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CM, What do you put against your Tax

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shosha Sun 28-Jan-07 22:39:20

Message withdrawn

Katymac Sun 28-Jan-07 22:42:54

Half of

Loo roll
Kitchen roll
Washing up liquid
Light bulbs/fuses
Kitchen cleaner
Shoe cleaner

All of

Hand soap
Rubber gloves
nappy sacks

mykidzrmyworld Sun 28-Jan-07 22:48:37

33% heating and lighting
10% water rates
10% council tax
10% wear and tear
10% of your rent if you rent (not for mortgage unfortunetly)
telephone calls
gifts for mindee

ladyoflincoln Sun 28-Jan-07 22:52:09

never thought of small animal food and bedding:

we got a rabbit from rspca a while ago and this week he had to be pts...

do you think i could add £22.40 (vets fee) £10 (pet crematorium) and £2.00 (2 boxes of tissues for dd, aged 6) to this months expenses?? or would that make me a heartless cow..

(r.i.p. mr. cuddles..)

bonkerz Sun 28-Jan-07 22:53:29

I put 4 weeks pay down as well as my parents dont pay me when im on holiday so i claim it back IYKWIM.
40p per mile travelled in car.

shosha Sun 28-Jan-07 23:03:49

Message withdrawn

shosha Mon 29-Jan-07 07:24:22

Message withdrawn

KaySamuels Mon 29-Jan-07 07:40:39

Never thought of the time off one bonkers - is that ok to do?

I have just bought all mindees their own towel, cup and plate all colour coded and put these on expenses.

Any toys, dvds, books, ncma goodies (just got magnet badge), stickers, posters, etc.

KaySamuels Mon 29-Jan-07 07:42:17

Thought of some more!....

Advertising, stamps, envelopes, recepit books, food and milk for mindees, bus fares.

Katymac Mon 29-Jan-07 08:05:05

I am not sure that time off would be allowed

Otherwise every carpenter/builder/shopkeeper would do it too

If you choose not to charge your parents I don't think you would (effectively) be able to charge the tax office (& by implication tax payers for 21% of it)

I would check really carefully with the tax office about that one

shosha Mon 29-Jan-07 08:33:35

Message withdrawn

Twoandabump Mon 29-Jan-07 08:40:09

Holiday pay is nothing to do with the tax office. You would be in trouble with that one.

Mums and tots groups etc I also claim.

Did you know that you can also claim 20p per mile for using a bike How they work out that one I have no idea - maybe it is to cover the extra calories it takes to use it

dmo Mon 29-Jan-07 09:24:26

on a course resently we talked about petrol etc
one women didnt drive so asked if she could claim for shoes No is the answer

i claim towards internet and pc running
a shed to put outdoor toys in
kids own face cloths/plates/cups
% towards food
toddler groups
days out

badgerhead Mon 29-Jan-07 13:47:24

I claim part of my window cleaner costs, website hosting fees,
some household cleaning bits,
printer ink,
meetings mileage

looneytune Mon 29-Jan-07 13:52:13

What about online shopping delivery charge? I would go into shops myself if it wasn't for the hours I work etc. What do you think?

mykidzrmyworld Mon 29-Jan-07 14:04:56

I cant see why not? Seems reasonable though there arguement would be go on the weekend like everyone else.Do u work weekends>?

shosha Mon 29-Jan-07 14:09:13

Message withdrawn

Katymac Mon 29-Jan-07 14:12:43

No - because if you had a F/T job you couldn't

I always think about - who would pay for it if it were a school - to decide whether it is my personnel cost or a minding cost eg
small animal bedding & food = minding cost
My Lunch = my cost

& who would pay if I had a F/T office job eg on-line shopping = my cost
cleaning the minding area = minding cost

Does that make sense (or is it a load of cobblers??)

mykidzrmyworld Mon 29-Jan-07 14:37:47

yes that def helps
So im getting a cleaner - can i claim for the whole amount then ?

Katymac Mon 29-Jan-07 14:49:34

Only if she only cleans the minding areas (imo - I could be wrong) but doing your ironing or cleaning the bedrooms then I'd split it

mykidzrmyworld Mon 29-Jan-07 14:51:36

it wouldnt be for ironing just general clean of whole hse but mindee's use whole hse

bonkerz Mon 29-Jan-07 18:28:56

It was IR person who told me to put 4 weeks fees down as everyone is entitled to 4 weeks paid holiday and if you dont get paid then it is an expense to you IYSWIM. Have done it for 3 years now.

Soapbox Mon 29-Jan-07 19:39:33

Bonkerz - your holiday is most certainly not a cost of your business.

You are self-employed and as such your accounts show your earnings as the residual of what is left after all expenses have been paid. You cannot add in what you would have been paid for holidays if you were employed rather than self-employed.

Soapbox Mon 29-Jan-07 19:40:16

Sorry - everyone is not entitled to 4 weeks holidays.

but if IR told you that Bonkerz, ring and clarify as theyre the ones who you 'know' and who you send your expenses off too!?

so does anyone actually know about cleaners then?, i want someone to do kitchen, bathroom and windows n stuff all places mindees use?

and i actually put away 10% off my wage every week into high interst savings, but judging by the sheer amount of stuff ive bought i dont think m bill will be high when i get it in april?!

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