunately. We didn't give him any medicine as it's easy to keep dosing kids up. Instead we tried to help practically/physically.

- Try Gripe Water? Worked for a lot of my friends.
- A warm hot water bottle on the affected area can take their mind off it.
- Lie them on their backs, open legs slightly and lift towards chest. Then carefully move their legs around the hip area. The objective here is to 'massage' the gut by moving the legs/hips. Make it a fun game if they're not in too much pain.
- Use the flat of a warm hand to gently massage the lower gut where the colon is. Make gentle slow circular movements.
- Make sure they have regular meals, even light ones. Large meals can overload a small gut and cause excessive wind.
- Try and get them to fart as it's the obvious way to relieve wind.

twinplusbigsismum Wed 29-Feb-12 23:05:55

Thanks Jo2007 and Chelseamorning! Twin 2 back on Gaviscon as this definately helps a lot and GP thinks is best thing. Twin 1 and daughter have appointments to see a dietician. Am giving twin 1, who suffers the most the junior digestaid at the moment, but as yet this hasn't brought about any significant change, but it isn't causing him any probs. and is totally natural, so I'm going to give it some time to see if it helps.

Have tried gripe water and infracol and Dentinox Colic Drops previously and they haven't really helped. Yes I use a lot of baby massage as you mentioned. I take on board about the size of meals and think it would be a good idea to to cut down portions and maybe feed more often. Will let you know how it goes!

Interesting about the food once in 4 days. I think I have been guilty of trying something, thinking she is ok with it and then giving it all the time or too frequently.

chelseamorning Thu 01-Mar-12 10:41:13

Hope things continue to improve as it's awful to feel so helpless.

Incidentally, have they been checked for coeliacs?

karenpreecey Fri 09-Mar-12 19:28:47

Help! My girls are 10 months and I'm exhausted. Tried all of the above it seems, massage, osteopath, fennel, garlic, biocare we are presently dairy, wheat AMD soy free. My girls have a genetic condition called PKU and so already had probably one of the most restricted diets imaginable. They are under a gastro consultant at great Ormond street, but they haven't Bern help so far. Thr first week after eliminating dairy and wheat they slept for a week! We really thought we had cracked it and started living again! Started talking about holidays and planning thongs to do with thr girls. A month later and we're back to square one - desperate and so tired. Has anyone actually had allergy testing done? There must be an answer, surely this is not our existence until they are 2.

Leigh1976 Sun 22-Apr-12 14:30:53

Hi there,

Hope this may help someone.

I came on here a couple of weeks back exasperated that my 8 month old baby girl had been waking in pain more or less every 2 hours since birth. My husband and I were convinced she was uncomfortable with tummy and wind pain. Health visitor and doctor seemed to suggest she just wanted the attention and it had become a habit which we found frustrating because we felt this wasn't the case at all and knew she was in pain.

Was prescribed Gaviscon for her at 6months. First night I used it she slept until 4am so I assumed the problem had been silent reflux. The weeks passed and I didn't feel there was a significant improvement when using the Gaviscon so stopped using it. Tried soya milk but felt it didn't make any difference other than her stools were very loose.

In the end decided to try changing things in her routine. About 5 days ago I started giving her dinner between 4-4.30pm. I'm also making sure she does not have milk after 6pm, preferably around 5.30pm. Hoping it is not just coincidence but out of the 5 nights she has slept for 4 of them right through from around 7pm until after 5.30am! Can't quite believe it and don't want to get too excited but it seems to be working. I also let her play on her playmat after her milk for about 45mins to an hour.

Will post again if this doesn't continue to help but hoping we have made progress. Actually feeling rather stupid that I didn't try this before. Could possibly have saved 8months of very little sleep! Realise it won't help everyone but hope it helps someone and hope it continues to help us!!

Meant to say that the one night she didn't sleep so well I had given her broccoli at dinner time so wondered if that had made her uncomfortable with wind. Definitely think certain vegetables make her worse - broccoli, onions, leeks. I just think we have an extremely windy baby!!

Very much sympathise with everyone who has posted. It's so hard when you are sleep deprived and just want to help your baby. Also frustrating when other people don't believe you and think your baby is just craving the attention in the night. I honestly believe babies will sleep if they are comfortable. Seems to have been the case with both of mine.

twinplusbigsismum Sun 22-Apr-12 23:59:53

Hi Again! Interested by your message Leigh1976. Will give it a try! My 3 children have seen the dietician now and we are awaiting letters with some things suggested to try re some changes to my daughters diet mainly her fibre intake initially, and a different milk for the boys. We'll see!

My 4 year old Daughter has been going through a better spell. I've got her back on the Junior Digestaid and Twin 1 is better than he was. Usually going down around 12-1am. Twin 2 usually settles around 10.30-11.30. Dietician says they all have suffered with imature digestive system, which we thought from homeopaths we had seen. I am pretty sure that Twin 1 also can't take any fish as well as the cows milk protein. Am also giving him the digestaids now and at least I haven't been up all night for some time and am now getting a much better block of sleep! My boys have just turned one!

rhiankadi Tue 08-May-12 00:45:54

Hi there, my son is 14 months old and what a long 14 months it has been. Somedays I just feel like breaking down. It all started when we bought Taylor home from hospital he was colicky and refluxy. I went to the doctors, the first one ignored my pleas, the second one put him on reflux medicine, we saw no difference so took him off it and used preventative methods like tilting his cot and giving him a dummy and sitting him up after feeds. Things were better he was sleeping a tiny bit better but every now and then he would have bad weeks gurgling tummy, screaming until he farted. I again went to mulitple doctors and was told babies cry, its behavioural, he wants u. We tried co-sleeping (didnt work), leaving him to cry (didnt work and couldnt do it for any longer than an hour and a half anyway) I tried infacol (nothing) infants friend made him scream like he was being murdered. I went to a dietician and cut out so many things from my diet but noticed no difference and didnt pick up on any key foods that made him worse. By 10 months i had been to sleep school but taylor was teething for the first time so it made it especially hard, we did get rid of the dummy, learnt to put him down asleep and cut out one feed from the night but keeping him in his cot was a nightmare it did help a little on the nights he wasnt too bad he would sleep in his cot all night (even if it meant i got in there with him at some point) but the sleep school lady said i needed to get a bed in his room and put my arm in the cot to reassure him but not to pick him up ever unless it to put him in my second bed and then back to his cot. I couldnt do this because my arm wouldnt fit through the cot slats and anyway as im sure u all know no matter how much shooshing or patting or saying go back to sleep would matter when he gets wind. once it was time to put him on cows milk nothing changed but i decided to try him on a lactose free milk which seemed to help, spinach has been a big no no and so has anything else high in iron, apart from that im none the wiser and I just cant take it anymore. He is teething again and things have gone back to really bad but I will give him paracetomol and he will still scream and scream and scream. Last night was especially bad and he was farting all night. The last doctor I saw said when they are teething they get lots of tummy bugs but he shows no other signs of these and he cant have tummy bugs this often.

I have wasted so much money on doctors my partner and I are struglling financially and with another one on the way I cant get into his cot and I cant even hold him when he gets really bad because of how he kicks. My partner and I are constantly arguing, he works so hard and has to get up early so when taylor is crying from 11 - 2 and then has to share our bed some nights u can imagine how tired and frustrated he is.

Lizzie77 Tue 08-May-12 21:24:24

Hello, posted about 9 months ago and just looked back at this thread. I have has very similar experiences to Leigh1976 - it just took me a lot longer to work out. My dd is now sleeping through and has very few wind problems as long as she does not eat or drink for about an hour before bed and we avoid everything containing onions and onion powder. She is also better if I limit garlic, beans, lentils etc and other things that often cause wind. I have tried gradually reintroducing onions but after a couple of days she gets windy and restless again.
Hope this may help someone!

Jo2007 Sun 20-May-12 10:26:44

Rhiankadi - I think most of us on here have had the frustration of not being understood by the Gp's etc & it is the last thing you need. The best support I can give is that you will find things that help over time - I am still having trouble with my DD nearly 4.5 yrs but overall it is loads better. But at your stage I felt just like you that I couldn't take any more. Have got allergy testing booked for July but I have had good nights since I excluded dairy - but still not solved as diet so limited and gets crying spells in the day all due to the masses of trapped wind. It is so hard. Best wishes

IzaacsMum Sat 02-Jun-12 11:46:03

Hi, I was amazed to come across this chat forum and read soooo many similar stories of what I've been experiencing with my son for the last 17 months.

In a nutshell, waking frequently at night to pass trapped wind and it's very clear he's uncomfortable, in pain and would much rather be sleeping, which to me erases the belief that they are waking for attention/habit. As someone posted above, I believe that if they are comfortable they'll sleep all the night through.

Izaac started off as a very windy breast fed bub, so I frequently did 'bicycle' legs to help pass wind in the bad hours of the evening, as well as modifying my diet to reduce wind causing foods and acidic foods. So my breast feeding diet had no broccoli, cauliflower, capsicum, tomato, onion or garlic. I also worked hard to get lots of burps up during feeds to help less air to get there in the first place.

Things were ok until we started solids. Izaac would have very painful episodes during the night and he'd wake with the very audible pain cry and wouldn't settle until the wind had passed. Through trial and error, modified his diet until things were more manageable, but Izaac still wasn't sleeping through the night.

Foods eliminated are: corn, bananas, broccoli, cauliflower, onion, garlic, cheese. I'm still wary of tomatoes and capsicum and citris so haven't really tried these with Izaac.

