Book like 'You Choose'

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Mixed-up Fairytales very popluar in our house

sleepywombat Sun 04-Aug-13 06:39:57

Yes I think it was that one I was thinking of! Have ordered 2 copies - one for birthday boy & one for my own ds!

silasramsbottom Sun 04-Aug-13 01:40:28

Just imagine is also by Nick Sharratt. A very good companion to you choose. My DS loves it almost as much.

sleepywombat Sun 04-Aug-13 01:34:34

Fab. Thanks Nicknamegrief.

Going to look the first 3 up.
Am a massive Richard Scarry fan!

Just imagine,
Would you rather?
The big book of crazy mix ups
Richard Scary books...

sleepywombat Sun 04-Aug-13 01:24:25

What is the book similar to 'you choose', that is often mentioned on here (I can't for the life of me think of what it is called)?
I think it is similarly interactive & suitable for preschoolers?

Friend's ds turning 4, not keen on stories, wanted to get him You Choose and one other!


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