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FFFFFFFFFriday staff room

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Numberfour Fri 01-May-09 06:05:58


I am going to spend the morning at DS preschool with the toddler i have.
Then hopefully every one will leave early today and I can start my long weekend.

aGalChangedHerName Fri 01-May-09 06:44:40


Got my Care Commission Inspection this afternoon eek!! Had a trip to Heritage Centre planned for my after schoolies so hope we can still do a short trip.

I am sooo nervous (no reason to be) but.......

Looks like a nice day here tho so will get the lo's out for a walk this morning.

I know i won't finish till 6.30pm so gin o'clock a long way away. Added to that my dd2 who has been toilet training for 3 weeks now is doing really well,woke me at 4.15am for a wee so didn't get back to sleep after that. Can't moan cos she has done brilliantly lol.

Have a good day!!

Shoshe Fri 01-May-09 06:47:19

good Morning Ladies, its Friday so swimming this morning.

Then home lunch and bed, then school run then they all go home,

I do like Fridays grin

aGalChangedHerName Fri 01-May-09 06:49:16

How many do you take swimming Shoshe? Am thinking about taking my dd2 and little mindee,have never take mindees swimming before but do fancy trying it.

Shoshe Fri 01-May-09 06:56:11

3 with my adult helper grin

Would you like my masterclass infogrin

mumsanutter Fri 01-May-09 07:02:15

Morning all,

Shoshe I would love to know how you manage to take them swimming I can't even do my 2 little ones!!

How can I explain to a 4 year old that daddy is in Japan working and won't be home for 6 weeks?? DS3 can't seem to understand Japan - he gets New York!!!! hmm

Not doing anything today apart from school runs am and pm, as said ds3 has tonsillitis so he isn't up for much sad

aGalChangedHerName Fri 01-May-09 07:03:57

Ooohh Masterclass,get you lol. Yes any info would be great!!

Shoshe Fri 01-May-09 07:07:46

OK are you ready for the masterclass.

Before you go, change all kids into all in one fleeces, and vest and nappies.

When you get there, change yourself first, then eldest and so on down the line, as you take the clothes off, hang on peg the way you are going to put them back on, with nappy over the top.

Once in water, all have arm bands and rubber rings, that way you can keep them all above the water level and grab them by the ring, if they float to far away. Never Ever put child in ring without armbands they can slip through.

Once swimming is over, strip child, sit on floor (they will fall off benches) with bum in the ring, (they cant crawl off then) cover with towelling poncho so warm and give snack and drink.

Dress yourself, you cannot dress them if you are cold and shivering, it takes twice as long.

Then start with the youngest usually they are dry by this time, dress, put in buggy cover with blanket, do the next child.

I can usually get us out and all 4 of us changed and in the car in 15 minutes.

Then straight home to bed, if they make it that far before falling asleep.

So endeth the masterclass grin

aGalChangedHerName Fri 01-May-09 07:21:18

LOLOLOLOL OMG you are amazing!!!

It usually takes DH and i best part of an hour to get ourselves and the dd's ready.

Better go get paperwork laid out for scrutiny. Have a good day all x

coolj Fri 01-May-09 07:42:53

Morning girlies. Ive got 2 this morning and 3 this afternoon coming.

Going to Rhyme Time at library this morning and playpark this afternoon.

Good luck with inspection AGCHN.

Shose, im in awe. Well done you.

Have a good (sunshiny) day.

HSMM Fri 01-May-09 07:58:21

Shoshe grin - I always build in loads of time for changing (so I don't get impatient) and half the clothes end up wet and I am always trying to squeeze wet tights onto legs. Something tells me you are more efficient than me!

Shoshe Fri 01-May-09 08:04:48

AArrggggg tights and wet child, one Mum insisted in her daughter only wearing dresses, hence why i bought all in one fleeces (primark £3.00)grin

KatyMac Fri 01-May-09 08:05:37

Swimming is so not going to happen chez Katymac

Good luck Agal

No4 fingers crossed for an early finish (I just built into my contracts I'm finishing at 5 on Fridys from this week on)

Umm picture of Japan, sushi (?), why didn't he go to New York (do you need to explain Japan - just lie & either say he is in New York or that Japan is an area in New York or the next town over - these are the things you will laugh about in 20 yrs)

Hi Coolj
have a nice day everyone


Bit stressed I have a fun day on Sunday <<gulp>> big advertising push

Shoshe Fri 01-May-09 08:11:02

Aww go on Katy grin

it is actually the most relaxing morning of the week grin

KatyMac Fri 01-May-09 08:13:04

With 9 grin??

Shoshe Fri 01-May-09 08:46:39

Tie all the rubber rings together????? grin

HSMM Fri 01-May-09 08:58:03

off to primark to buy all in 1 fleeces

looneytune Fri 01-May-09 14:43:20

Hi everyone

Just a quicky whilst I finally get a cuppa before getting kids up for the school run (soooo don't want to go.....I've caused trouble for school this week and we're supposed to be having a big meeting but I think they're trying to bully me and I WILL NOT have this meeting whilst I'm childminding!!!)

Shoshe - your first Friday posts are SOOOO predictable grin However I'm loving the masterclass!!!!!

HSMM - is this something you do on your own???? Would you like company??? Shall we try this together??? (depending on ratios allowed in pool!)

Hi everyone else, hope all having a lovely day

HSMM Fri 01-May-09 16:11:46

Most of our local pools only allow us to take 2 children per adult, so really quite manageable (usually). We could get together sometime in the Summer and take the kids for a swim if you like. Once again .... California Country Park is always good for a paddle.

SillyMillysMummy Fri 01-May-09 18:32:19

Hello fellow minders grin just wanted to pop in as i have had a really busy day, signed up one new mindee and had mum of 2 wanting spaces for september, oh and a current mindee will be going from 1 day to full time in september too grin woooohoooo

aGalChangedHerName Fri 01-May-09 19:48:26


Just to let you know the inspection went well. Got 2 x 5's and 2 x 6's so very goods and excellents all round. Fellow minder coming with her DH and going to celebrate with a few lots of drinks!!!

Numberfour Sat 02-May-09 15:15:51

that's great news! well done!

mumlove Sat 02-May-09 18:59:00

Excellent news smile

juneybean Sun 03-May-09 11:00:57

argh Shoshe, takes me about 20 mins with one child!!!

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