period-like cramps at 39 weeks?

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Comma2 Sat 24-Oct-09 16:15:49

I have period like cramps that are on and off, as well as nausea on and off, and BH on top. Feel pretty crappy. Baby is not engaged I think, but is this something to do with labour or just the usual aches?

memorylapse Sat 24-Oct-09 16:18:38

could be a good labour with dd1 started with period like cramps which eventually got stronger...however if you are not feeling well I would ring your midwife for advice

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Sat 24-Oct-09 16:21:22

oooooooh Comma! It could be it! Baby does not always engage prior to labour...and often labour starts with period pains...i would call midwife. If you have a stomach bug or something, you might want to seek medical advice anyway, as you are so close to your due date....

<claps hands>

Could be you be the 4th? grin

gladbag Sat 24-Oct-09 16:24:07

My labour started with what felt very much like period pains from when I was a teenager - low down aches and cramps. Turned out that was what all my contractions felt like, as the same sort of pain simply got more intense and closer together and my son was born 12 hours later..... I didn't have any BH so can't comment on that, but it sounds as if you could be in early labour.

Rest up, sleep, eat - see how it goes and good luck!

Comma2 Sat 24-Oct-09 16:47:46

So does the belly not necessarily bunch up with those period-cramp like contractions? because mine doesn't. Just feel like crap and cramps for a short minute, then okay again. Should I time this?

Don't necessarily want to go into labour this weekend, as my doctor isn't in the hospital till Monday...not that it is up to me though, I understand. smile

LauraIngallsWilder Sat 24-Oct-09 16:50:58

Comma2 - that is how I felt before my second birth. I felt like that at 5pm
I knew I was in labour at 9pm

DD was born at 2am

I would make sure my bag was packed if I were you

pipWereRabbit Sat 24-Oct-09 17:01:45

Comma2 - that's how my labout began second time round. Very definite period pains, which quickly settled into full blown contractions. First pain to birth was 9 hours.

I'd think about getting yourself sorted in case you need to head off to hospital. However labour is a fickle thing and all may well settle down again.

I'll be watching this thread to see how you get on.

Comma2 Sat 24-Oct-09 17:37:46

Thank you lovely ladies!

I took a bath and haven't had the cramps for half an hour now. Maybe I will try and get my circulation going a bit even though I feel like curling up and moaning. My lower belly is all achy and still have BHs.

PavlovtheForgetfulCat Sat 24-Oct-09 17:45:13

Even if this is not true labour, it could certainly be your body warming up in readiness, so get your bags by the door in earnest. Maybe LO is hanging on til monday for you, just practising!

LadyOfTheFlowers Sat 24-Oct-09 17:55:33

39 weeks and period-ish cramps?!

Sounds good to me!!

<settles down>

LadyOfTheFlowers Sat 24-Oct-09 17:58:19

PS: Even if it doesn't progress into labout, it could still dilate you, in my experience, so it's all good.

Take some paracetamol if you like.

JustBeBuffy Sat 24-Oct-09 18:22:32

Good luck! smile

Comma2 Sat 24-Oct-09 19:24:56

no more cramps...just BH every now and then, but with lots of pressure in the pelvis.

Will use the time and get things ready, just in case.

LadyOfTheFlowers Sun 25-Oct-09 00:18:01

If it has come to nothing Comma, don't worry, don't get disheartened if you were hoping that was it.

I had pains on and off for a couple of days with DS2, say Monday then nothing till Wednesday and when I went 3 days over, I went for a sweep and she told me I was already 4cms dilated - put a smile on my face!

If you are snuggled up in your bed now, at least your bag is ready and you never know, you might have your baby by the morning!

sb6699 Sun 25-Oct-09 00:23:53

Ooohhh, I love these threads.

Sounds promising to me.

With baby no1 I had period like pains for 24 hours before "established labour".

Good luck xx

EtherealFiByTheSea Sun 25-Oct-09 00:42:01

ooo definitely a possible sign! you may well vomit or get a bit of loose bowels too.. your body having a bit of a clear out in advance.. good luck & hope you get some sleep grin

Comma2 Sun 25-Oct-09 14:08:50

Nothing yet! I kept having BH and the eventual stronger contraction, nausea on and off, and lost more plug, but besides of BH it all went away during the night. Now bit of achy back, squirmy baby and lots of loo-activity, but that doesn't really mean anything I guess (ate prunes, smart me).

