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littlemonkeychops Mon 13-May-13 08:47:15

I'm planning a homebirth for DC2, 38 weeks now. Had a straightforward birth with DC1 at MLU and only 5 mins from hospital if i need to transfer.

So, about 90% of the time i am excited and positive but for the last couple of days i've felt wobbly, not about the homebirth side of things i'm confident it's shat i want. Just suddenly nervous about the "argh i actually havd to go through labour again" aspect! I guess this is normal for a second birth?!

So please shard your positive homebirth stories, for some reason reading positive stories makes me feel less wobbly!


littlemonkeychops Mon 13-May-13 08:48:06

Stupid typos, sorry!

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Mon 13-May-13 09:09:59

I've had 2 hb's and had wobbles before both of them. I used to go to the homebirth.org site and read the birth stories to banish the wobbles, and if you google homebirth diaries, the series may be on YouTube.

Ds2 & 3 were both VBAC hb's in water.

Ds2 arrived very quickly - much quicker than expected. The MW arrived to see two pushes before he crowned. The labour was fast, but great. Very peaceful and pretty easy really. After the birth it was lovely to have the home comforts around us.

Ds3 took a bit longer to arrive, but the labour wasn't so furious. Ds2 saw his brother being born, as did my sister. It was lovely for all of us to be at home together. Ds3's arrival into the family just flowed because it wasn't interrupted by going into hospital.

Good luck with your HB, it will be one of your best experiences ever smile

littlemonkeychops Mon 13-May-13 09:28:16

Aw thanks ILikeTo, i am very excited, just have moments of feeling "eek". Thanks i'll have a look at the homebirths site.

thepartysover Mon 13-May-13 11:22:47

Marking place smile

littlemonkeychops Mon 13-May-13 11:49:37

Hello theparty, are you in the same boat??

slugsonmypeasgrr Mon 13-May-13 11:52:00


Am 37+3 today and so happy to have made it this far after a couple of hairy braxton hicks filled days as now I am sure to get my HB! DS1 was born at home on Boxing Day and it was really great - not a short or particularly easy labour, especially the delivery bit, but so wonderful to be relaxed and at home. I was remembering it yesterday and the MW arrived at about 4 am and just literally sat and quietly watched me labour in/out of the pool most of the time she was there - amazing to think I got such personal and high quality service the whole time. It was so much better than the London hospital births I had been terrified by in my pregnancy. The MW was due to go off shift at 8 am but stayed until I delivered at 12 and for a bit afterwards and for 4 hours I had two wonderful MWs encouraging, helping and reassuring me. They said if I had been in hospital I would have had a snip and forceps or ventouse because the pushing was so slow, but as it was they monitored baby's heart every contraction as I was pushing and I got off with some very minor grazing that didn't need stitches.

They left me in bed with my gorgeous boy and hubby... had to sit at table for a 3 course dinner with MIL 3 hours after but that's a different story...

slugsonmypeasgrr Mon 13-May-13 11:52:53

Oh and we sat by the Christmas tree watching the twinkly lights as I gave him his first breastfeed - bliss!

Me me! Marking place so I can type properly when I get home, currently standing in line at the back!

I mean bank!

DoNotDisturb Mon 13-May-13 12:00:29

Have had two home births and hoping to have a third in the next month. I love stayin at home. No stress. Really relaxing. It's almost as if the birth fits in with your day. Both have been evening labours and last time ds slept through it all and woke up to a new baby sister.

I love being able to have a shower or bath before jumping into your own bed straight after. Bliss

Fingers crossed for both of us it all goes to plan this time too.

DewDr0p Mon 13-May-13 12:01:59

I had 2 births at our local MLU and then a HB.

The HB was brilliant, the mws were great and it didn't seem to matter that I hadn't got much ready (all I had was a groundsheet, dc3 caught us on the hop arriving a few weeks early, in fact I was only technically far enough along to have a hb half way through labour lol. The mws wrapped dc3 up in my best towel but I have to say I didn't care at that point! and it washed up nicely afterwards.) I can't tell you how wonderful it was to sink into my own bed afterwards and in the morning dc1 came and jumped into bed with me as he did every morning with a sideways glance at the crib and a very nonchalant "oh the baby came then"

My 2nd birth was totally amazing. It was fast and furious and dc2 arrived with literally the first push (think it took 2 pushes to get his head fully out, and 2 more for the rest of him) I can't even describe how I felt - so empowered and totally in control of my body - I am Woman, Hear me ROAR!

My experience was certainly that I felt like I knew what I was doing 2nd and 3rd time around - dc3 was a little trickier as he was in a funny position but I knew it didn't feel right and felt quite confident to say that and the mws helped me sort it out.

Aw I feel quite emotional now, I know giving birth is no picnic OP but it is an amazing experience - I almost feel sad that I will never do it again.

EdgarAllanPond Mon 13-May-13 12:10:12

I have had four homebirths, all of which went pretty much the same way, though DS2 here was born like this -

1) labour starts (and not a day too soon, at +13)
2) England commences game with Italy
3) MW called - they ask if I am Definitely In Labour and I assure them that I Definitely Am.
4) They arrive fresh from another HB, get set up, measure pulse, foetal HB etc, check dilation and find at 8cm..
5) DH checks match to find England have scored
6) waters go and out pops DS2 at 9'10 - to me he looks like a 3 monther he's that big
7) Dh goes to watch penalty shootout.
8) tidy up (bloody gacky mess goes with MWs in big sack), have a bath, load pictures of little one to FB.

I am very happy to have had a Hb this time, had we been going to the CLu we wouldn't have been admitted as they were on divert to other units they were that busy.

as a second timer your chances of transfer would be very low, and second deliveries are usually easier, hope all goes well whatever smile

LaChaiseVerte Mon 13-May-13 12:11:58

Me, 2 lovely home waterbirths - can't type in full now but will later!

