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Risk Assessments, Policies and Procedures! Any help appreciated!

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leeloo1 Mon 11-May-09 18:16:58

Hi all,

I'm about to start writing all of these documents, but am feeling a bit overwhelmed about how many to have and where to start and also don't want to be reinventing the wheel if there are sample/standard ones out there!

So, if there are any sample ones online that you know about then please let me know.

Or if any kind people could send me any of theirs to have a look at the format and sort of information thats included I'd be very grateful.

My (fancy new) email address is grin

atworknotworking Mon 11-May-09 18:40:29

Leeloo you don't say if you have just registered or in process of re-doing what you have. I'd be very careful about getting stuff of the net and ebay hmm there is some real rubbish out there!. If you do have a look online make sure the source is from a reputable provider like a .gov or council site but remember to use these carefully policys, proceedures and risk assessments should be individual and apply to what you do, however it's good to look at some examples to see what format people use. The statutary framework should be the basis for a lot of stuff make sure you include the welfare requirements into your paperwork.

Best thing to do is start from the top with Risk Assessment you will need to do:

An initial or baseline assessment of your setting inside & out.

An assessment for each area you use or are registered for again inside & out.

One for each regular planned outing and also any occasional trips or visits.

Remember to do school drop collection assesments using a vehicle , bus, train etc

Its good practice to include what ratios the assessment relates to and put a review date on with a proviso that it may be ness to review earlier if something changes.

You will also need a checklist style assessment for daily checks in & out.

Policys & Proc

Never ending sagas for me sad think you got them all then another pops up shock

Basically you will need all areas covered in the welfare requirements as well as the standard ones

Sick child / exclusion
Medicine storage / administration
Risk Assessment
Parental Consent
Partnership with Parents
Smoking / alcohol / drugs
Safeguarding / prevention / detection / internet
Sharing information
Visitors / Suspicious callers
outings & transport
Welcoming / settling in
Food Hygiene
Handling Waste
Pets & Animals
Accidents & Injuries
Data Protection

the list goes on and on and on.....

The minders on here are a helpful bunch so just ask and we will try to help grin

Non-collection of child policy.

Emergency carer policy.

I found the 'eyfs in practice' guide to policies and procedures fabulous. Its not cheap but it is a wealth of information and guidance. They give you 'sample' policies which you adapt and rewrite for your setting. There's also loads of info about risk assessments and obs/assessments. I learnt more about eyfs from this than I did from the training courses I did smile. They also offer telephone or email support and the lady who runs the company is wonderful grin. They are policies written by cms for cms. Google 'eyfs in practice'.
Also have a look at the Bromley cm website - they have mega loads of info and resources.

BTW, i've had some wonderful resources from ebay and other websites - yes, I've also had some rubbish sad, but it takes some of the hard work out of our job.

HSMM Mon 11-May-09 20:13:29

Have a look on the NCMA website, as they have some example policies.

leeloo1 Mon 11-May-09 20:54:54

Thanks everyone, thats fantastic, what a comprehensive list of whats needed and where to look for more help!

Am wondering why my council felt the need to spend over 2 hours of the pre-registration briefing going through the Ofsted application form line by line (seriously 'you need to put your surname here, and if you've used a different name, like if you're married then you need to put that here and then the date you changed it here' hmm) rather than getting their act together and producing useful things like that. Grrrrrr!

As probably now obvious I'm in the process of registering at the moment and want to get everything organised before Ofsted come to take a look at it all! smile

SillyMillysMummy Mon 11-May-09 20:58:06

leeloo1 - dont worry too much about your registration inspection, they wont expect to see all that paperwork, just check your premises and who you are smile its the next inspection at about 6 months after that you will need to show these


leeloo1 Mon 11-May-09 21:04:46

Oh, ok, thanks SillyMillysMummy - I did ask about that to my area coordinator but she didn't really seem certain but said it'd be better to have it all in place.

What did they ask you about at your registration inspection then? Am I worrying too much about it all?

Shoshe Mon 11-May-09 21:05:03

If you would like to email me, I can send you the Handbook i give to my mentee CM's.

It has most of what you need in it.

email: nanny475 at hotmail dot com.

Area coordinators - don't get me started hmm. You are best off getting to know some local cms and talking to them too - you can usually go to the drop-ins before your registration comes through, and they may pass work your way once you're 'one of the girls' grin. A lot of work when you start out can be 'word of mouth' and recommendation.