Will exert myself today, grocery shopping, vacuum cleaning, heaving baby on slides on playground (ugh) to see if I can't get things started again....

If I would have known what all I can do without going into labour, I could have done a construction job for the last 9 months. shock

LauraIngallsWilder Sun 25-Oct-09 14:14:30

Hi Comma - I was on and off the loo for the four hours preceding being in proper labour with dd

I bet you have a baby in your arms sooner than later - all the signs are there

Good luck

Hopeful2 Sun 25-Oct-09 14:25:32

Comma2 I have been having period type cramps since 8pm Wednesday & back ache but this has been on/off. I have not lost any plug yet from what I can tell but I do keep leaking (not wee, but not enough to warrant a pad either)...soz for tmi. When I walk it hurts as I was told by MW on Friday that baby was well & truly engaged & ready to come...I'm still waiting.
Been for walks & drinking lots of raspberry leaf tea...
I hope it happens for u & me soon. Good luck

mosschops30 Sun 25-Oct-09 14:30:37

comma me too, had bad (what mustve been) BH on friday eve, every 4 minutes lasting up to a minute at a time. Eventually went in the bath and they stopped.
Ive also been feeling nauseous, really heavy, sharp pains very low down inside.
No show or anything as yet though.

Am sitting here drinking raspberry leaf tea (pineapple in the fridge grin) hoping to start something

Good luck smile

Hopeful2 Sun 25-Oct-09 14:35:16

Mosschops30 it's frustrating isn't it! Just got back from a slow walk as I was told walking helps, going to try & do this everyday. Good luck & keep us posted

Comma2 Sun 25-Oct-09 17:22:44

It is very frustrating! I went on a walk too, then grocery shopping but got seriously annoyed with all selfish people cutting in line right in front of me with huge carts, parking in the stork parking even though obviously male, etc. But is just frustration that nothing happens anymore after being so definitely on to something yesterday.

Hopful and mosschops, when are your due dates then? We can do this!
I still will clean the house, do some unnecessary baking, eat a hugely overpriced pineapple and talk Dh into helping out tonight. grin If nothing else it'll keep me from thinking dire thoughts about going over.

grin stork parking hmm

Comma2 Sun 25-Oct-09 17:29:10

that's what they call it! ( Do I miss something? V. well possible as brain mush) And I wished everybody who isn't pregnant would STAY CLEAR OF IT!

maniacbug Mon 26-Oct-09 10:05:05

Hopeful, Comma + Mosschops (hello!) can I join you?! I'm 39w and also been having backache and period-like cramps combined with tightenings every night since Thurs. Seems to wear off when I'm moving about, but then during the day I get waves of nausea, lots of pressure very low down and some sharp, stabbing pains in what I imagine to be my cervix area. This weekend I tried: clary sage (both in bath and massaged with oil onto bump, on recommendation of nice lady in Neal's Yard), ultra-spicy food, lots of walking, bouncing on ball, long walks, vigorous scrubbing of floors and shower and (optimistically but not particularly enthusiastically!) bedroom antics. Result: NOTHING! Am so frustrated. My other 2 were born at 37w and 38w so was all geared up for early arrival this time too. Will keep checking this thread to see if anything happening for you ladies... good luck one and all!

Comma2 Mon 26-Oct-09 13:01:17

Welcome Maniacbug! Nothing here either, just loads of BH and strong ligament-like pains at night. We WILL have our babys this week! 'Concentrate emoticon'

mosschops30 Mon 26-Oct-09 16:02:52

hellooooo fellow fatties grin how are we fairing today?

I am sitting here bouncing on a ball and drinking another cup of rasp leaf tea!
Told dh last night that we were having sex, and that he didnt have to enjoy it, it was just a means to an end lol grin
In the end I couldnt be bothered, was far too tired.
But think I might have to get on down with it as according to most of the stuff ive read its the only thing thats proved scientifically!

Wishing you all good luck, what are everyones due dates?
Mines 11th

Comma2 Mon 26-Oct-09 19:04:52

4th here, potentially even 31st.

We managed the deed yesterday night, I am that desperate. grin Already ate a pineapple today and been raking the law as well as bouncing (little bit) on my trampoline and ball as cannot take dd on a decent walk. She won't go into the stroller and it'd be just standing and staring at sticks and acorns till you faint with boredom.

