Live homebirth thread.

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pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 01:59:47

Anyone waters just partly went.....

Ooh exciting! Any contractions yet?

Weegiemum Sat 06-Jul-13 02:06:53

Im going to bed soon! Need details though! Contractions, first baby? Etc.

Even if I go to bed I'm rooting for youz (Glasgow term!!)

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 02:07:18 wasn't all my waters Im pretty sure...but i can feel her right 'there'.

TWinklyLittleStar Sat 06-Jul-13 02:08:12

Oooh exciting! Tell us more...

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 02:10:57

Details: second baby, no contractions yet. What's the weather like up Glasgow way?

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 02:21:30

And first contraction....

TWinklyLittleStar Sat 06-Jul-13 02:31:00

Is someone with you? What's your birth plan, other than home birth obviously?

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 02:39:55

Plan to still be at hone when she's actually born... grin

I've not called the midwife...I know Im supposed to but want to wait till contractions properly start. OH is filling the pool.

My poor DS has his first speaking part in a play tomorrow and our additional birth partner is away in the West Midland...looks like she's inherited her.mother's sense of timing!

Weegiemum Sat 06-Jul-13 02:42:15

Forecast :heat wave

Reality: raining (as per usual!)

TWinklyLittleStar Sat 06-Jul-13 02:43:43

Oh dear! Fingers crossed your DS sleeps through, waking to find he has a new sister. How long does the pool take to fill? Is the water warm? Any other pain relief? Was your DS born at home?

Weegiemum Sat 06-Jul-13 02:43:53

In fact you could probably have a home water birth on our garden right now! I'm going to bed now -- wishing you all the best!!

Tinwe Sat 06-Jul-13 02:45:22

Hiya smile

How quick was your first birth?
Are you planning to call your birthing partner back?
If you have the baby quickly you/your DH could still go to see the play tomorrow!

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 02:47:02

Ih is bloody typical of Glasgow! Sleep well.

DS was born in hospital in the middle of a snowstorm. Pool is almost full. Im avoiding getting in since my waters have at least partly gone. I've got a tens but never used inequality before - is all set up. People have given me mused reports about using one: guess Ill find out how it works for me!

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 02:49:26

Hours birth...was at 3cm for 21 hours. Broke my waters, got an epi, 3-10 in minutes, DS born less than and hour after epi - so apparently really quick ( the 21 hours at 3cm didn't bloody well feel quick!! Birth partner had Bernard tested but I suspect she's asleep.

TWinklyLittleStar Sat 06-Jul-13 02:50:30

All I know about Tens is from my sister's hired one. It came when her DS was 3 days old, oops. We both had a go. It felt a bit odd.

cjdamoo Sat 06-Jul-13 02:54:10

I LOVED my tens machine pressing the button was a distraction if nothing else. Ahhhh I "almost" want to be back rocking on my ball with my oils burning tens on and hippobirthing cd playing.... almost

scarecrow22 Sat 06-Jul-13 02:54:24

any more contractions?
had two cs myself (last 12 weeks ago grin ) so am as helpful as a wet teatowel, but excited for you.

Your DS will be able to throw this all back at her in rows.

My DD born in snow freeze in Dec 2010. Your DS?

Tinwe Sat 06-Jul-13 02:56:24

Ah! A tricky one to guess how quick you'll be this time. A friend was about 36 hours the first time, needed epi and other interventions but chose a home birth for her second. He was born so quickly her husband caught him while she was in the bath waiting for her midwife grin
Are you avoiding getting in yet due to concerns about infection since your waters have gone? I've had 2 water births, one my waters had gone fully and the other the baby was born in the bag!

Tinwe Sat 06-Jul-13 03:00:49

Sorry but going to try to get back to sleep for a bit before my "water babies" wake up (aged 1 and 2) grin
Hopefully there'll be great news when I next check here. Good luck!

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 03:04:20

Sleep well Tinwe!

Scarecrow - mine was the biggest NH snowstorm of 04/05. We live in the UK now though.

Yup, avoiding getting in just yet in case the wheel out the infection card!

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 03:05:13

Oh, contractions are weak, piddling and totally pathetic...they don't even hurt and just feel like the very strong BH I've been having since 16 weeks....

cjdamoo Sat 06-Jul-13 03:07:59

got a ball to do figure 8s on?