I can recommend "Stand and Deliver" as a positivity boost while getting cold feet about labour.

cazboldy Mon 13-May-13 12:12:41

I have had 4 hb, and am hoping for another with dc6 due 7th Oct smile

I had ds 1 in hosp, and had a straightforward and easy labour, and everything was fine, but My mum had had my brother at home when I was 4 and I am really close with him, and helped to wash him and dress him afterwards and I have always wanted that for my dc.

So dd1 I was 1 day overdue, mw called round just to check up on me..... my mum was also round (luckily!) Did a few checks on me and was about to leave when I mentioned that my back really hurt today. Cue my Mum jumping in and saying that with one of her labours that was all she had had, and that the mw ought to check me out. mw laughed and said no way was I in labour as I was far too relaxed. Mum was really insistent to the point where I snapped at her for being embarrassing! Mw said no harm in checking so we went upstairs.... she checked and I was 7cms! went to go get her bag and dd was born about 15 mins later! lol She was back to back, which I always thought was supposed to make it harder, but the mw said that was why all the pain had been in my back.

ds2 was 37+1 - 40 mins from first twinge to birth and dh had to catch him!

after that was reccommended I had future babies at home!

ds3 was about a 2 hr labour and mw arrived just before he was born (4mins before on the notes) and he was born at 3am and the other dc didn't wake up so had a lovely surprise in the morning. smile

dd2 was born in the bath - I couldn't get out in time!
The mw rang (on the day she was due) and said she had to pass the end of my road on her way to work and did i want her to call in. I said I'm just in the bath, I feel a bit funny! She said she was on her way! You would think i would know I was in labour with my 5th blush but was only having tightenings about every 20 mins and they didn't really hurt - however I had gotten into the bath as my legs were killing me ! they literally felt like someone was twisting them - like wringing out a dishcloth!

Anyway dd2 was born just as the mw was coming up the stairs grin

Good Luck with your HB

can't reccommend it enough - and there's nothing like snuggling up in your own bed afterwards smile

littlemonkeychops Mon 13-May-13 13:24:05

Thanks everyone, this is exactly what i needed, i will keep re-reading this thread to give me inspiration :-)

Love thd idea of DD waking up in thd morning to meet her new sibling.

At the MLU with DD it felt more like the MWs were running the birth and i was just a participant (they were really lovely though!) whereas hoping having a homebirth will enable me and DH to feel like we're the ones in control if that makes sense? And having bath in my osn bathroom and sleeping in my own bed sounds like bliss!!

Right I'm back from town now! DD was a water birth at the lovely MLU 20 miles away but as it was all quite fast, I decided to have a home birth second time round and I'm glad I did as DS was born just 40 minutes after the midwives arrived.

He was a big boy at 9 lbs 3 but I didn't have a scratch, again delivered in water. The whole experience was lovely, really low key and relaxed. The midwives hung about for a cup of tea and a chat then they took a taxi back to the maternity ward taking my placenta away in a plastic bag....I wonder if the cab driver knew!

The whole experience was really lovely and DD slept through it all, waking to meet her new baby brother the next morning, DS just fell straight into family life and we had friends round for breakfast that first morning to meet him.

Good luck, hope it all goes well.

spiderlight Mon 13-May-13 15:31:44

I had a lovely home birth with DS. He was my first but the midwives were really really supportive of my choice and I ws so glad I'd done it that way. I was really relaxed all the way through - midwife said she'd never seen a first-timer so chilled out! I hoovered and watched Laurel and Hardy DVDs, both my best friends popped in at various times during the day, DH was dispatched to the chippy at lunchtime and it all felt like a totally normal thing to be doing. Yes, it still blooming hurt at times, and it was a long labour (19 hours from start to finish), but being able to have a long hot shower in my own bathroom and sleep in my own bed afterwards was wonderful. DS was incredibly chilled out and content from the very start: a friend's mum who's a GP in Denmark saw a photo of him at a few hours old and her first comment was 'That baby was born at home, wasn't he?' because he looked so relaxed.

thepartysover Mon 13-May-13 15:39:16

littlemonkey - exactly the same! I'm 39+5 now, with my second baby. Planning a homebirth, 5 minutes from hospital if it comes to it. I've been feeling really excited (impatient) lately but when I thought I was having actual contractions this morning, I started to panic. Didn't have a great time of it with DS and really hoping that being in my own environment this time will help me to feel more in control.

Mine went like this:

5pm at +12 refuse sweep, MW says baby not at all engaged and free.

10pm do own internal, still no cervix.

3:30am wake up with curry tummy ache (it's was my 3rd and I was +12 - you'd think I'd recognise labour).

Ran and got in bath with ipad on the side to play with MN and the contraction timer.

Lay on my tum in the bath to help positioning.

6:30 call dh and ask for TENS and doula. Do self-internal to find bouncy trampoline (bulging waters).

7:00 Doula turns up and calls midwife. MW asks if I want her to come out. I definately don't. I'm leaning over bed waiting for the children to be taken out for breakfast and school.

7:30 waters break on loo (excellently convenient) come downstairs and lean over sofa whilst dh fills the pool. Doula calls MW again who ask if we can wait until shift changeover and doula says 'nope'.

7:45 transition. Didn't vocalise but in my head thought 'I've well had enough' so got into the pool.

7:55 Midwife turns up with 7 cans of gas and air, but no mouthpiece. She goes outside to get reception for her phone and I never see her again.

8:05 Another two midwives turn up, say hello and then go and manouvre their cars whilst dh runs after them asking for the gas and air.

8:10 Heads out

8:14 shoulders out MWs return just in time and give me gas and air for the 3rd stage which I do in the pool with cord uncut.

