I can't do this for another possibly 7 weeks!

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GingerRodgers Thu 31-Jul-14 09:14:24

Nearly 35 weeks now. Loads of pain in pelvis and pressure like it's 'full'.
Woken up today and can't stop pooing (sorry for tmi) but not upset stomach iykwim.
Strong uncomfortable braxton hicks every 20 mins.
Just been feeling generally crap last few days, no energy and like I'm coming down with something.
Can't sleep properly and all of a sudden feel very pregnant.

Just a self indulgent wail really as I can't do this for possibly 7 more weeks- I'll lose the plot!!

GingerRodgers Thu 31-Jul-14 09:15:05

Oh and loads of 'lightening fanjo' and baby's movements are beyond painful now!

ilovemonstersInc Thu 31-Jul-14 09:21:31

I absolutely 100% agree!
This has been a troublesome pregnancy for me.

Im 35+6 baby measuring 40+5 yesterday by scan. Ive been in ans out of hospital with premature labour whichstopped (2/3 ttimes) still getting all the pains (contractions every 5mins for hours then nothing) ive had a show. I had an internal yesterday and absolutely nothing going on despite having a test done to see if I will go into early labour and that waa positive! Baby has been given steroids for his lungs.

ilovemonstersInc Thu 31-Jul-14 09:22:26

The lightening fanjo here is very fucking sharp! They are worse than the contractions I've been getting which om the monitor at hospital shows up at 100toco!

Biscuitsneeded Thu 31-Jul-14 09:24:38

I would just keep an eye on those Braxton Hicks. I don't want to alarm you, but everything you describe sounds like the start of labour. Pressure in genital area, upset stomach and pooing, and self-indulgent wailing absolutely characterised the night before I properly went into labour both times!

GingerRodgers Thu 31-Jul-14 09:42:05

ilove, no idea how you're coping. It's sending me crackers so thanks for you.

Biscuit, dd was a week late so there's no way this one will be early. I'm just so tired and can't stop crying- feel very 'need my mum'
hmmGod I sound pathetic!

ilovemonstersInc Thu 31-Jul-14 11:33:26

I hate it but if I go to hospital they end up keeping me in as I have a bad time at delivery and the monitors show 100 toco. Im coping because I have 2 other dc. Ds1 has sn and is under drs for autism so id rather be at home and try and cope as the last time I was in hospital the tube he has in his stomach to feed him became infected hmm his dad works all day, long hours so hes never really gets to do ds1s cares. Ds2 is still a baby (just turned1)
When the pains become really bad I leave the kids with who ever is with me (days at mums and evenings at home with dh) and will jump in a hot bath. And sit there and cry

ilovemonstersInc Thu 31-Jul-14 11:33:41

How are your bh?

GingerRodgers Thu 31-Jul-14 12:47:17

Christ. Well I hope time goes quickly for you then and this one comes as soon as is safely possible.
They're on and off really. Not as regular as they were this morning. They're sore though and everyone always says how bh are just uncomfortable but mine are not!
I've just enough now. Shouldn't complain as we're so lucky to be having this dc but I HATE being pregnant and can't wait to never have to do this again.
Love the baby bit though. That's what's getting me through!

ilovemonstersInc Thu 31-Jul-14 13:20:18

Thank you.
I hate being pregnant as I know I suffer a lot! Over on the ante natal thread all ive done is moan blush

I keep getting really sharp pains like hes cutting through 'cervix' with the sharpest knife and then picking at it! That really hurts.

we can keep each other company until they decide to arrive. Whats your due date

GingerRodgers Thu 31-Jul-14 14:24:33

First week in sept.
I had loads of lightening pains with dd but never any in labour so I'm guessing it's nothing to do with that. Plus the fact I'd had a s&s, contractions for 36hrs and was only 1cm with her pretty much meant they weren't even doing anything! hmm
I'm sure this one will be late to. Just my gut feeling. As long as it arrives in September!
Feel bad as I thought I'd stop moaning as much once we got some cooler weather but these last 2 days it's been cooler and I've felt just as bad! Never again. Can't imagine doing this again, I really can't. If dh wants more we can adopt. Or get a dog. No more pregnancies!

ilovemonstersInc Thu 31-Jul-14 14:51:10

Im due 29th August but go for a sweep at 37+5 weeks which is the 13th. And if I dont go into labour naturally I will be induced ans will discuss that on the 13th too so will give the sweep a few days and will asked to be induced week later. .I.dont dilate sad if I dilated like a normal person I would have had this baby by now! Takes the piss.

I hate when other people say 'oh its just fixing pains I got them too and I was fine' hmm because that helps how exactly?

GingerRodgers Thu 31-Jul-14 14:56:51

I guess people need to say something. I wish they'd just say "oh how shit, do you want some chocolate?"
I don't really want this baby too early. Obviously I'd like it to be fully cooked when it appears but it's so hard these last few weeks isn't it? Everything just seems to drag. If I could get some sleep I think that would help but no matter how shattered I am I can't drop off. People say it gets you ready for having a newborn but I don't agree. Being pregnant and not sleeping is different to newborn not sleeping. They're not constantly grinding away at your cervix for starters!

LairyPoppins Fri 01-Aug-14 07:02:07

I'm 39 weeks today and I am SO ready to get this baby out.

Totally had enough and am dragging myself around feeling sorry for myself and sore.

Having a stretch and sweep today (if she can do it) but baby is big so not really relishing the birth either!

He was breech - if he had stayed that way I would have been having a section today and would have met him... as it is I had ECV and he is head down - and I might still have to wait another TWO WEEKS. Aaaaaaaarrrrgggghhhh.

ilovemonstersInc Fri 01-Aug-14 08:00:03

36 weeks today. I cant believe some people can go another 6 weeks! I won't be allowed to go over due to the problema I have. The latest they will induce is on due date which still seems an age away. 27days until due date and 12 days until first sweep which seems a long way away too!

Ginger how are you feeling today? Had some contractions and period pain last night but of course they have to stop

Lairy good luck with the sweep!

LairyPoppins Fri 01-Aug-14 10:49:54

Back from stretch and sweep - and I am 1cm dilated so hopefully the S and S will get things going smile

ilovemonstersInc Fri 01-Aug-14 12:48:19

I would love to have been 1cm this time with all this pain ive been getting. The pain has moved him from transverse to head down. And that's about it hmm

Fx things get moving!

ilovemonstersInc Fri 01-Aug-14 12:48:33

For all of us lol

GingerRodgers Fri 01-Aug-14 13:13:47

Hey, had a couple of really painful ones last night but all stopped again.
More this morning but not as painful as last night.
Tmi (sorry) but more 'clearing out' this morning. Havnt eaten anything different and getting lots of intense bh with bowel movements.
Really dreading spending the rest of my pregnancy like this.

ilovemonstersInc Fri 01-Aug-14 14:17:00

I've had lots of lower back pain like period cramping plus lots of Tightenings. Feel absolutely shit. Sat with a hot water bottle as it does hurt now.

Doesn't it piss you off when they stop after so much pain?!

LairyPoppins Fri 01-Aug-14 21:51:44

Ilovemonstersinc, I am in a similar position! Period pains, tightenings and backache all day but now just back to tightenings.