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 03:10:29

on it right now...also have some Floyd playing....

SoYo Sat 06-Jul-13 03:12:45

Just got up to feed my 18wo, hope the contractions pick up! They let you get in the bath after waters have gone so any reason not the pool? Could you ring MW and run it by her or are you trying to keep her away for a wee while?

cjdamoo Sat 06-Jul-13 03:12:54

all set then hope they increase in intensity soon. Mine where pathetic for 24 hours with the odd omph thrown in then all of a sudden waters went and a baby shot out hooray for no ring of fire

SoYo Sat 06-Jul-13 03:15:07

Make sure you have a few bites of something to eat, you never know when you'll next manage it and maybe a kip if they don't step up just yet?

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 03:15:49

Trying to keep the MW away for a while...I just got the feeling at my home visit that they would transfer me for the slightest thing despite what various studies say...including ignoring NICE guidelines.

k2togm1 Sat 06-Jul-13 03:16:34

Hi pinky, ds went to bed at 8pm and woke up just as I was nodding off at 11pm, and when he wakes up its for good confused so I'm up. How are you doing?

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 03:18:18

I'm good k2. Having a bit of a wobble...what have I done?! I'm going to miss DS performance, he's going to miss the birth....blah blah blah....sorry you're up for the duration.

I should go get some sleep, but I know it won't work plus I'm trickling....

cjdamoo Sat 06-Jul-13 03:20:57

funny what you said about sense of timing too. I always go at least 7 days overdue so when dd was due on the 8th and one of her brothers birthdays is the 9th I wasnt concerned. You can guess when she arrived.....

SoYo Sat 06-Jul-13 03:26:15

You're doing great, if DS got the choice between healthy mum & baby sister & one performance you know what he'd have! Can you send someone to film it?

As for rest, how about sticking a load of towels on the sofa & just lying on your side watching shit TV or listening to music and snoozing for a bit, even if its for 10mins it might be a good idea to conserve some energy!

Also, some of the homebirthing midwives advise banana smoothies to speed up contractions, that and making sure you're well hydrated!

k2togm1 Sat 06-Jul-13 03:29:08

Yeah the performance can be filmed!!
Good advice re: resting, and drinking and eating! Mmm banana smoothies... I'm hungry now.

Rulesgirl Sat 06-Jul-13 03:35:59

Pink If you phone the midwife she will almost certainly want you to go to hospital cause they consider that once the forewaters have broken that the baby is then prone to infection if the hindwaters have not gone too. Did your forewaters go first with your other baby?

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 03:36:37

I'm hoping that the drama company is going to record it...the grandparents are useless when it comes to technology!

Nearing 2 hours post break and no serious nor regular contractions showing up....

scarecrow22 Sat 06-Jul-13 03:37:28

ooh a proper NH snowstorm. How romantic.

Need to go back to sleep as DD will be up in 2.5 hrs.... Good luck til then and will check progress as soon as I wake <my first birthing thread excited newbie emoticon>

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 03:37:36, my waters were broken with the last one....

twolittlebundles Sat 06-Jul-13 03:38:11

hi Pink- other side of the world here so I'm here watching/reading too- sounds like you're doing a great job so far- do you have an favourite old movie or something you can zone in and out of? Might be useful as a distraction if you are having a wobble.

Two homebirths here, definitely agree with you on holding off on getting midwives out 'til you need them- I found mine got in the way of my concentration.
Have you tried any acupressure points for pain/strengthening contractions?

Rulesgirl Sat 06-Jul-13 03:39:17

I had hoped to have a homebirth but they made me go in. That's the trouble when your young, you do as your told. It takes strength and knowing what you want to do it your way. Good for you.

SoYo Sat 06-Jul-13 03:43:54

Right Pink, madam is down so I'm off back to bed. Good luck!

In hospital they wouldn't consider inducing or intervening for 24hrs and up to 48hrs if fluid clear and baby moving so remember that just in case you do need to get MW out and they're a pain. You'll have a lovely warm, pink, new baby in your arms by then!!!

I would try and get some rest - once you're relaxed things will kick off I'm sure. I'm up feeding my home birthed baby at the moment! I was advised not to get into the pool before MW arrived as if things happened quickly and baby arrived before she did there were more risks involved if I was in water. But your MWs will tell you what to do when your contractions kick off and you call them.