123rd Mon 13-May-13 16:28:55

I had ds at home. My dd was was born in hospital. Very short and easy labour and the mw actually said to me on the delivery bed" you should go for a home birth next time" so I did! Ds was born in less than 2.5 hrs(to quick!!) but was lovely having dd wake up the next morning and her little brother had just magically appeared. I was worried about what we would so with dd but she slept thru everything. Good luck. I would definitely do it again.

higgle Mon 13-May-13 16:49:25

My home birth boy is 18 now. A water birth with two community midwives, quick, easy and more discomfort than pain from contractions.
DS1 was present for his brother's birth ( he just came downstairs and we couldn't send him away) and I think that is one reason they are so very close. The delivery was followed by a hearty cooked breakfast, a long sleep for us all and I was up and about cooking dinner - because I wanted to - later in the day. One of the best days of my life.

littlemonkeychops Mon 13-May-13 16:55:38

Yay, feeling much less wobbly now some lovely stories :-)

Oooo theparty how exciting, let us know how it goes!

sparklingsea Mon 13-May-13 17:00:32

The most euphoric day of my life. Ds 2 born in the bath with three fantastic midwives attending. Could not have felt more in control and empowered, like my body just knew what to do. Big baby but no stitches this time, according to dh I was in another world and made no noise what to ever in stark contrast to ds 1, if it wasn't for having another child would happily have that day again! Good luck.

You know what the best thing about my homebirth was?

I had the confidence to tell the midwives exactly what I was doing, and then ask for their advice if and when I needed some help.

So, in the pool, I said 'Now the heads out, I'm going to sit back, so you might want to go round the other side of the pool'

and then

'I think I'll stay in a bit and cuddle my baby'

and then

'My membranes are all tangled up inside me with the cord, what do you suggest?'

and then, on request to check me internally after I had got out

'no thanks, I'll feed my baby now and after that you can check me'.

Loving these stories! I'm not due till end of August, but planning hb. Only thing is DH doesn't fully know about my hb aspirations yet and might have a bit of a worry - the sort of "shouldn't we be where all the expert help is" kind of worry - is there stuff to reassure him on homebirth.org.uk? It's not that I haven't mentioned it, I have, but he doesn't like to think about things like that till it's actually time to make those decisions/choices.

DS was 9lbs 5 born at 42 weeks in the MLU, VB but took hours and hours and seemed quite difficult but was probably well within 'textbook' definition. I just don't fancy all the logistics of having someone come and look after him, would love it if he just woke up in the morning to a new baby brother or sister.

TerrysNo2 Mon 13-May-13 17:22:42

This is NOT a shameless blog promotion as I don't blog much these days but here is a link to my homebirth story in part one and part two.

I have the best memories of it and can't wait to have another one grin

NightLark Mon 13-May-13 17:28:25

DD1 HB - born in the birthpool, in the corner of our living room. Quick, easy, needed just TENS and the pool. Was bizarre to feel her head descend after DS's birth where I had been all epidural'd up. Loveliest thing was the run up to the birth, pottering around my own house in the nighttime, timing contractions, filling the pool, totally at ease in my surroundings. Didn't go near a hospital until her hearing check, weeks later.

DD2 HB - a bit trickier, blisteringly hot day and a far more uncomfortable labour, plus she was positioned badly. Laboured in the pool but birthed on dry land as she got stuck and the midwife wanted me out, now! Had to transfer to hospital afterwards, but was all done very quickly and then I got to come home again. But still, the DC came down the next morning to new baby. Again, the best bit was the labour time - all in my own surroundings, so much nicer than my hospital experience of just feeling in the way all the time.

luna40 Mon 13-May-13 17:30:33

Am 38 weeks and also planning a HB! So eagerly watching this thread and really enjoy reading all the positive stories

Ihateparties Mon 13-May-13 18:05:56

I had 1 crap hospital birth, 1 lovely one and 1 lovely homebirth. It was great to be at home, in hindsight it was straightforward, which isn't a given. 2nd birth was planned to be home but ended up being hospital due to staffing issues and you know what, it was absolutely fine and there was no need to be disappointed that it didn't happen at home.

Really glad I got to have at least 1hb but if i did it again i wouldn't get hung up on where it happened, in the end I realised that wasn't the important bit for me smile

MoonHare Mon 13-May-13 18:09:32

Yey! I love positive birth threads especially home birth ones when I get the excuse to share my stories again. Will be back later when I've got time to do exactly that.

themonstersmum Mon 13-May-13 19:20:34

If you feel comfortable in your own ability to cope, and are fit and well, then a HB is just fantastic. All 3 of mine were born at home and it is one of the best decisions I have ever made, and one of the things I am proudest of doing. My MW was very pro HB and supportive, and I had students at the two later ones, what with two MW, two students and a cat there was barely room for me!

For a straightforward birth, being at home is great, no panicky rush to get anywhere, your choices of what to do and where to be. If you want or need the extra support of a pool or ball etc, you have your own and don't wonder if all the facilities at your local hospital etc are in use. I loved sitting down for supper and a glass of wine (!) a few hours after DC3 was born whilst my 3 darlings slumbered upstairs.

Be prepared for some washing afterwards. I suggest dark coloured bed sheets and old towels. For no 3 the MW got soaked when my waters went in a gush she had to borrow trousers to get home!

If you are confident around tiny babies, and having already had one you will be, then go for it. You get left alone two hours post-partum as the MW has to stay long enough to be sure you are both ok, then there is no other support. And you need to get baby checked by a GP or paediatric doc. My first two visited the house to do the check, the third had to be taken in to the hospital for this as it was the weekend.

I did get my two older kids to go to a neighbours for the actual birth for number 3 as I was concerned they would be worried at hearing my groans, I think this helped me relax and get on with it, I had clearly been holding back a bit with them in the house being concerned. But you decide what to do, it rather depends when you go into labour. Some people actually have their other kids present at the birth, but that was a bit too much for me!