Still, I am reassuring myself with the idea that the pains I have had this week have led to some dilation, so hopefully today's have also helped! Hope it is the same for you....

Going to bed now and hoping to be woken in a few hours by some rip- roaring contractions smile

ilovemonstersInc Sat 02-Aug-14 10:28:38

Lairy did you get any pain this morning? I did and then stopped. Now im just tired of it all. This has been going on for bloody weeks now!
Just a bit of bump ache, Tightenings and tiny bit of back pain but manageable.

Ginger how are you this morning?

LairyPoppins Sat 02-Aug-14 11:42:01

Hi ilovemonstersinc how are you?

I am having some mild pains now and backache. Also having a show!

I am going to the hairdresser in 10 minutes - really want to get a haircut before it kicks off, but hoping against hope that my waters don't break there!

ilovemonstersInc Sat 02-Aug-14 11:47:50

I had a show weeka ago (around 3/4weeks I thinK)
Had some back pain period like, a few strong Tightenings and now im just knackered from it all sad

It would be sods law if your waters went. Wear a pad just in case lol grin

GingerRodgers Sat 02-Aug-14 11:51:17

Morning (just)
Nothing new to report here, just lots of bh. Nothing else. Have been terribly hormonal though, crying at everything although that could be the sheer exhaustion too!

LairyPoppins Sat 02-Aug-14 13:27:30

Hi Ginger and ilove

I was a blubbering mess yesterday too!

Hairdresser went fine - I am SO pleased I went as I had a disastrous haircut about 10 weeks ago and she has managed to fix it so it looks nice again smile

Still mild pains and (sorry TMI) lots of show still appearing.

Planning a chicken curry for tonight with pineapple for pudding.

Have tried to persuade DH to DTD but so far no action in that regard....) ;)

ilovemonstersInc Sat 02-Aug-14 13:46:06

Ginger try and get some rest. Might help a little.

Lairy glad the hairdressers went well. That waa quick! My hair normally takes 3 hours!

Ooo still having a show!! That's better than nothing! if dh won't do anything try solo. An orgasm causes uterusto contract

ilovemonstersInc Sat 02-Aug-14 14:46:33

Just realised hes not moved a lot today. Ive had 1 kick. Since 11ish

GingerRodgers Sat 02-Aug-14 15:39:10

Lairy, hairdressers sounds lush. I'd love some pampering. All sounds good with the show! Fingers crossed.
ilove, can you pop up and get checked?

ilovemonstersInc Sat 02-Aug-14 15:43:58

I dunnoo if I had a bit more show? In a bit of pain now. I cat napped for about half hour. Ds1 is being a good big brother amd entertaining ds2 (ds1 is 4 next month and ds2 is 1) its very sweet to see.
Feel like im cramping really bad.

baby has moved (shuffled) and was pushing down a lot. Ive had a bit of movement too.

ilovemonstersInc Sat 02-Aug-14 15:55:32


ilovemonstersInc Sat 02-Aug-14 15:56:23

Tmi but think it was more plug without blood just really thick mucus not like thrush like when I had show minus the blood iyswim

ilovemonstersInc Sat 02-Aug-14 15:58:58

Shouldn't have but did googlw image and looks like more plug

GingerRodgers Sat 02-Aug-14 15:59:26

No such thing as tmi here! grin
Hmm, with dd I only saw the first bit of my show- was like a big blob of blood stained snot.
I know it got more bloody and loads more of it but the midwife dealt with it as I was too out of it by then!
As long as you're happy baby is moving?

ilovemonstersInc Sat 02-Aug-14 16:37:20

Yep hes moving more now like hea trying to wiggle out of me lol

GingerRodgers Sat 02-Aug-14 16:55:39

This baby makes the most painful movements! I'm sure dd wasn't this bad or I've blocked it from memory but it's awful, great big breathtaking movements.

ilovemonstersInc Sat 02-Aug-14 18:43:18

Lol. Wheres the eviction notice grin
Getting irregular painful tightenings alongside a pulling sensation. Also had bit of a clear out.
Dh thinks I have to wait until the date ive been offered fora sweep hmm he doesn't quite understand how childbirth works lol.

Not been able to eat all day which isn't me! All of a sudden fancy a take away so its on its way.
lost some pinky stuff too

LairyPoppins Sat 02-Aug-14 20:19:42

Still waiting here. More regular tightenings, some of them a bit painful, but not quite 'contractions' yet. I think it could still be days...... sad

ilovemonstersInc Sat 02-Aug-14 20:26:14

Ohh lairy <sends us all labour pain vibes>

ilovemonstersInc Sun 03-Aug-14 06:40:45

Had pain every 4-5ish mins lastinf 1min. Quite painful.
Then nothing. Then at stupid o'clock this morning they woke me up then nothing and again been awoken by pain

how is everyone

LairyPoppins Sun 03-Aug-14 06:47:55

Oooooh ilove, that sounds promising!

I had no niggles in the night and have woken up feeling like I will be pregnant FOREVER.

It's double bad because my family know something has been happening Te past couple of days and they all think birth is imminent!

It's crap, all this waiting, isn't it?

Are you having pain now? How bad is it? Anything regular?

ilovemonstersInc Sun 03-Aug-14 08:47:41

Pains have bloody stopped.
Been like this for weeks now.
Im tired from it all now.
Tired from not sleep properly last night but feel like I have the energy to clean so will get some cleaning done.

I was reading on baby centre that sex/diy and nipple tweaking are good ways of helping things along.

Id love to have more sex but im just so big lol. We still have sex so its nice to know even at this size dh ia still attracted lol.

Have you got anything planned for today?

Ginger how are you doing?

ilovemonstersinc Sun 03-Aug-14 20:10:58

Is no news good news?? grin

GingerRodgers Sun 03-Aug-14 20:36:32

Not a great day, very tired and emotional. Off to bed shortly.
Just been out for tea and when we got home realised my feet and lower legs are massively swollen all of a sudden. Feel very dizzy and short of breath so hoping it's just aches and pains and a good sleep will sort it.

ilovemonstersinc Sun 03-Aug-14 21:02:51

If you don't feel any better ring mw and see what she says.
hopefully it's just because you have been out

LairyPoppins Mon 04-Aug-14 05:20:30

Morning ilove and Ginger

Ginger, I agree, get swelling checked out today if possible - in my last pregnancy that was one of the main signs that I had pre-eclampsia starting.

ilove any pains picking up again?

I have been woken every 1/2 hour or so in the night (starting at midnight) with pains and contractions - just got up to have some tea and toast and hoping they progress. I have an appt with the MW at 9am.

ilovemonstersinc Mon 04-Aug-14 08:18:13

Lairy thats what ive been worried about this time.I have kidney problems and so I more at risk of p.e and upto now apart from kidney infections ive been fine until last appointment. It was one of my highest bp's and protein+2. They should have checked the amount of pro but it was a different dr who didn't read all my notes so didn't. Ive been getting headaches but just watching everything.
ginger how are you feeling today?

Lairy I hope they progress for you. Nothing here apart from period pain back ache but im sure I have another uti.

Timeforabiscuit Mon 04-Aug-14 08:21:38

How are you doing this morning ginger?

