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Steroids (prednisilone) in 20 month old - quick advice please

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DD has just been prescribed 3 days of 20mg prednisilone tablets for a severe recurring wheezy chest along with amoxicillin and inhalers.

Picked up the tablets from pharmacy but realised when we got home that there are no instructions/leaflet in the box. They're big tablets so I'm assuming I dissolve them? Does anyone know if there is a min/max amount of water to dissolve them in? Presume I can dissolve them in weak juice to take away any yucky taste?

Also she is just getting over chicken pox - somewhere in my distant memory is there something to do with CP and steroids?

Waiting for call back from doctor but would like to get a dose in asap as she's really quite poorly if anyone knows?

Pobblewhohasnotoes Wed 23-Apr-14 15:29:24

At work we dissolve them in the minimum amount possible because they're foul tasting, and we draw out what we need. I would phone or go back to the pharmacy and check as you need to know how much to draw out into the syringe.

mercibucket Wed 23-Apr-14 18:52:39

if they are actual dissovable tablets (?) they taste gross! dissolve in pure ribena or similar strong squash, just enough to fit in a medicine syringe eg calpol type
alternatively crush and add to eg yoghurt

i would double check wrt cpx. normally it is when on longer term high dose steroids i think

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