Hope all goes well. Enjoy!

Handsfullandlovingit Mon 13-May-13 19:29:23

I have had two gorgeous homebirths. One 5 hour push, second refused to push and ds arrived under his own steam. I second the comment upthread about less unnecessary intervention. You are freed from the pressure to deliver according to a timetable. If baby and you are happy, the midwives quietly and graciously help and let you get on with it. Good luck.

AuntyDiluvian Mon 13-May-13 19:48:41

I have my 9-day old PFB sleeping on me. He wasn't actually born at home but was a planned home birth, and only the last 2 hours were in hospital - I want to chime in as someone who had to transfer to hospital in labour and am still totally delighted that we chose to have a home birth. I think I would have found that reassuring to hear before my home birth, especially as a first-timer.
My contractions started about midday on Friday - they were coming at 3-minute intervals but not that painful. Called partner, called midwife, then made a big batch of biscuits(!). Once Bloke got home we stuck the TENS on and went for a walk by the river, stopping for a bit of a lean and a sway with each contraction. Midwife came and examined me at 10pm - 2cm. Carried on labouring at home in my own time with the TENS until 1:30am when she came back and I was 6cm, so got in the birth pool and on the gas and air. After a couple of hours happily labouring in the pool, I was getting close to pushing, but PFB's heartrate dropped on two separate monitorings, so the midwife insisted we transfer to hospital - but the transfer was calm and smooth, Kid was born without interventions in spite of the transfer and his distress, and everyone was totally fine afterwards.
I felt so in control for almost all of my labour, which meant my partner was calm too, and the midwives just let me get on with it until there were signs something was wrong. I swore afterwards I'd never give birth again, but if I do, I will definitely have another home birth if possible.

Watching with interest. MWs are asking me to consider a HB for DC3 as DC2 was precipitate and we are 20 mins from hospital (an hour in traffic, twelve minutes when DH floored it to make sure DC2 wasn't born in a layby so not near).

Startail Mon 13-May-13 20:10:14

DD2 was a lovely absolutely straight forward HB. The only thing that wasn't to plan was we never got round to sending her sister to DFs.

DD1 was fast asleep and ignored everything until 3 mins after DD2 appeared. She wandered in, said hi to her sister and ignored me delivering the placenta.

As someone upthread said it just flowed, DD2 just instantly felt she was part of the family.

My favourite memory is of having a picnic lunch after the MWs had gone on our bed in a winter sunbeam and DD2 settling down to BF.

MoonHare Mon 13-May-13 21:02:23

Like you OP my first was a straightforward hospital birth, not easy but straightforward. The best part was the time I laboured at home with the lights down low doing my own thing. I used only TENS and techniques from JuJu Sundin's book "Birth Skills". I felt confident that I could have managed at home and decided to go for it with DC2.

DC2's birth was a truly wonderful experience, born at home after a 7 hour labour start to finish. Calm, relaxed everything we'd hoped for. It made such a difference to be in our own home, both me and DH felt more in control and being together with the new baby in our own bed with tea and toast afterwards was fab. I was so clam in fact that I told the mw twice on the phone she needn't bother coming out yet, when finally she insisted and arrived at 11pm I asked her to examine me and was 9cm! DD arrived at 1.15am. DD1 came home from an overnight stay at a friend's house to meet her new baby sister and the look on her face will always stay with me.

We had no hesitation in deciding on hb for DC3. She was born at 41+5 after a sweep at 41+3. It was still a relaxed calm experience but much more intense at the end than DD2 as it was much quicker. 4 hours from start to finish, started with my waters breaking at 1am I hopped out of bed just in time! I had learned my lesson from last time and rang the mw more or less straight away. She arrived at 1.45 - I wasn't even contracting much at this point. Baby arrived at 5am. The last hour of my labour was very intense and much more painful than with DD2 but still an empowering and wonderful experience.

I had a little wobble occasionally before both home births but I kept focussing on the fact that I knew I could cope pain-wise and that there was no greater risk to the baby or me than if we were in hospital.

Amazing, fantastic experiences, I too feel a little sad that I'll never do it again.

melezka Mon 13-May-13 21:05:28

Was all sorted for a home waterbirth with DD but when in labour every time I got in the pool I was sick. In the end the cervix was dilating unevenly, our lovely midwife called an ambulance and a motorbike paramedic arrived (? - wha...?) and proceeded to ask if he could call his wife; we said yes; he told her all about how he'd be late home for dinner and left...a ride to the hospital in an ambulance sorted out the cervix but our midwife was furious when we got there - no birthing packs, the rooms not equipped, etc, etc. It was a comic farce and we were of course delighted to have our baby - but we really wanted to try for a home birth for the next one.
Birth of DS was at risk when i was +13 - I went for a long walk (waddle) and labour began. 8 hours - same as the previous - but a whole other thing. Keeping walking was key for me and of course I had experience to know that. What was really lovely was that our lovely midwife from DD's birth was the second midwife, arriving in time for the delivery. DH and I often say that DS's birth was one of the most romantic times we've ever had. We just felt so together, strongly linked even when more grunting than speaking was happening. Both midwives just let us get on with it and then joined in the celebrations afterwards.
Have a fantastic time. DS is 13 now and he loves to hear what a lovely time we had bringing him into the world.

PickleSarnie Mon 13-May-13 21:08:22

I had a homebirth for my second. Most awesome decision ever.

Contractions started at 4am. Called midwife at 8ish. Blood pressure was 2 points over their limit. Reluctantly agreed to go to hospital and resigned myself to a hospital birth. They hooked me up to the monitor and my blood pressure was slap bang in the middle of average. I was 4cm, they said I could go home. A combination of the "sport suspension" on DHs car at the time and the potholes in Leicester really ramped things up on the way home. Both of us were thinking at the time but didnt say to each other that it was an utterly stupid thing to be driving away from a hospital.