GingerRodgers Mon 04-Aug-14 08:51:27

Swelling in feet gone this morning. Was there all night though. Felt awful, very dizzy and short of breath. Must have over done it yesterday.
Thank you for asking!
Hope everyone else is doing ok?

ilovemonstersinc Mon 04-Aug-14 09:11:35

Keep within your limits so you dont get like that again. Must have been horrible flowers
feel crampy again....

Lairy good luck at mw

LairyPoppins Mon 04-Aug-14 10:49:54

Am back from MW. Very depressing.

Am still only 1cm dilated. MW said I was NOT in labour. Could still be a week. She offered to break my waters but said it would be likely that I would then end up with a section as they would then only give me 24 hours to have him.

Even more depressing is that on Friday they said he was fully engaged - he is not engaged now, and she said my cervix wouldn't dilate unless he was engaged. My bouncy ball deflated on Saturday, but I have bought another one this morning so will be back on it bouncing today.

Grrr, so frustrated.

Ginger, glad you are feeling better smile

ilovemonstersinc Mon 04-Aug-14 10:58:04

Ohh lairy flowers
How much was your bouncy ball? Will order one of ebay lol.

Get some walking done if you can

LairyPoppins Mon 04-Aug-14 11:01:43

It was half price - £7 from the big tesco near us. I am on it now - it is bigger than my last one and very comfy.

Thanks for the flowers smile

Any ideas how to make the time go faster? - We have the in laws here, and I have nearly 5 year old twin boys. There is such a weight of expectation - we were sure he would come early and the in laws have been here for 2 weeks already! I feel like I am disappointing everyone.

Aaargh - just so fed up.

ilovemonstersinc Mon 04-Aug-14 11:16:12

Ive just tried to put it all to the back of my head and trying to focus on getting 1 day done at a time which is bloody hard.

There are times when I just want to sit ans cry and I think I cant do this anymore. Carrying all this extra weight, looking after a 1 yr old and 4 yr ols with sn plus dh and the house etc but im not going to get anything out of crying apart from bp going up lol

ilovemonstersinc Mon 04-Aug-14 11:16:36

How many weeks are you?
Im 37 on Friday

LairyPoppins Mon 04-Aug-14 11:21:25

Well I took advantage of being at Tesco to get the ball and bought a load of junk food (will regret that later when I am trying to lose the baby weight); 2 DVDs to keep the kids occupied (we don't have a TV or I would be encouraging them to mainline CBeebies) and 4 new trashy novels for me.

I have had a good cry on DH as well when I got home. He is being so marvellous.

a 1 yr old and a 4 yr old with SN - gosh you must be struggling. I hope you have some help you can call on when it gets really hard. Has the hot weather loosened its grip a bit where you are? - it is such a relief here that it is a bit cooler. Yes, I guess 1 day at a time is a good mantra.

<<bounce, bounce, bounce>>

LairyPoppins Mon 04-Aug-14 11:22:12


Only made it to 37w with the DTs

Baby is estimated at 10lbs.

<<get OUT you bugger>>

ilovemonstersinc Mon 04-Aug-14 16:49:15

Lol I had ds1 at 38+5 ( well went into labour at 38 but took 5days to have him)
ds2 was induced at term for a few reasons.
And this ones weight was 7lb4 at scan last week. He was measuring 41+5 weeks last week when I was 35+5.

These babies just don't get it do they??
They need to get out! I miss my old clothes now lol

marrappa Mon 04-Aug-14 22:26:18

GingerRodgers everything you have described is exactly how I feel to yet im due the week after you its rubbish isn't it im ready to have this baby now and even though 6 weeks dosent seem long in one respect it feels like forever in another

im so glad I can relate to someone at least I don't feel like im the only one

ilovemonstersinc Tue 05-Aug-14 11:11:11

How is everyone today?
feel rather shit. And woke up ti fresh dried blood on bump?? Got pains like crampy pains and feel a bit confused confused losing more plug too

LairyPoppins Tue 05-Aug-14 16:12:22

Did you have a nose bleed ilove? I had one the other night and was a bit flummoxed for a while. or maybe the baby is clawing its way out

Sorry you are not feeling good. I took the DCs swimming this morning and out for lunch, which was lovely. Still losing the plug ( how much IS there?) but not cramps or anything today.

Hope you are still feeling ok Ginger...

Babyfishcakes Tue 05-Aug-14 16:33:35

Hi! I just saw this thread! Oh my god! I feel the same! I'm 35+3 and I've had enough! My first pregnancy and it's not been fun hmm
I've got terrible back ache... Mw says baby is back to back and told me to lie on my left side at night. Well I try but I wake up a few hours later with my left leg cramping from pressure... I've just bought a ball today. £7 from sports direct. My feet are so swollen I can't bend my toes and stairs are my arch nemesis right now. And when can I breathe again? Sorry... Seems like I just needed a rant. smile

GingerRodgers Tue 05-Aug-14 19:16:01

Lairy, did you go swimming yourself?! I can't imagine bearing that much flesh at the mo! Look like a whale enough without acting like one too.

Baby and marra, welcome! grin It's shit isn't it? I feel bad because a) I've got it nowhere near as bad as some, things could be a lot worse and b) I really can't wait for baby to arrive, I'm beyond excited about it! I'm just incredibly awful at being pregnant.

ilove are you ok? Did you find out where the blood came from?

LairyPoppins Tue 05-Aug-14 20:18:46

smile Ginger, yes I did, and yes, I am a whale! The water feels lovely though, so nice to feel weightless - until you get out that is! It's one of the few activities that the DCs and I enjoy as much as each other (football, swingball and hide and seek are no fun for me at the moment)...

Had some interesting 'stabbing' pains today. DOn't know whether they will come to anything. My consultant appointment (where he will declare me 'too overdue' for a natural birth) is on 12th August - which is starting to seem like it is in reach. I have to go into labour by then or it will be a section on 12th or 13th, I think.

DH and I just spent half an hour while DCs were in the bath sorting out their room - stashing away their preschool uniform and putting their new school uniform in - managed to fill a bin bag with clutter from their room, and put fresh sheets on the beds. Looks great now - hooray! Hope it isn't back to square one by the time DCs decides to arrive.

GingerRodgers Tue 05-Aug-14 20:33:40

Lairy I am in awe of you! smile I didn't buy a maternity swimsuit and my normal ones look pornographic with these boobs! grin

ilovemonstersinc Tue 05-Aug-14 22:05:12

Nope didn't find out where the blood was from [confusion]

lairy im still losing plug like stuff. It's different from other v.d.
lol@ pornographic pregnant lady ginger grin

Welcome to the thread newcomers

his head feels a little more in my pelvis today. Had a few verysharp pains too!

GingerRodgers Tue 05-Aug-14 22:46:04

Ok, should I be concerned? Have noticed slight pitting edema(sp?) in legs and hands feel swollen tonight. Also have felt breathless again and quite dizzy/lightheaded and shaky today, almost like of not eaten all day (pah!!grin). I know I shouldn't google but everything says it's either really bad or totally normal! <helpful>

Any ideas?!

LairyPoppins Wed 06-Aug-14 04:11:31

Hi all and welcome marappa and babyfishcakes

Ginger Pitting oedema can be OK, but paired with those other symptoms means you should get your blood pressure checked out. Has your headache gone?