Best of luck!! Will probably be back lurking again in a couple of hours smile

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 03:44:26

bundles....fill me in on the pressure points...I want to get this things started tonight...I'm buggered if I'm waiting around 48 hours or so! I'm not even certain it's my was only around a cup and I'm now trickling on and off. I need ot get my thermometer out to keep checking my temp hourly.

Are you upright? Things started v slowly for me when lying down but accelerated very rapidly as soon as I got up for the day. Maybe walk up and down the stairs for a bit?

Jaynebxl Sat 06-Jul-13 03:48:33

Ooh exciting! Hope you manage to get some rest.

twolittlebundles Sat 06-Jul-13 03:49:40

sure thing- the first two on this site are good- the ankle and the hand, and you can do them yourself too

If you happen (!) to have any jasmine oil handy, rub some on your belly- this one I found really helpful, but led quickly to quite strong contractions, so best to be prepared.

twolittlebundles Sat 06-Jul-13 03:51:10

...and I second Pink's suggestion- moving is good (even just swaying), if you have stairs, even better.

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 04:02:08

Just got in from a walk up and down the road....on to the stairs...

OdaBear Sat 06-Jul-13 04:06:44

Good morning! Am up feeding my lazy/sleepy 3.5 week old son, hoping he relieves my very full left boob in a speedy fashion!

Just wanted to say good luck and hope things move along quickly for you today. Attempted home birth with first son - very supportive midwives, but alas - meconium in waters so had to hot foot it into hospital. (All went well in the end).

Rulesgirl Sat 06-Jul-13 04:08:19

Do you have bags packed and are you ready to go just in case you need to go in pink?

twolittlebundles Sat 06-Jul-13 04:09:20

nice work on the walking- hope you get some resulting contractions soon- at any rate you are working with rather than against gravity!

Rulesgirl Sat 06-Jul-13 04:11:00

Just in case......

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 04:18:39

I've got a bag packed smile

Meconium is my dread...but Ive got my research done...even NICE agrees that meconium does not equal distress and not all meconium is equal.

OdaBear Sat 06-Jul-13 04:26:41

Meconium was a pain, but little man wasn't in distress and was fine. Had an amazing (hospital) water birth just over 3 weeks ago. Decided to not opt for homebirth this time as our eldest is still pretty young (19 months) and our flat isn't our own - didn't want to fork out to clean any permanent mess-damage. Worked out perfectly in the end.

Any further progress since your walk? Any harder contractions?

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 04:45:44

No harder contractions, but lots more leaking. I can feel my pelvis changing and she's definitely "there" when I bend/squat/sit.

twolittlebundles Sat 06-Jul-13 04:55:18

All sounds promising to me- how are you feeling?

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 05:01:10

Wobbly and calm intermittently! Just checked her heart rate - around 130 and holding with very slight variations and very very low down. Intermittent strong BH, bit of back ache.....

ZuluWarrior Sat 06-Jul-13 05:01:15

Can I join the cheerleaders (slightly enviously)? Up with pregnancy backache at 37 weeks. Go pinkballetflats!

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 05:03:29

Hey Zulu! I'm 39+2.

ZuluWarrior Sat 06-Jul-13 05:05:58

I'm going to finish some work I was meant to do last week - this thread is going to keep me going! Was your last one early? I had my other two at 39 and 38. Early babies are great smile.

HenD19 Sat 06-Jul-13 05:08:58

Ooo how exciting! I had DC3 6 weeks ago and am v jealous of you in a sick kind of way! Sounds like you're being really strong. My DS was also born Christmas 2010 in the snow....

twolittlebundles Sat 06-Jul-13 05:12:04

low down is wonderful- are you using the TENS? If not, is there anyone who can press down on your lower back? There are some awesome pressure points (called the sacral points) there that might be useful if you are beginning to feel it in your back. If you put your hands on your hips, reaching your thumbs around to your back, you'll be able to push around a bit- you'll know when you find them because they'll be tender but will feel good when you press into them.
For the wobbles, there is a good point on the sole of the foot - the one called Kidney on this page

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 05:17:39

DC was 2 days late...but only just (02:16)

ZuluWarrior Sat 06-Jul-13 05:25:16

Picking up lots of useful tips on here. I'm not brave enough for a home birth but we have a lovely midwife-led unit which is about as homely as it gets. And someone else makes your bed!