Shoshe, how do you find time to fit it all into your day, wish you'd been my 'buddy' when I

leeloo1 Mon 11-May-09 22:01:21

Thanks Shoshe - you have mail! grin

underpaidandoverworked Glad I'm not the only one who found them less than useful... its v depressing that they gave us certificates to say what they'd 'covered' in the briefing and I read it going 'oooh tax and NI, wish they had told us about that... Risk Assessments, oooh that would've been useful... how to prepare for Ofsted, that sounds good...!' angry its lies, all lies, they didn't tell us anything of the sort.

Oh and they showed us the really useful pack that the NCMA 'give you free' when you register - except when one of the girls on the course called them she was told its £85 to register and another £75 for the free pack?!?! Bunch of monkeys!

Shoshe Mon 11-May-09 22:08:47

Lee You have Mail grin

UnderW, you were just to far north for me sad

Leeloo, the reason they don't cover it is because they don't know about it grin.

Shoshe sad sad

atworknotworking Tue 12-May-09 08:11:46

Underpaid - didnt mean to diss ebay (have a shop myself wink - just a caution as some produce reasonable stuff but don't keep it updated. Childminding Treasures is a great site has got a lot of free downloads too and loads of ideas that you can adapt, Bev who runs it is also Fabulous if you need advice on stuff.

Spot on with the pre-reg course what a waste of time sad don't actually tell you anything, it's more of an NCMA advertorial, it's just one big learning curve and mostly by chance I lose count of the amount of times I've said Whats that then? Didn't know about that or where do you get that from? we should have a handbook with all the stages in and what resources each local authority has, just discovered a toy library at ours bin minding 4yrs angry could have saved a fourtune. I feel like a secret agent grin

VeryCheekyMonkey Thu 14-May-09 13:11:13

Hi new on here, but just thought i would pop up and say that there is a website called childmindinghelp its brilliant for help and advice. there is a childminder called sarah neville from knutsford childminding (google that too) who sells e-books they cost next to nothing- i bought some to help me with all the changes and to get ready for my inspection, i cant praise her work highly enough -I have just been graded outstanding by ofsted and a lot of it was down to her and her help,advice and e-books ! good luck x

well done on your inspection cheeky monkey

lou031205 Thu 14-May-09 15:42:06


VeryCheekyMonkey Thu 14-May-09 21:15:10

THanks was a bit shocked at first but its what i wanted and would have sulked if i didnt get it !grin

VeryCheekyMonkey Thu 14-May-09 21:21:30

Leeloo try BCMA-Bromley childminding Assosiation ! Very helpful ! wink
Let me know what you think grin

leeloo1 Thu 14-May-09 22:31:25

Hiya everyone,

Have had a busy few days reading all the info from Shoshe - which is fab, so thank you so much!

Well done on your inspection VeryCheekyMonkey - do you mind me asking what your 'setting' is like - how many children you have? what you had in place when Ofsted came to call? etc etc Did they make any comments about anything that sticks in your mind?

I'd love to get Outstanding too, but the reports I've read seem so above anything that I could provide that it all seems disheartening...

VeryCheekyMonkey Sat 16-May-09 00:17:24

Hi leeloo,

alot of the info on my setting is on my website check it out it might help in some areas.
At the end of the day it just a family home ! she liked my play room and all the childrens art work diplayed and posters, photo's etc, and my paper work. as on my website i have seperated my policies, info i hold on the areas i cover etc and related them to the different outcomes - enjoy and achieve, a safe child blaa blaa, cross referenced some, for eg -i have a seperate risk assesnent folder which includes a full risk assesment on my home, severe weather, any outings i might go on -including school runs! and i also have a copy of risk assesment on my home in a safe child folder - it sort of shows that i understand what is included in the different areas.
i look after i have 6 permanent children on my books at the mo and others short term -adhoc. i only had 1 under 5 that day, she asked her lots of Qs and although she is just 3 speaks very well and luckily gave me a glowing reference!grin She commented alot about how well i knew her and involved her in everything down to how many cherry tomatoes she wanted with her lunch and got her to count them out wink! And the assesment planning and obs i did, she liked all the photos i used in her folder to be honest though its alot of work (paper work)sad and i have spent hours slaving over a hot computer ! To get everything right and to be honest i think it all depends on the inspector !hmm My sister has been registered for 6 months and had her !st 'proper' inspection a week after mine and if you were to read it you would think the inspector thought she was the best thing since sliced bread and marked her outstanding in certain ares but she got an overall good and we work together on all the paperwork pretty much and use each others ideas etc where as if you read my report she didnt really write very much but seemed very impressed also - who knows! I dont live near my sister we just work things out together and try to work to the same standards.
Anyway i hope some of that blabbering on was a bit useful - to be honest as she was so impressed with my paper work i am thinking about selling some of my templates etc on my website- as my mum says all the childminders at my school have been coming round and usiing them or getting me to help them set up there folders i put alot of hard work into them -maybe i should sell them What do you think ? I have spent hours and hours and months getting it all right and to work with the EYFS. i love to help people, but maybe i should get something out of it too! Let me know what you all think - blush wow that was a long mssg!shock