The lightheaded and shaky thing I have had too - on days when I had glucose in my urine - for a few days they hummed and ha'd about gestational diabetes but it resolved itself and I am fine again now. But I did feel very wierd.

Can't sleep! ilove I had sharp pains yesterday evening too! Stopped as soon as I went to bed though. I am going to spend all day today bouncing on my ball and watching 'Call the Midwife'. Do you think that will get things going....?

ilovemonstersinc Wed 06-Aug-14 06:26:56

Ginger I would get checked out. And also remember to eat! Your blood sugars might have gone low too!

Lairy ive been watching one born every minute every Wednesday since what feela like forever lol

absolutely knackered. Woke up with headache and a few tightenings

Babyfishcakes Wed 06-Aug-14 09:40:49

Hi everyone smile
It's nice to have a thread that's 'yes.... I'm happy I'm pregnant.but I'm also over it!'
I've woken up this morning with such a swollen face I can hardly talk. That with the headaches and struggling to breath I tried to call my doctor to speak to midwife/doctor/anyone...
Just had a call back from duty doctor with 'hi, I hear you're not feeling great and abit bloated.' Bloated!!! I could've lost it. Honestly hmm

Babyfishcakes Wed 06-Aug-14 09:45:41

Ginger... Sorry... Just seen, same symptoms as you! It's not fun, hope you get it checked out. I know what you say about googling it... Even on nhs website it can either be bad or completely normal. So helpful. I've got an appointment in an hour. Hopefully I don't see the male doctor who thinks pregnancy is abit of bloating

ilovemonstersinc Wed 06-Aug-14 10:05:59

I was stopped while shopping yesterday and a lady asked me if I was expecting twins angry I was like wtf.
I know baby is measuring weeks ahead and im big etc but having the nerve to stop and ask me!! I said I find it offensive when people make assumptions. Should have said bitch fuck off.

As you can tell not in the best of moods here

ilovemonstersinc Wed 06-Aug-14 10:06:35

Sorry babyfish I meant to also say good luck and hope everything is ok x

Babyfishcakes Wed 06-Aug-14 10:41:36

Haha! I completely get that too! Even though I'm measuring on point... I had a 'friend' yell across a restaurant as she walked in... Oh my god, you're huuuuuge!!! Are you sure it's not twins. Hahahaha hmm
I did turn round though and say actually after my scans I am sure and I don't know what size you think I should be at 32 weeks but my midwife thinks I'm alright. These people.... im also not in the greatest mood grin

ilovemonstersinc Wed 06-Aug-14 11:35:10

We can be bitches together grin
Have you been checked?
I never thought about swelling when waking up. Happened here a few times [confusion]

1 week left til 1st sweep.

Been nesting this morning. Channeled my negative energy into cleaning lol grin

ilovemonstersinc Wed 06-Aug-14 21:20:47

Is no news good news <hopeful>

LairyPoppins Wed 06-Aug-14 21:53:37

Nothing happening here!

Back to midwife in the morning - not sure if it is worth getting another stretch and sweep - have had 2 already.....

39w6d tomorrow.

ilovemonstersinc Thu 07-Aug-14 08:01:22

Arrghh wish these babies would move out!!
I kept forgetting yesterday I was pregnant and could hardly walk. How do you forget that? ??!

Good luck with sweep. Won't they induce you instead?

How is everyone?

LairyPoppins Thu 07-Aug-14 08:19:23

No, no induction because I'm having a vbac hopefully and it isn't as safe.

Still haven't decided about the s and s.

Had a painful contraction last night ( but only one)

Tis my due date tomorrow.

ilovemonstersinc Thu 07-Aug-14 08:28:27

Vbac? Ia that a normal vaginal birth?
I was induced with ds2 by time I got a bed to be induced I was contracting every 3 mins so they broke waters and put me on the drip. I'm asking to be induced if the sweep doesn't work as I need ro get back to normal for the sake of dc. Ds1 has sn and has a few appointments next month which if cancelled will take months to re book and he really needa to see rhem regarding autism and his gastric issues. So I cant really afford not to.
He has an eye appointment today

LairyPoppins Thu 07-Aug-14 08:31:05

Vbac is vaginal birth after Caesarian. I had a section with the twins as one was breech and I was shit scared

Will they induce you because you ask for it? They don't do that till 41 weeks here!

ilovemonstersinc Thu 07-Aug-14 09:30:50

I become really anaemic during pregnancy and dont labour quick so I was induced at term last time. After having a bad time in labour last time the Consulant is a bit more considerate as I had her last time too.
And because of family circumstances she agress most of the time.

If it was upto me I would have had this baby already. I need at least 2 weeks recovery time to just be able to get up by myself. Will probably need blood after delivery too and will probably be in hospital for a few days (at least) after delivery. Last time I was in almost 2 weeks (sent home then had to go back then stayed in then had to go back)

how was the appointment?

Babyfishcakes Thu 07-Aug-14 19:48:50

Hi everyone! Well I had all my tests done. Just have a bad case of oedema. Ugh! Not fun, went back into work today. So happy tomorrow is my last day! I need to go do a follow up appointment back in hospital... That will be another 5 hours... Hope you are all taking it easy ��

GingerRodgers Fri 08-Aug-14 07:30:38

Baby, glad your tests revealed nothing more sinister. Hope your last day goes well.
Nothing to report here hmm. Lots of bh, period type pains and being generally huge uncomfortable and a hormonal pain in the ass! grin

ilovemonstersinc Fri 08-Aug-14 08:13:25

Babyfish glad its all ok!
Happy last day of work day cake

Ginger exactly the same here. This baby is now classed as term so he really needs to get a move on! Feel so bad on dh and the dc as im very moody atm keep snapping at everything which for ds1 is a no-no due to his autism.
I need to feel normal and need to feel like a proper mum to the boys again. Feel bad that ive not even managed to take them to the park this holiday! My dad will take eldest to the park but again he doesn't understand and dad cant really cope with him.
Rant over(ish)

hope lairys mw appointment went well and that shes too busy with a baby smile

GingerRodgers Fri 08-Aug-14 08:18:49

Ooh yes good luck lairy!

ilove, I feel beyond guilty at the moment. Keep trying to tell myself it's not for much longer but it's hard. Not sleeping well at all and spend all day cross, irritable and crying! Poor little dd keeps cuddling me 'what's up mummy?' 'Aww be ok mummy, I make you happy' aaargh!! Wail!!
She's such a good girl but I don't have the energy to play with her at all. We went to the shops yesterday and I was in agony all evening so it almost feels not worth doing anything I that's how I end up.
Dreamt I was going into labour and was devastated to wake up and realise it was a dream!

ilovemonstersinc Fri 08-Aug-14 08:23:02

It's heartbreaking when they are like that. How old is she?
Ds1 is 4 next month and he had an appointment to check his eyes yesterday and in front of the woman checking he kept saying dr mamas tummy hurts make it better please and mama got headache. He has adhd too and doesn't keep still or quite and im having to tell him mamas head hurts shhhhh.

I keep waking up at during night with stronf pains then nothing!

GingerRodgers Fri 08-Aug-14 08:38:31

She's just turned 2. I keep making things up because I don't want her associating the baby with me being sad or in pain. Just want it to be as positive as possible for her. I was sick for the first 24 weeks and that really upset her so I had to make up stories about what had made me sick sad just didn't want her thinking it was the baby.