I was told along the way that he'd get better once he was crawling and moving more. This didn't change anything. I am thinking it could be linked to teeth as there has been one week where I did nothing different with his diet and routine and he slept soundly for 5 days until 4 or 5 or even 7am!! Unfortunately this didn't continue. He was 15 months when he did this. Now at 17 months, I've just had one of the worst weeks ever. Izaac would previously self settle and put himself to sleep at night without a fuss (waking later with issues and ending up in bed with me as too exhausted after midnight to keep trying to resettle) but this week he's been screaming and obviously uncomfortable before he even gets to the cot and the only way he's gone down is to be held and he eventually relaxes enough to pass an excessive amount of wind the falls asleep quickly on me and I transfer him to the cot while he's drifting off. He then wakes a couple of hours later to repeat the whole episode and the wakes again and due to my exhaustion comes to bed with me again after midnight. As Rhiankadi posted above, hubby not happy about this arrangement and has been sleeping in the spare room since Izaac's been in the bed with me from 11 months onward (when I no longer had the energy and mental resolve to continue to lean over the cot or sit up holding him in a chair and comforting until wind had passed).

I don't have any magic answers and am still searching. I'm going to look into lactose intolerance, but don't believe it's this, as the issue is in the evening and the only dairy is a cup of milk and a small yoghurt in the morning. His belly is very large after his dinner whereas he's not bloated after his breakfast or lunch. I'm really hoping it settles down with teeth stopping soon, but not sure what else to try.

Hopefully someone unravels this mystery soon!!

Lilkim1982 Sun 03-Jun-12 21:50:02

Hi, was searching the net for some info on dealing with trapped wind for my little girl who is 3 and half. Reading this log I can't believe how similar the symptoms are to my babe. She started with colic from about a week old. She was given gaviscon from about. Month old after several trips to the gp and health visitor, she could never settle at night and was up every hour with tummy ache, she could never bring her wind up. To cut along story short she was diagnosed with silent reflux and prescribed ranitidine at 10 months. This seemed to have some impact but not a lot. Drs just didn't seem to listen. At 15 months she was sent for a camera and checked for coeliac disease. After a horrible day in hospital the consultant suggested she may have a milk allergy. fter cutting milk out for a while she improved slightly. A few months later she had a tiny taste of peanut butter and had a huge allergic reaction, so was then sent for allergy tests. We are lucky in our area as we have a paed who specialises in allergy testing in children. She was then diagnosed with allergy to milk, soya, wheat and peanut. After eliminating everything from her diet she has massively improved. She is on ranitidine as required for the reflux, dairy causes reflux but have re introduced dairy as she is tested every 6 months and she apparently outgrown the milk and soya allergy,. She is also on merbentyl which is fantastic for her wind. A few weeks ago we stopped the merbentyl as she has no wheat now and her diet is really well controlled but she has started to really suffer again with the trapped wind, have e started the merbentyl but she is still really suffering, she seems to have spasms as can be fine then screaming in pain until she passes the wind,. Has anyone found out anymore about the irriatable bowel in children? I staring to think it is more than allergies as she is having no wheat at all now in her diet but is really suffering since stopping the merbentyl medicine. I do feel better from reading all your posts tho that she is not alone I was starting to think it was something really serious with her. Thanks everyone

Lilkim1982 Sun 03-Jun-12 21:56:17

In reply to Karenpreecey re the allergy testing was a god send for us. Since finding the allergies and eliminating the foods she has been better. Just seems to be more to it now, I would definitely go for it. My ill girl loves having it done!!! She calls the drops magic rain!!! Sounds strange I know but it really doesnt bother her and you get the answers the same day. X

Divster Fri 08-Jun-12 14:36:55

My daughter suffered terrible trapped wind, after what has been a very long 19 months, with many hospital admissions for severe stomach distension, she was given a special cause of antibiotic that made things lots better. Have a google of SIBO, it made my daughter quite ill

Divster Fri 08-Jun-12 14:52:40

Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO)

I have to add, I dont think this is all that is wrong with Daughter, as they also think she adhesions do to her operation 19 months ago. They think this adhesions are causing her to have sub-acute bowel obstructions, as they tighten and let go there grip.

This on-going slowing down of her intestines, on they think a daily bases, is causing the bacteria in her colon to track back into her small bowel, where there should be none or very little bacteria. SIBO makes people feel quite ill and tired, it comes across in my 5 year old in her behaviour, it makes her not the happy hild she should be.

Not saying this is what any of your children have, but its worth looking into as its very easy to put right

Leigh1976 Mon 11-Jun-12 13:09:45

Hi there,

Regarding my previous post dated April 22 2012 I'm sorry to say that our change in routine has not continued to help our daughter! It seemed to work for about a fortnight and now we are back to having her waken every couple of hours in pain.

I have been strict with myself and kept a food diary with details of what she ate, when she ate, how much she ate and Im honestly struggling to find any pattern whatsoever.

We are exhausted once again and feel quite deflated when we read that some of you still seem to be having problems when your children are 2-3 years old.

Will continue to check this thread to see if anybody finds a solution. Best wishes to everyone and hope things settle for you eventually. X

IzaacsMum Wed 27-Jun-12 15:50:48

Just a quick update on my last post. I've been pursuing medical angles and have quite a few things to follow up but the one we're trying at the moment is a laxative, Parachoc, as an X-ray of Izaac showed a whole back log right through the colon and intestines which will probably take at least a month to clear. Even though he has always passed bowel motions 3 or 4 times a day, it appears some just isn't moving through and he needs to be cleaned out for his bowel to start again. No immediate changes with night waking, however doesn't seem to have as much pain when passing the wind, and that's after 5 days on laxatives. Can only hope that it improves. Will give an update in another month or so.

The other avenue we're pursuing is a sleep apnea query, as it does exist in my family and he does snore on occasion, so the theory is he's potentially waking from sleep apnea, crying out with fright and the wind is happening as a coincidence. Given the pain element with the cry, I'd be more inclined to think it's the bowel backlog issue, however if the night waking continues without pain and wind, then I'll be pursuing this more readily. Either way, I'll give an update and hope that it helps someone somewhere.

Jo2007 Sun 22-Jul-12 21:56:57

Just an update to say my now 4yrs 7m dd has been referred to the allergy clinic of the hospital who advised she has type 2 (delayed response allergies). They have done a blood test to test for 150 type 1 allergies (the anaphalytic shock type) just in case but have advised there is no test for type 2 - except to eat the food. The good news was that she should grow out of them and that it is important to keep re-trying foods after a 6 months break but to allow a good time ? not sure how long yet to wait and note any adverse response. Also said unusual for a breast-fed normal birth like she had to have this problem. Have had some vitamin deficiency tests done at the same time with a referral to a dietician to help guide food re-tries.
Was also advised that allergies can create a 'fake' constipation set-up due to the pockets of wind slowing down the system - but the answer is not laxatives as the problem is not constipation but the allergy causing restriction.
I have reported earlier that taking all dairy our had a huge beneficial effect on sleep and just be aware of lots of hidden dairy by-products - whey, casein etc. Will keep everyone posted. Best wishes to all.

EyesDoMoreThanSee Thu 26-Jul-12 22:27:09

I found this thread months and months ago when I was at my wits end with DD. Waking screaming throughout the night and writhing in agony before breaking wind and settling.

She is 2 next week, still BF and I have followed a dairy free diet since she was 6 weeks old.

After very little GP/dietician involvement we trialled her on Gaviscon before bed- what a difference! She still wakes for comfort but that is a long standing habit, no longer in pain she settles far more easily.

permissiontoshine Tue 31-Jul-12 11:47:01

It's so heartbreaking to read all these posts- so many children and parents suffer because those in the medical profession dismiss symptoms tied into reflux, or GERD, wind and food intolerances - the dots are not being properly joined by the medical profession, and it is such an exhausting and emotionally draining thing to deal with. People who haven't had a reflux/ food intolerant child have no idea how hard it is! I often think, god if a little non life threatening thing like this is so awful, imagine how bad it must be to have a child with a really serious condition. It doesn't bear thinking about.
Anyway, my story....
My second daughter spent her nights screaming in agony from a few weeks old, with terrible wind (it smelt really rotten), green slimy stools, tired from not being able to sleep. I assumed it was colic for while but it was so distressing I did some internet research (The health visitors had just said 'oh poor you' when I told them my baby cried every night, and I thought - rightly it seems - the gp would just say the same)and cut dairy out of my diet. It made a huge difference so I went to my gp and asked to be referred to a specialist. They diagnosed reflux and suspected cows milk protein intolerance, so I kept on with the dairy free diet for a while in order to continue to BF. When she was weaned it was onto cow & gate pepti jnr, which took her a while to take as it's not very nice - but at 22 months old now she loves it. She also had gaviscon to help with the acid production.
Like others who have posted here, I always found her hard to wind. She used to have trouble getting the farts out, and would cry in the night, but that seems better now. I would get her to tuck her knees underneath her and rock her side to side, and gripe water helped too (and it's nice and natural).
Still she often, after having her bottle of milk, has a huge bubble at the top of her stomach, so you can hear the milk and air all sloshing around, but to get that air out is really hard. i find it hard to understand that the esophagus will let acid back up but not wind, perhaps it's because the muscles spasm? anyway, often when I give her gaviscon it helps the wind to come up (because it relaxes the muscles that contract when the acid comes up I guess), combined with vigorous back rubbing and rocking side to side, so I wonder if that might help some of you. I am definitely going to take the bottles away and try the nuby cup as I am sure that will help. She does have a dummy, and I constantly change my mind about whether it makes it better or worse. Teething without doubt makes it much worse.
Most days now she is fine, but she is still not symptom free. Even a few weeks ago she was writhing in agony on our bed, and I said to my OH 'this is probably what they called being possessed in medieval times', she was screaming like a demon, you couldn't touch her, and we felt so helpless.
So even though she is dairy free it seems to me there are still other causes of reflux, and I may look into some of the ideas above such as getting her allergy tested to see if other foods are doing it, or seeing a kinesiologist.
When I saw another specialist more recently they suggested that some babies have reflux because things trigger it, while others have it as a physical condition that can be triggered by foods, but is an inherent physiological condition. I think this might be what my dd has, as she gets reflux even if she cries too much (makes it hard to give her time out or leave her to cry, so she is becoming a bit of a handful!)
This specialist was good at explaining that you can't increase their tolerance by exposing them to dairy, you can only test for improvement by giving them foods. It should be a measured amount such as 2 teaspoons and you would give it once a day for 2 days then stop. If they react badly there's no point trying again for 6 months. There is a tolerance ladder which ideally they should progress up which goes like this
stage 1 - cakes biscuits and pastries using milk powder or butter
stage 2 - a small amount of milk or cheese cooked in the oven for half an hour
Stage 3 - home made custard, cheese on toast, rice pudding
stage 4 - plain cheese, yoghurt, ice cream, progressing to small amount of heated cows milk (50ml)
Stage 5 - unheated cows milk (50ml to start)

