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CM, What do you put against your Tax

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shosha Sun 28-Jan-07 22:39:20

Message withdrawn

Katymac Sun 28-Jan-07 22:42:54

Half of

Loo roll
Kitchen roll
Washing up liquid
Light bulbs/fuses
Kitchen cleaner
Shoe cleaner

All of

Hand soap
Rubber gloves
nappy sacks

mykidzrmyworld Sun 28-Jan-07 22:48:37

33% heating and lighting
10% water rates
10% council tax
10% wear and tear
10% of your rent if you rent (not for mortgage unfortunetly)
telephone calls
gifts for mindee

ladyoflincoln Sun 28-Jan-07 22:52:09

never thought of small animal food and bedding:

we got a rabbit from rspca a while ago and this week he had to be pts...

do you think i could add £22.40 (vets fee) £10 (pet crematorium) and £2.00 (2 boxes of tissues for dd, aged 6) to this months expenses?? or would that make me a heartless cow..

(r.i.p. mr. cuddles..)

bonkerz Sun 28-Jan-07 22:53:29

I put 4 weeks pay down as well as my parents dont pay me when im on holiday so i claim it back IYKWIM.
40p per mile travelled in car.

shosha Sun 28-Jan-07 23:03:49

Message withdrawn

shosha Mon 29-Jan-07 07:24:22

Message withdrawn

KaySamuels Mon 29-Jan-07 07:40:39

Never thought of the time off one bonkers - is that ok to do?

I have just bought all mindees their own towel, cup and plate all colour coded and put these on expenses.

Any toys, dvds, books, ncma goodies (just got magnet badge), stickers, posters, etc.

KaySamuels Mon 29-Jan-07 07:42:17

Thought of some more!....

Advertising, stamps, envelopes, recepit books, food and milk for mindees, bus fares.

Katymac Mon 29-Jan-07 08:05:05

I am not sure that time off would be allowed

Otherwise every carpenter/builder/shopkeeper would do it too

If you choose not to charge your parents I don't think you would (effectively) be able to charge the tax office (& by implication tax payers for 21% of it)

I would check really carefully with the tax office about that one

shosha Mon 29-Jan-07 08:33:35

Message withdrawn

Twoandabump Mon 29-Jan-07 08:40:09

Holiday pay is nothing to do with the tax office. You would be in trouble with that one.

Mums and tots groups etc I also claim.

Did you know that you can also claim 20p per mile for using a bike How they work out that one I have no idea - maybe it is to cover the extra calories it takes to use it

dmo Mon 29-Jan-07 09:24:26

on a course resently we talked about petrol etc
one women didnt drive so asked if she could claim for shoes No is the answer

i claim towards internet and pc running
a shed to put outdoor toys in
kids own face cloths/plates/cups
% towards food
toddler groups
days out

badgerhead Mon 29-Jan-07 13:47:24

I claim part of my window cleaner costs, website hosting fees,
some household cleaning bits,
printer ink,
meetings mileage

looneytune Mon 29-Jan-07 13:52:13

What about online shopping delivery charge? I would go into shops myself if it wasn't for the hours I work etc. What do you think?

mykidzrmyworld Mon 29-Jan-07 14:04:56

I cant see why not? Seems reasonable though there arguement would be go on the weekend like everyone else.Do u work weekends>?

shosha Mon 29-Jan-07 14:09:13

Message withdrawn

Katymac Mon 29-Jan-07 14:12:43

No - because if you had a F/T job you couldn't

I always think about - who would pay for it if it were a school - to decide whether it is my personnel cost or a minding cost eg
small animal bedding & food = minding cost
My Lunch = my cost

& who would pay if I had a F/T office job eg on-line shopping = my cost
cleaning the minding area = minding cost

Does that make sense (or is it a load of cobblers??)

mykidzrmyworld Mon 29-Jan-07 14:37:47

yes that def helps
So im getting a cleaner - can i claim for the whole amount then ?