Waters broke on the drive home (sorry to the person who now owns the ex company car! ) , staggered in, slumped over ball, midwives arrived just before pushing. Four pushes later, ds2 was born. Well before DH had the chance to fill the pool up.

It wasn't as planned. It certainly wasn't lavender candles and whale music. I pooed in the living room floor which DH still takes great pleasure in reminding me of. But it was fecking awesome and, dare i say it without sounding like a hippy, ridiculously empowering.

I had a shower in my own shower, I slept in my own bed, I didn't have to eat NHS toast and drink crap NHS tea. If I was ever crazy enough to have a third, I'd do it again.

dogrosie Mon 13-May-13 22:01:09

YY, loved mine too. Two midwives, both my mum's age having a good old gossip about their colleagues whilst working their way through the box of biscuits and all the tea in the house.

Sent DH upstairs, "well you're not much use here love, but the baby'll need you when it's born so Rosie can have a kip." Woke him up (yes, he had actually dozed off!) when it got interesting and DS was born while I leant over the sofa. Then they helped me get cleaned up ("no need to stand in the shower straight away, it's four in the morning ha ha". We went upstairs and they shouted ta ta! We came down to find they'd tidied up and taken all the mank with them.

Still laugh when I think of it now, and DS is 10! Lovely lovely and I wish you well.

themidwife Mon 13-May-13 22:10:27

I'm a community midwife & have also had 2 home births as well as 2 hospital births. You'll do great! Have faith in your own amazing ability to get through it & dare I say it even enjoy it (in a painful kind of way!) Good luck!!

littlemonkeychops Mon 13-May-13 22:12:27

So glad i started this thread, so much positivity :-) Feeling all excited now! Thank you to everyone for sharing your stories, planning to read this thread whenever i feel wobbly!!

LynetteScavo Mon 13-May-13 22:15:38

My home birth was lovely.

I had two horrible hospital births, and wasn't going back there again.

I spent a couple of hours bouncing on the birthing ball in the dark (had sent DH to bed) had a bath, got him to call midwife, who came an hour before DD was born. 2nd midwife turned up minutes after DD was born.

DS2 woke up just before she was born...DH went up to him, and I called that they should both come downstairs. (I really didn't wan't DH to miss the birth) so 2yo DS saw DD being born.

I would like to say they have an amazing bond to this day, but that would be lying. grin

themidwife Mon 13-May-13 22:18:23

And yes, we do pride ourselves on leaving the place spotless when we leave! smile

LynetteScavo Mon 13-May-13 22:36:15

Indeed, my house was left spotless. smile

The midwife did ask what I wanted done with the duvet I'd given birth on, on the floor, which had a lot of mess on it. I said DH would sort it out. I thought he would take it to the tip. He took it to the launderette. shock blush

BoffinMum Mon 13-May-13 22:49:08

3 HBs

In all cases a bit of labour, MW came, gave birth, quick shower, cuppa tea, other people cleared up the house!


wouldyoupleasemove Mon 13-May-13 23:05:42

Straight forward waterbirth at midwife unit for DC1. Home birth three months ago for DC2. Born in a birth pool in our dining room surrounded by candles, flowers and listening to Radio 4. Two amazing midwifes, DH, 4 hour labour, one push, not a stratch. Best of luck x

jennifersofia Tue 14-May-13 00:19:15

Had 3 HB's. All quite straightforward. Lovely crawling into bed with DH and new babby, and seeing how big her sibling was next to her the next morning! Two comments from DH (9 am - I am in beginning of labour) "It is the decorator on the phone, can he come at 11? Me: No! Later on, "Why is the m/w putting out all those pads on the floor? Ohhhhhh." (He is actually lovely, just gets a bit overwhelmed!)
Definitely one of the best things I have ever done, and no regrets.
Good luck!

Flyingtree Tue 14-May-13 00:59:21

I knew I wanted a home birth with my first child, but as it was my first and I was an'older mother (at 37!) they did push for a hospital birth, but they didn't get those straps and monitors on me, oh no :D I was adamant I wanted as least intervention as possible, in fact that was the whole reason I wanted a home birth.

Probably for the best, the labour was from 11pm until around 7.30am
I had way too much gas and air, so was violently sick.
I tried different birthing positions but found squatting most instinctive.

Waking up to a baby too far away from me in a cot and a cleaner honking the room out with bleach at 8am and not being allowed the windows open, was not even forgiven for the morning Yorkshire sunshine and views to distant moors around Halifax.

My second child was born at home. I nested up the front room but when I felt my waters were about to go, I moved upstairs to my bedroom, as if I needed that more closed in private space. The midwives had gone to lunch, and I lived on top of a moor by then so didn't expect them back quickly, and wasn't even worried. I was confident I could give birth alone, and my Mum present also wasn't fazed. The father of the child was downstairs playing on his computer. He certainly wasn't bothered either ... hmm Anyway. A couple of pushes and he was out. No pain relief. Born on my bed. I climbed into bed, and his first feed was whilst I gazed out over the beautiful Cliviger Valley. The whole thing was relaxed, fearless and beautiful.

It would have been about an equidistant 20 minute drive one way to Rochdale hospital or Halifax if there had been complications.

More babies are not happening for me ss my current partner doesn't want them, but I am grateful for having had both experience of a home and hospital birth. I would always HB again, unless the father was strongly in favour of hospital.

So, I recommend HB completely. It imbued the birth process with the magic and awe you read of.