We haven't made it past stage 1 yet, and I'm not even sure I should allow her those things sometimes as she still has acid attacks, but it's so hard to keep so many 'treat' foods away from a toddler, especially when they have an older sibling.
I am constantly told that most of them grow out of it by the age of 2, but we're 2 months off from that and no sign of the reflux or dairy intolerance going! However, living with it is much better than it used to be, most days she is fine and she sleeps through more and more nights all the time.
I want to thank everyone who has posted because it gives you new ideas to try, I hope my post will help someone.
For all those who are still in the nightmare stage, it may not go away in a hurry, but you do get better at managing it as you find out what works for your little one, and the sleep does gradually improve!

Satine5 Sat 04-Aug-12 10:29:07

I find it comforting but also devastating that other parents and babies are going through the same thing and there are no clear answers as to what is causing all this discomfort. I am at my wits end, not having slept for more than 4 hour stretch for months. I am back at work this month and I don't know how on earth I am going to cope.
My DD is almost a year old and she was diagnosed with silent reflux at 4 months old. She was EBF at that point and I stopped eating dairy (which made a little difference. It seems that she has been much worse since weaning on to solids. I tried reintroducing dairy but dairy or no dairy seems to make no difference to what I can only describe as masses of trapped gas, especially at night. I still BF her and she sucks for comfort 24/7 and I am exhausted. She struggles so much with passing bottom wind, cries, wriggles and her whole body goes rigid. It can take 3-4 hours for an 'attack' to pass and for her to fall asleep. The only way I can get her to sleep afterwards is to cosleep and let her suck. she doesn't take a dummy.
I am fed up, angry and sad that she suffers so much but we were told she will 'grow out of it' at 'some point'. We are now pursuing a private route, having no support from NHS.
I will not let her cry to sleep (as HV suggested!) because this is not behavioural, she is suffering and her tummy hurts.

Sorry for ranting, but having such a high need baby is also putting a strain on my relationship with my DH. We haven't been out anywhere since she was born. We have no time to ourselves at all, evenings are spent trying to settle her down-we take turns.

I just want to cry, in fact, that's what I am doing writing this.

twinplusbigsismum Fri 17-Aug-12 01:28:04

I am starting to have a life again! I hope it lasts! Mine are all under dietician at hospital and twins under pediatrician - waste of time so far. My GP is good, twin 1, who has suffered the most til now is due to see a pediatric gastrologist (excuse any spelling mistakes) at the Chelsea and Westminster, who has been recommended by a friend and we are currently seeing another homeopath, but the biggest change has come about following an INSTINCT I had and am very frustrated I didn't act on sooner. I had twins on goats milk, as all the homeopaths I had seen said they were fine with it. I tried my daughter (4.5yrs) and she did not react well. I SWITCHED the boys to RICE DREAM with Calcium instead morning and evening and instead of 1am being a good night for twin 1, 11pm is now a bad night! Things not perfect, but a whole lot better. All are on very restricted diets. Boys - no wheat/gluten, dairy, soya, potato, spinach, banana, apple, grapes, fish, orange, kidney beans or baked beans, goats milk, sweet potato, sweetcorn. Daughter - no wheat/gluten, dairy, soya, potato, apple, goats milk, onion, pineapple, banana, peaches and pear and she won't eat vegetables, except processed peas and those I hide in bolognese ie. garlic, herbs, carrots and courgettes. She eats passata, instead of tinned tomatoes, as I have found the skins and seeds give her wind. I am currently keeping a diary of foods, bowel movements, wind, sleep and getting up and going to bed times and am really finding this is helping me to form patterns. I am introducing and trialing new foods and hope diets will expand as I go on. At the moment I am feeling so much more positive and in control, but know how hard it can be! All children are off any medications and they stay asleep all night one they are settled 98 nights out of a hundred I would say and get up between 7 and 9. Sorry I go on a bit!! Just want to give lots on info in hope it might help someone! By the way, how do you get allergy testing, other than via homeopaths, as I'm losing a bit of faith in this method, as every time we go the results change! I'm trusting my feelings and hunches at the moment using diary results.

tuckingfits Fri 17-Aug-12 02:25:56

Hi. This is a very simplistic reply in comparison to the very detailed replies of others but in case it might help others I shall write it anyway!

My son has never been a very good sleeper,but at around 5months old he started to wake in the night screaming & writhing in pain. He'd be awake & distressed for hours at a time every night until eventually he would do some enormous farts & then gratefully pass out. As would I once he was safely back in his cot. My gp really wasn't interested,the paediatrician couldn't come up with any solutions or suggestions - I felt as though they thought I was making it up. HV wasn't any better.

Eventually I saw a locum gp who prescribed a half dose of paediatric plain movicol. After much experimenting to find the best time of day to give this,I discovered that if he drank it with breakfast he didn't wake with the pain at night. It has resulted in his poo being loose but that is a small con to the massive pro of vastly improved sleep.

We started the movicol at about 9 or 10 months of age,gave it daily until about a month ago (he is 18.5 months now). In the last 3 months i have also been taking him to an osteopath,who has worked on various issues to do with right shoulder,hips,mid back & diaphragm. I stopped movicol because he was teething with 3 molars & his nappies were unbearable & thought I'd see what effect that had on the state of his poos. Basically hasn't changed much but I'm leased to report that the night time wind problems haven't recurred. Now,having added the osteopathy into the equation I can't be sure if her work on his diaphragm is responsible or if he has at 18 months outgrown it.

We are going to hospital on Monday for a blood test to rule out Coeliac disease & check his iron levels. He goes to bed very late (still resists going to sleep,always has) but having read the no cry sleep solution book for toddlers,at least he doesn't scream & shout for hours before he sleeps,just messes about,he does however often sleep for 10 - 11 hours at night now. On the odd occasion that he sleeps badly I wonder how the hell I survived 15 months of next to no sleep! Amazing what your body will adapt to...

Ok,that was quite long & rambly. But if it helps one person to get a quicker solution,I will be happy!! Don't stop fighting for your little ones. You know them,you are their voice. As frustrating as it is to be knocked back & patted down time & again keep getting back up & pushing for help to find answers.

Jo2007 Mon 27-Aug-12 21:58:01

Twinsplusbigsismum, so pleased to hear that you are getting your life back. I struggle with one with this problem and you must be doing a fabulous job to survive with 3. With my DD also being 4 (5 in December and starting school Sept) it is helpful to know that someone else is still having trouble as others seem to grow out of it. You mention so many foods you exclude - like for me, but without potatoes and wheat I would be interested to know what the main foods are your DD eats as I do not give meat as I have always been told how hard this is to digest and I myself am vegetarian - but give her fish fingers and would give her meat if I thought she would cope with it but wouldn't know what to try. Re your query about allergy testing I wondred if you had seen my earlier post where the hospital allergy clinic had said they can't test type 2 allergies other than by her trying the foods and waiting for the reaction - not much help there then! I am also amazed that your DD copes with garlic and herbs - that is good to hear. What are you doing re school lunches as at the moment I have said my DD will have to come home as there is nothing I could send her with. As always all help greatly appreciated and it is so good that everyone is continuing to record progress on here - we can write the book later!

Jo2007 Mon 27-Aug-12 22:01:10

Also to add that I still use a homeopath but not for allergy testing but Classical homeopathy - maybe worth people knowing there are different approaches with this treatment. Society of homeopaths website gives more info.

bobbins31 Thu 06-Sep-12 09:15:33

Hi gutted this thread is old! is there anyone still out there!? one yr old has suffered since she was born...the last comment was made last yr...i hope that someone is still out there to help!?..x

twinplusbigsismum Mon 10-Sep-12 23:47:57

For Jo2007, my daughter also starting school in a couple of days, I am going to send packed lunch. She virtually lives on homemade bolognese with passata, grated carrots and courgettes, mixed herbs, stock cube (beware of some) I use baby ones or knorr. I guess you could use quorn mince? Rice, rice pasta, lots of fresh berries, (lots of meat, sorry!), (she will also eat cod fillets, smoked mackeral and loves tinned or smoked salmon as the free from fish fingers have potato in the coating.) DS gluten free crispbreads with pure sunflower spread, these are the main things she eats daily. I have found she can tolerate genius white bread too (despite the potato starch). I am hoping she will have a sandwich or crispbreads, meat/fish and some berries for lunch and her main meal at tea time. This will be a big change, as we have always given ours their main meal at lunch and a light tea so they have more time to digest it! (It's the getting her to school by 8.30 I'm dreading too!)

Re the allergy testing thing, I did see your post. It seems although a lot of people mention food allergies and tests/results. On a recent visit to pedatrician they have referred the twins for food testing now and I await an appointment. Will let you know how it goes. If its any good I will pursue getting it for 4 yr old as with her all I got told was that it was separation anxiety!

