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Right, I might need an au pair. What do I need to know?

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Inclusionist Sat 04-May-13 09:16:56

Do they genrerally drive?

They would need to do a 60mile round trip twice a day (possibly moving somewhere v rural- this would be the school run- don't ask!!). Uisng our car of course.

They would need to take charge at 7am through to school run (home at 9.30am, or they could head off into the city which school is near). Then they would need to pick up and do afterschool to 6.30ish some days, 4pm on others. We could make it come in at the 25hrs. They would have school holidays free but we would still pay them.

Is it £70p/w ish? I've seen different things quoted.

How do I even start finding one??

NoRoomForMeInMyBed Sat 04-May-13 20:27:27

I found au pair world a good website to start. Make a family ad and state very specifically what you want, ie a confident driver, over 20, responsible and happy to take charge. Describe where you live and your expectations. Also consider the country you would prefer your au pair to come from. There seems to be alot of older well educated spanish aupairs around that would probably suit you. Also consider a male au pair?
Then sit back and let the applications roll in. You can also press easyfind match and the website will throw up suitable applicants to contact. Good luck!

Inclusionist Sun 05-May-13 18:28:41

Thank you.

I am starting to think I might have to bite the bullet and get a nanny though. I would really like a fluent English speaker and I suppose the whole point of an au pair is that they are not. confused

NoRoomForMeInMyBed Sun 05-May-13 23:29:06

inclusionist all the scandi aupairs (swedish, danish, norweigian etc) and the dutch will speak fluent perfect english. They usually come for the experience, so I would specify fluent english in your ad. I am scandinavian myself and my aupair is fluent with a perfect british accent.

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