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7 month old swollen penis!

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fifitot Sat 26-Feb-11 19:33:57

Poor DS's little penis looked all red and swollen tonight. What is going on? Could it be related to his excema? Or nappy rash?

How can I help him?

RuthChan Sat 26-Feb-11 19:38:16

Was it at the end of the penis?
If so, it's probably an infection.
Try some antiseptic cream, which should help.
If it doesn't go away after a couple of days you should go to the doctor for something stronger.
My DS has had this a couple of times. I have always been able to control it without help from the doctor.

fifitot Sat 26-Feb-11 19:40:06

The whole thing just looked swollen and a bit sore. Will check again in the morning.

He has awful excema so think it might be related. Thanks for reply.

RuthChan Sat 26-Feb-11 19:52:59

Yes, keep an eye on it and if you're worried take him to the doctor.

sunshineandshowers Mon 28-Feb-11 15:50:12

Might be balanitis. Quite common and they typically swell up. Take to GP's, AB's will clear up really quick.

PurveyorOfWoo Mon 28-Feb-11 15:52:59

My DS had this at about a year old, caused him a lot of discomfort. The whole thing was swollen and red. Typically was a Sunday and had to take him to the OOH clinic, but they prescribed him ABs right away. Swelling went down within 24 hours thank goodness.

PurveyorOfWoo Mon 28-Feb-11 15:54:17

Hmm, just seen you actually posted this last Saturday, so presumably it has improved or you have had him seen to. Hope he is feeling better anyway!

fifitot Mon 28-Feb-11 17:00:39

It's gone down of own accord now - thanks for asking.

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