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 05:29:40

I nearly went for the MLU but the 40 minute drive put me when I went to see it it wasn't very homey really

ZuluWarrior Sat 06-Jul-13 05:32:23

It's so variable depending on where you live, isn't it? My friends in Edinburgh don't even have the option of a MLU. It seems to be full-on labour suite or nowt. I feel really lucky.

Understand why you wouldn't fancy a 40 minute drive though - ouch!

dinkystinky Sat 06-Jul-13 05:36:34

Good luck Pink. Have something to eat, stick on a favourite Dvd and sit on your birth ball having a good roll around - should help encourage her down and get those contractions going in earnest.

OdaBear Sat 06-Jul-13 05:45:34

Nodded off... for an hour. Rudely awakened by not so sleepy newborn.

How's it going?

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 05:48:17

Crap...I may be wrong, but I think she might be OP judging by the backward sacral pressure I'm getting....

Hey Dinky!!!!

Newborns and their non-sleepiness.....

SoYo Sat 06-Jul-13 05:48:28

Hi pink, I'm Up again. I hope you've ordered a sleepy one! Glad there's more fluid now, hope it all picks up. I'm going to co-sleep for an hour or so so can't type.

Dillydollydaydream Sat 06-Jul-13 05:48:33

It'll be lovely. My dd was born at home 6 weeks ago. We have lovely cream carpets throughout - not a mark on then which surprised me!
Good luck pink

OdaBear Sat 06-Jul-13 05:54:12

Don't get too hung up if you think she's OP. If she is, she is. The majority of babies turn during labour, and I'm sure with being mobile etc, that will encourage her to get into position.

Both my boys were OP and turned fine during labour. Hands and knees!!

(Newborn and non-sleepiness and fussiness... AND toddler awake in next room having a cry!!!).

lotsofcheese Sat 06-Jul-13 05:55:46

Another one wishing you good luck!

I had loads of sacral pressure with my ds but he was in perfect position.
But for goodness sake, you are not in active labour, go and get some rest!

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 06:01:56

OK...not that I will go to sleep, but I'm going to go and get on the couch with some toast.

Hi pink. I found you!
Rest while you can.
Good luck!

Tinwe Sat 06-Jul-13 06:40:06

Hi Pink! Popping back on again as I've just woken up panicking that the cat has a fasting blood test and we've left her food out. As we last put food down at tea time and the few crumbs left just now are stuck to her bowl (dribble?) I'm hoping that she gobbled her tea immediately and that I've saved the day so she can have her test as planned grin

How are you doing now?

Don't even give a second thought to whether baby is OP - both of mine probably were and I felt labour in my back but I had two pretty quick home births without even g&a - stay positive and mobile and you'll be absolutely fine.

Don't forget to keep drinking lots of water and going for a wee regularly. Have some breakfast if you can face it.

Ooh, good luck pink. I have no advice to give (ds a cs after failed induction, no contrax at all - softy) but a wave a good Pom Pom!

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 07:31:42

Hey all..well I've been resting and as soon as I lay down I started with contractions of moderate pain lasting 45 seconds every seven minutes. I've had some blood in my waters and again the non-balanced blurb given to me by the midwife says I have to ring the hospital but it's pink and doubt it's more that 25mls and I certainly hadn't even remotely gone through the pad. After doing a search here I've read loads of women who bleed lightly throughout. I'll be keeping an eye on it. Bubs is moving around nicely.

Good luck pink smile

Agree that back pain doesn't necessarily mean OP and a long painful labour... With DD, I felt like my pelvis was going to explode and she was a quick labour with a lot less pain than DC1 smile

Hope it all picks up today and you are cuddling a lovely newborn soon grin

FattyMcChubster Sat 06-Jul-13 07:58:37

Good luck pink! I bled throughout and all was fine so I hope the same goes for you.