Jo2007 Tue 11-Sep-12 22:25:48

Thank you for the reply twinplusbigsismum. It is interesting to read, and perhaps show how different these children probably are in reacting to foods. My DD can't tolerate rice but she does ok on maximum of 2 slices of brown organic bread toasted for tea with dairy free spread - but not if it is not toasted and salmon she reacted to on eating, and I have just had to take out sardines as she seemed to not be doing well on this. Quorn is out for me as she is awful with mushroom from which Quorn is produced. Maybe I should try more meat but I tried her with chicken once and it didn't go well so it put me off.
I hope the start at school has gone ok. I too give the main meal (if you can call it that) at lunch and I was too worried to change it so very limited on the work front for me with her coming home for lunch. But she is still struggling and I really feel any change would mean the sleep would go again.
I remember reading about how you were told it was seperation anxiety. One of my GP's said to me that he didn't know who he was treating, me or her - suggesting that I was making it up!
Will look out for further updates.

lucylookout Wed 19-Sep-12 09:59:11

I'm here too. DS is only 9 weeks old. Since birth he has grunted through the night, but for the last few weeks he wakes up crying due to trapped wind and barely sleeps between 2 and 6am. At around 6 I take him into bed with me and this morning he managed to manoeuvre himself onto his front and slept like that for an hour or so. He had been displaying more reflux symptoms too (pain during, after feeding and throwing up quite a lot) but I gave up dairy a couple of weeks ago and I think maybe that's helped. It's just the trapped wind that's left. I also took him to a cranial osteopath last week and will be going back this week. She's doing some work on his diaphragm.
I hoped he might grow out of it at around the magic 3 month mark, but am a bit depressed looking through this thread at how long it can go on for!

onelittlemonkey Wed 26-Sep-12 22:56:32

windy DS here too - with the same writhing about, screaming and kicking for 40 minutes or so...culminating in some loud trumping and a relieved cuddle. Poor wee thing. It's only once every few nights thank goodness.

I have a dairy intolerance so he might too, and he eats a lot of raisins so I'll try cutting those out, marking my place incase anyone else joins with any suggestions.

SJmumofamonkey Thu 08-Nov-12 11:39:09

Oh wow reading some of these posts is like reading a diary of the last 14months of our lives. It has inspired me so much I have registered and posted after many months of stalking these pages. I had problems BF DD from birth, she would constantly fuss, pull off and arch her back screaming, this ended up in me developing an absess which I was hospitalised for. The whole thing was traumatic, I felt like such a failure, racked with guilt, and the BF support people kept insisting I must have been doing something wrong. As a result DD ended up on formula. This was when the extreme screaming started, she would refure feeds, vomit, arch her cack and writhe around, she was so strong at 8 weeks from all the wringgling. HV said sounded like reflux, GP fobbed us off repeatedly until at 4 months I took her to A+E because she'd choked and stopped breathing. She ended up on ranitadine and gaviscon and lactulose and things settled for a while. At 1 when we introduced cows milk she stopped sleeping. She's sleep 45 minutes at most and wake up in agony writhing around trying to pass wind, after 2 weeks of no sleep we switched to lactose free, less wind more diarhoea, up to 10 times a day for weeks, we switched to soy, no different again. Finally 2 weeks ago her bum was bleeding it was so bad and we snapped and insisted the doctors referred us to a specialist. Within 30 mins and no tests he diagnosed MSPI. We have cut all soy and milk except baked products, so far so good, she is 80% improved and has slept through 3 nights in a row. She has never slept through. I am in 2 minds about eliminating from cooked products I am hoping to avoid it.

It has been such a hard 14 months. I only hope this time we have cracked it. 2 weeks ago DH and I were in the depths of depression and now I am starting to let myself hope this is the end. This whole experience has left me scarred though, I wanted more children but I dread having to do this all again...sorry for rambling blush

SJmumofamonkey Thu 08-Nov-12 11:49:27

Oh wow reading some of these posts is like reading a diary of the last 14months of our lives. It has inspired me so much I have registered and posted after many months of stalking these pages. I had problems BF DD from birth, she would constantly fuss, pull off and arch her back screaming, this ended up in me developing an absess which I was hospitalised for. The whole thing was traumatic, I felt like such a failure, racked with guilt, and the BF support people kept insisting I must have been doing something wrong. As a result DD ended up on formula. This was when the extreme screaming started, she would refure feeds, vomit, arch her cack and writhe around, she was so strong at 8 weeks from all the wringgling. HV said sounded like reflux, GP fobbed us off repeatedly until at 4 months I took her to A+E because she'd choked and stopped breathing. She ended up on ranitadine and gaviscon and lactulose and things settled for a while. At 1 when we introduced cows milk she stopped sleeping. Se was clingy and cranky and couldn't be put down. She'd sleep 45 minutes at most and wake up in agony writhing around trying to pass wind, after 2 weeks of no sleep we switched to lactose free, less wind more diarhoea, up to 10 times a day for weeks, we switched to soy, no different again. Finally 2 weeks ago her bum was bleeding it was so bad and we snapped and insisted the doctors referred us to a specialist. Within 30 mins and no tests he diagnosed MSPI. We have cut all soy and milk except baked products, so far so good, she is 80% improved and has slept through 3 nights in a row. She has never slept through. I am in 2 minds about eliminating from cooked products I am hoping to avoid it.

It has been such a hard 14 months. I only hope this time we have cracked it. 2 weeks ago DH and I were in the depths of depression and now I am starting to let myself hope this is the end. This whole experience has left me scarred though, I wanted more children but I dread having to do this all again...sorry to ramble but once I stared I couldn't stop blush

Jo2007 Sun 18-Nov-12 17:08:07

Message for twinsplusbigsismom. How are things going at school for your dd? I tried beef with my dd but no good, same with stock cubes. Have also recently tried coconut milk and coconut water and dairy-free pro-biotics - no good for us but maybe worth a try for someone. Also tried slow cooking all veg, but again no better, in fact think it made her worse. Do you still use the digest aid you mentioned? I really wish someone would post to say that their little one grew out of this!

NiniLegsInTheAir Sun 09-Dec-12 22:01:01

Sorry to resurrect a zombie thread but I'm worried about my DD (2 next month). She had severe colic when small for her first 3 months, and still gets nights, tonight being one of them, when she wakes up crying in pain until she manages to fart it out.

I admit I've been a rubbish mum by not giving her anything to take for it lately, every GP I've seen has said she'll grow out of it but I'm worried that it could effect her forever and could be a symptom of something serious?

Any advice on where to start? What causes this? sad

Satine5 Sat 29-Dec-12 08:26:43

Hi Nini, I am afraid that I still have no answers since my original post. My dd is now 18 months and after some improvement at night, we have been back to square one with her night gas last week. I gave up on GPs, went the provate route but that didn't give me much either. We did the allergy tests, all came back negative and the pediatrician concluded it could be cow milks protein intolerance and immature gut. However, I have been on dairy free diet for months before and dd is also but she still gets terrible trapped wind. Oh, i have also stopped soya.
By trial and error, I also try not to give her raisins, sweetcorn, peas, onion and garlic. But she still gets horrible nights like last night, when she was up 4 times, wanted to nurse constantly and cried in pain. She let out a few massive farts eventually first thing in the morning and afterwards was like a completely different baby.
I am not sure if this will help you or not, hope you get your answers. Btw, my dd suffered from silent reflux as a baby and I wonder if this is connected.

quinster80 Fri 11-Jan-13 23:57:14

Just saw this thread and had to write.
Have a 21 month old who's had a floppy larynx since after birth ish. Has never slept more than 4 hours in a go. Screams with trapped wind...will head butt and throw himself around trying to get rid off it. Hates being in a car seat and buggy..I think for the same reason. Hates gaviscon! Have been seeing an osteopath which helps but he is pretty exhausting to look after. For the last week he's been particularly hard work...managing about 1 hours sleep a few nights which is just mindnumbing really.
Anyway glad to hear there are others like me out there struggling with out windy kiddies.
Got a go appointment next week as osteopath suggested getting his lactase levels tested as this could be affecting his wind.
When I'm up most of the night patting his back and rubbing his tummy I'll be thinking of others like me doing the same!

twinplusbigsismum Fri 25-Jan-13 12:08:22

Hi all! Sorry Jo2007, haven't been on for ages! Will this nightly nightmare ever end?? Boys are on whole a lot better than they were, masive improvement. Worse affected seeing a specialist now at a different hospital. Last one waste of time. He is on movicol. Waiting for other 2 to see same specialist! Still tinkering with diet! I have come to the conclusion that sugar and anything containing this or sweeteners is a big no no, even sweet fruits I believe to be a problem. I find berries best! Hope this may help someone. Off all milks too now! Soon there will be nothing left to eat! My daughter, age 5 is the main problem of late. Trying to get her to sleep nightly is a nightmare. She tends to end up in our bed one way or another. Interesting, Jo, you mention digestaids, I had her off them, as was working with a homeopath, but no real joy and can't afford to keep throwing away fortunes, but am going to put her back on. Daughter doesn't get enough sleep and I believe her education is suffering already and her behaviour at times is testing. She is a different child when her tummy is not right! Mornings are Hell! x

Jo2007 Mon 28-Jan-13 16:32:49

Hello, Twinsplusbigsismum - I have sent a message to your inbox on here.
Just to let others know that there are elemental milks available, such as Neocate which some children do well on and they are for hyper-allergenic children, with all the proteins broken down. Neocate didn't suit my DD but it may be fine for others.
All the best once again.