I have lost all hope. Nothing nothing. I will go over by 10 days or something like that. It will be horrible.

Comma2 Mon 26-Oct-09 19:05:39


maniacbug Tue 27-Oct-09 14:46:04

Any action today, ladies?
Am due 3rd.
Soooo bored of waiting. Even special reflexology session last night didn't do the trick.
Have nested to the max - not a cupboard in the house left to sort out - and even made my Christmas cake yesterday (I say 'my' not in a proud, housewifely way but because we are going to my mum's for Christmas and nobody else in our house likes it so I will get to eat literally the whole thing, hurrah! It's a 'mulled wine' one too so very boozy and delicious). People keep telling me to 'relax' and 'take it easy'... have never been quite sure how one goes about such a thing (and half-term means two little people underfoot who are even less au fait with the concept). Any suggestions? How are you filling the days Comma?

mosschops30 Tue 27-Oct-09 14:53:03

nothing to report here either (sitting on ball as Im typing).
Have had pineapple and rasp leaf tea (anyone know how many cups a day you can have?)
Tomorrow night having aromatherapy/reiki/acupressure so fingers crossed for that!
Not had sex yet but am not quite that desparate, sure it will come (pradon the pun grin)

Hows everyone else doing?

Comma2 Tue 27-Oct-09 17:37:20

I just had a scan and baby is transverse breach, so will have a csection in the next few days. I am terrified and not able at all to deal with the thought of it. sad I already had an epi with dd, and now will be disfigured everywhere. Plus, it won't be a real birth and take forever to recover even to the point where I can lift dd.

Otherwise I fill my days with minding my 2 yo--nothing quite like it to make you wish for a bit of quiet time.

maniacbug Tue 27-Oct-09 21:38:35

Oh Comma, sorry to hear that... My dd was extended breech and after trying everything (including v. painful ECV) to get her to turn I was pressurised into a CS. I was so against the idea (ds was all natural + v. quick, and I'd been hoping for a repeat performance) that I actually think (and 2 medical professionals have since agreed) that the strength of my resistance might have had something to do with the spinal block not working - they had to knock me out with a GA in the end so I was unconscious for the first hour of her life. I was so worried it would affect my bonding with dd, but in the event it didn't make any difference - she fed really well straight away, and I felt even more protective of her (it had all kind of 'happened' to both of us rather than us going on the journey together). My ds had just turned 2 at the time and I was also worried about how I would pick him up etc. but recovery was actually way quicker than I'd expected - although you can't run around after them straight away there is still plenty of scope for hugs and closeness. Please don't convince yourself it's not a 'real birth' - it's every bit as real. My dh and I were both pretty traumatised by our individual experiences of dd's birth, but over time I sort of came to accept that they really do decide how they want to be born, and even if it doesn't happen the way you hoped it would having a healthy, happy baby at the end of it all is what really matters. Sorry, didn't mean to hijack your thread at all, just wanted to say I can sort of imagine what you're feeling + am thinking of you... you will be holding your gorgeous new baby in your arms in just a few days, focus on that! x

Comma2 Wed 28-Oct-09 02:27:37

Thank you! It really helps to hear this. I am trying to focus on the baby aspect of it...I am a bit scared they won't give her to me but whisk her away and not return until my arms aren't shaky anymore or something. And I won't be able to nurse right away....I hope she'll be okay...sad

mosschops30 Wed 28-Oct-09 10:54:39

oh comma please dont say that it wont be a 'real' birth, that makes me so sad and angry, that women who have CS's are made to feel inferior to those who have a vaginal delivery.
Whatever way your baby comes into the world, what matters is that your both safe and healthy and if a CS is the only way to go then so be it.
Make sure you discuss with your consultant beforehand that you want the baby passed to you immediately (unless medically contraindicated) for bonding.

Every cloud has a silver lining - you get your baby before the rest of us grin

Lulumama Wed 28-Oct-09 10:59:18

a planned section can be a wonderful experience

you won't be tired from hours of labour, you can walk to the theatre, your DH will be with you the whole time once the spinal has been sited and you can have your own music playing. you can request that your Dh can trim the cord after it has been cut by the MW. your DH can have skin to skin with the baby,and you should be able to start nursing in the recovery area. some women are a bit sick and shaky after the c.s and once that passes,you can nurse immediately.

you won't be disfigured. the scar will be hidden by your pubic hair once it grows back and your tummy has goen back to pre pregnancy size.

lots of women report recovery from a planned section to be fairly quick and make sure you ask for lots of help !