MrsRoss26 Sat 06-Jul-13 08:13:09

I hope you're resting pink! Have read through, it all sounds like promising stuff!

dinkystinky Sat 06-Jul-13 08:15:44

Sounds like its going well Pink. Hand and knees and get oh to press down hard on your sacrum to relieve the sacral pressure if its getting too much - the release is fab.

pudtat Sat 06-Jul-13 08:17:27

Just delurking from earlier and wishing you luck. If you're thinking of using TENS get it on sooner rather than later as it helps most with pre transition pain (and you cant wear it in the pool!) but takes a while for the muscles to get used to it to have best effect, I found mine invaluable!

Good luck pink,2 successful home births for me. Many moons ago thou.... DS 15, Dd 13! Lovely experience

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 08:22:57

Took 1000mg paracetamol at 8am just to take the edge off. As soon as OH is back down I'll get him to get the TENS on for me. Funnily the CTX seem to get stronger when I lie down on my left side right now.

ChickenLickenSticken Sat 06-Jul-13 08:30:13

Good luck!! I had a quick home birth for dd (pfb) so cheering you on from the Essex riviera....

Bullets Sat 06-Jul-13 08:31:10

How exciting! My first live birth thread! Go go go pink!!!

Shylepite Sat 06-Jul-13 08:31:59

Good luck pinkballetflats! I loved my homebirth. I bled a bit in labour but all was fine, mw wasn't concerned at all smile

ChickenLickenSticken Sat 06-Jul-13 08:35:23

Hands and knees pushing into the sofa was good for me.... Waters went about an hours before dd arrived (contractions started 3-4 hours before that though) jumped in the pool, first midwife made it with 45 mins to go, second midwife arrived as we were cuddling our new gorgeous bundle. (Think I must be ovulating or something as its made me well up thinking about it!!)

Oh and when my waters did go my pad was stained dark/green. Midwives said officially they should've transferred me but as me and dd were doing well there was no need and they omitted it from my notes.

Birth pool water was clear about from a bit of poo from dd, I had a tiny graze that didn't require stitches.

Totally amazing experience (blubbing now)

ChickenLickenSticken Sat 06-Jul-13 08:36:11

Cool date for a birthday too 6/7/13.... 6+7=13 smile

cjdamoo Sat 06-Jul-13 09:29:44

just checking in after a busy dat how you going?

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 09:43:45

Still going...think this is going to be a long one! |Thinking of sending OH out for R Whites Lemonade Ice lollies

cjdamoo Sat 06-Jul-13 09:45:56

Good plan

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 09:47:05

I also want a full English!

MrsRoss26 Sat 06-Jul-13 09:47:10

Definitely send your Dh for lollies - today's going to be hot, and this'll be a great way to stay hydrated without the desperate need for lots of toilet breaks! How're you feeling now?

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 09:49:35

I'm feeling good...bit hmm at the ctx tapering off....

Good luck pink!

FortyFacedFuckers Sat 06-Jul-13 09:59:49

Good luck pink hope the cx pick up soon grin

chubbymomie2012 Sat 06-Jul-13 10:09:37

just been catching up pink! good luck! got on thon ball and get bouncing! will be watching through the day luck and love coming at u from Irelandxxx

DrMcDreamysWife Sat 06-Jul-13 10:22:13

Good luck pink, lollies sound like a good plan, it's hot today!

TWinklyLittleStar Sat 06-Jul-13 11:07:31

Morning! I was hoping to wake up to read about you being all finished - no such luck. Yy to the ice lollies!

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 11:26:06

TENS attached...not sure about it yet. CTX are all over the place atm. Currently devouring cheese and tomato toastie. MW called. Salesman came to our back door offering to cut our trees, told him I was in labour right now and he carried on with his spiel....I said: "I don't think you heard me: there's a baby coming out of me right now!" The look of horror on his face....gotta get my labour kicks from somewhere, right?

twolittlebundles Sat 06-Jul-13 11:40:49

I have toastie envy. Good work on the salesman scare- imagine he won't be back in a while grin

rockybalboa Sat 06-Jul-13 11:47:58

Oooh, this is exciting! I'm 39w with DC3 and going for a HB this time so watching avidly! Come on baby, out you come! Have you got a ball to bounce on? I'm paranoid about baby being back to back because he's shifting around so much still so as soon as I go into labour I am scrubbing the skirting boards and floors to keep me on my hands and knees as much as poss.

