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Babysitter refused to bath the children at bed time - is this standard?

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Babysitter we have had several times before (from an agency) said she had checked and she wasn't allowed to give the children their bath at bed time.

Children are 2 and 4. Was I being unreasonable to expect this?

We were going out just before 6, so arranged for babysitter to arrive at 5:30 so we could all finish the kids tea together, then hand them over for the usual bath and bed time routine.

Anyone else have experience of the bath question?

GW297 Fri 01-Mar-13 14:07:04

You are lucky you have family to ask - not everyone does! If anything the children complain that I make their baths too tepid and shallow!

This thread has really got me thinking. I've never thought of being asked to do bath and hair wash as any different to hearing children read or supervising homework or piano etc essentially. I always try to accommodate the family's requirements (unless obviously it is being asked to do something like pick them up from an activity in the car without their booster seat etc.) I know the families really well and I know they trust me and my judgement (what to do if they suddenly feel unwell/have a nightmare etc) completely.

pauline6703 Fri 01-Mar-13 14:32:10

If I am paying a baby sitter I expect her, or him, to work for the money. If my children need a bath then I'm paying for that to be done.
If I employ a baby-sitter I am the employer and the baby-sitter should do what I ask relating to the children.
A bath is an important part of many children's routine and they should not miss out because a baby-sitter will not do it.

Wishihadabs Fri 01-Mar-13 15:37:26

I think it totally depends. We have a couple of teenagers we pay £5-6 p/h. No way do I expect them to bath/ferry from activities or supervise homework. I use them for relative late (kids already in pjs) local sitting not on a school night. Our housekeeper also babysit s as did our nanny (when we had one) I pay her £10p/h she is basically in loco parentis and will do food/bathing/homework supervision. We use her for week nights when we are both working late or for e.g.; going to parents evening. She will also do overnights if it is going to be after midnight, again something I wouldn't ask he teens to do. I did teen sitting aged 12 upwards and agency sitting as student aged 19-25 I certainly bathed and fed children when working for the agency. Not as a teenager earning £2.50 p/h (long time ago)

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