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Any experience of babies born with hydronephrosis (dilated kidney)?

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highwireact Fri 05-Nov-10 09:24:56

My baby, due in Dec, has hydronephrosis on one side. We have been told it is likely to need an operation in the first couple of months of life. Have also been told it is a routine op and that as one kidney is fine not to be worried, though we are of course.

Anyone had this with their babies and can you tell me how it all went please - the tests, the op, whether you had to stay in hospital longer when it was born etc.

Thank you

binnii Fri 05-Nov-10 13:31:34

My DD was born in June with left hydronephrosis, something which was picked up on ultrasound scans while I was pregnant. Since she was born she has had more scans to monitor the condition and been on a low dose antibiotic to prevent kidney infections. So far, her left kidney has been pretty stable even though it is still larger than normal. She has also been happy and healthy and has plenty of wet nappies. She is due to have a MAG3 scan in December (or later - still waiting on appointment from hospital) which involves something being injected into her hand and then followed by a special scan until it reaches her kidney to determine whether her kidney is blocked or working properly.
I completely understand how worried you are - we were too before DD was born. But having the regular scans has helped reassure us that things are ok so far. We've been told it is quite common for babies, particularly boys, to have this condition and it is being picked up more and more thanks to the ultrasound scans mums have when pregnant. Most of the time there is nothing to worry about and the babies eventually "grow into" their large kidney. Only time will tell it seems. Try not to worry too much and see what the doctors say when your baby is born

JellyBelly10 Fri 05-Nov-10 14:24:13

My DS1 had this in both kidneys (one larger than the other though, but both affected). It was picked up at our 20 week scan. I was beside myself with worry! But when he was born they just put him on small daily dose of antibiotic every day for the first 6 months and gave us regular check-up scans. By 6 months he was taken off the prophylactic antibiotics as his kidneys had reduced to being within normal range. He has never had a urine infection and has had sbolutely no problems with anything to do with his kidneys ever since and is now 6. Try not to worry...

highwireact Sun 07-Nov-10 18:34:27

Thank you both - had managed to put it to the back of my mind especially as doctors discharged us after scan at 30 weeks until post birth. Am on the home stretch now and it keeps popping back into my head. But really helpful to hear your experiences so thank you.

nunnie Fri 19-Nov-10 20:20:19

My little man was born with this also picked up on scans, he was prescribed antibiotics when a few hours old. He in 7 weeks on sunday, and has had an ultrasound which showed the kidney is still dilated, and there is a thining of his tubing on the left side, and the top of the kidney looks slightly different than the bottom. He is going in to have 2 further investigations a week on monday, these involve having a catheter fitted and a cannula inserted, one test looks for renal scarring the other checks for obstruction or reflux.

Have been told if he requires an operation it won't be done till he is older and he will probably be on the antibiotics long term. They will just monitor him regularly.

Will let you know the outcome of the tests if you wish, as might find out more about treatment if the tests show up the cause.

He does not seem to be in any discomfort and if it wasn't picked up on the scan I wouldn't know there was a problem at all.

His kidney was 14mm at 32 week scan and had increased slightly at the scan he had at 3 weeks.

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