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Children's bookclub: Half Bad by Sally Green - Apply for a free copy.

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RachelMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 03-Mar-14 15:02:48

We're delighted to announce Sally Green's debut YA novel Half Bad as one of our bookclub choice books for March. Sally was 48 years old when she penned her first novel which has gone on to be sold in 45 countries and film rights have already been snapped up.

Half Bad is the first in a trilogy which tells the story of a young male witch, Nathan, who is captured beaten and kept in a cage up until the age of fourteen because he doesn't fit into a society of black or white witches. Nathan must escape before his sixteenth birthday in order to fulfil his potential as a witch, or else he will die but he finds himself facing some great challenges, both emotional and political on his quest to discover who he really is.

Apply for a free copy and review or discuss the book on this thread. As a debut author, Sally has shared her Top tips for budding novelists.

Started this today, really enjoying it

well, I might be wrong, but I thought I had to fill something in saying what age my children were etc but that may have been something else.

However, I thought the point was that they wanted feedback on the book from the intended audience so therefore the people applying for a free copy would be people with a child in the correct age range available to read the book and provide being the Children's books section. Don't get me wrong, I am quite partial to a read of the books my children read, but I wouldn't have applied for a copy on my own behalf.

No form to say what age your children are soontobe just the normal apply for a copy page. I enjoy YA fiction and read it often so I honk I fall into 'target market' and having started it I wouldn't say Half Bad feels like a YA to me but more like an adult fantasy book which I also enjoy

Okay, my mistake, must just be random then.

IreadthereforeIam Tue 25-Mar-14 21:29:17

I know I'm completely the wrong demographic for this book, but I do like a bit of YA, and this was a really good, fast paced read. I would imagine that a teenager of 13+ would be happy reading this (and their parents would be happy for them to read it) - there is some violence, some of it quite bloody, and it hints at swearing. It had a fresh take on witches, and I liked that all was not as it seemed to begin with. I'm quite looking forward to the next instalment. It's just a shame that I'll have to wait for 2015!

Tregurthabird Mon 31-Mar-14 20:22:22

I was fortunate enough to win a copy with Mumsnet and have just finished reading it. I thought it was brilliant! I have really enjoyed young adult dystopian and fantasy novels since reading The Hunger Games trilogy and this fitted into that genre. The scene setting was good and believable and I particularly like how it was started off differently with a chapter only lasting 1 page! the only issue I have is now waiting a year to find out what happens next!

Agggghast Tue 01-Apr-14 12:02:12

Just finished my copy and enjoyed it but I did feel the narrative voice was female and thus Nathan failed to be completely believable to me. I liked the pacy prose but again failed to feel any of the 'darkness' JK produced in her later novels. Also the writer used dialogue to tell the reader how characters felt rather that showing through the narrative. Whilst it was a good read I am not sure I would bother with the sequels.

MamaMummyMum Wed 02-Apr-14 10:17:59

I have just finished reading this, I have to say for a debut novel I am impressed, it had me hooked from the first page. A fast paced, gripping book, can't wait for the next instalment, I am now passing it on to my daughter for her to have read, shall update with what she thinks.

nerysw Thu 03-Apr-14 09:18:21

I finished this last night and can't wait for the next one to come out. I thoroughly enjoyed it - and actually thought it was better written than a fair few adult novels I've read in the past.
I had a mind to give it to a friend's 13 year old as my kids are too young for it and wasn't actually expecting to enjoy it myself. More fool me, I should know better as I really enjoyed Zafon's 'Midnight Palace' which is also badged 'Young Adult'.
There is violence in in but it's far more meaningful and thought provoking than the cartoon violence young teenagers will inevitably see in video games and blockbuster movies.
It's well written and the characters are excellent - totally engaging and I like the fact that Nathan, the lead character, is flawed as it makes him more believable and realistic.
All in all a really good read (not just for teens).

AugustRose Fri 04-Apr-14 10:04:51

I haven't read this yet but my DD who is 12 finished it last night. I wasn't sure whether it would be suitable following comments made above but we talked about it and she decided to start it and see how she felt after the first few chapters.

Needless to say she finished it in 3 days and came down last night saying she can't believe she has to wait another year to find out what happens! She did say there was a bit a death and violence and swearing although nothing more than she hears at school but she wouldn't say anymore as she thinks I will really enjoy it, so doesn't want to spoil it for me.

It looks like this has been another hit and I will come back and post my own views when I've had a chance to read it.

Thank you.

I think I enjoyed it! I will probably read the second one when it comes out but I'm not sure if I really like Nathan very much. It had good pace to the story and it was well written but towards the end it did feel a little like I was 'getting through it' and not fully enjoying it

Candidcandycane Fri 11-Apr-14 14:05:54

Thanks for my free copy, I absolutely loved reading this. it does start a little different from other books in this genre but I really enjoyed that. can't believe I'm going to have to wait a whole year till the next instalment though! so glad to have been introduced to Sally Green, thanks MN smile

missorinoco Mon 14-Apr-14 20:56:45

Interesting book. For a debut novel this is excellent. Adding it to the pile for DC to read in a few years. Thankyou.

Agree the style is more female than male.

bella4024 Tue 15-Apr-14 10:31:11

Thank you for my copy of this book.

When I first started this book, I was not impressed. The story starts off in the second person. I was not a fan of this. But it only lasted a few pages, and was effective at making a point. After that I thought the writing was very good. It was easy to read and gripping. I enjoyed the characters and they felt well fleshed out.

The story was very original, I have not read anything similar. I think it set the trilogy up well and I am excited to read to next one!

My 16 year old sister is very excited to read this one next!

RachelMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 19-May-14 11:11:19

It's great to see so many mumsnetters loved this as much as we did. For those who haven't read yet, you can read more mumsnet reviews here:

Half Bad reviews

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