DantesMummy Wed 06-Feb-13 10:18:06

Hi all!!
I am also new to mumsnet and like the rest of you am looking for advice, solutions, support!!! Mainly a solution though - which -from reading what ive read is no easy quest!!
I don't have too much time to write or read everything so I am slowly working my way through but felt it important to keep this thread going as there really is no help for this type of problem in older babies and toddlers...doctors tend to think im an overprotective mother - when really my little boy is in writhing agony and has been used to this since he was born! Really upsets me as im sure you can all relate to!
I will be back with more details and I am seeing a chiropractor for some sacral work/cranial...we've established when I massage his head it either stimulate the trapped wind causing him pain and or he burps or pump/farts/trumps were starting there... its beginning to look like the cranial osteopathy is the way forward perhaps?

bobbins31 Wed 20-Feb-13 09:59:55

I'm so glad this thread is still going! It amazes me that so many babies have the same symptoms but the only answer is that they'll grow out of it.
My 18 month old has suffered with trapped wind since birth. Silent reflux...milk protein intolerances (not proven..just guess work..) and back and forth to the docs and hospital to be told she'll grow out of it. I'm literally exhausted. Not one night of sound sleep. My marriage is over. And I'm dreading ever finding another not only does she wake up crying every half hr I co sleep with her. Is there really NOTHING that babies can take for trapped wind? I've been told to up her movocol to 4 sachets a day but that seems to make it worse. Last night was a bad night, no sleep til 3am. Then up at 4, and 6. Anyone out there that can help?! Thanks in advance. Oh..and can't really afford cranial osteopathy. So if there's anything that the docs should be giving me but aren't I'd love the heads up!

Worc1361 Mon 04-Mar-13 10:37:19

Like everyone else, I am so glad to have found this post.

My son is now 13months old. Colic for the first 2 months and reflux of constant throwing up until 9 months old. He has never slept through the night properly. He cries 2-3 times every night in pain, then passes wind and then goes back to sleep.

I, too, have been dismissed by my GP saying that he is fine as he is happy and growing, and he will eventually grow out of his colic/reflux/bad wind....

During the day, he is a happy and active boy. Hence GP is not doing anything for it.

Have found that the wind problem at night is getting worse now that he is eating a whole range of food.

Going to see GP to see if she will refer me to cranial osteopathy and food allergy testing. Wish me luck! Keep posting!

twinplusbigsismum Mon 11-Mar-13 00:47:15

My gosh, I find it incredible that this problem is ruining lives and that the doctors/other professionals seem to have no clue! Our last visit to a specialist team and a recommended hospital was a waste of time and I ended up having a bit of a run in with their dietician, who virtually accused me of being the problem by cutting so many things from their diet. They only seem interested in challenging the diet, but provide no ideas to improve the problem you,ve gone there for, children who suffer and can't sleep properly due to wind! The blood tests taken for one of mine showed nothing, by the way. Don't bother putting your child through it, if you're thinking it might help!

Recently had a really rough week, interestingly my oven was broken, so instead of the usual roast meats that my lot eat like you wouldn't believe I was cooking bacon for breakfast on the hob. I think the salt messed them up majorly. As well as terrible nights they had rashes and sore bottoms. It's all guess work though!

Don't know what avenues left to explore in terms of trying to find a solution. Feel like I'm on my own with this one! Know I'm not the only one though!

Satine5 Wed 13-Mar-13 15:25:57

We are still suffering...although it is now a bit better and DD is 19 months. I have recently read somewhere, that excess fibre is not easily tolerated by some toddlers. I am not sure if this was mentioned earlier in the thread but i am going to give it a go (even though my DD hasn't got an upset tummy, just excessive gas) However, I often find undigested bits of food in her nappy (sorry for TMI). I think I found it on netmums:

''Toddler diarrhoea is the most common cause of persistent diarrhoea in young children. It mainly occurs at 1-4 years of age. It is not a serious problem and the child is usually well and their growth is good.

Children with this problem generally have 2 or more watery loose bowel motions (stools) per day. Sometimes it can be as many as 8-10 times per day. The stools tend to be more smelly and paler than usual. Bits of undigested vegetables (for example, sweetcorn, carrots etc) can often be seen in the stool. Mild stomach pain sometimes occurs, but it is unusual. However, parents can find the diarrhoea both a worry and an inconvenience which can lead to possible problems with potty training.
Toddler diarrhoea will usually resolve itself by 4-5 years of age.

What causes toddler diarrhoea?
The cause is not fully understood. The food we eat is broken down in the stomach and then absorbed in the small bowel (the first part of your bowel). The large bowel is responsible for absorbing excessive water and producing formed stools. In toddler diarrhoea there may be an imbalance of fluid, fibre and undigested sugars that reach the large bowel and excessive fluid is passed out in loose stools.

Toddler diarrhoea is not due to poor absorption of food and is not a serious bowel problem. Your child will usually still get all the nutrients they need from the food they eat, and continue to grow well.

What is the treatment for toddler diarrhoea?
Changing the types of foods your child eats usually helps. Foods which are high in fibre or sugar, and drinking plenty of fluid can lead to toddler diarrhoea. A low fat diet can also contribute to it.

Refined sugars and sweeteners in a child’s diet include fizzy drinks, squashes, sweets and chocolate and table sugar added to foods (e.g. breakfast cereals) and can cause toddler diarrhoea. Even fruit juices, which are often seen as a healthier option, still contain natural sugar which can also cause a problem, especially pure apple juice due to the fermentation process of the apples.
It is best to only give your child water or milk to drink. If they currently will not drink water, gradually make their squash/juice more and more dilute until they are just taking water.

Excessive drinking can also cause diarrhoea. Children need plenty of fluid (5-8 drinks a day) but some toddlers like to drink almost constantly! This is often more for comfort than because of thirst. It is a good idea to plan set times for drinks e.g. with snacks and at mealtimes and don’t offer drinks in-between. Use distraction methods if necessary. Children will drink enough to quench their thirst so don’t worry about dehydration.

This dietary advice sheet gives some general information to help you make the recommended changes to your child’s diet. If you need more detailed advice or if your child is following a special diet that makes it difficult for you to make these changes, please ask your doctor to refer your child to a registered dietitian.
Dietary Management of Toddler Diarrhoea Fibre Although we usually encourage a good fibre intake as part of a healthy diet, young children often cannot tolerate high fibre foods very well. Foods that often cause loose stools are high fibre breakfast cereals,
especially oat based foods e.g. Weetabix, porridge (compare fibre content of different cereals to find out which ones are higher or lower in fibre), flapjacks, certain fruit and vegetables such as grapes, raisins, peas, sweetcorn, baked beans (see food list on the following page for more details).
Fat Fat in the diet slows down the speed food moves through the gut and therefore giving your child a reasonably high fat diet may help. It has been found that especially giving a small amount of a high fat food at the end of a meal can help to reduce loose stools e.g. yogurt, ice-cream, full fat mousse and other dairy desserts, full fat milk or even a cube of cheese!

Food groups
limit: Fruit juices, fizzy drinks and squashes including sugar-free versions
include: Full fat cow’s milk, water

limit: Grapes, raisins
include: all other fruit

limit: Peas, baked beans, other pulses, sweetcorn
include: all other veg

sugary foods
limit: Sweets and chocolate*, added table sugar to food/drinks

limit: High fibre breakfast cereals e.g. Weetabix, Ready Brek, cereals with raisin/fruit, muesli , Wholemeal bread
include: Lower fibre cereal, e.g. Cornflakes, Rice Krispies White bread

Dairy foods
limit: Low fat versions of milk, yogurt, mousse, ice-cream etc
include: Full fat versions of milk, yogurt, mousse, ice-cream etc

All meats/fish/eggs/cheese
include: All meats/fish/eggs/cheese

Does my child always need to eat like this?
No, a lower fibre and higher fat diet is usually needed while your child is experiencing loose stools and they should grow out of toddler diarrhoea by 4 – 5 years. The recommended healthy diet for children of 5 years and over is to have plenty of fibre and not eat too much fat. What if these dietary changes do not help? If after one month of making these dietary changes in your child’s diet, your child is still having more than two bowel motions a day, please ask your GP or Health Visitor to refer your child to a Paediatrician or Paediatric Dietitian.''

Jo2007 Thu 21-Mar-13 13:54:47

We still all seem to be on that quest to be believed when what we need is more help and support. I have just been told by my child's consultant that whilst she does have intolerances to a number of foods, she is now extending that learned behaviour to other foods for attention! Is it me or is it just plain obvious that a 5 year old wanting to eat all foods and enjoying trying new foods would then wake herself up in the night to cry and say her tummy hurt, pass lots of wind, knowing that then she would not have that new food again. Yet I am the one made to feel wrong in all of this and now also being told that I am 'confused' about true reactions to foods.
I am so glad this thread exists as we can't all be wrong!
Keep posting everyone and maybe we should plan to all turn up together at a hospital one day so we don't have to keep suffering the stress of not being taken seriously.
All the best to all.

twinplusbigsismum Fri 22-Mar-13 00:22:25

Hi! With you Jo! I don't even feel that close family 'GET IT' and feel that everybody thinks that it is all somehow my fault that my children can't get to sleep or wake in the night and that all the wind issues I experience and witness are somehow made up. Every night is hell again here. Two of my three having problems every single night at the moment, if not all three. One of the twins, 23mths screams for hours before eventually sleeping and I can't think of anything at all that I have changed. So here we go again, cutting more things from the diet to see if change occurs. I'm currently trying to eliminate fruit juice, funny enough, re prev post, but they are hardly drinking anything now, which is a different worry, as they don't like water on it's own and can't take milks. HELP!

