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Advice needed! How do we set up flexible childcare?

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twinsothermum Tue 10-Jun-14 10:28:47

Please can anyone give me advice as I am feeling a bit at a loss with this. We have 4yo twin girls who will start school in September at a school 10 minutes walk from our house.
DP has been on 18 month sabbatical but will return to work p/t on 1st september. She will work 20hpw but it will be on a rolling shift pattern of either short days(9-5), long days (9-930pm) or night shift (9pm - 9.30am). We won't know her rota until about 2-3 weeks before she starts but it will then be fixed for at least 6 months (so we could plan from then)
I run my own business which means travelling quite a bit and running programmes away from home. I also do a lot of stuff at home so my working hours are completely unpredictable. I may have 3 days at home then a whole week abroad.

How could we go about getting some childcare to cover say 07.30am to school drop off then after school til maybe 6pm or 6.30 with some flexibility for (rare) occasions when my travel clashes with a night shift? Seems completely unrealistic to me but any advice gratefully received.

The school our girls are going to does not have a breakfast or after school provision. Would a CM or a Nanny be better? Should we be looking at an AP?
I could of course, turn down any work that clashes with DP's long days or night shifts but as I am the main income generator in the household I don't think we could cope on what DP will earn if I do that.

Any thoughts??

Spindelina Tue 10-Jun-14 11:47:00

I don't suppose your DP works in a hospital? And if so, I don't suppose it has an on-site nursery? If so, they can sometimes be quite flexible with rotas.

Singlesuzie Tue 10-Jun-14 11:49:10

I would say a nanny is your best option for that kind of flexible arrangement.

Soggysandpit Tue 10-Jun-14 12:05:05

Au pair/nanny. The problem is that if it is different days with a nanny you'd have to pay a retainer if you wanted her to work certain days but keep the others free. Au pair probably best.

twinsothermum Tue 10-Jun-14 13:05:04

Hi Spindelina yes, she works in a hospital and they have a creche but that won't help as the girls will need to be dropped off and picked up from school.

Thanks for your replies Singlesuzie and Soggysandpit we will investigate Nannies. We were advised about an Au Pair but we only have a small spare room and I suppose I feel the house is full enough already! smile

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