LGI v Jimmys V Harrogate?

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Cosmosis Thu 17-Jun-10 11:41:46

Can I have advice on the above choices? We are currently booked in to LGI, hoping to be in the MLU section & have waterbirth if a pool is free, but am now (at 30 wks) having a panic that we’ve not really considered the other choices. I have heard quite good things about Harrogate recently (live at the very edge of north leeds so distance wise it’s almost as near as LGI anyway), but they only have 1 pool, whereas I think LGI have more (although I can’t seem to find out how many at the moment). We have tour of Harrogate booked for 1st July and tour of LGI on 21st July. The info on Jimmys on the NHS site seems to suggest they don’t have any pools, is that still correct does anyone know? I had though they did now.

Have next MW appointment on Wed next week so will talk to her about it as well, but just wanted to see what experiences anyone had on here.

Sorry if this appears twice, I thought I'd posted earlier, but can't see it!

happydays1000 Thu 17-Jun-10 19:40:03

I'm booked in at LGI (currently 32 wks so might see you there smile). Had good reports from friends who have had their births there and as far as I know Jimmys don't have a pool.

Cosmosis Thu 17-Jun-10 20:52:43

lol, I'll look out for you! Thanks for the feedback, I don't know anyone who's been there recently, but I do know one or two who went to Harrogate.

nigglewiggle Thu 17-Jun-10 21:03:00

I went to LGI with DD1 and had a lovely birth. Couldn't have a waterbirth as I had meconium in my water sad but I think they had 2 pools then (4 years ago). I kept hearing about Harrogate Hospital and people were raving about how nice it was and how easy it is to park confused. But then they all seemed to follow on by explaining that they ended up 'needing' a CS! When I was planning the birth of DD2 I checked out their CS rates and they were very high compared to LGI. Do your research, and don't be swayed by the ambience!

Cosmosis Thu 17-Jun-10 21:16:07

thanks Niggle, I've just seen the CS rates, they do look high compared to LGI.

nigglewiggle Thu 17-Jun-10 21:24:37

I would also presume that if you were high risk you would be more likely to choose LGI as it is bigger, has more facilities, specialists etc. Given that, the higher CS rate at Harrogate is even more shocking.

I had a lovely Home birth with DD2 - just thought I'd throw that in to the mix!

Good luck BTW smile.

Cosmosis Thu 17-Jun-10 21:43:45

that is a very good point niggle, I'd not even thought of that aspect to the CS rate.

DH really not comfortable with homebirth for various reasons.

BornInTheLGI Thu 17-Jun-10 21:53:09

Ooh. I had both mine in the LGI, one emergency transfer from home and the other elcs. Emergency care was excellent in the LGI; post-natal care was poor. First night was fine, as I was in the High Dependency Unit, having had a very bad time of it. Once I was transferred to the ward, where I spent a week, the mws tried their utmost - but there just weren't enough of them to manage people who were physically wrecked and had new babies. I kept having to tell people that I'd had no pain relief; someone then tried to give me a full dose of paracetamol hmm, and was surprised when I said I'd had 1000mg of the stuff an hour before that. Elcs was so-so: anaesthetic didn't work, so the anaesthetist summoned a consultant who said he'd done it all wrong. All fine in the end, but post-op care was abysmal. In fact, it was as good as non-existent. sad

My other gripe with the LGI is that it was utterly, unspeakably filthy. Nappies/used sanitary towels were all over the floors on the ward loos; mould was hanging off the shower ceiling. The beds were changed when my DH insisted; we had to bring pillows from home, as all the hospital pillows were being used in Bradford. I don't know what the alternatives are like, but I would never choose the LGI!

Cosmosis Thu 17-Jun-10 21:54:50

Sorry you had such a bad time

ruddynorah Thu 17-Jun-10 21:57:27

had both mine in LGI. good experience both times including pool for the first and induction for the second.

in fact, for the second i was 'out of area' as we'd moved since having our first but i still chose LGI.

my best friend had her first in LGI and hated it. had a terrible induction. she opted for jimmys with her second and had a terrible time there with a really fast birth.

tbh imo, it rather comes down to luck of the draw which midwife you get, which shift is on etc and who handles you. you could get good or bad anywhere.