Katymac Mon 29-Jan-07 14:49:34

Only if she only cleans the minding areas (imo - I could be wrong) but doing your ironing or cleaning the bedrooms then I'd split it

mykidzrmyworld Mon 29-Jan-07 14:51:36

it wouldnt be for ironing just general clean of whole hse but mindee's use whole hse

bonkerz Mon 29-Jan-07 18:28:56

It was IR person who told me to put 4 weeks fees down as everyone is entitled to 4 weeks paid holiday and if you dont get paid then it is an expense to you IYSWIM. Have done it for 3 years now.

Soapbox Mon 29-Jan-07 19:39:33

Bonkerz - your holiday is most certainly not a cost of your business.

You are self-employed and as such your accounts show your earnings as the residual of what is left after all expenses have been paid. You cannot add in what you would have been paid for holidays if you were employed rather than self-employed.

Soapbox Mon 29-Jan-07 19:40:16

Sorry - everyone is not entitled to 4 weeks holidays.

but if IR told you that Bonkerz, ring and clarify as theyre the ones who you 'know' and who you send your expenses off too!?

so does anyone actually know about cleaners then?, i want someone to do kitchen, bathroom and windows n stuff all places mindees use?

and i actually put away 10% off my wage every week into high interst savings, but judging by the sheer amount of stuff ive bought i dont think m bill will be high when i get it in april?!

mykidzrmyworld Mon 29-Jan-07 21:22:58

l@@ks like a nice treat could come your way then SS and spend the money on you and your family.
Ive only just started CM well few mths-is it worth while putting money away then?

TheIronLady Mon 29-Jan-07 21:40:29

And if we can ofset against Tax for a cleaner to clean minded areas, do we have to have a receipt of somesort? Most cleaners are cash in hand arn't they, so that would be a problem I think...

mykidzrmyworld Mon 29-Jan-07 21:51:38

a hand written receipt would be fine - tho that does depend whether they are claiming themselves otherwise they wouldnt want to do receipts!The lady I am getting is paid cash but shes above board so will be fine to do me receipts

suzy26 Mon 29-Jan-07 22:24:14

photo development
hire of carpet cleaner
professional sofa clean/carpet clean
washing tablets (1 per week ish)
spare parts for hoover that broke
car seats/pushchairs/other child equipment
clothes bought for work
spare clothes/wellies/rain gear bought for kids
prac prof childcare mag
mobile phone contract (% of)
smoke alarms/carbon monoxide alarms
boiler service costs

well i thought i was going to get a bill to pay in april, but it seems i wont have to pay anything till sept so i bought dd an in car dvd player at weekend for when we travel to dp's sisters and when we go on hol in aug..she lurves it but all we get now is high school musical on dvd and cd now! and i still have plenty there to add more too each week!..felt very proud i have all money and stuff sorted as im not normally good at that stuff

bonkerz Tue 30-Jan-07 13:00:47

just rang IR and was told that what i was doing was ok and an acceptable cost. If i was working in an office i would be paid for any holiday i take - generally upto 4 weeks. So as im dont get paid via parents then it is a cost for me to take my holiday IYSWIM. Soapbox, im not diddling my accounts and have only done what i was told was acceptable, you were a bit harsh in your reply! Was also told i can claim 30% of the cost of our 2nd family car which i sometimes use for short journeys when i only have 2 or 3 children, cant claim petrol on that car though as claim petrom on my 8 seater BUT it does mean another £300 off my profit!
Am having laminate put down in house too and can claim 30% of the cost for that to as being doen to make life easier when minding. Also claimed cost of new conservatory last year as it is a play room and storgae room.

bonkerz Tue 30-Jan-07 13:01:10

not whole cost of conservatory though think it was 40%

Katymac Tue 30-Jan-07 13:49:43

Bonkerz - remember when you sell your house you need to declare the "profit" that adding the conservatory on to you house causes the house price to increase - this is for capitol gains tax purposes. It's the reason I didn't claim against my conservatory as I couldn't be sure of remaining in my house long enough (iyswim)

BTW i WORKED FOR THE ir & i HAVE NEVER HEARD OF THE ARRANGEMNT YOU EXPLAINED (opps sorry for shouting)- In fact the info Soapbox stated is how I an ex IR employee would understand the situation - I would urge you to get it in writing from the IR (they are renound for changing thier minds I speak from experience "from the other end of the phone" so to speak)

julienetmum Tue 30-Jan-07 14:03:26

My parents run a large business and my Mum says that when you ring the IR you mostly just get an office person who is there to answer general queries. Often they do not have the correct information and in this case I am sure this is not right.