leeloo1 Sun 17-May-09 21:13:14

Hi VeryCheekyMonkey,

Thanks for your message - I'll have a look at your website in a minute.

Well, you did do all that hard work and got outstanding, so why not sell your templates? Thats all that sarah neville from knutsford (really helpful site btw, thanks) has done really isn't it? Although I guess she's been doing it all a bit longer...

BTW, which of her ebooks did you buy? Or out of those you bought, which were most helpful?

What did your Ofsted inspector ask you when they first visited you? Am still terrified that its all going to go badly and I won't be prepared enough...

thanks again...

VeryCheekyMonkey Mon 18-May-09 00:00:57

Hi leeloo
my pre reg visit was really nerve racking !
Its awful not knowing what to expect - but she asked me a few questions on how i will entertain the kids /how have i made sure there are prrovisions for all ages of children - what activities would i provide and how could i adapt them to meet all needs etc - they will want to know that you know what you are talking about with regard to EYFS or who to ask to find out -big on inclusion at mo- see above - they ask you about yourself and family -what made you want to be a childminder etc its more like an interveiw than inspection first time round to be honest DO A RISK ASSESMENT they like this - sorry just sort of remembering things as i go along - they also like to see that you have the main policies in place already so they see you understand what is expected of you - Equal opps/inclusion/health and safety/hygine/emergency plan/child sickness/childminder sickness - have you thought about what you would do if there was a fire ? Fire evacuation procedure!

e-books - one about getting ready for your inspection/ one about how to complete SEF/multicultural planning + seasons / risk assesments (mini)
All good and informative in there own way helped me to clarify what was expected as do any of us really know ? we all need reasurance sometimes x please let me know if this was useful at all - remember the pre reg is mostly seeing what you are all about and making sure you are serious about childminding -thats the way i saw it !

I think i might start selling some of my paper work, see how it goes - just need to pull my finger out!
Sorry about the crappy typing - rushing a bit - promised myself i would go to bed early tonight, oh well !
smilegrinwinkangryblushsadenvyhmm xx

VeryCheekyMonkey Mon 18-May-09 00:08:49

Oh yes and they do a full inspection of your property ang garden to check safe and ask if you have done a risk assesment and ask silly questions about safety like what would you do if you had a baby a toddler and a school aged child in the car and had to get them all in safely - who would you take in first and why ? I'll never forget that Q maybe she just asked me as my front door opened onto a road and i had no drive but just so you know -Know about -*what to do if you think a child is being abused* booklet - also big on child protection xx Leave a comment on my website to let me know what you think of it its fairly new xgrin

leeloo1 Thu 21-May-09 00:00:52

Hiya cheekymonkey,

Thanks, thats really helpful. Its scary how much you need to get in place before they visit! I sent my ofsted forms off yesterday so I need to start getting my act together! sad

Will have a look at the ebooks you've recommended, hopefully they'll help me work out what to do next, as I feel like a bit of a headless chicken at the moment. I feel like I have enough work to do looking after the baby without trying to get the house and garden into tip top order... I know I'd have had to do it anyway before I started minding but I thought I'd have a few months to do it gradually...

Ah well, better get to bed otherwise I'll get nothing done tomorrow... thanks again for all the help though.

VeryCheekyMonkey Thu 21-May-09 22:00:42

No problem anything else i can help you with you can always e-mail me you know where my website is x grin

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