I can't believe the state of me, my boobs are enormous and I know when milk comes in they will be gigantic. My hair will all fall out. My stomach is so big I can't sit on the sofa and breath at the same time. Then it will look like a deflated balloon. I'm so sick of having a snotty nose. I keep waking up with terrible pains in the night too. I'm convinced they're contractions but they can't be.

And then we have to actually give birth!!


ilovemonstersinc Fri 08-Aug-14 08:57:36


ilovemonstersinc Fri 08-Aug-14 08:59:20

That's supposed to say lol we actually have to give birth grin
Just want to get it out of the way now amd start recovery and get my old clothes back on!

I understand what you mean don't want them to think it's all babys fault

LairyPoppins Fri 08-Aug-14 09:33:32

Ha ha I wish. Still here - 40 weeks today.

On Tuesday next week (12th) I have a consultant appointment and it is looking increasingly likely that I will make it there and he will book me in for a section (after all this!!!)

Had a really sore stretch and sweep yesterday, but apart from losing more plug, nothing happening.

I feel a bit guilty about spoiling the Summer hols for everyone too - we have a houseful (IL's staying to help with the twins) but I am so grouchy and FED UP of having to give constant updates to everyone about how I am. I WILL FLIPPIN SAY IF I AM IN LABOUR OK!!!!!!!!!

<<and breathe>>

ilovemonstersinc Fri 08-Aug-14 11:05:32

Ah lairy cake
If my mil was here she would absolutely love it! Shes not met the youngest yet they live abroad.

I have an appointment on Wednesday for a sweep. Would be nice if I didn't need it and had him before but doubt it.

ilovemonstersinc Fri 08-Aug-14 21:34:30

Getting a few pains. Dont want to be disappointed though this time!

ilovemonstersinc Sat 09-Aug-14 21:51:14

How is everyone

GingerRodgers Sat 09-Aug-14 23:16:01

Hello. Nothing to report here. Ok day today but very painful pelvis. Feels like it's broken?!
Anywho, just been out for dinner with some people and the ones there I hadn't met before didn't know I was expecting until I went home! Must have been a VERY flattering outfit! grin

ilovemonstersinc Sun 10-Aug-14 09:30:03

Lol what was you wearing? Might have to borrow it
been up all night with pains every 5mins lasting a min. Been upti to triage and guesa what!! Im dilating! Im only1 cm but I dont dilate well or quick so the fact ive actually dilated is brilliant. I was induced last time so didnt have a problem.

Still getting pains. 1 mw didnt want to let me go home due to previous pph in both deliveries.

GingerRodgers Sun 10-Aug-14 10:00:36

Eeek! This could be the start then properly?! Are you home again? Fingers crossed for you and hopefully all this pain is doing something now.
I think my pains are bh still. I have actually broken my pelvis. I must have. I can't move, can't get up, roll over, walk - it's absolute agony!

ilovemonstersinc Sun 10-Aug-14 10:43:19

Thank you. Just sat down trying to ignore the pains. When they get too much will get checked again.

37+2 weeks

GingerRodgers Sun 10-Aug-14 16:51:16

How you getting on ilove?

LairyPoppins Sun 10-Aug-14 18:15:15

Wow, sounds like there is something happening, ilove; keep us posted when you can ;)

I was sent up to the hospital this morning because my blood pressure was high. I am now 40w2d. Took everything thinking surely they would do a section but NO; they have booked the section for Friday - FIVE FLIPPIN DAYS AWAY I could have cried.

They are hoping I will go into labour naturally. I refused an induction though.

GInger, my pelvis feels broken too - especially when I lie down or sit down and then get up.

GingerRodgers Sun 10-Aug-14 18:38:49

Oh lairy sad at least there's an end in sight now. Keep focused on that.
What the Jeff is the pelvis thing about?! Is it worth going to the gp tomorrow? I'm honestly in agony and getting no sleep because of it. Sod's law, don't need to get up to pee but literally every time I roll over I'm waking up in agony sad.

ilovemonstersinc Sun 10-Aug-14 19:21:33

Just feel crampy with some contractions going on.
Would love it if waters went naturally lol

ginger I was like that but once I was om a hospital bed it waa fine so put pain down to old mattress lol

babyfish hope you labour naturally before your date. I met a lady who was 42 weeks today irregular contractions amd they sent her home and said come back in 4 hours confused

GingerRodgers Sun 10-Aug-14 19:48:26

Where is baby? Hope she's ok.

ilove it's not just in bed, it's walking, standing, sitting. Basically just all the time! grin Feels like something's ripped or broken - obviously I know it can't have but the pain is so intense.

Let us know how you get on tonight. Really hope things kick off for you. Full moon plus the storm could bring things on?!

Babyfishcakes Sun 10-Aug-14 20:32:18

Hismile sorry been away. My dad's arrived from South Africa. I've been doing the whole visiting thing showing him around. It's been exhausting! I also hope I go into natural labour. I've still got 4 weeks to due date but hey, if baby wants to come out sooner... Totally up for it!
Is anyone else really struggling to breath? My partner is taking my dad out for golf tomorrow. Yay!! Lay in bed all day for me! grin x

Babyfishcakes Sun 10-Aug-14 20:36:12

Ilove... How you doing now? Lets hope your waters break soon!
Ginger, how is your pelvis pains? Is it baby pushing down? I think I'm going to hop on my yoga ball thing and bounce until baby comes out.

Babyfishcakes Sun 10-Aug-14 20:37:51

> pretty sure that won't work though grin <

ilovemonstersinc Sun 10-Aug-14 20:39:32

Sorry meant lairy lol

glad babyfish made it to the thread.
Contractions have subsided a little to around 1 every 10 mins I think

GingerRodgers Sun 10-Aug-14 20:42:20

Ah lovely baby, enjoy some time with your dad while he's over.

LairyPoppins Mon 11-Aug-14 07:42:05

Morning all,

I have been woken every 1/2 hr since midnight with 'tightnings' which turned painful at about 6am and are now every 10 minutes or so. Have (yet another) MW appt this morning so will see what is going on (almost certainly nothing, or at least it all will stop in the next hour or so).

ilove, after all this wouldn't it be funny if we 'popped' on the same day smile

GInger, I can only sleep if I take paracetamol at the moment, and with a pillow between my legs. I have tried all the beds in the house to find the most comfy....

ilovemonstersinc Mon 11-Aug-14 12:15:34

Lairy how are you doing hope things are better for you than me atm just really crampy with tge odd contraction not timed how far apart though

ilovemonstersinc Mon 11-Aug-14 12:16:43

Lairy I actually thought about that when I first saw your post! Lol@popping together!

LairyPoppins Mon 11-Aug-14 13:32:01


Back from the MW - am now 2cm dilated (yay) and still having contractions every 10 -20 mins. Really hoping it progresses!

Is quite sore - but baby is properly head down and engage now - when I rotate on my ball I can feel his head pushing down so hoping it's stretching smile

GingerRodgers Mon 11-Aug-14 13:41:02

Ooh good news lairy! Let's hope there's a baby sooner than later! Good luck with it all thanks
Dd is poorly so having a duvet day with her.