Self employed people can not claim for the cost of not working and self employed people have no automatic right to holiday, paid or otherwise.

Soapbox Tue 30-Jan-07 14:06:28

Bonkerz - harsh??????

It was completely factual? Totally non-emotive?

I don't care what your IR contact has told you - it is not a valid business expense!

Skribble Tue 30-Jan-07 14:12:56

you have to think self employed and not compare benefits to an employed person.

Money to cover holidays is not tax deductable, the paid hoildays that employees get is paid by the company they work for.

Any other sole trader cannot claim loss off earnings due to taking holidays. I would seriously check this and get the name of the tax inspector who said you could add this.

DJGemini Tue 30-Jan-07 14:20:22

Shosha - Q to you & anyone else re internet costs?
I pay a set monthly fee (broadband) I use my internet regularly for my work (daily maybe)but not sure what percentage I should claim, or all of it? (costs £15 a month)
Do you claim the total cost for a printer ink? (partly for personal but say mainly for business)

jura Tue 30-Jan-07 14:21:46

the test for whether it's deductible is whether it is "wholly, exclusively and necessarily" an expense for your business. I can't see how not being paid for not working (when you're self employed) is a valid expense under that rule. It's not an expense.

Agree that HMRC enquiry lines are notoriously fickle. How about the number of times nannies have called up and been told they can be self-employed when they're working exclusively for one family? If you don't have agreement in writing, it could all come back and bite you later on.

julienetmum Tue 30-Jan-07 14:38:35

The notes on self employment box 3.51 disallowable expenses says you own employment costs can not be included as an expense.

julienetmum Tue 30-Jan-07 14:48:21

Quote from Help Sheet IR222

Broadly speaking you can deduct from your turnover all the costs you incur for the sole purpose of earning business profits. But you can not deduct costs which you incur for a non business purpose such as your own personal expenses or drawings. And you cannot deduct capital costs, that is the cost of buying fixed assets or intangibles such as goodwill, which last for several years....etc But you may be able to claim capital allowances on these capital costs.

shosha Tue 30-Jan-07 18:30:37

Message withdrawn

DJGemini Thu 01-Feb-07 09:59:42

Hi thanks yes that's an idea. I have no actual receipt for the Net use though. I'm on a fixed offer for 12months. I guess the initial agreement would help as a receipt?

SugarSpiceandAllThingsNice Sat 05-Jan-08 16:47:37

Just bumping this up in case others need a refresher of what we can claim wink

Also, I wondered if anyone could answer this for we legally have to have a working phone in the house (sure I was told a land line but I may be wrong), can we claim for the cost of the line rental? I know we can claim for calls relating to childminding but just wondered about the rental?


dmo Sat 05-Jan-08 18:12:00

its a good queistion i'm thinking why not?

SugarSpiceandAllThingsNice Sat 05-Jan-08 18:17:25

cheers dmo. anyone know for sure?

nannynick Sat 05-Jan-08 18:30:58

HMRC Childminders Expenses says "actual cost of telephone use for childminding purposes" so if the phone was EXCLUSIVELY used for childminding purposes, I think you could claim the line rental. You may need to prove it was all Childminding usage though - so better being a contract mobile, or extra landline.

ToomanynewyearsROSElutions Sat 05-Jan-08 18:36:20

Why were all Shosha's messages withdrawn on this?????????

SugarSpiceandAllThingsNice Sat 05-Jan-08 18:41:18

Cheers Nick, will have a think as we did once talk about going to just mobile and getting rid of our land line but then I thought we HAD to have an active landline if childminding (can't remember though).

