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Severe Dizzy Spells

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winnieangel Fri 19-Jul-13 07:25:05

My DD2 age 10 has had three v bad dizzy spells in the last 2 days. She starts to scream and thinks she's going to fall over. After one she said her ear went numb. Ring any bells? Labyrinthitis?

I had extreme dizzy spells with labyrinthitis. I felt unsteady all the time and also had bouts of severe room spinning dizziness. It is not at all nice.

I'd pop to drs but if it is labyrinthitis there isn't a lot they can do but wait for it to pass. I took betahistine for around 6 months but it didn't make any difference that I could tell.

Hope she is better soon.

winnieangel Fri 19-Jul-13 07:48:13

Thank you, wow 6 months! Eeek. Will pop her along to the GP today.

That was just how long I took the drugs for...the main symptoms were a good 18 months plus sad

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