LittleMissLucy Tue 14-May-13 03:50:13

well I was a home birth, to a 23 yr old mother. But as a mother myself - when I gave birth in my late 30s that wasn't going to be the right choice for me.

happyyonisleepyyoni Tue 14-May-13 12:10:39

My DC3 was a home birth and it was lovely not having to travel anywhere in labour. Older DC were able to meet little one when she was 8 minutes old.

I was really lucky to have the same community midwife for all antenatal care, she delivered DD and did all postnatal follow ups - you could not have dreamed of better continuity of care. She wasn't on duty the night DD was born, but she asked us to call her anyway as she wanted to do it! Must love her job as it was a Saturday night, she knew it was likely to all happen so was sat at home waiting for the call and didnt have a glass of wine just in case! I think she didnt want to miss out on the exciting bit and she said they all love doing home births.

THe major plus point is that you get 100% undivided attention from the MW and a second one as well when delivery imminent, not many mothers in hospital get that. Saying that, she stayed out of the way as it was all v straightforward. Did one exam when she arrived and I was 4cm. Then when the waters went and I needed to push she just let me get on with it, she didnt do any more internals.

Still hurt just as much though, and to be honest when actually in the throes of labour I think I could have been anywhere and wouldn't really care, just needed to get the baby out ASAP!

mrsbaffled Tue 14-May-13 12:13:20

I had a surprise HB with DS2. It wasn't planned that way at all. DS1 was a traumatic hospital delivery and I was scared in case things repeated themselves, but the labour was so easy in comparison that when the midwife who was in the area came to examine me I was 8 cm and couldn't be moved.

I would do it again out of choice. I was comfy and could labour exactly how I wanted. Plus we got two midwives!

WaspElly Tue 14-May-13 13:43:46

1 suprise HB, one kind of expected. Wouldn't have it any other way either.
DS arrived late, but quickly. By the time the midwife arrived I'd not had a regular time between pains - just shortening. She asked if I thought I'd make it to hospital 20 mins across town - said I'd give it a go. Got half-way to the door before the next pain then said "probably not going to make it". The second midwife arrived and DH was sent to tell her not to bother parking the car properly, she got her gloves on and caught. The best bit? A cup of tea in my own favourite china cup in my own house, with my own bed to sleep in afterwards. Early start next morning as far as the sofa downstairs then The Lions touring SA and Wimbledon with baby, daddy and me.
DD even quicker. Just had time for my brother to arrive to look after DS but ended up catching. Cancelled the second midwife when first arrived to find baby at the breast and DH cleaning his new laminate flooring (I was in trouble!)

Just to make your eyes water I had 3/4 a crushed paracetamol with #1, and nothing for my bouncing, back to back baby girl.

Darn - the one thing in life I'm naturally good at, and I've stopped at the negotiated 2!wink

cazzmags Tue 14-May-13 14:18:05

Was one of the best experiences of my life. My 3rd child, a son, was born at home 17years ago this Sunday.
My first 2 dcs were hospital births which went well but I really wanted to have the opportunity of giving birth at home for what I knew would be the last time. I was fortunate to be supported by a fantastic midwife who cared for me throughout my pregnancy and then delivered my son (1 hr 20 min labour.) He was a strapping 9lb 12 but all was well and the best bit was that his big brother and sister who watched the Lion King downstairs with their Dad when he was being born were able to see him almost straight away. Getting into my own bath was a close second and not having to venture anywhere for a couple of days was bliss.

Hope it goes well for you and in years to come you will be able to treasure the memories as I have.

MiniPenguinMaker Tue 14-May-13 15:28:15

My mum had my little sister at home when I was 3 and a half years old. I was apparently there in the next room - I can't remember that, but I certainly can remember being the first person to hold my beautiful squealing bright red little sister (THIS is what a baby looks like?!) - really lovely and one of my best and earliest memories. All very peaceful and curled up in bed together after.

MiniPenguinMaker Tue 14-May-13 15:28:44

Oh, and I am hoping to have a home birth with my first baby, due in July - so reading this thread with interest smile

Osmiornica Tue 14-May-13 16:13:57

Both mine were homebirths. Both were quick and relatively easy labours (4hrs and 2hrs). I don't have anything to compare it to as these were my only ones.

I went into labour in the evening first time and middle of the night the second which was very handy as my eldest just slept through it and woke up in the morning with a new sister!

For me it was nice having the midwife there all the time for me and not shared with several other women. My husband could be there all the time. I could sleep in my own bed. I was up and about straight after the birth and could go shower in my own clean bathroom - when I came back downstairs the midwives had cleared everything up.

I felt relaxed and happy at home and more importantly had confidence in the midwives to do their job.

Good Luck smile

honeybeeplusone Tue 14-May-13 16:16:50

Had a lovely home birth nearly 3 years ago... it was my first baby smile Gave the birth in the bathroom (easy to tidy up afterwards!) with 2 midwives and hubby (who had to squat in the bathtub as there was no space left!).

It was a really good experience, especially being able to crawl into my own bed after it was all over and cuddle my little baby. Precious memories!

The only thing I would say - it took a long time for the midwives to arrive, I had to lie that I couldn't feel the baby moving to get them to come and see me... when they arrived I was 10cm and already pushing! I was very good on the phone to them - very calm etc. I think a bit more theatrical shouting would help smile Anyway, good luck with your lovely babies. Hope you have a good experience!!

Chromolithograph Tue 14-May-13 16:18:23

Two home births, both great.

Great thread, in the run up to your birth I recommend you continue to keep things positive. Avoid mentioning your plans to people who have no expertise - they'll feel obliged to say something and it will be a mix of East End 1950s Midwife drama plots and my friend of a friend said.....

It's good to have concerns, ask your community midwives questions, then put the answers in a box at the back of your brain and focus on the future.

littlemonkeychops Tue 14-May-13 18:52:25

That's very true Chromo, we've not told anyone except my sis and just let everyone assume we're going to MLU again like with DD, saves any negativity

idiuntno57 Tue 14-May-13 20:29:50

My last two were homebirths. They were the two most amazing days of my life.

