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Has anyone worked recently as a (mature) nanny abroad?

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Smilingshrew Sun 29-May-11 13:13:03

Please can you tell me about any recent nannying experiences you have had abroad. Where have you worked?Did you work in Switzerland or Holland? Have you had everything you needed? What did you earn? What free time did you get? What problems were there?
etc. I am particularly interested if you were in your 40's/50's.

frakyouveryverymuch Sun 29-May-11 20:12:22

I was younger than you are looking for (by about half!) but here goes....

Brussels and Paris (so not CH or NL) although I have spent time in NL.

I had most things I needed although it was sometimes complicated getting them!

Earnt...a lot, but it was 24/5 availability. Friday evenings to Sunday evenings free, unless travelling or the weekend nanny was on holiday.

Problems - what kind of problems are you thinking of? Logistical? Administrative? With the family? Language? There are definitely additional issues to be aware of in top of the typical nanny-family relationship and cultural expectations vary hugely.

I'd recommend it though and will hopefully go back to nannying but with DS in tow if we move back.

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