Jo2007 Sun 24-Mar-13 16:30:44

Hi there twinsplusbigsismum, don't know if it's worth a go but I find my DD is very bad with concentrated fruit juice but OK - well as ok as you're going to get - with small amounts (after breakfast and at 2 snack times) of pressed apple juice slightly diluted with water. After lunch and tea she has Lemon and Lime 'This Water' - half water and half the juice, again this is pressed not concentrate. I find that although she will drink water on its own she actually does better with this juice.
Hope your nights improve and yes, re family understanding this can be hurtful and adds to the problem, but people do just find the condition so unbelievable don't they.

twinplusbigsismum Mon 25-Mar-13 23:33:42

Hi Jo and anyone else following this thread! Put mine back onto their usual drink day after my last post, as I was too concerned the babies weren't drinking enough. I give a very small amount of Pomegreat juice diluted with water. Didn't really think this was the problem, but you clutch at straws often, when going through a tough patch! Had a few much better nights. Now trialing Metagenics Ultra Probioplex ND Powder (Non-dairy L. acidophilus NCFM and B.lactis Powder) Food supplement. Will let you know how it goes!

Tobasauras Sun 07-Apr-13 02:20:26

Wow so glad to find this page. I am reading from Australia and was crying as I read through these posts.
I have found real improvement with a couple of products so I thought I would join in and will try to give a brief history of the past 14 months.
Basically we have had problems from birth, she couldn't sleep lying flat and we held her or put her to sleep sitting upright in a rocker until she was 11 weeks old and diagnosed with reflux. Started losec and she could finally sleep in her bed. She then suffered diarrhoea that lasted a month and required feeding every hour (cause of diarrhoea was never determined) and eventually needed formula top ups as I could not supply enough breast milk to keep up with the demand. She also started solids at 16 weeks as her weight was now in the bottom 3% for her age. We had a great 3 months after starting her on a probiotic (inner health plus for kids) and she slept 12hrs solid every night plus 3-4 good days sleeps.
Around 7-8 months it all changed again when her formula brand changed recipes and made her vomit so we switched brands and she started waking in discomfort every night and her days sleeps just about disappeared altogether. By 10 months she was luckily to get 45 mins sleep at night before waking in such discomfort that she would take several hours to resettle. By then we had tried every formula on the market but nothing made any difference. She was now up to 2 formula bottles a day and 2 breast feeds. I tried to go back to just breast milk but she wouldn't take it. Finally she was diagnosed as severely constipated and put on Lactulose which helped but it wasn't until we doubled her losec dose that she finally settled back into a decent routine of 2 day sleeps and 2-3 wake ups at night but she was quickly settled with Colic Calm which is a charcoal based gripe water that seems to settle her gurgling belly.
Around a month ago I ran out of probiotics and decided not to buy anymore as she now has yogurt so I figure she didn't need both but within a week of stopping the probiotics we were back to her screaming in agony all night long so I whisked her straight back to the paediatrician who said she was severly constipated again with poo all the way to her colon. This surprised me as she was pooping 2-3 times everyday but another couple of weeks on Lactulose has cleared her out but she is now suffering terribly from gurgling in her belly and still waking up several times a night and only sleeping if she is sitting upright with her knees bent. Our paed recommended keeping her on Lactulose indefinitely but after reading on here that it causes wind and bloating I have cut her down to just one small morning dose instead of both morning and night and we have already seen some improvements in her sleep again its still not great. Last night took 3hrs to get her to sleep and her gurgling stomach was so loud we could hear it over the tv. Finally took her to the emergency room just to get someone to listen but after 2 doses of colic calm it settled shortly after we arrived at emergency and decided not go wait several hours to see a dr.
I have tried eliminating dairy but she would not take a lactose free or soy formula so I cut out cheese and yogurt but she still had formula. She has just been tested for celiac and the results are not clear. Most likely negative but she has some abnormalities in the results that suggest she might be celiac but I don't think either dairy or glutin are the cause as we have had good periods when she has been consuming both.
My only 2 remedies that seem to consistently work are the probiotics which I found works best in the morning as it seems to get her to fart all day and sleep better at night. And colic calm which we get out of America ( Cost about $25 for a tiny bottle but it has really worked for us and is an all natural product. Otherwise I cook all her food, she doesn't have sugar except in yogurt but no lollies, cakes etc, nothing processed, nothing deep fried, she drink water or formula, she has cows milk on cereal and very occasionally diluted fruit juice, she eats lots of fruit, loves meat, veggies are a bit of a struggle but I manage to get a decent amount into her. I haven't been able to find any pattern as to what causes a good night or bad night except thst bread seems to constipate her. She has 2 formula bottles a day now both after her day sleeps and no breast milk anymore. Like everyone else on here we can't get a dr to even acknowledge a problem beyond the constipation because she is always worse at night and just get told babies are fussy, babies want attention, babies are hard work blah blah blah. She is a very placid baby who self settles, loves to sleep when she can and is happy playing on her own so I don't believe this is behavioural for one second. Apologies for the novel, I could keep going but will leave it at that.

GirlOutNumbered Fri 19-Apr-13 13:49:26

Just wanted to put a bit about what I have found that finally worked for us.
DS2 has big problems at night with wind, he has a cows milk allergy but it was just getting worse and worse since weaning. It felt like he was intolerant to everything, waking every two hours and moaning all night. Only pooing once every week.

So, yesterday I only gave him one type of veg which ws sweet potatoe, I gave him warm boiled water after both meals, loads of tummy time, tummy massage before bed and a bit of infacol. Last night he slept 7-5, woke for a feed and slept til 7. He did two poos yesterday and one just now!

I am doing the same today, but he is having carrots. I am going to reintroduce foods one at a time so I an monitor what's happening.

I really appreciate some of you are facing much bigger issues,but I just wanted to jot down what had worked (so far) for us.

Harlands11mum Fri 19-Apr-13 15:03:23

Hi everyone.....I think I have finaly discovered what is wrong with our little ones!!! My ds is now 2 and a half years old and has suffered with this condition all his life. It hasnt improved, infact it has become worse. My heart goes out to all of you, its a desperate situation and agonising watching them in pain every day. Most doctors are not even aware of this condition, this is why we all get fobbed of with 'its behavioural problems' or 'they will grow out of it' ds has been under a speacialist pediatrician for a year and a half now in Leeds, they are useless, I have had to do all the research and request all the tests at every stage. They put him on Lansaprozole for reflux straight away but he didnt even have reflux. The tests that he has had are:Blood tests, stool sample tests, urine tests, ultra sound, x-ray, allery skin prick test, Endoscopy, colonoscopy......wheat free diet, diary free diet, resistance to starches diet, merbentyl, anti-biotics, movicol...all with no findings or no success........I have never given up on my ds and have continued to research and push the doctors and fight for him...Then I came accross a condition with the exact symtons that ds has it all started to make sense, especially with them reacting badly to diary, onions, garlic and wheat product...its called a FRUCTOSE MALABSORPTION or FRUCTOSE INTOLERANCE....Now this name is very deceiving as it is not just fructose, its a whole load of other things inclucing FRUCTANS, SUGAR ALCOHOLS and FODMAPS it also includes LACTOSE. This is a digestive disorder where they are unable to digest these things properly and they are left to ferment in the intestine and then produce the painful gas, hydrogen and methane. The syptoms of this condition are terrible, my ds has them all apart from the diareah, he gets constipation with it instead, the syptoms include: Bloating, wind, belching, stomach pain(this is a result of muscle spasms), vomiting(if great quantities are consumed), nausea, headaches, sensitive to light, tremors, anger, mood swings, early signs of depression, ibs, skin rashes, diarreah and/or constipation, itching, hives, colic in babies, loss of appetite, tiredness, ds has got to the stage where he will hardley eat anything because he says its 'ouchie', hurts. He complains of feeling sick after drinking milk, he does not like to be touched, so is a nightmare to get ready. Doesnt like to go out anymore. Always wants the blin close as sensitive to daylight. He thrashes around headbutting and biting when is in pain and is generally upset and moody. Also he has a terrible time with his constipation........but since finding out about this condition I have already made changes to the diet and have made links with the things that do upset him and I can already see positive results
Now the exclusions are massive so you will need to research into the food items allowed, try '' this is a website where you enter the item of food and it tells you if they are allowed it or not. The main things to avoid that come under the FRUCTOSE are fruits, including pears, apples, melon, raisins, fruit juice concerntrate, honey, high fructose corn syrup. FRUCTANS include your wheat products, bread, pasta, cakes, but also vegetables including onions, garlic, leeks, carrots. now SUGAR ALCOHOL is a really difficult one as it is included in alot of things, the main one is sorbital and guess what this is in calpol!! yes they cant have calpol!! and there is no alternative. We always wondered why their condition was worse when they were poorly..because we are shoving fructose down them!! And watch out their toothpaste has it in too. Now FODMAPS is another tricky one and includes LACTOSE, this is why they have trouble with diary products!! Also if they get the shakes this probably means they are suffering from low blood sugar which this condition also this is alot to take in but the good news is there is a test for this condition!! Its called a Hydrogen breath tests. They are given a drink of fructose and then the hydrogen levels in their breath are tested. This is not available in Leeds, so we have been referred to Sheffield Childrens Hospital who specialise in this condition and have the test available. We were supposed to go last week but couldnt get there as you probably know if they are in pain they will not get in their car seat, but we are booked in again for next week. Also ive got a dietician on the case to devise a diet for him. I erge you all to research this condition, look at the diet and request the test. Dont get fobbed of that is a rare condition, the intolerance is rarae as it is inherited but the malabsortionh is common, one in three people have it!!! I will keep you up dated... the food items that I am now trying are lactose free including milk, wheat free, read the labels carefully, genius white bread should be ok, ripe bananas, orange juice in moderation, white potatoes)old ones are better. I tems with glucose are good, they can have golden syrup too. Fresh meats, fish, rice (white), table sugar is ok in moderation as the glucose to fructose ratio is equal...I really hope I have helped you guys and I wish you all the look in the world...please dont stop fighting even though it seems hopeless at times, WE WILL GET THEM BETTER AND ENJOY LIFE AGAIN!!!!XXXXX

Jo2007 Thu 16-May-13 21:58:57

How is everyone getting on? How did the fructose test go? - I wondered about this but my DD was no better on any of the fructose free foods so I knew it wasn't that. I am trialling a miniscule amount of yoghurt every morning now in the hope that maybe her immune system will stop reacting - that's if the issue is allergies in the 1st place that is but her consultant seems to think that is the case and that eventually we should begin to see sings of improvement.
All the best.