Felt completely in control and relaxed. So much so that I tweeted/facebooked the last one, hopping out of the pool to do updates until DS had to take over as I got a bit busy as it were.

Best bit was that after the births were over we just cleared up and got back to being a slightly bigger family.

Good luck

JumpJockey Tue 14-May-13 20:43:57

HB with Dd1 was amazing - in summary, doula and DH filled pool for me, I got in and essentially all was calm from then on - for me anyway, they were busy struggling with pans of water on the hob as boiler gave out... MW was very hands off, agreed I didn't need examinations but let me go with what my body was doing. Yes it was painful towards transition but the atmosphere was so much "this is my home, it's a safe place" that I was able to get through it ok. DH emptied pool, I went for a kip in our bed grin

Would have had HB for DD2 but she was early and so we had to go in. Still managed to get the same sort of atmosphere by staying mobile, minimal examinations, MW was brilliant and just observed and made gentle suggestions (you might want to take your trousers off now grin)

CorrieDale Tue 14-May-13 21:28:49

Had a vbac with dd, at home. It was so lovely. I was gutted when we moved, and every time we go past the old house I remember giving birth in front of the piano! It was great. Hurt a bit but the experience was so much better than the elcs I had with DS.

PolterGoose Tue 14-May-13 23:02:03

5 days overdue, a Saturday, midwife pope in in the morning, goes, then returns 10 minutes later in a bit of mild panic thinking ds might be breach, arranges for scan. Have scan in afternoon, not breach, not engaged. Lovely sunny day doing lots of gardening and pottering (we'd moved in 4 weeks earlier)

Half past midnight contractions start, instantly every 5 minutes, call MW, she has to come from 20+ miles away (rural patch), have a bath, MW arrives, collapse on bed, waters go, insert gas and air thing in mouth and do not let go, at some point concerns that ds's heartbeat dropped, ambulance called, paramedics arrive, am told ds needs to come out, given choice of transfer to hospital or episiotomy, choose latter, ds born at 5.30am, cuddled, he was too cold, I needed decent stitching, me and ds prepared and ambulanced to hospital (10 minutes away), stitched, ds put under 'grill', get some lovely bf help from a hospital MW, paramedics pop in, one very emotional as it was the first birth he had seen. Sent home.

I had planned to be mobile and active and all that but I just couldn't move grin

PolterGoose Tue 14-May-13 23:03:28

Not a midwife pope grin midwife pops in

Offred Wed 15-May-13 12:35:55

had HB with DD (baby 2).

Was in a flat in a converted victorian house. grin

I was single post abusive x.

Pains started at 6.30am after a good sleep, my mum and sister arrived to look after me/ds at 7.30am. midwife thought i was not far along as relaxed on the phone. Assessed at 14.30, I went to bed for a sleep, waters went with a pop as I lay down. Labour progressed quickly and the midwives were tied up elsewhere. I just said nothing and carried on labouring grin dd was born at 5.35pm, only one midwife arrived and just in time to catch her. I put the TV on, watched the end of neighbours, fed DD, called my neighbour in the bottom flat to invite her up, had some food and went to sleep at my normal bed time. My mum and sister tidied up and dealt with the panicking midwives who had arrived too late and then let themselves out!

Best birth! I'd go off into a cave alone if I could.

Offred Wed 15-May-13 12:36:35

had options for pain relief btw, didn't find I needed anything other than TENS machine.

gourd Wed 15-May-13 13:06:13

Had lovely home water birth with my only child. I hate hospitals and hated the idea of going there for such a milestone event in our lives. It was great to have two midwives all to myself and the midwife I'd had nearly all my appointments with was on duty so was able to attend which was a nice bonus. It was an amazing experience, it was wonderful just being able to lift her out out of the water to take her first breath in my arms and feed her straight away. It was lovely to be at home relaxed and just free to move around and get food /cup of tea immediately afterwards etc. I even finished the pastry I'd had to put in the fridge a couple fo hours before.. I had a v short labour though, 2.5 hours in total according to notes and active stage was 21 mins - I was only in the pool 30 mins! I cant help thinking that being at home (as well as the water) must have helped.

ninipops Wed 15-May-13 13:26:10

Have had 2 hb's after an unplanned hospital birth for DC1 (pre-eclampsia) . Both excellent but so different! First was all very calm MW arrived about 11pm contractions were still 20 min apart but I was 8cm. Laboured in and out of the pool - mostly in and DS made his appearance at 2:40am. DD woke up about 3 and came down to find her little brother in my arms.

DD2 however was almost named speedi after her entrance. Spoke to MW about 8:15pm when contractions were between 5 & 10 min apart and she said she was on her way. I went to the room where DH was starting to fill the pool had 2 shouty sweary contractions in rapid succession, waters broke and I hit the deck on all fours. DH on phone to ambulance service was saying "No I can't see any part of the baby" and in recesses of my brain I thought "give it a second" and the head was born - not crowned - born! Paramedics arrived 10 min after DD and MW 10 min after that.

We were all tucked up in bed by 11 and the other 2 DC's slept through the whole thing.

Best birth ever!

NoHank Wed 15-May-13 14:05:22

DD (just turned 3) was a homebirth. It really was a lovely experience and I'm quite sad I'll never do it again!

I went into labour at 9.15am. I walked around a lot at first and had DS rub my back during the contractions. At about 11.30am I got in the bath whilst DH was blowing up and filling up the pool downstairs and I called the midwife. I started feeling a bit "funny" so got out of the bath and knelt at the side of the bed where DH had just put all the old sheets we had collected and my waters broke. The midwife arrived with a trainee just after and declared she could see the head and I wouldn't be moving anywhere (so much for the birthing pool downstairs) The midwife rang for the second one to come immediately and she arrived shortly after.