Rose - think shosh had lots of messages withdrawn in the early days for her own reasons. Nothing to do with this thread I don't think

shoshe Sat 05-Jan-08 18:47:11

Your right i did lovie, but not cos of anything to do with Cming grin

bonkerz Sat 05-Jan-08 18:49:36

i got a contract phone for childminding and put the fixed rental as expenses and i used the addedd texts and calls only for buisness and paid the extra out of my pocket.

SugarSpiceandAllThingsNice Sat 05-Jan-08 18:57:36

What about vets fees for things you HAVE to do for childminding - can a % be claimed?


shoshe Sat 05-Jan-08 18:58:56

You have your mindees seen by a vet ????????????????? strange woman grin

SugarSpiceandAllThingsNice Sat 05-Jan-08 19:00:18

Of get them de-fleed etc grin

SugarSpiceandAllThingsNice Sat 05-Jan-08 19:02:36

Seriously though, I meant things like worming etc - it's not a lot but I didn't used to do that before childminding but I know they have to be done when c/m so just wondered if could claim for any part? Desperate to reduce my bill as looking like it's going to be high and I didn't have to pay last year!

shoshe Sat 05-Jan-08 19:33:09

have you made sure you have put every bit of petrol on it, i find that my travel costs bring alot of it down. But then I have to drive to school everyday.

KatyMac Sat 05-Jan-08 19:37:02

How do you work out your food?

Mileage is at 40p

Toilet rool/bleach/kitchen roll/lightbulbs?

I claim worming but not the cat injections as I already had them done, & also for de-flea-ing

SugarSpiceandAllThingsNice Sat 05-Jan-08 19:45:29

Katy - yeah, I already had injections done so wasn't planning on claiming them but the worming and flee stuff I didn't until I started so can I claim for that? As for food, I work out every single item on the supermarket shop and judge how much is for childminding.

Shosh - I don't put petrol on, just put mileage down. I must say, I was wondering what to do about the car when it comes to that bit. I bought my 7-seater in Feb 07 and it's purely for childminding.

If my INCOME for the last tax year was a bit under £15k, how much would you expect to pay for tax, at a total guess of course as we all have different expenses.

KatyMac Sat 05-Jan-08 20:35:08

I would be careful about the car - take some professional advise - it normally works out about the same, unless you do very high or very low mileage

My income last year was £52K & my profit was £4700 - so I am not the right person to ask

Food I 'charge' the IR a set amount for meals based on the children due (so if they are off sick I still charge as I bought the food for them) - I use a meal/snack rate for different ages under 1, under 5, under 8 & over 8

SugarSpiceandAllThingsNice Sat 05-Jan-08 20:57:37

Katy - I was only going to look into the car thing, I'm pretty sure it would be a right PITA and best to just do mileage still? As for food, I'd love to do that but I don't meal plan atm so suppose I can't do the same.

shock at your Income v's profit!

SugarSpiceandAllThingsNice Sat 05-Jan-08 21:22:15

Can I put down all the booze I had in the evenings (prior to current condition) - it was the job that drove me to it.....honest!!! grin

KatyMac Sat 05-Jan-08 21:24:39

SS&ATN - no alcohol - you would have that with a horrid job you were employed for (honest)
Remember I have staff

SugarSpiceandAllThingsNice Sat 05-Jan-08 21:27:46

Katy - it was a joke, I hope you know that! grin

KatyMac Sat 05-Jan-08 21:31:19

Personally I am teetotal - but I am considering taking up alcohol as a hobby esp on days after I have my problem child

SugarSpiceandAllThingsNice Sat 05-Jan-08 21:32:03

grin Well have a bucket load for me, I can't for at least another 5 months!!!

fruitloop79 Sat 05-Jan-08 21:36:54

I claim all petrol cos I only ever use the car for childminding. dont need it at any other time. If we use it at weekend to go somewhere far then obviously I wouldnt claim for the petrol used.
I hope its fine to claim all petrol, Only been minding a year so just using assumptions.

SugarSpiceandAllThingsNice Sat 05-Jan-08 21:37:40

FL - do you claim just petrol then, instead of mileage?