Kimski30 Sun 19-May-13 10:08:51

I can't tell you how happy I am to have found this, I actually really started to think I was going mad! When I try to explain to people, I can tell they think I'm mad! My son is nearly 15 months. I believe it is to do with cows milk. I put him on soya and he improved dramatically. He went back on to lactose free milk and symptoms have built up again.... Don't ask me why we went back to cows milk, I read articles that say bad things about soya and I antic I'm doing the wrong thing. Without professional guidance I get worried I'm doing the wrong thing. Nobody knows my baby better than me and therefore I am going with my gut instinct. I am now putting him back on soya and am also going to an osteopath so will keep you updated. I had to post to say a big thank youto you ladies for posting as it has made me feel not so much as a failure xxx

twinplusbigsismum Fri 31-May-13 00:50:43

The probiotic I mentioned previously, nutri advanced ultra probioplex ND Powder (Non -dairy L. acidophilus NCFM and B.lactis Powder) by Metagenics has given me amazing results with my 3! Most nights since introducing this over past couple of months they have been settled by 9.30 -10ish and mainly sleep all night. A thing I never dreampt possible! (I should also mention that coincedentally I also cut out brown rice pasta at the same time as I couldn't get it from Tesco.)

Even more exciting, (on a similar vein to Harlands11mum) I believe and hope that I may have come upon THE ANSWER for my family! I haven't finished the book yet, but would strongly recommend Gut and Psychology Syndrome by Dr.Natasha Campbell-McBride MD,MMedSci (neurology), MMedSci(nutrition) to anyone with children with a digestive problem. I'll be honest, I wanted to wait til I had finished the book before I came on here recommending it, but finding time to read for me, isn't the easiest and so it's taking me a while! I'm about half way through and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't daunted by what changes it looks like I need to make re. diet, but from what I've read so far it seems to fit with my experiences to a tea! Don't be put off by the title or cover! Also if anyone has tried the GAPS route, please let me know! AT LAST I FEEL LIKE THERE IS HOPE!!

Jo2007 Sun 02-Jun-13 18:25:36

Hi Twinsplusbigsis mom. Great news. Did you find they got worse and then got better with the probiotics? I ask this as we were recommended the exact product you are using by a nutritionist but my daughter went right off her food 2 days after starting a small amount and so I stopped it. How much are you using? I always thought it was the fructos content and rice element that did not suit my daughter but the Holland and Barret non-dairy also upset her too.
It is also interesting that you mention the psychological link as that is what both her allergy consultant and now gastro have said. We are due anohter ultr-sound but I am declining the barium meal and endoscopy at the moment given that they (the consultants) do not think they will find anything and so it does not seem worth the risks. I have been able to continue with a tiny amount of yoghurt daily without any worsening of her condition so I am hoping she is moving forward but her growth and weight gain is really slow. Have you got slow growth with yours too? Not surprising really given their low food intake.
My DD too is also awful on brown rice so maybe it was a good omen it was out of stock for you!
Keep making progress!

twinplusbigsismum Mon 03-Jun-13 01:07:59

Hi Jo2007. No worsenening with probiotics. I use 3/4 of the little spoon, around 0.75ml in warm water and a small amount of pomegrate after breakfast.

I think you might find the book I'm reading really interesting. The author says the condition can be cured through diet. From the little you've told me about your DD it may offer a way forward?

My 3 are thriving actually and eats loads, although the diet itself is very limited! I think this is one of the reasons doctors are not very interested and no-one gets it! One of my boys has an issue with what I can only describe as an obsession with food! He does not like to wait for food or stop eating at meal times, sometimes, even though he will have had a hearty meal, and will steal food of his sister or anyone else given the opportunity. Their growth and weight are exactly where they should be though and other than the evening/sleep thing and what I would call slightly irregular/sensitive bowels, wind and hiccups and naughtyness with the wind, none of them have had any other problems and all the symptoms are only really noticable by me my husband and I unless you specifically point it out to someone. (Hope I'm not rambling too much!)

twinplusbigsismum Mon 03-Jun-13 01:34:24

Harlands11mum - been reading your post again. I really feel for you and your child. You have it tough! I do find it very interesting that there seem to be masive similarities between the condition you speak of and those talked about in Gut and Psychology Syndrome book and I can't help but wonder if they are in fact the same thing? When I get chance I'd like to look into Fructose intolerance further. You might also find the book (sorry to keep going on about it, but it has blown my mind!) worth a look! Kind regards x
ps. my previous post made it sound like a walk in the park with mine on reading, not so, as I'm sure earlier posts will show, but it has got a lot better, at the moment! As someone else said, keep looking for answers, don't give up!

Jo2007 Mon 03-Jun-13 14:12:04

Thanks for reply. Re appetite, she would eat and eat, but I limit it as it seems to cause more wind, but I have recently been increasing the portions and so far so good - maybe progress is really starting as before she would cry more and be v. naughty as you noted! As for you, others would not notice problem although I think they would if I were to just give her any foods - I mean if I stick to the foods she is best on. I will look for the book thanks.
Are yours still off all milks? I have been successful for a month now with 1/4 tspn of plain yoghurt every day - i.e. not making her worse and I am wondering whether it will de-sensitise her.
What a good forum this site is turning out to be!

twinplusbigsismum Mon 10-Jun-13 01:04:04

Hi Jo! Yes, mine still off all milks. Daren't tinker with the diet just at the moment, as enjoying the peaceful nights! x

twinplusbigsismum Sat 29-Jun-13 01:55:10

Finally we have a diagnosis! Have had it confirmed today by a Medical Herbalist and Certified GAPS Practitioner that we are GAPS! Now hopefully, we can start to move forward, knowing what is causing the problems and ways we can hopefully address them. Yippee! Anyone started the book?

Jo2007 Sat 06-Jul-13 21:46:43

It all sounds very interesting and promising. Looks like the diet is a lot of work from what I have read so far, but of course would all be worth it. Can't wait to hear how things go.
My DD had an ultrasound detailed abdomen scan this week and no problems noted. It really does seem to be just wind but as we know 'just wind' is not easy at all.

twinplusbigsismum Tue 16-Jul-13 23:47:17

Thanks Jo! Glad you're reading the book. Be interested to know what you make of it! Just awaiting a report from the GAPS practitioner we saw re best ways forward, but I agree the diet as per the book is very daunting, would love to do it properly including the introduction diet, but at the moment with 'real world' time, children's hunger and financial restraints we are trying to introduce elements of the diet slowly and hopefully gradually implement more and more changes. We have started making our own home made stock and vegetable soup. 2yr old Twins love both! Think the ideal is to catch them young!! 5 yr old doesn't like the first soup attempts! But will keep trying!

For those not familiar with GAPS, Dr Natasha Campbell-McBride says that chicken or fish stock-homemade and also made into soup are very healing for the gut. Check out her website!

Glad no problems identified with scan Jo, but I know it's hard. Mine have been having a bit of a rough time again settling at night lately. It's a nightmare! I know that some of you have it tougher than me though!

I don't think what many of us go through as Mum's feel recognised by the outside world of what seems to be perfect parents with their 'perfect children' (who can eat anything and sleep from 7 til 7 with no problems) STRUGGLING MUMS, YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

BazilGin Fri 23-Aug-13 12:28:05

Just in case someone is reading it in need of hope...we are through this now. No change in the diet, I am still bfing but introduced dairy products too. It got much better from 18 months and now, she just started sleeping through the night at 2!
Trumping a lot during the day, but with no pain. I suppose, she just grew out of it, whatever it was.
Fingers crossed for everyone, we have been through hell and back with this.

Jo2007 Sat 28-Sep-13 22:29:54

Hello, any updates? really pleased to have a post from someone who has come through all of this with the problem solved.
Nights and days mainly ok on a very restricted diet. DD nearly 6 now and really wish her diet was more varied and I forever worry about low calcium intake.
Is the GAPS diet making any difference Twinsplusbigsismum? I haven't made any changes re this as although it makes sense I feel that when she was weaned her diet should have been 'healing' then with organic purees etc and yet it was worse then than now.
Keep waiting for more progress.......

mawbroon Sat 28-Sep-13 23:37:25

I know this is an ancient thread, but I wanted to say that in all these cases, something that has to be considered is tongue tie.

It can cause all sorts of problems, including taking in a lot of wind when feeding. Dr Kotlow is a leading expert in this field and one of his articles on this page is about the connection between ties and aerophagia (swallowing of air)

Ties can cause digestive problems. Digestion begins in the mouth, and if the tongue is restricted, it could be that food is not being chewed properly which can cause problems. Also, it is thought that if the muscles which are connected to the tongue are not being correctly stimulated then there can be a knock on effect on digestion.

Most HCPs really have no clue about tongue and lip ties and the far reaching consequences that can occur. You need to seek out people who have taken a specialist interest in this field.

DS1's ties went undiagnosed until age 5. He had allergies/intolerences and suffered bloating and reflux, amongst other things - including hideous sleeping problems. We had his tie revised when he was 6yo and the gastric problems stopped - immediately.

Not every child on this thread will be having problems because of ties, but I would be willing to guess that there will be quite a few.

