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Sibling discounts and contracts for 2 siblings?

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JennyPenny23 Fri 21-May-10 09:05:13

Do you do them? If so, how much?

I am speaking to somebody about having her 2 after school children and haven't discussed charges yet. I have a set fee per hour usually but I am sure she will ask if I do a sibling discount. On one hand, it seems so expensive for her if I chrage her double, so a sibling discount would be more affordable, but on the other hand, I am still loosing both the vancancies and couldn't take on more children in that time?

Haven't actually met her yet but just want to be prepared when I do.

Also, do you have 2 seperate contracts for the 2 siblings? Or do you have one for both?

BoysAreLikeDogs Fri 21-May-10 09:06:58

one contract per child

no discount for siblings for the reasons you gave

JennyPenny23 Fri 21-May-10 09:36:00

OK thanks!

BoysAreLikeDogs Fri 21-May-10 09:47:34


HSMM Fri 21-May-10 12:27:56

I don't do discounts for siblings, because 2 children from the same family are a greater business risk than 2 from separate families, because, if they leave, they leave together. So ... for siblings I double the notice period. No-one has ever had any problem with this.

BoysAreLikeDogs Fri 21-May-10 12:29:00

gawd yy you said about doubling the notice period last week HSMM, that is such good advice

atworknotworking Fri 21-May-10 14:31:06

Yeah no discount here either. You do the same work and provide the same care.

Good idea that HSMM might do that in future if I get any more sibblies.

JennyPenny23 Fri 21-May-10 14:41:36

Great point there! I think I am quite cheap anyway so hopefully it won't matter too much.

Thanks for all the advice!

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