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Have the headlice gone? Help!

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anonymosity Thu 28-Mar-13 21:07:00

I think you may well need to do the treatment twice, tomorrow - to be sure everything is dead. And then keep combing, lots.

We had to do the treatment twice and then comb out the eggs (ugh)

sleepymare Thu 28-Mar-13 18:41:46

I treated my DS with "headrin once" 3 days ago but I
don't know if it's worked. He had several fully grown creepy crawlies (shudder) and we haven't seen a live one since the treatment but I keep finding dark brown nits stuck firmly to his hair. Only found 3 or 4 today and have used the nitty gritty comb every day with conditioner but everything I read says that dead or hatched eggs are white. The few I'm finding on him are dark brown? Are they still live? Please help a ridiculously paranoid mother. Thanks x

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