Rulesgirl Sat 06-Jul-13 12:12:50

Hi * Pink* You still at it grin I'm afraid I fell asleep at 5.00. Had dreams of babies swimming everywhere.!!! ha ha.shock

ZuluWarrior Sat 06-Jul-13 12:41:00

Checking in after the hell that is swimming lessons smile. Hope all going well!

Hope the TENS is working for you, pink, & the contractions are building.

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 12:56:05

Just had the midwife over. Everything looks great and she'll be back later. Ctx have gone off a bit, probably because Im tired. Just had a triple peaking ctx -joy!! Id forgotten how much this hurts!

Ivy got the tens on 12 right strong do these things go?

ChickenLickenSticken Sat 06-Jul-13 13:34:09

Hope you're doing ok in this heat!

fuckwittery Sat 06-Jul-13 13:39:19

Try ans nap between them if yo can, save your energy!

dinkystinky Sat 06-Jul-13 13:49:35

I agree with resting/napping now if you can - you're doing great

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 14:24:40

Ice lolly. Ctx 1.5 minute cycles for last 30 minutes. Not too hot. Tens sux.

Tinwe Sat 06-Jul-13 14:46:50

Sorry I disappeared, had to go out hot a few things. Sounds like things have moved on a bit grin

pudtat Sat 06-Jul-13 14:55:29

Tens usually go to about 15 or 20 and have 2 levels (a kind of medium and high) so you can escalate quite a bit. The secret is turning it down between contractions to a comfy level and then cranking it up during them. The comfy level will go up as things progress! However, at 1.5mins you're moving on apace and its def best early on and with time to get used to it.

Did those ice lollies arrive? Best of luck!

Tinwe Sat 06-Jul-13 14:55:54

Just to add regarding the potential for a back to back birth... DD1 was back to back. Didn't notice any discernible difference in pain and the labour was only 4 hours (first baby too). She turned as she was passing out, I felt it (bone grinding against bone) but it wasn't painful strangely at all, more a relief!

Tinwe Sat 06-Jul-13 14:57:05

Any difference in pain when I had DD2 not B2B

HotCrossPun Sat 06-Jul-13 15:02:54

This is the first live birth thread I've read since I became pregnant, it's so exciting!

How are you feeling now Pink ?

Oh good luck OP! Hope things progress quickly for you smile

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 15:15:46

I feel like SHIT!!!! Ctx lasting up to 3 minutes and getting worse. Called MW. Getting in the pool. Might disappear for a bit.

Tinwe Sat 06-Jul-13 15:34:20

Sounds like things are moving along nicely. Keep up the good work! smile

HotCrossPun Sat 06-Jul-13 15:41:43

Best of luck Pink

Make sure you post a cute newborn picture for us all to coo over smile

Vicky08 Sat 06-Jul-13 15:42:10

Good luck OP

WireCat Sat 06-Jul-13 15:46:38

Good luck!

OdaBear Sat 06-Jul-13 16:52:24

Good luck! Rooting for you! X

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 16:58:25

Just to let you all know that labour is going really well so far. Contractions coming thick and fast and increasingly stronger. Gas and air is helping though smile From birthing partner

HotCrossPun Sat 06-Jul-13 17:01:02

Glad to hear it pink thanks

ElectricSheep Sat 06-Jul-13 17:05:02

Ohh not long to go Pink flowers

Just found this, glad things have got going, baby was probably getting into a better position.

Hope your birthing team have got some delicious food on hand for you for afterwards.

Good luck thanks

TheAccidentalExhibitionist Sat 06-Jul-13 17:09:50

Go Pink, Go Pink

<shakes Pom poms>

How exciting! smile

NoComet Sat 06-Jul-13 17:14:43

Good Luck, DD2s was a very smooth and beautiful HB, hoping yours is too!

5madthings Sat 06-Jul-13 17:16:53

Ooh good luck! Xx hope you snuggling baby soon xx

DrMcDreamysWife Sat 06-Jul-13 17:20:27

Good luck hope your lovely baby is here soon xx

Glad things are moving on and the gas & air is helping.
It's getting even more exciting!
Good luck, pink!

Theselittlelightsofmine Sat 06-Jul-13 17:26:31

Hope bubs here soon x

RibenaFiend Sat 06-Jul-13 17:39:01

Marking place OP! Very excited for your squishy newborn cuddles soon.


