Something along the lines of Malory Towers/St Claire's books please?

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MrsMcGregor Thu 19-Dec-13 13:30:15

Any recommendations please? 11 year old loves Enid Blyton Malory Towrs and St Claire's books but has read all of them. What else would she like! Is there anything boarding school themed from other authors?


ZeroSomeFestiveGameThingy Thu 19-Dec-13 17:43:04

This is what you want! fsmile

And there are lots of other threads on the same subject.

KingRollo Thu 19-Dec-13 17:46:09

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

gingerbead Thu 19-Dec-13 17:52:43

What about the chalet school?

ChristmasStrumpet Thu 19-Dec-13 17:56:09

Trebizon - more modern and have boys in them {faints} but they are harmless.

Recently read one of my old ones when I could not sleep for worrying about something and wanted something easy to read to tale my mind off horrible stuff.

You would probably have to buy them secondhand. Amazon sell them.

ZeroSomeFestiveGameThingy Thu 19-Dec-13 17:59:27

gingerb..... Admit it, you didn't click the link did you?



strugglinginsilence Thu 19-Dec-13 18:00:39

Antonia Forest's Kingscote novels are fab.

MrsMcGregor Thu 19-Dec-13 19:10:44

How could I have forgotten the Chalet School books? I loved them as a child. All a ridiculous price for a paperback on Amazon! Are there any more modern authors writing along a similar vein? Thanks!

ZeroSomeFestiveGameThingy Thu 19-Dec-13 21:23:07

I only wish there were writers producing 21st century school stories with the Chalet School degree of commitment. (Without wizardry....)

I've seen "Ribblestrop" mentioned but have never read any and they might not be quite what's wanted.

Have you or your Dd come across M. E. Allan? "The School on North Barrule" might be worth seeking out. The bibliography shows she wrote masses of books - not sure how many are school stories...

MrsMcGregor Thu 19-Dec-13 21:43:15

Thanks Zero, I shall go and check both those suggestions on Amazon now!

AnneOfGreenGarbles Thu 19-Dec-13 22:11:08

I loved Chalet School. If they are too hard to get hold of these days, how about the Sadlers Wells ballet school books? I keep meaning to reread these. I also loved all Enid Blyton books - Famous Five, The Mystery of xxx and loads of others to choose from.

SledYuleCated Thu 19-Dec-13 22:16:01

Has she read The Naughtiest Girl series? Originals by Enid Blyton, and later imprint type ones by Anne Digby.

SledYuleCated Thu 19-Dec-13 22:18:44

Also, not boarding school, but I'm rereading Ballet Shoes at the moment.

bramblethecow Thu 19-Dec-13 22:21:28

Ballet Shoes by Noel Streatfield, and I think there are others in that series. I don't really like Enid Blyton, her books have a lot of classism/racism, even taking into account that they're from a different era.

fedup21 Thu 19-Dec-13 22:23:28

What about Frozen in Time by Ali Sparks-an excellent mix of now and then!

youcantakethegirloutofwales Thu 19-Dec-13 22:26:10

Maybe for 12+ - more modern, boys and mild snogging/fumbling, set in Scottish boarding school present day-ish for fairly priveleged girls. My broad minded and, by 12, totally sex ed'ed DD devoured them . . . I read them too. Some important social issues covered well e.g. a mum with cancer, a parent going bankrupt, friendship group issues. But not at all Tracey Beaker-ish. If your DD is very sheltered or you are wary of exposure to snogging etc, hold off a bit. Also agree re the Trebizon books by Anne Digby

redrubyindigo Thu 19-Dec-13 22:26:49

Angela Brazil's books and please check out the Hugo and Josephine trilogy. Written by a Swedish writer but they are just amazing.

Joan Aitken 'The Wolves of Willoughby Chase' not 'boarding school but wonderful.

The Chalet School books of course. I have in my bedroom an original watercolour by Nina K Brisley who drew the Chalet School illustrations.

Noel Streatfeild (not a typo) and Nina Bawden could be looked into.

redrubyindigo Thu 19-Dec-13 22:32:26

Why did I say 'but'? hmm

madamehooch Fri 20-Dec-13 07:11:36

The Secret Hen House Theatre. Not so much a school story but more a modern day Noel Streatfeild. Same principles as Malory Towers - friends helping each other against the odds with a nasty girl thrown in for good measure! Comes highly recommended by my Year 6 reading groups and is one of the best children's books I've read in a long time.