Babyfishcakes Mon 11-Aug-14 21:36:11

Good luck Lairy smile x

ilovemonstersinc Tue 12-Aug-14 02:07:40

Been to hospital. Baby was quite. Took 2 hours nearly fir him to settle. Hes transverse. Had a scan today got1ttomorrow well today and have to see consulant too then see my own consulant on Wednesday and go for the ecv to move baby.
on day of ecv I will be having a scan the trace of baby then injection to relax muscles then ecv then scan and trace and see dr.
These babies are giving us a run for our money!!

His hr was staying at 200!
Im still1cm but as hes not head down im not going to dilate properly.

How is everyone

GingerRodgers Tue 12-Aug-14 18:49:56

How's everyone doing?

Babyfishcakes Tue 12-Aug-14 20:29:25

ilove... Sounds like it's been quite tough for you. Hope it's all ok when you go back?
Hi ginger... All ok here. Pelvis pain as usual... Saw the midwife today... In 2 weeks my bump size had gone from measuring 33 weeks to 41! I've seen so many midwives as mine is always unavailable that they're putting the 'growth' to misreading beforehand. hmm
I'm just bouncing on my ball trying to stay relaxed...
How are you doing?

GingerRodgers Tue 12-Aug-14 20:43:40

Hi baby, been having what feels like mild contractions at night the last two nights. Was wondering if I was imagining it but been having loads today. Nothing else and don't think it's the start of anything but my god they're sore! Baby is being very rough and had a horrendous night with dd so feeling sorry for myself!

LairyPoppins Tue 12-Aug-14 21:05:25

Hi all,

Am staying with my mum to be closer to hospital. 24 hrs contractions now stopped.

Now 40w5 days - section booked for Friday am unless things pick up again.

Ilove - HR of 200!!!! I am surprised they didn't keep you in. I had an ECV - make sure you use the gas and air!

LairyPoppins Tue 12-Aug-14 21:05:54

Ginger - hope it is the start of something smile

GingerRodgers Tue 12-Aug-14 23:57:13

I've got a bad feeling nothing is happening lairy and it's just regular pregnancy pains! hmm
Tmi (sorry) but I've been getting stabbing pains in my bum all night. It's so painful it's woken me up, feels like I need a poo blush but nothing there?!
Bloody hell, the joys eh?!

ilovemonstersinc Wed 13-Aug-14 06:13:10

Its shit isnt it! I wish they would just get a move on!

Dont need the ecv as he was really head down the dr who said he was transverse scanned me wrong!

His head hasnt grown much in 2 weeks but his abdo is off the charts! His doppler pi has decreased should be 1 but its 0.9 which according to dr google means thats an indication of something wrong.

Mw recommended sex and hot baths and I see consulant today. Just about to gwt another bath

ilovemonstersinc Wed 13-Aug-14 07:04:47

Baby doesnt seem to be moving an awful lot compared to what he has been. Since last night 9pm I've had 2 kicks which is unusual for him.
Worrying me as there are a few factors that make it sound like hes in distress. His heart rate going upto 200 and base line being 180 (normal is 120-160) in triage on the notew they use it says its a red alert if babys heart rate goes over 180 for (didnt read how long) and also red if it goes under 120. It had been 202 at highest and over 180 for nearly 2 hours. The trace had decels too which went lower than 120.
The fact that his doppler pi has dropped to below recommended level means something not right (gdd, slow growth, fetal distress etc) and the face hes not moving a lot.

I always say im putting my foot down etc and end up coming home disappointed but there are signs hes distressed and I'm not happy with continuing a pregnancy when hes term and could be not happy.aibu?
the mw who I saw on the way out of the hosp was more like a friend that's how nice they are and it's been her who I see at appointments and she does bp and urine check (shes mw support worker not really mw) and she said they should have took him out when his h.r was that High for that long. Then a proper mw came (I was with mum and mum knows a lot of mws at the hosp) and she agreed and she even asked another mw. None of them could believe nothing was done.
Imo nothing was done as when the dr came to check the trace the mw who was looking after mw had folded the paper up and dr had turned up after the 2 hours and baby had just calmed down but she didn't check the full trace despite me asking her to check.

I see my consulant today.
Managed to dtd and have hot bath like recommended and just got out of a hot bath.

How is everyone? ?

GingerRodgers Wed 13-Aug-14 08:12:57

ilove what time do you see the consultant? I'd be tempted to pack a bag and go up to the hospital demanding something be done. Don't want to scare you but what if something was going wrong? By the sounds of it baby is probably better off out than in now? Really hope they do something for you today. thanks

Eva50 Wed 13-Aug-14 08:17:34

ilove just spotted your post. Don't wait until you see your consultant. Phone them, tell them you are not having much movement and that you are really concerned and go in to be monitored. Don't wait. It is not worth taking a chance.

Eva50 Wed 13-Aug-14 08:19:00

Cross-post with Ginger and we agree. Go now!

Babyfishcakes Wed 13-Aug-14 08:58:20

ilove definitely go back. Demand they do something... Maybe even exaggerate some symptoms to be taken more seriously... These doctors hmm
I really hope all ok x

ilovemonstersinc Wed 13-Aug-14 09:07:53

Appointment is at1. I will be seen first as the support worker knows whats going on and will be letting me in 1st. I will be leaving home at 12 and upto then will be trying to sort ds1 out (his feeds etc and explaining his feeds and meds again to family)

he has moved since last post but therea no way im agreeing with keeping him in! They didn't want to induce last time as I hemorrhage really bad and they didnt want to risk anything with me but the safest option for the both of us is him being out as mentally and physically its hard and the bigger he is the bigger the bleed and his estimated weight is 8lb8 which is bigger than my1st.

Thank you.
I will be taking both bags with me to the hosp today!

ilovemonstersinc Wed 13-Aug-14 09:08:46

I mean he does want to come out as ive been contracting since bloody 33weeks! What more do they want.

LairyPoppins Wed 13-Aug-14 09:39:22


Please go in early and tell them about the reduced movement. You need to be out back on the monitor - I don't want to make you any more worried but the pattern of hr you have described is a real worry. If you see the same person demand a second opinion. Those decels in HR would be a huge red flag in my hospital, especially combined with such a high hr and reduced movement . ( I am not a medical doc, but have spent a lot of time with those traces).

Have they checked you for infection?

Please go back in now.

ilovemonstersinc Wed 13-Aug-14 10:12:40

Hes currently moving now and has moved a few times this morning. They've checked urine and it was NAD. Im asking for bloods to be done today as I become really anaemic during pregnancy to the point I was induced last time and this is how I felt last time and im on iron tableta too. Iron was 10 last month I think its dropped.

Im going to tell her I trust her with my life but not my babys. She cant see him so how can I trust her with his life? His wriggling away atm. Ive not even had breakfast. Been sosorting out last minute things for ds1 who is tube fed so I know if dh is with me at least ds wont starve as he hardly eats

if he wouldn't have moved since that 1st kick thia morning I would gone up to the hospital.

Thank you lairy.

I know a lot of people say dont google but if it wasnt for google ds1 wouldn't have been here as gp was shit. Since looking up low umbilical artery pi its made me feel like ive got to speak up even more for this baby.
He wasn't planned but that doesn't mean hea not mine and I already love him to bits!

