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Lip tie and gappy front teeth

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inkonapin Mon 11-Mar-13 09:57:54

20mo DD has had a gap in between her front teeth since they came through, I was assured by many people that this is normal and would probably close up when her other teeth came through so didn't worry about it. I took her to the dentist for the first time the other day and the dentist said "Oh she has an attachment, a lip tie, if it causes any problems later on we'll have a look at it". I didn't really question it then as I was also having a check up and trying to keep DD happy but now I'm worrying.

Has anyone had experience of this? What was the outcome? Did it need to be snipped in order to close the gap?

I've got friends who've said they had it snipped after their adult teeth came through and then had to have braces. What I'm thinking is, if it would need to be removed in order to close the gap then would doing it before her adult teeth come through mean they'd come through without a gap and therefore no braces necessary? Or would there be a gap regardless?

I can't really answer your questions but will be interested in any answers as dd has a lip tie. The small gap she had has closed up though. I did here that most children end up with them breaking away when they fall or something anyway.

Ds has one too but he has no teeth yet grin

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