Anifrangapani Thu 17-Jun-10 22:02:15

Can't praise the Staff at the LGI too highly. The most fantastic place. Yes it could be cleaner, but I rather the top notch care at the LGI than the staff indifference I got at Liverpool Women's.

BornInTheLGI Thu 17-Jun-10 22:13:36

It's possible that things have improved at the LGI? My oldest child is eight, so things might have moved on. I rather think they have to have moved on if 'top notch' and 'LGI' are occurring on here in the same sentence.

(That said, I had an emergency op at the LGI quite recently, and it was the same old story: emergency care was outstandingly good; post-op was worse than appalling. I discharged myself with IV antibiotics because there was no way I was going to get better on a ward where other patients were up and shouting and playing the radio at full volume as they ate their chinese takeaways on the ward at 3.30am. I am not joking. sad

fliesby Thu 17-Jun-10 22:17:16

I know someone who had a terrible birth at the LGI. She tore very badly and now believes she should have had a CS. I know it is very important to keep CS down generally, though. She was very unimpressed with the aftercare as well.

fliesby Thu 17-Jun-10 22:22:16

PS, just picking up on Born's query, my friend's horrid birth at LGI was in the last year, I should have said. I get the impression she was particularly disappointed as she has been going to the LGI for other health problems where they have been great and therefore felt she could rely on them. Maybe it is patchy?

Spirael Fri 18-Jun-10 10:39:44

I'm technically booked at LGI (though aiming for a homebirth) and was at the parent craft classes there a few weeks ago, so my knowledge is pretty up to date. (Currently 35 weeks.)

There are two water birth rooms available in the delivery suites which looked clean and well organised to me. The birthing pool however wasn't all that much bigger than a regular bath, I was expecting something larger! The home birth pool I've hired is easily twice the size.

The other delivery rooms also seemed to be clean and well supplied, but a lot of them didn't have ensuite bathrooms, if that is important. Personally, the idea of staggering across the corridor to a communal bathroom while in labour doesn't really appeal to me.

I didn't get to see the ward itself as it's behind locked doors, but by all accounts it's not great. Tons of beds with very little room or privacy. I think the staff to patient ratio mentioned was one midwife to six patients. It's apparently noisy and bright the whole time, so sleep is next to impossible, but the MWs take a dim view on the use of earplugs.

There are four amenity/side rooms that are sometimes available, rather than going on the ward. Two ensuite and two without bathrooms, at costs of £65 and £45 per night respectively. However, they are allocated on a need by need basis, and if you manage to secure one to pay privately but a high need (CS/Twin/Etc) Mum comes in, you will get turfed out to the main ward at any time of day/night and not refunded.

Visiting hours are a couple of hours in the afternoon and a couple of hours in the evening for friends/relatives. A maximum of two people to the bed at any given time, but no children are allowed on the ward aside from your own. Partners however don't count in the visitors limit and are permitted to be around from relatively early in the morning and stay until the evening. I think it was 8am to 8pm, but I'm not sure.

The parking situation at LGI isn't good, to be honest. If you turn up during the daytime, you're going to struggle to get a parking space outside Clarendon Wing! Assuming you do get a parking space, make sure you carry £13.40 in coins with you for 24 hours of parking. There is parking on the street outside the hospital which is about the same cost during the day, but actually free after 6pm. hmm

There's some debate at the moment as Clarendon Wing is meant to guarantee parking, due to being the dedicated wing for Children for the whole of Leeds. A lot of parking spaces are marked as being for parents with children only - but there's debate over whether or not that includes pregnant women! There was an article on BBC recently and LGI came up as the worst in the country for fining for parking, so the wardens are apparently pretty vigilant.

This isn't making LGI sound very good, is it? confused To its credit, the times I've been to Clarendon Wing it's always been clean and the staff have always been very helpful and friendly. There was a lot of building work going on earlier in the year, which seemed to have mostly finished when I was there last, so I think a lot of parts are freshly refurbished now.