GingerRodgers Wed 13-Aug-14 11:44:08

Really hope you get it sorted today ilove. Glad you're good at standing up and saying what you need! Sometimes it's so hard isn't it? Especially when they're fighting you with what's the best thing to do.

ilovemonstersinc Wed 13-Aug-14 17:07:52

Thank you all.

Had a sweep. She wasnt going to induce and she said dont worry I wont let you go more than 10days over! Then I said no. She said ok come back in2 weeks I said no. She said come back next Wednesday to see mw and have another sweep I said no book me for induction. Tried to scare me off by this point id already mentioned everything concerning me. I said book me in for induction at 39 weeks if you want me to come next Wednesday too she said no hmm I said Im not happy leaving it so she tried to scare me some more and went off to book induction.
She then came in and said hows fetal movement I said ita been really reduced hea still moving here and there but not like before. She went out and booked me in for this Saturday!
Better than next Friday!

On the booking form shes put im 2-3cm she did internal. Shes 'brought cervix down too' and given me asweep. So I ccould go before that although not much happening atm.

GingerRodgers Wed 13-Aug-14 18:06:22

We'll done! I need some lessons in assertiveness from you ilove! So glad they've booked you in, fingers crossed things kick off before then for you.
How's everyone else?

ilovemonstersinc Thu 14-Aug-14 19:21:27

Had some fresh blood (in mucus sorry tmi) but not a lot. Lots of cramping too. And startimg with some tightenings.

How is everyone? ?
Lairy is it your elcs tomorrow?

LairyPoppins Thu 14-Aug-14 19:24:28

Yes - have to go in at 9 am but not expecting the op till the afternoon.
Quite excited!
Will try to remember to post with an update tomorrow but last time felt like I had been hit by a bus!

ilovemonstersinc Fri 15-Aug-14 07:07:47

ive been losing lots of plug since sweep (mucus with pinky blood) and have been getting a bit of bright red blood too last night which was another reason I didnt sleep well. Any thoughts? I thought pink was ok and red no
Good luck lairy flowers
Hope all goes well for you both!

Ginger how are you feeling?

Everyone else?

GingerRodgers Fri 15-Aug-14 08:07:47

Good luck lairy! thanks Hope all goes smoothly and you can update when you feel up to it.

ilove, I know I had bright red blood but I was in full labour at that point. I'd ring and ask.

Had very painful tightenings (like bad period pain) from 6pm till about 2am every ten mins last night. Really thought it was all kicking off but sad all gone this morning. Seeing midwife today. Feel sick, think morning sickness has come back. Couldn't manage tea last night and had to throw breakfast away as tasted horrible. Feel exhausted, sick and beyond hormonal/emotional. Can't do this for much longer now.

Sorry for the massive moan! On a positive, dh got the car seat down from the attic so washing the covers today and that's the last thing to organise!

ilovemonstersinc Fri 15-Aug-14 08:24:04

If I have anymore today I will ring up. Just losing absolutely loads of mucus (yuk)

hope your feeling better soon! Ask for a sweep and see if it helps?
38weeks today

Babyfishcakes Fri 15-Aug-14 11:15:53

Hi ladies! Seems we're all having abit of a tough time. I can't wait for baby to come out. I went to see my midwife on Tuesday and surprise... She wasn't there. Saw yet a different one. Then was told I need to see my midwife every week until baby pops out. Went to book my appointments and was told they are fully booked until the 1st September! I asked the receptionist what I should do and she said she doesn't know... Speak to my midwife. Left a message on mw phone and two days later just got a message saying I need to phone reception to get appointment, ugh! I did that but they explained there's nothing they could do. There's no one available. So I need to contact mw again. But I can't get hold of her! So I left her a lengthy voicemail and text but nothing back!!! I'm at a loss. How, at 37 weeks, is there no midwives available to see me? This is all new to me... But I'm sure this is wrong!

On top of that I'm feeling utter crap. Backache, painful tightenings in my back, nauseous, pelvis pain and I could go on. I feel yuck! I just sat on the carpet last night trying to feel ok crying. So ready for this to be over!

GingerRodgers Fri 15-Aug-14 12:06:37

ilove, they won't give me a sweep until I'm 41 weeks apparently?!

Baby, that sounds ridiculous. They can't both pass the buck and you need to see someone! Daft way to organise things.

Well I've got loads of nasties in my urine so she's sent it off to test but traces of protein, blood and some others. Said it could be uti or start of things happening.
Also getting a physio referal for pain as she thinks it's spd.
Said I'm doing too much and need to take it easier! Ha! Try telling the toddler that one grin

Feel better that it's actually not me imagining things and there is something though.

ilovemonstersinc Fri 15-Aug-14 12:27:14

Baby can they refer to you to hospital mw?
all my care is 100% hospital no cm mw

ginger thats horrible! Why wont they give you a sweep at 38weeks? Even half a sweep lol. Did they check to see if your dilating

GingerRodgers Fri 15-Aug-14 12:54:17

God knows. She just said she can't, policy blah blah blah. I'd pay her to have a sweep at 38 weeks grin. They don't even check you're dilating until you have contractions 5 mins apart or waters go! So basically they won't check anything until it all kicks off.
Considering googling diy sweeps only half kidding

ilovemonstersinc Fri 15-Aug-14 13:02:24

Thats ridiculous! I know how hard I had to fight for the sweep which she kept promising me and kept leaving! Then fighting for induction! Currently pottering around trying to get things done to a high standard so thst when I come home it shouldn't be too bad as dh will cover basics.

I didnt google diy sweeps but did google something and cant remember what it was but there was a thread on baby centre I think talking about how they taught thwir oh to do internals so a dr didnt have to! I was very shock

GingerRodgers Fri 15-Aug-14 13:05:18

grinHaha! I'd rather have a ferrit around up there myself than let dh! Not even sure I want him to 'neaten me up' before it happens! wink
I see her again in just over a week so we'll see what she says and I might try emotional blackmail grin.

ilovemonstersinc Fri 15-Aug-14 13:45:19

Lol I got dh to tidy me up last time and ive stru

ilovemonstersinc Fri 15-Aug-14 13:46:03

I've struggled to do it this time but still only just got most of it done!

GingerRodgers Fri 15-Aug-14 14:52:14

Last time I attempted to wax myself and... Let's just say it didn't go too well! shockgrin

LairyPoppins Sat 16-Aug-14 01:12:10

Hi all,
Sorry to hear you are feeling so crap. Just to update you - Baby Lairy arrived at 3pm weighing in at 9 lb4. He is HUNGRY!
Trying to get some sleep on the post natal ward but baby has other ideas!

ilovemonstersinc Sat 16-Aug-14 06:15:20

Congratulations lairy! !!

hope you both recover well and hope he settles in well and lets you sleep! flowers

GingerRodgers Sat 16-Aug-14 06:35:49

grin Yay! Congrats lairy! thanks Massive well done. Hope you're both ok. So pleased for you smile

ilovemonstersinc Sat 16-Aug-14 08:48:14

Ginger I keep being told ' all you need is a good shag a hot bath a hot curry and pineapple'
try it and see if it works grin

couldn't sleep much. Nervous, scared and excited about being induced. Closer to the time I will be shitting it! not literally lol

how is everyone

GingerRodgers Sat 16-Aug-14 09:04:29

Is it your induction today ilove? Good luck if so!
I don't like Indian as I'm not a fan of spicy or sauce covered foods can't they make chocolate that induces labour but willing to try pineapple and shagging. Have heard nipple stimulation is meant to work.

