Authors starting Q, X and Y?

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Ds1 (y2) has a school reading challenge to read an alphabet of authors! We are stuck on names beginning with Q, X and Y. These can be first names or surnames. Can anyone suggest something suitable?


jammygem Mon 05-May-14 13:33:20

Quentin Blake is a good start - he's best known for illustrating Road Dahl's books but wrote a fair few of his own smile

Leeds2 Mon 05-May-14 16:18:34

There is the Mo's Mischief series of books by Hongying Yank. Probably aimed at children older than Year 2, but definitely primary school.

K.A.S. Quinn (this is the first in a series)

Does it have to be fiction? There's an Operation Ouch book and one of the authors is Dr Xand Van Tulleken.

(although that would probably be heavy going for Y2)

Wayhey everyone - thanks! You're doing better then the librarian at the central library. No, it doesn't have to be fiction, and in KS1 it can be read to them, rather than them having to read everything themselves.

Thanks again!

Takver Tue 06-May-14 15:35:44

Definitely Quentin Blake! Arabella's raven is great as a read out loud, Mrs Armitage on Wheels if you want a shorter picture book. I love his books as an adult smile

iseenodust Wed 07-May-14 12:47:14

There's a Mark Quinn who writes book about abear.

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