Ties can cause all sorts of other problems, but I won't bore you with them on here smile

Jo2007 Sun 29-Sep-13 22:20:15

Mawbroon, thank you for this post. Do you have any UK links/specialist details. I am so pleased that for you the problems were sorted - and by something so specific as well.

twinplusbigsismum Thu 28-Nov-13 01:41:30

Hi! I'm still around and still struggling. haven't been able to fully implement GAPS diet, as just not possible when you're already struggling to survive, time wise and financially. Have tried to implement some of the ideas, but not really working too well, to be honest. I got very excited by the prospect of a diagnosis and cure, but other than having a name for our condition, sadly haven't been able to move forward. Most nights at the moment it's around midnight before settling one, two or three of mine and am also dealing with some waking in the night again. Having a tough time coping at the mo. There seems no end in sight, we have brief periods of hope and then for no apparent reason it all goes backwards again. As I write at 1.39 am both twins have woken crying and I've brought them down, so as not to wake the 3rd and Hubby who is up in just over an hour to go to work. Here we go again!

Jo2007 Sun 22-Dec-13 17:47:28

Oh dear, sorry to hear. It always seems to be the case that perhaps we stick to what we find works and hope that things progress from there. That's what I do at th mo, not ideal I know and so bad at Xmas with all the food that they can't have. I have persisted with the tiny amount of yoghurt every day and have also managed to slightly increase some portions - and I know you are ok on portion size which is good - if I increase portions too much, the sleep just goes again. I'm not sure if I've said before but I did meet a child minder who had 4 children of her own and the youngest had had this problem until age 7 when it gradually began to improve. Le's hope we are over the worst. All the best.

LowFODMAPMum Sat 11-Jan-14 07:49:49

No time right now to post properly- did not realise this thread was still active. Like Harlands11 mum would like to recommend the FODMAP diet. Am a bf mum to a two year old due to ongoing constant night waking and constipation issues. Will post more but since starting low FODMAPs things improved. Also Movicol reduced. Daughter been on antibiotics recently and teething so we have gone 'backwards' recently in terms of wind and bloating, but after two years of trying EVERYTHING, low FODMAPs helped. Harlands11mum are you keen to chat is still about- inbox me if so, we could share recipes!

LowFODMAPMum Sat 11-Jan-14 22:43:17

By the way there is a calpol that is fine- it just has sugar.

LowFODMAPMum Sat 11-Jan-14 22:43:48

Try Sue Shepherd book- Low FODMAP diet

Gaff5Oz Sun 19-Jan-14 15:19:42

Hi there, I have a 12 mth old boy who has suffered from gas and my heart goes out to all parents who have to watch their kids suffer. Our maternal health nurse taught us the "Bum dance" which helped us relieve our sons gas pains. To do the bum dance hold your baby by the crotch laying them face down along your forearm with their head near your elbow and the heel of your hand resting against their lower abs. Next, take small bouncy steps while patting their bums with your opposite hand. The small up and down motion will apply pressure from your palm to the lower abs milking the gas from the large intestine while the pats on the bum will release the tension of the sphincter allowing the gas to escape. Add a comforting series of "shhhs" with the rythm and your bub will be asleep on your arm in minutes.

Hope this helps.. cheers

Winterchick1982 Tue 21-Jan-14 14:14:43

My Ds has just turned two and always had wind problems at night, then about 6 months ago he started to scratch himself. I soon realised that the scratching was usually when he was experiencing wind problems but he will often wake at night and scratch for 2 hours or more (arms and legs usually) unable to go back to sleep and keeping me awake too. Doctors keep saying its ecsema and have given me various creams which have helped to ease his skin dryness but not the itching. He also gets it when he is falling asleep in the evening often making for a very long bedtime. I stopped his night time bottle to prevent wind about 3 months ago and then stopped his night time drink altogether. He is gradually improving as it has gone from every night to every other or third night. Just wondered if anyone has experienced this with their child and if they have more info?

Jo2007 Tue 21-Jan-14 22:17:10

Yes, my 6 year-old will scratch around joint areas. If I rub these areas I notice she often passes wind. This is where the medics have said it is impossible to get gas trapped there but if you do some searches there is plenty about gas trapped in the tissues. I don't think it is eczema for my DD but seems linked to the whole problem.

richaraj1 Fri 25-Jul-14 01:30:39

Try asafoetida, a pinch of it in one or two spoon in warm water and give it to drink if the child is more than 6 months old. For babies, put little more asafoetida in warm water and apply it around the navel in clockwise direction. It will surely help

Monica34 Fri 01-Aug-14 22:57:15

I know this is a very old thread, I'm so sorry for digging it up, but after googling out of desperation for answers I stumbled across this thread which is exactly what we are going through with our 12 month old since she was a few weeks old.

Are any of these members still here? I really would love to hear if the issue resolved? And they outgrew it?

We have an appointment with the paediatrician in 2 months but I'm so tired and exhausted I really need to speak to someone who has or is going through the same thing.

Justgotosleepnow Sat 02-Aug-14 08:58:48

Hi I can't believe I've found all these families going through what we've been through too.
My dd is 15mo and wakes in pain every night. Usually every hour or 2 hours. 3 if I'm lucky. I'm just about surviving hmm
I'm still bf as it's the only thing that settles her back to sleep.
And when she wakes she's in pain and sometimes farts and then goes back to sleep.

Loads of ideas to try from reading this thread. I'm going diet & alternative first as western medicine is not suited to this type of problem I feel. And I don't have the energy to fight with docs like others have had to do.

Plan of attack (sequentially not all together)
Switch from cows milk to goats
Smaller chunks of food (she's only got 8teeth)
Try the probiotic mentioned up thread
Cut out banana before bed
Wheat free

Cranial osteo

And by the time we've gone through that list she might have grown out if it eh?

As I've heard so many times of babies finally sleeping when they get to 20 months ish.

Justgotosleepnow Sat 02-Aug-14 09:24:03

Just googled asafoetida. Wow this is an obvious herb to try. Thanks for that recommendation.

Jo2007 Sun 03-Aug-14 14:31:13

Hello, just to update. My DD is now 6.5years. You will be pleased to know that slowly but surely things have improved. Especially since she was very poorly in March with lots of sickness and not eating for a week - this may just be a coincidence but following this illness she has tolerated vegetable casserole and hummous which has really improved her diet overall. She also does well on organic porridge oats cooked well with water for breakfast with 4 large sultances in pieces for a sweetner. It really has been a case of finding what foods suit her best and this may vary between children. I have also continued with homeopathy treatment 2 or 3 appointments a year as I personally and friends have had a lot of success with this for hayfever etc but you do have to see a very experienced and qualified person. She has continued with hospital appointments but more for monitoring as I declined endoscapy and barium swallow as we have seen improvement which to me justifies avoiding anything just to check - it would be different if the procedures were to confirm possible issues which could then be treated, but this is not the case.
Anyway, all the best to everyone as this is such a tiring and life consuming issue. PS as I'm sure everyone would - take care with herbs etc as they are not all suitable for children and it is always difficult to check a reaction when they can't explain and can react quickly.

talic Wed 13-Aug-14 19:25:39

Hi all!
I'm pleased I've come across this post. I'm at my limit.. my 11.5 month old girl had always been windy colicy.. like many others on here. Was told it would pass at 12 weeks then 6 months etc.. but still no change. We discovered tongue tie at 4 onths, got this treated thinking all would improve but no such luck. She is always burping or farting .I was interested to see if the person nic0 had Amy luck with the speech therapist. I feel like my daughter has a dysfunctional sick and takes on loads of air. Even water from a nuby sippy cup hives her burps, you can hear the air bubbles and gurgles. All food seems to do this too. A long time ago we tried different milks with no help. Could it be due to her suck swallow or is it an intolerance or reflux? The doctors think she's findnb but we have an appointment in 3 months for a gastro paed but seems ages away especially as I'm due with baby 2 in 2 months, only a 13 month gap and was wishing it would have passed by now.
Any tips really appreciated! Hope you're all coping ok.

EJNR1234 Thu 14-Aug-14 21:45:10

We are sure our almost 4yr old has fructose and fructan malabsorbtion.
Early on in his life we had problems with the infant formula. We had constant diarrhea which we put down to weaning, vomiting we put down to colds.
When he had all his teeth we couldn't put it down to teething! We realised he had too many "Colds"
We took him to the Dr's, tried two types of antibiotics, asthma inhalers, and as seen above, he was "fine in the day"
He would cough through the night which
would eventually lead to vomiting, he would sweat profusely, body aches, possibly nightmares. He generally had wet stools. Many other symptoms too.
We tried him (aged 2 1/2) wheat free as my second son was born.
We had vast improvements. Until the night of the onions!!! We then put him on a low fodmap diet out of sheer desperation and he was then fine!
(getting up in the night for a newborn and dealing with a vomiting 2 1/2 year old was not fun)

Im wondering if our youngest has the same problem. We weaned him on a fructan and fructose free diet giving small amounts of wheat and fruit but now im giving him bigger portions hes, waking upset in the night, having diarrhea.

When should a babies gut deal with fruit and wheat happily, how long do they have diarrhea for after eating it, or should they not have diarrhea at all?!

I need to be able to deduce whether he has it or not quickly. We as a family are not going through torture for years again, i dont think we could cope.

Other pointers we had it was fructose and fructans was that calpol made him worse when ill, infant toothpaste made him ill, abidec syrup made him ill but the drops are fine.

I can list our sons food he can tolerate on one a4 page, so as you can guess and may experience meals can be bland, repetitive and boring. We can do a simple curry and Chinese now. Anyone got good recipes to liven a limited diet up?


EJNR1234 Thu 14-Aug-14 21:49:43

Our eldest also has a mild lactose and egg white allergy, but we decided all he gets from these is a snuffley nose, and if we cut these out his food really would be basic!

We are eagerly awaiting his stool sample results!

EJNR1234 Thu 14-Aug-14 21:55:24

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

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