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Au-Pair period - what to expect

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longjane Mon 01-Oct-12 13:18:45

pay air fare home
pay for a b and b for a week
move Au Pair into friend/boyfriend and pay weeks wages

anniemouse Mon 01-Oct-12 13:13:14

It's not working out with my new Au-Pair. I've hosted 4 Au-Pairs before, and the only aspect of the job that has changed is my eldest is now at secondary. I've given warnings, guidance and suggestions but there is still no improvement. I don't think we are suited, and I think it is best we part company now.

Our contract states a 1 week notice period which I am happy to give but should I:-

1) Give notice, look for a new AP now, and have a bad atmosphere in the house?
2) Look for a new AP, wait until we have found someone and then give notice
3) Give notice, don't expect her to do anything, and then start recruiting?
4) Talk to her, tell her we are recruiting for a new AP and suggest she looks for another family whilst we look for another family - and in the meantime still put up with a bad atmostphere?

or something else?

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