MrsDeVere Sat 06-Jul-13 17:41:53

oooooh lovely.

Hope it keeps going well.

I had two lovely homeirths.

Checking in and sending hand holding! Not long now!

frutilla Sat 06-Jul-13 17:43:54

So exciting!!! xx

ruledbyheart Sat 06-Jul-13 17:58:02

Oooh yay keep going OP! x

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 18:08:54

Still going strong. The contractions are getting a lot stronger. In the pool and doing so well. Will keep you all updated on her progress

pudtat Sat 06-Jul-13 18:15:10

Hang in there! Not long now...

Tinwe Sat 06-Jul-13 18:15:49

Great news! On the home stretch now grin

ReikiMummy Sat 06-Jul-13 18:24:33

good luck Pink.... hope all ok.
Currently 39w here too with a HB planned... just about to get into pool for a bit of a cool off.


marzipananimal Sat 06-Jul-13 18:33:34

How exciting! I'm 40+5 now and planning a homebirth, can't wait to be in labour!

charlottehere Sat 06-Jul-13 18:36:19

Marking place

scarecrow22 Sat 06-Jul-13 18:37:29

I'm at Stones gig in Hyde Park and still rooting for you from last night... go girl

Futterby Sat 06-Jul-13 18:37:29

Just read this the whole way through, good luck pink!!

Marlinspike Sat 06-Jul-13 18:38:08

Marking... you go Pink!

MadameJosephine Sat 06-Jul-13 18:41:23

Ooooooh how exciting!!! Come on baby pink!!

MissStrawberry Sat 06-Jul-13 18:45:33

I hope all went well and BabyPink is feeding nicely smile.

beginnings Sat 06-Jul-13 18:51:36

29+4 here and willing you on!! Good luck Pinks! flowers

Good luck pink and hi marzi! I think the August post natal thread has slipped away but be good to know how everyone is doing. I had a home birth in Oct at 40 +5 so it could be tonight.....!!

Hope it's all going well, pink! So exciting!

ZuluWarrior Sat 06-Jul-13 19:13:59

Keep going pink - you can do it!

Rulesgirl Sat 06-Jul-13 19:16:45

Your doing sooo well Pink and youve come along way since you started this morning x grin

GoingGoingGoth Sat 06-Jul-13 19:19:21

Hope it's all going well. Good Luck Pink

MortifiedAdams Sat 06-Jul-13 19:20:48

Checking in and wishing you well!

twolittlebundles Sat 06-Jul-13 20:08:46

Happy Sunday from the other hemisphere- hope all's going well Pink- that pool must be bliss!

AtYourCervix Sat 06-Jul-13 20:18:36

So exciting.

Go Pink!!!!

Do we need some relaxing breathing?

Any news? I'm sure it will be over soon.

k2togm1 Sat 06-Jul-13 21:35:11

Willing you on!!

Good luck!

pinkballetflats Sat 06-Jul-13 22:50:11

Rachel Amelia was born at 21.45 this evening at home in the pool. Mum and baby are doing fantastic. Rachel is a true beauty! Weight is still unknown. Mum did really well, having endured a labour the midwife said was the toughest she has seen. Hannah xx

5madthings Sat 06-Jul-13 22:51:53

Yay congratulations!

Welcome to the world Rachel Amelia smile

Well done pink enjoy those newborns snuggles, hope you arent too sore xx

beginnings Sat 06-Jul-13 22:52:17

Oh well done Pinks and welcome to the world Rachel! Such a beautiful name. Enjoy the cuddles smile

Ginderella Sat 06-Jul-13 22:53:00

Congratulations and well done flowers

dinkystinky Sat 06-Jul-13 22:54:33

Congrats Pink and welcome little Rachel - you better be an angel baby now after putting your mum through such a tough time!

NoComet Sat 06-Jul-13 22:54:53

Congratulation and welcome to the world Rachel Amelia, what a lovely name. flowers

And enjoy the best bit of a home birth, no post natal ward, your own bed, together, in private.

FattyMcChubster Sat 06-Jul-13 22:55:19

Congratulations! thanks

GoingGoingGoth Sat 06-Jul-13 22:56:52

Congratulations to you both.
Well done.

