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Please can someone help with this CYPOP5 question!

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naturalbaby Mon 12-Nov-12 22:41:53

I did this one the other night - I had a book from the course with a list of recommended websites in the back so put hse and rospa.

LesbianMummy1 Sun 11-Nov-12 10:34:35

Also try the child accident prevention trust (capt)

fraktion Fri 09-Nov-12 19:31:47

NHS advice on preparing bottles of formula

GrimAndHumourless Fri 09-Nov-12 16:35:47

Also HPA guidance, partic the poster/leaflet about infectious illnesses and exclusion times for them

How about NCMA/the new name

The Food Standards Agency too

Any good? I am v tired

januarysnowdrop Fri 09-Nov-12 16:30:21

Here's what I wrote for that bit:

Current guidance on heath and safety risk assessments in the home based setting is available from the RoSPA (Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents) website at It includes a whole section on home safety which includes specific advice on preventing accidents among children.

The Health and Safety Executive website ( also contains general guidance about health and safety risk assessment, although this is less specific to children's needs.

So yes - basically just a list of associations. The assessor was happy with how I did this one.

Hope this helps!

bitofanovice Fri 09-Nov-12 15:03:43

'Know where to obtain current guidance on health and safety and risk assessment of the home based work setting'. I think it is after a list of assosiations etc. But i am so worn out with the previous questions i can't think straight.

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