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Childminders in Oxford

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charllie Sun 04-Nov-12 09:02:17

Can anyone recommend a childminder here?

sunnyshine Sun 04-Nov-12 09:05:48

You need to be more specific on area I think. Any ideas??

charllie Sun 04-Nov-12 09:31:26

East Oxford/cowley area smile didn't think of that lol

ZuleikaD Mon 05-Nov-12 07:45:20

I'm in East Oxford but there aren't many of us around here and I'm not sure there are many vacancies at the moment. What days/times are you looking for? Message me if you like.

charllie Sat 10-Nov-12 18:13:37

I'm looking for a full week but want recommendations as I've had a bad experience with childminders in the past

ZuleikaD Sun 11-Nov-12 06:52:18

I don't know of anyone who has a full time vacancy at the moment. When do you need it to start? I'll have one next September.

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