Futterby Sat 06-Jul-13 23:01:41

Massive congrats!! flowersflowers

Rulesgirl Sat 06-Jul-13 23:01:58

Yay!!!!grin grin grin grin grin grin grin grin
We'll done Pinks....What a ride hey!!!!! x

MrsDeVere Sat 06-Jul-13 23:04:26

Oh well done! Congratulations how absolutely lovely. Yay x

HotCrossPun Sat 06-Jul-13 23:17:24

Congratulations and well done pink thanks

And also thanks to Hannah for updating us grin

scarecrow22 Sat 06-Jul-13 23:35:15

wonderful news. And my favourite name. DS would have been Rachel if he had been her, iyswim. Enjoy the cuddles and hope the next few weeks and months ...and years smile

Congratulations pink!
Enjoy your newborn cuddles.
Thanks for all the updates, Hannah.

ElectricSheep Sun 07-Jul-13 00:57:11

WELL done Pink and congratulations flowers

Hope you're feeling okay and have a nice restful first night. Welcome to the world little Rachael.

cjdamoo Sun 07-Jul-13 01:29:32

huge congrats from down under

Littleballofhate Sun 07-Jul-13 01:35:50

Welcome to the world Rachel! Well done to your mum too! Many blessings for a bright, long and happy all the way from the US xx

TWinklyLittleStar Sun 07-Jul-13 02:34:20

Well done pink, congratulations.

DrMcDreamysWife Sun 07-Jul-13 02:50:00

Well done pink. Tough labour sounds ouchy. Congratulations on your new daughter, Rachel is a lovely name. Enjoy recovering in your own bed!

frutilla Sun 07-Jul-13 03:09:11

Congratulations Pink, and welcome Rachel Amelia! Lovely name too!! xx

pudtat Sun 07-Jul-13 03:09:58

Sorry it was an ordeal but sure little Pink will make it all worthwhile. Lovely names. Relax. Be pampered. Be gentle with yourself. Enjoy her. thanks

Thanks Hannah for updates, thanks

OdaBear Sun 07-Jul-13 03:11:52

Congratulations pink and a huge well done on getting through labour. Enjoy it all, even the crying, as it all goes too quickly...

All the best xxx

Well done pink. Congratulations on safe arrival of your beautiful daughter.
biscuit &brew much deserved xx

HenD19 Sun 07-Jul-13 03:45:59

Yeah! Congratulations! Sounds like you're a toughie and did really well. Really pleased that you got to have the homebirth you wanted.

LoveBeingUpAt4InTheMorning Sun 07-Jul-13 04:09:01

Congrats x

AtYourCervix Sun 07-Jul-13 06:24:17

Congratulations and well done!

twolittlebundles Sun 07-Jul-13 06:58:26

Congratulations- hope you are now being brought toasties in bed!

MissStrawberry Sun 07-Jul-13 08:32:31

Oh how lovely! This has brought a tear to my eye blush.

Many many congratulations to you all!!

FortyFacedFuckers Sun 07-Jul-13 08:56:06

Congratulations grin

Congrats Pink!

Theselittlelightsofmine Sun 07-Jul-13 09:09:11

Congrats Pink and welcome to the world baby x

WireCat Sun 07-Jul-13 09:12:17


little sob


Marlinspike Sun 07-Jul-13 09:22:47

Aahhhhh.... well done Pink, and welcome to the world Rachel Amelia!

MadameJosephine Sun 07-Jul-13 09:50:17

Hurrah! Welcome to the world little Rachel, I'm sure she's scrummy and worth every contraction. Enjoy! Xxx

ReikiMummy Sun 07-Jul-13 10:28:33

Welcome little Rachel smile
Well done Pink!

Aww, congratulations grin thanks

Congratulations! flowers

Oh how wonderful! Gives me goosebumps! Welcome to the world Rachel, enjoy your lovely newborn snuggles Pink!

Tinwe Sun 07-Jul-13 20:12:25

Congratulations Pink! And welcome Rachel Amelia smile

Bullets Mon 08-Jul-13 13:08:53

Congratulations pink!!!! Love the idea of a homebirth if we ever go for DC#2, thank you for the insight. I hope you enjoyed curling up in your own bed afterwards, how perfect!

Beautiful name too, enjoy all those gorgeous snuggles with Rachel xxx

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