To be honest, I'll still be sticking with my home birth if at all possible, though. wink

bev2102 Sat 19-Jun-10 01:07:24

If you're having an uncomplicated pregnancy I'd go for Harrogate.
If you've got complications then Jimmys.
I would've chosen Harrogate myself as I also border these 3 hospitals being in Bardsey/Wetherby. Unfortunately I knew my DS was going to be very sick after birth so decided upon Jimmys as it's a bigger more specialised hospital that's also a teaching hospital. I had a wonderful labour and had so much support and understanding. My midwives were in the room practically all the time except for one 10 minute stretch where the poor lady in the next room went into cardiac arrest (thankfully she survived, unfortunately baby didn't). After 15 hours labour my DS's heartrate plummeted to 40bpm and continued dropping at each contraction. I was only 5cm dilated so a section was the only way forward. Everything was explained quickly and calmly and so not to scare me I was told it was purely a precaution. However, I've never seen staff run so fast with a bed for a 'precaution'!! From signing the consent form in delivery to DS being born in theatre was 3 mins! A few day after I was told if DS wasn't born within 5 mins he wouldn't have survived. I'm eternally grateful to them. My delivery midwives even visited us on the ward a few times (during their breaks!). I cannot rave about them enough. Everything you'd want and need from a midwife and tons more besides.
The aftercare was second to none too. As DS and I were very sick after the birth we were on Transitional Care Unit (HDU) for 19 days. Fathers can visit whenever they like and do. My DH came at 8am and stayed until 8-10pm depending on how tired he was.

The staff (at all levels) were fantastic. As I was so poorly DS was looked after every night in the nursery to give me a good nights sleep. They helped teach my DH to change DS's nappies, feed/wind him, change his clothes, bathe him etc. On the last 2 nights they even allowed myself, DH and our DS to stay in a private room to get used to being a family before we left. If we needed the staff they were there otherwise they left us too it (they even put 2 beds together to make a double and ordered takeaways for us both nights!).
I would have no hesitations using Jimmys again for DC2+.

When I was there (19 months ago) the antinatal/delivery/theatre/transitional care were all spotlessly clean and regularly monitored. There were no birthing pools at that time and I don't think there will be until LGI & Jimmys maternity units are amalgamated (as they've recently done to children's A&E), but of course I may be wrong.

If I knew it was likely to be a straightforward birth I would've chosen Harrogate because it's a smaller hospital, cleanliness seems better than most and parking is miles easier. Unsure about birthing pools at Harrogate as I knew I was not aloud to use it anyway.

PosyPetrovaPauline Sat 19-Jun-10 01:24:29

agree - uncomplicated harrogate - amazing i felt like it was private

I really heart lgi and if i had problems would go there but my last birth it seemed rougher than usual and very very dirty

no exp of jimmys

Harrogate is FAB

PosyPetrovaPauline Sat 19-Jun-10 01:27:48

we got a parking ticket when i was giving birth to dc5 in lgi - not good


Cosmosis Mon 21-Jun-10 13:50:34

thanks for your input everyone!

chickbean Sun 18-Jul-10 00:14:25

Don't know if you're still deciding Cosmosis but I had two fantastic waterbirths at Harrogate.

Cosmosis Tue 20-Jul-10 12:41:46

thanks chickbean, good to know. We actually have our LGI tour tomorrow, so will see. A friend just had her baby their and said it was excellent - so we're still dithering tbh!

kaybee75 Mon 26-Jul-10 19:23:11

Have a look at something called the Dr Foster guide on the internet, and also Birthfriendly accreditation - helps you compare hospitals. I was booked in to LGI but had some really bad experiences there with ante-natal care and changed to Calderdale Hospital in Halifax at 34 weeks and was so glad I did. Maternity unit was brand new and lovely, they had plenty of staff and nice private rooms where you stayed for labour, birth and afterwards, parked right outside no problems and staff were wonderful totally respected my wishes and birth plan - would highly recommend. Have heard similar, great things of Harrogate too. I chose Halifax as live in NW Leeds and was as easy to get to as Harrogate.