Jaynebxl Fri 20-Dec-13 07:25:14

Definitely Chalet School. Am just hoping my mum has kept all mine in the loft so we don't have to splash out on them for dd.

gingerbead Fri 20-Dec-13 07:35:04

No I didn't click the link.... But great minds think alike and all that ! ;)

GirlWithTheDirtyShirt Fri 20-Dec-13 07:48:39

I've been devouring Chalet School books again the last couple of year. I think the most I've paid is about 2.99 on Amazon.

Middleagedmotheroftwo Fri 20-Dec-13 07:51:05

Ballet shoes, and the others in that series
What Katy Did series
Anne of Green Gables
Little Women

ChristmasStrumpet Fri 20-Dec-13 09:56:29

The Trebizon ones by A Digby are almost a modern day (1980's) Malory Towers. I believe she based the books on MT. The school is based in Cornwall and as you read there are some similarities but without the same Enid Blyton snobbery. There are boys in the book but its all very clean cut and above board.

DeWe Fri 20-Dec-13 12:07:26

Both my dc enjoy school stories. Dd1's 13, and now prefers more advenurous stuff generally.
I've just bought half a dozen of the harder to find Chalet school for dd2 (age 10) who likes the quieter stories.

School stories my two have enjoyed:
Chalet school (dd1 never got into them, but dd2 loves them)
Kingscote (Antonia Forest)
Trebizon (though they get very into boys quite early)
Gwendoline Courtney (another 50s/60s writer but dd2 likes that sort)
Olivia and XXX (Stage school)
Royal Ballet School stories (don't know what they're called but the main character is Ellie/Ella)

Similar ilk that mostly dd2 loves (she likes the old fashioned stories)
Monica Edwards
Noel Streatfield
Little House
Rose and the XXX (I think by Holly Wells)
Violet Needham
Geoffrey Treese Bannermere series
Eva Ibertson (not sure about spelling)

The older books are republished by GGBP which is brilliant for her.
I don't recommend the Abbey girl series. They're just too far from modern life, i found.

ZeroSomeFestiveGameThingy Fri 20-Dec-13 12:20:20

DeWe I have never heard anyone else mention Gwendoline Courtney! "Elizabeth of the Garret Theatre" is one of my all time favourite books.

OP What does your Dd like apart from boarding school stories? Is she moving into teen stuff? There's lots more to be recommended but it depends on her level of maturity - and how you might feel about more grown up writing...

MrsMcGregor Fri 20-Dec-13 22:11:58

Thanks everyone. The Royal ballet school books look ideal. St Judes books look like a nice series but might be a bit advanced for her. Will keep a note of some of these for future reading though!

DeWe Fri 20-Dec-13 23:24:05

Zero we found some GGBP books by her at a charity shop and she loved them. We haven't got that one though.
Her favourite is one about a girl who finds she's a duchess and doesn't tell anyone at school because they're terribly snobby about such things. Can't remember the name though.

ZeroSomeFestiveGameThingy Fri 20-Dec-13 23:46:22

Well I'll have to search out some more now that they've been recommended.

I first discovered the Chalet School at a bring and buy sale... Sadly the RL boarding school I subsequently attended was entirely lacking in romance and adventure.

timtam23 Sat 21-Dec-13 00:28:08

It's not boarding school exactly, but The Swish of the Curtain - Pamela Brown was a favourite of mine when I was a child, I remember it being a TV series in the 1980s? There are other books in the series as well, following the characters as they get older (some feel a bit dated now as the books were written in the 1940s)

DeWe Sat 21-Dec-13 18:56:00

The thing for me that really dates The Swish of the curtain is the amount of smoking by the main cast of children. I think all the older boys do it to "calm their nerves" by the end except one of the boys for whom it "disagrees with".
Although it gave me no issues when I read it as a child, I found that quite difficult to read as an adult to my dc, I don't think the younger boys were older than 15.

purplebaubles Sat 21-Dec-13 18:58:50

Antonia Forest's Kingscote novels are fab

I second this!

PrincessButtercup Mon 23-Dec-13 15:06:31

Take a look at Eva Ibbotson's The Dragonfly Pool, perhaps?

Also I can't remember being 11 without thinking of Judy Blume. Entirely off the boarding school theme, I know, and American but great tween books, I think...

kimlo Mon 23-Dec-13 15:56:45

I loved the chalet school dd1 has just started them and seems to be enjoying them. I had most of them when I was her age but my dm gave them to the charity shop.

I've got the first five from ebay I wish they were available to download as a kindle book though.

hels71 Tue 31-Dec-13 22:04:46

Gwendoline Courtney's books are ace! (I think the title mentioned earlier is A Coronet for Cathy?) I also suggest Clare Mallory, but they are hard to find. Antonia Forest's Kingscote books are also fantastic....the only problem with them is there are not enough...

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