Feeling very mean and unreasonable as dh has dd and she's being a pain in the arse for him and I'm a bit happy about it. Don't really want her to be but maybe now he'll see being this pregnant and dealing with her isn't 'life of Riley' he thinks it it!

ilovemonstersinc Sat 16-Aug-14 11:08:18

Yep its induction day for me!

Dh has been extra cuddly today.... hes feeing it too!

Let him deal with something ginger! Its tough! I love it when the kids do that for dh and I cant be bothered to get up as my excuse is im pregnant and tired leave me alone lol

GingerRodgers Sat 16-Aug-14 13:05:28

Good luck!! Hope it goes really well for you. Keep us updated if you can. Eeek! grin

ilovemonstersinc Sat 16-Aug-14 18:18:37

Im in bed, on monitor 2ish cm dilated but cervix still high so needed the gel to bring it down. If it would have been a bit lower then could have gone delivery for waters to be broken.
Contractions are now painful need another 10 mins on monitor before I can get up anf move around

ilovemonstersinc Sat 16-Aug-14 18:47:36

Now every 4ish mins apart! Hope they stay like that.
Had a bit of bleeding.
Baby is back to back and that's where all pain is atm!

GingerRodgers Sat 16-Aug-14 19:25:16

Thanks for updating ilove, bless you- all in the name of mn eh?! grin
Was wondering how you were getting on.
Come on baby love!!

Well I've given in and dh is ordering Indian as we speak. I'm beyond not looking forward to it, desperate for a dominos but more desperate for a baby!
Me and dd went for a long walk this afternoon, lots of marching and singing to 'grand old duke of York' much to the amusement of passers-by grin.
Lots of back pain and VERY sore pelvis but that's it hmm so bouncing on the ball for a bit.

ilovemonstersinc Sat 16-Aug-14 22:31:29

As I was reading your post I was bouncing on a ball. At 10.30pm hmm

these pains are bastard of pains but doing nothing. Still 2cm cervix is still back so if cervix was down a little they could transfer me to deliver for waters to be broken. Due another dose of the gel at 11.50. So will try and get some sleep.
Next time I want a elcs!

Im more than likely to be having an epi!

ilovemonstersinc Sun 17-Aug-14 11:55:23

Babys heart rate is high again. Highest 217 with decels. The monitor keeps saying the trace is abnormal senior review is urgently required sad
Shes gone to ask dr. Only had1 lot of gel. Doubt thry will give more.

GingerRodgers Sun 17-Aug-14 12:10:51

Oh god ilove, how stressful. Hoping they move now and get baby out for both of you. Can't be easy. How you holding up? Thinking of you thanks

LairyPoppins Sun 17-Aug-14 14:39:10

I hope you are now holding your baby, ilove.

BabyLairy and I are having a nap ( I forgot about the newborn cluster feeding - 1 hr sleep on 1 st night and 3 hrs last night). I am totally besotted already. smile

ilovemonstersinc Sun 17-Aug-14 15:13:16

Nope still waiting!
Goimg to have waters broken om delivery. Once delivery call me hmm .

ahhh bless. Cant wait to hold baba!

Babyfishcakes Mon 18-Aug-14 16:23:52

Woohoo congrats Lairy!!! Yay!!! smile
Ilove... I hope it's not much longer for you! Best of luck! grin

GingerRodgers Tue 19-Aug-14 17:08:33

Aww lairy, can't wait for baby snuggles - enjoy them because they soon wat to wriggle away to go and play! Crazy how fast it goes.
Baby- how are you doing? Feeling ok?
ilove I know has ha her waters broken now. Hope you're ok ilove!

ilovemonstersinc Tue 19-Aug-14 19:44:44

Update. ..

I had baby monstersinc this afternoon at 2.47pm.
He weighed 9lb5.
With just gas and air grin

GingerRodgers Tue 19-Aug-14 20:25:31

ILOVE!!!!!!! Yipeeeeeeeeeee!! gringringrin
Oh I'm SO pleased for you! Well done!!
Welcome babymonster! Wowsers, brilliant weight too and just g&a? You hero you smile

LairyPoppins Tue 19-Aug-14 21:44:12

hooray monsters have been hoping for an update

apologies typing one handed as feeding


Babyfishcakes Tue 19-Aug-14 23:30:18

Woohoo ilove!!! Brilliant news!!! Congratulations!!! smilesmilesmile Yay x

Babyfishcakes Tue 19-Aug-14 23:32:31

I'm currently in hospital and they've induced me... 3 weeks earlier then DD but I have pre eclampsia... No wonder I've been feeling so rotten. I've had the first bit of hormone gel... And I'm hoping to get some sleep soon... Hope you're all doing well smile

ilovemonstersinc Wed 20-Aug-14 02:38:56

Thank you all flowers

baby fish hope all is well for you and that you have a speedy Birth and recovery x do update us when you feel you can

lairy hows everything going?
Trying to ebf ds. Hes had a few mins on 1 side and I stiring still so ive put him down popped half his clothes off and will see how he drinks when he wakes up.
Hes getting something as he was sick and it was breastmmilk that came up

GingerRodgers Wed 20-Aug-14 08:23:19

Wow baby! Hope it goes quickly and smoothly for you and you get to meet baby really soon.

Feel a bit sad I'm going to be left alone on this thread with no baby still! grin

ilovemonstersinc Wed 20-Aug-14 11:44:43

Well I will keep popping in to check out how your doing

Babyfishcakes Thu 21-Aug-14 17:26:52

Hi... I thought now that it's abit more settled I'll give you an update... I was induced Tuesday evening. I was in established labour by 6am Wednesday but I wasn't dilating. They did a second dose of the inducing gel which ramped up the contractions to the full on but still no dilation. I was getting them at full strength at a minute long every 2 minutes...So after 28 hours they decided to stop it all... They wanted to give me pethiden but I declined for personal reasons. My contractions are easing off now as the gel is wearing off and it looks like I'll be having a caesarean tomorrow. I'm absolutely exhausted but atleast there is a light at the end of the tunnel... I've now been given my own ensuite room and the doctors all came in to say this doesn't normally happen... I'm just abit unlucky...

ilovemonstersinc Fri 22-Aug-14 08:06:57

Babyfish hope all goes well and if it makes you feel any better that happened to me but when the contractions were too much to bear I was told to have a bath and and given paracetamol and a birthing ball!
I had dilated 2cm before having the gel (over period of 2 weeks) and so the gel did fuck all apart from make me feel shit.

As 1sr lot of gel hypersrimulated me they put me on the list for delivery for waters to be broken. That took 3days!

Ginger how are you?
Hows lairy qnd baby?

ilovemonstersinc Sun 24-Aug-14 03:20:18

Hope no news is good news

ilovemonstersinc Wed 27-Aug-14 01:22:57

Bump how is everyone

ilovemonstersinc Fri 29-Aug-14 08:34:53


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