NotnOtter Sat 21-Jan-12 22:53:45

old thread sorry to bump but just wanted to echo...

lgi great care during del but truly awful aftercare
properly dirty - bloody towels on floors etc - had to clean bath and loo before use

harrogate care good (uncomplicated) and so clean and pleasant

PiggyMad Sat 21-Jan-12 23:30:22

I'm currently 29 weeks and trying to decide between these three hospitals and the MLU at Pontefract. Might look into Harrogate as had sort of dismissed it. Thanks for the new update.

working9while5 Sun 22-Jan-12 00:15:11

I gave birth at Jimmy's in 2009. Staff were great during delivery but postnatal ward was one of the worst experiences of my life, really cruel midwife ROARING at me and shouting that I should get up and pick up wipes I had dropped on the floor (I had a catheter in and no movement in my legs!). Won't go into it in any more detail... Booked at LGI now but considering homebirth

NotnOtter Sun 22-Jan-12 00:30:58

working - lgi lovely staff but overworked...
not re nowned for cleanliness

Minnie74 Mon 23-Jan-12 19:09:21

Only have experience of Jimmy's-gave birth there in Dec (in labour at the hospital for 36 hours and stayed in 3 nights afterwards). Absolutely fantastic care from the initial assessment unit through ante-natal ward, delivery suite and post-natal ward. All the midwives I had experience of were brilliant, couldn't fault any of them-really kind and couldn't do enough to help, especially with bf afterwards. I had a private room on the post natal ward which was great -definitely recommend that (especially as we don't seem to have been charged for it!). No birthing pools unfortunately but I would recommend Jimmy's for an ordinary birth and would definitely go back if I was to have a second baby.

erikab922 Mon 23-Jan-12 21:18:23

Will jump into an old thread here - am 28 weeks and am booked into Harrogate (I live in far NW Leeds), my care so far has been superb and I've heard wonderful things from ladies who have given birth there. Only has one pool so have to hope the other ladies there on the night can't swim!

lepetomaine Wed 25-Jan-12 08:45:52

Anyone who is booked for Leeds needs to be aware that they may go to either hospital depending on staff, how busy it is, etc., so please don't set your hearts on one or the other.

My friend had a bad experience at Harrogate but perhaps she was just unlucky. To be honest if you don't live in Harrogate I would choose Leeds, the postnatal wards are pretty awful (apart from transitional care) but the expertise of the medical staff in particular is probably worth it. There are more cots as well if DCs need any help.

DawnOfTheDee Thu 30-May-13 19:17:51

I've jot my first mw appointment next week and am unsure where to say I want to give birth (I know you can change at any time) so I thought I'd resurrect this thread and see if anyone had anything to add.

Had DD 16 months ago at Jimmy's. Fab antenatal ward. Ensuite bathroom in delivery suite. Great midwife and 1-2-1 attention. Ended in EMCS which was fine, theatre staff great. BUT horrible experience on the postnatal ward.

Any thoughts/comments appreciated smile

DawnOfTheDee Thu 30-May-13 19:18:21

^Got not jot!

Choccybaby Thu 30-May-13 22:10:58

I had DC1 at LGI some years ago by EMCS and found the emergency care good, but post natal ward filthy and understaffed.

Am now booked for an ELCS at Harrogate which is much cleaner and staffing looked better when I went for my pre-op assessment. I've found the antenatal care good and have had my wishes for an ELCS respected. Post natal ward seems to have quite a lot of side rooms too which I found LGI lacked when I was there.

DawnOfTheDee Fri 31-May-13 20:14:48

Thanks Choccybaby. I've heard Harrogate's good...the only thing that puts me off is that the Leeds hospitals are bigger with more specialists, etc. A friend had a baby at Harrogate though and also really recommended it.

jimblejambles Fri 31-May-13 20:47:39

I had ds1 and 2 at jimmys and had no problems it was clean and midwives were helpful but it felt very busy.
I had dd at Harrogate 2 weeks ago. It seemed so much calmer. The wards were smaller and very clean.

hermioneweasley Fri 31-May-13 20:52:41

LGI have 3 pools (I think) and Jimmys definitely have one or more. Don't know abut Harrogate

DawnOfTheDee Sat 01-Jun-13 09:01:43

Not too fussed about pools though it might be nice to have the option. It looks like i'll have to be referred to a consultant....not sure if this will make any difference but i'll have a chat with my mw about it.