DD was born at 12.45pm, 3.5 hours after labour started, no pain relief and no problems. The nicest thing, as others have said was the feeling of control. The midwives were fantastic. They just pretty much sat on the bedroom floor with me and let me get on with it. It was a very calm and controlled experience and I half breathed, half pushed DD out.

Afterwards the midwives cleared all the sheets off the floor and whipped them all away, dressed me in clean clothes and put me into bed with DD. They then went into the next room to have a cup of tea and some choc chip cookies while they wrote up their notes and I cuddled DD.

<Happy sigh> It really was a lovely day

littlemonkeychops Wed 15-May-13 18:22:50

Wow some great stories :-)

Also seems like a lot of homebirths are quick compared to hospital births, i'm guessing because it's more relaxing being at home?

LittleMissLucy Thu 16-May-13 02:36:50

I think littlemonkeychops it may be that the fast births are home births because speed is expected. A friend of mine delivered her first in just over 2 hrs beginning labour to very end. So she was advised with 2nd DC not to attempt to leave the house - but to deliver at home.

honeybeeplusone Thu 16-May-13 11:06:56

The whole experience took from 20:00 to 2.45pm so not very quick I think... many many hours but I felt much more comfortable being at home (I was on the net at some point reading about labour smile and also didn't have to worry about when to go to hospital!

Chromolithograph Thu 16-May-13 11:30:49

My very experienced midwife had a theory that length of labour time at least halved with the second baby, correct in my case 16 then 8 hours.

Home birth is very common round here since the local hospitals are a minimum of 40 minutes away along country lanes. We have lots of local stories of people being turned away from 'local' hospital for not being advanced enough, getting back home, relaxing and promptly delivering.

Our midwives dramtically cut their transfer rates with birthing first timers by encouraging drinking / eating high energy foods during the lengthy first labours - so anyone looking at this for your first, keep your strength up.

BoffinMum Thu 16-May-13 13:05:25

Lucy, I was told that. The hospital said, "We don't like car park births, don't even attempt coming in", which was reassuring. In fact I happened to be in A and E with one of my kids when I started having one or two contractions, and they were even worried whether I would make it over to the maternity unit in time! Luckily labour stopped on that occasion. I think I was just stressed or something. In the event when I did go into labour it only took very little time so I was really best off at home.

Startail Thu 16-May-13 20:36:38

Chromolithograph (I'm going to have to google that)

That is why DD1 was here to see her sister being born. Since she took 27hrs I thought I'd just get DF to pick her up in the morning.

Of course DD2 arrived in 7 hours and I never got round to dragging DF out of bed. She did arrive in the afternoon with her DH and her two DDs who loved meeting a tiny baby. As non siblings the hospital wouldn't have let them. After a play she swept DD1 off for tea and DH, DD2 and me had some well earned sleep.

NoHank Fri 17-May-13 18:39:45

Chromolithograph that's really interesting. DS was 6 hours, DD 3.5

I had a planned homebirth with DC2/DS - partly because of the quicker labour theory (DC1/DD was born after an 8hr labour, and ky mum had a VERY quick second labour)

I went into labour on the 23rd December, Christmas shopping at 9am in waitrose with DD! Got a taxi home and rang DH to cone home straight away, and a friend who was looking after DD. Then things slowed down. By the end of the day contractions were still mild and far apart so we got DD home and put her to bed.

I tried to sleep for a bit but found the contractions were worse lying in bed, so I ended up ringing my lovely MW, who was on call to come and see me. She sat up all night with me and DP, chatting while I bounced on birthing ball and played with a juggling ball/counted. At the end if her shift I was still only 1cm dilated! not massively painful, but regular contractions.

In the morning - Christmas eve - Next shift started, about 24hrs after contractions had started, we sent DD back to my friend, and next MW suggested I rest, try and have a bath, DH have a nap etc, and that got me until lunchtime. When I was finally 4cms! In more pain, and very grateful for gas and air. The rest of the labour I spent on my side lying on my sofa with gas and air. At pushing stage I lay on my back (I like to deliver on my back) and DH used cold flannels on my forehead to cool me down.

DS was born about 7pm, DD came home all of about 20mins later, gave him and kiss and said hello, then went to bed.

DH made me a pizza grin MWs finished, cleared up the front room + paperwork and went home, we set up all the Christmas presents under the tree then took DS to bed and the morning was quite honestly the world's best Christmas!

No explanation for why he didn't arrive in the expected 4hrs mind, and dragged it out for 36 instead.hmmgrin

littlemonkeychops Sat 01-Jun-13 21:13:20

Hi it's OP here.

Well i had my homebirth last night!! Over the moon wifh our gorgeous DD :-)

It was everything i'd hoped it would be, calmer, me in control, quicker, no tearing and wonderful when DD1 came in to meet her new sibling. Welling up just thinking about it! And as for the bath in my own bath afterwards, best bath i've ever had in my life!!

Thanks to everyone who shared their stories and inspired me to go for it!

EarlGreyTeabag Sat 01-Jun-13 21:21:36

Congratulations and flowers to you!

I followed your thread (but wasn't on it) & also had a wonderful home birth for my third. One of the best experiences of my life.

So glad it went well!

Congratulations! So glad all went well grin

themidwife Sun 02-Jun-13 07:45:33

Congratulations Monkey!! Glad it all went well! thanks

wouldyoupleasemove Sun 02-Jun-13 11:43:36

Big congrats

BlackBagBorderBinLiner Sun 02-Jun-13 13:18:07


There should be a national holiday.

lucjam Sun 02-Jun-13 22:03:03

Awww sounds great, well done and congrats xxx

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