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Any tips on helping toddler with bad cough sleep?

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Teleaddict Wed 30-Mar-11 19:54:52

Hi, my 2 year old DD has a bad cough that is preventing her from going to sleep and then when she does go off it wakes her up a few hours later. We feel pretty helpless in trying to make it better for her but make sure she has a drink of water, give her tixylix, she has a pillow and I have raised her mattress. The doctor has said her chest is clear so just need to wait for it to go.
I just wondered if anyone had any ideas or things that had worked with their little one? It is horrible listening to her although she is fine in herself.
Thanks for reading!

Bizarely we have used vicks on the bottom of dd1's feet which did seem to help (have absoluetly no research to back this up tho'.

Is the chough loose and chesty or dry and tickly?

Teleaddict Wed 30-Mar-11 20:20:54

It's dry and tickly. I have put vicks on her chest so will try her feet!

sneezecakesmum Wed 30-Mar-11 20:30:38

dry tickly coughs may be eased by a humidifier. Its worth a try, argos and amazon sell them.

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