Mouserama Fri 21-Jun-13 13:07:41

Harrogate has one birthing pool. I've just had DD at Harrogate. Even though the delivery did not go quite to plan (ended up having an emergency c section) - the care was second to none, and I highly recommend the hospital. The staff in both the delivery suite and postnatal wards were fantastic. They have a small number of 'amenity rooms' available in the postnatal ward which offer a single room with ensuite for a small charge. Well worth paying for, as it really helped me get some sleep for the few nights I was in (1 night on the ward and 2 nights in an amenity room). If I were to have any more children, I would not hesitate to go back to Harrogate.

Ericadm Thu 27-Jun-13 18:36:00

I gave birth in LGI in 2010. Support during labour was so-and-so. The midwife was awful, but the anestetist who gave me an epidural was very good and professional and so was the student midwife, actually she was more supportive than the midwife. The postnatal care was awful, the ward was overcrowded (8 mums+8 babies in the same room+visiting relatives) with very little privacy and peace. Impossible to sleep or rest. Had trouble breastfeeding and staff was not very helpful. Ended up discharging myself sooner than I ideally would have wanted to, and opting for bottlefeeding just because I could not bear the thought of staying in that place one night longer. I am now expecting my second and considering Harrogate as I really do not want to go back to LGI but reading on this thread about the higher C-section rate in harrogate is making me doubt.

ilikebaking Fri 28-Jun-13 11:15:10

I am in the process of considering Harrogate- well I am booked in there (whatever that means) even though I want a home birth.
I am a bit confused by what the high c-section rate is? Surely it cant be down to the staff/hospital but the women/babies who need emergency c-sections? Or am I being stupid.
I am a first time mum and panicking at the thought of ending up in hospital at all, without even thinking about c-section rates! sad

princesspink985 Fri 28-Jun-13 16:48:59

I had DS1 at LGI 11 weeks ago an have to say the care whilst delivering was fantastic. After arriving at hospital and bring assessed at 9cm dilated they still ran a birthing pool for me as I had expressed a wish to try and birth in the pool. I was only in the pool for 15 minutes before DS arrived but I am very grateful they listened to my wishes and allowed me a water birth! I was taken to theatre after as a had a bad tear and the midwife stayed with me the whole time and was extremely supportive. HOWEVER the care on the post natal ward left a lot to be desired! I was told i could be discharged the same day only to be told at 7:30pm they didn't have time to do my discharge papers sk had to stay in a night. However it was very busy and they seemed very short staffed so was left to own devices which was quote scary for a 1st time mum!
I have heard similar experiences about jimmys as well, that delivery care is fantastic but post natal care can be quite hit and miss. I only know 1 person who has had a baby at Harrogate and they had a fantastic experience although as far as I was aware they didn't have any birthing pools if that was something you were interested in, I have also heard about the high c-section rates at Harrogate.

Choccybaby Mon 01-Jul-13 12:24:43

I know I biased having had 2 CSs (with excellent recent care at Harrogate by the way, sooooo much better postnatal care than LGI), but why the emphasis on CS rates? Having a CS isn't the end if the world and is often life saving.

The problem with gross statistics like this is they don't show the reason they are high/low. It's possible that the staff at Harrogate are more cautious and intervene with CS more than other hospitals resulting in the higher rate. It's equally plausible that they allow more patient choice and don't try to force people to try and have a VB when they don't want one for whatever reason as numerous threads here suggest happens elsewhere.

Also i think age is a risk factor for EMCS and given the demographics of the area would not be surprised if women giving birth in Harrogate were older on average so that might have a bearing.

Anyway, I would highly recommend Harrogate for anyone having an ELCS as mine was well organised, all my questions were answered at the pre op assessment, the post natal ward is clean with really helpful staff who actually had time to support breast feeding etc (unlike LGI) and even the food was good!

Ericadm Fri 09-May-14 21:21:32

I just want to follow up my comment. I had my second baby at Harrogate and the care I received in the labour and postnatal ward has been amazing. Much much better than LGI. I stayed for 5 nights and I can truly say that I was a bit sad to leave as the support I received was so great, particularly with breastfeeding (I had a not larching janduiced baby and needed lot of help). Even the foid was great! I am not planning any other baby but if I was I will definitely choose harrogate again.

I had my DD at Harrogate 6 months ago & agree with everyone else about how fab it was. smile

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