KatyMac Sat 05-Jan-08 21:37:55

HIJACK - Help me with my hair?

SugarSpiceandAllThingsNice Sat 05-Jan-08 21:38:25

actually, I couldn't do all petrol as although the car is for childminding etc, my son is in the car too and dropped off at nursery etc.

shoshe Sat 05-Jan-08 21:52:30

I just claim the mileage which actually works out more than claiming the petrol. (well does t the MO, if the price of petrol goes up it wont)

Do you think they will put our Mileage allowance up if the price of petrol goes up much more?

KatyMac Sat 05-Jan-08 21:53:09

gosh I hope so

nannynick Sun 06-Jan-08 00:18:29

Claim mileage, not fuel cost, as even now the permitted mileage rate is higher than the cost of fuel (though that may not be the case for long, the rate has not changed for quite a long time - HMRC are looking at it).

Don't have a 'company car'... there are rules that affect those, which seem a bit complex to me.

maximummummy Sun 06-Jan-08 00:33:40

hijack nannynick can u help me on geeky stuff please?

SugarSpiceandAllThingsNice Sun 06-Jan-08 00:50:39

Cheers Nick, I'm STILL at it after over 11 hrs!! <yawn> When I come to mileage tomorrow, I'll still with just that. Actually, I threw all petrol receipts anyway as didn't use them last time. And I'll forget my car is a company car and stick with just mileage then

fruitloop79 Sun 06-Jan-08 09:51:23

I'll never remember to hit the button to start the mileage again every time I get in the car and then record it before I get out. too much hassel for me. That's why I claim petrol instead of mileage.
If I could get my act together and record all my mileage I would but I always seem to be in such a hurry

shoshe Sun 06-Jan-08 10:03:48

I do my mileage by googlemaps, I put in my postcode, put in the post code of where I went and it gives you the mileage.

fruitloop79 Sun 06-Jan-08 10:58:06

oh shoshe what a good idea! maybe I'll try that and see how I go. I'll be able to do that anytime, Thankyou! smile

SugarSpiceandAllThingsNice Sun 06-Jan-08 11:14:00

Same here but via aa route thing - no way could I remember the mileage each time!

KatyMac Sun 06-Jan-08 12:13:51

Plus if ypu set up a speadsheet with all the places you go to on it, you can just add in the weeks journies

School 2.5 miles 10 = 25 miles @.40 = £12
Nursery 1.2 miles 5 = 6 miles @.40 = £2.40


dmo Sun 06-Jan-08 18:07:52

re food:
my friend has just taken up childminding in sept 07 so has just had all the up to date pre reg courses, looking throught her notes if you offer children food this is what you can claim:

proper hot dinner = £3
snack dinner ie beans on toast = £1.50

so what i do now is
breakfast - cereal, toast, juice, milk =£1.50
mid morning - toast and fruit and milk (half snack)= 75p
dinner - full cooked hot dinner = £3
afternoon - fruit, crumpet etc (half snack)= 75p

ToomanynewyearsROSElutions Sun 06-Jan-08 19:35:08

Well i was told approx £2.00!!!per day!..but i have had full timers who have breakfast, snacks, lunch and dinner here, so i work out £4 a day for anyone with me full dayand £2 for after schoolys, my shopping cleaning bill for cm(not including my family) is about £30-£40 week!!!!

KatyMac Sun 06-Jan-08 20:24:08

Those are really useful figures DMO

dmo Mon 07-Jan-08 12:17:14

i am going on a training course soon on how to fill in your tax returns (even though i now know what to do) its £10 for the day and hopefully will give me new info on what i can claim

look into your local training booklets

ToomanynewyearsROSElutions Mon 07-Jan-08 12:52:23

im gunna try and get on one of thsoe, got leaflet through last year, will ring and see what they're doing!

bambi06 Tue 08-Jan-08 17:54:33

carpet andupholstery cleaning, photo developing, 5 % of mobile phone bills, we had built in toy cupboards added to expenses, cleaning supplies,

sunnyshine Mon 22-Mar-10 22:34:22

this is the list of things people suggested can be claimed for! good ideas!

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