Lulumama Wed 28-Oct-09 11:00:23

btw, you can ask for a presentation scan befor the section in case baby has turned, i have known this to happen

also try moxibustion and reflexology , give it all a whirl!

maniacbug Wed 28-Oct-09 12:09:56

Another big advantage of planned CS: no risk of a 2am panic + you get to sort out childcare for your dd and know that she's safe and happy while you're otherwise engaged, definitely one less thing to worry about...

Comma2 Wed 28-Oct-09 13:04:29

Thank you all. smile Feel much better about it today. Also, baby has done some major gymnastics; I have no idea where what of her is now, but we'll see. They will do a scan right before. It is nice to be able to schedule everything and know it won't be a panic situation (or hope it won't be). Anyway, have to go in for tests tomorrow and section is early on Friday. Also have orders to stay off my feet to prevent cord from coming out, so can just ditch the ball/walk/leave raking and watch movies with dd.

Meglet Wed 28-Oct-09 13:13:52

comma Please don't panic about a planned cs. Get as organised as you can now, childcare, help at home, big pants, comfy clothes, shopping delivery as you won't be able to drive for a bit. I've had 2 cs's and the theatre staff were lovely and chatty, they explained everything and I was able to have skin to skin (although it's tricky!) and see the placenta. Good luck, but maybe the baby will turn before then anyway smile.

Hopeful2 Wed 28-Oct-09 18:05:56

Sorry for late response ladies - my due date is 07th although everyone seems convinced baby will arive sooner. Pains are still on / off, but now I am finding it hard to walk as when I do I have a pain in my pelvic area - MW thinks I overdid the walking to try & get baby to arrive!!
Coma good luck with everything, u will will be fine. Do try the reflex & defo ask for another scan to check baby hasn't turned but u will be fine.
Mosschops I don't think there is a limit now that we are this far on with raspberry leaf. I am drinking about 5/6 cups a day.
Still trying pineapple, bouncing on ball, RL Tea, hot curry last night - little bubba doesn't seem to be doing much else.
I haven't lost my plug, but I don't know if u do all the time? I'm convinced that I have a slow trickle from membrane but only when I am in a certain position. MW said I may well have ruptured high up but that this is nothing to worry about.
Keep u posted...

maniacbug Thu 29-Oct-09 17:31:02

Hey Comma, how are you feeling about tomorrow? Hope you are able to relax tonight...
If you have a wobble when you get there: deep breaths and think about the end result. GOOD LUCK with it all, hope all goes smoothly and that you can hold your little one as soon as you want to. Am a teeny bit envious of imminence of newborn cuddles! (Still no action for me, sigh...)

And Mosschops, did you have your acupuncture/reflexology? How did it go, any news today??

Comma2 Thu 29-Oct-09 17:50:32

Csec is off again! grin Baby flipped the night after scan, so after my hopsital pre-c sec testing today I went to the doc's office and asked if he could check so I don't have to go in tomorrow morning at 4 am, oganize child care for impossible times, get all prepared and then sent home anyway bc baby flipped. Head-down was officially declared, and he said cx was 2 cm dialated (which it is always) and not effaced (despite entire day of prelabour, sigh), so I would probably go over.
But maybe not! grin Back in the waiting game!

No more hot baths though, I think that made baby try to get out of the way.

Comma2 Thu 29-Oct-09 17:55:54

hopeful I didn't loose a plug with dd1. I guess I wasn;t dialated at all either though, was induced because water had broken. I read lots of time that you may not loose the plug until you are in labour.

How is everybody else doing then?

Hopeful2 Thu 29-Oct-09 18:29:15

Comma2 glad baby turned for u. Back in the waiting game with us now.
I had accupunture & reflex today & they placed pressure on the right pressure points to get things going (apparently). Only time will tell I spose. Woke up last night with a different kind of pain (thought contractions had started), took some paracetamol & they then went! Can't have been then sad
Still going to the loo...a lot, still getting a surge of pressure every now & then down below. No show though.
Hope all the other ladies are getting a little further than me currently...ooh how exciting..who knows what the night will bring. I'm off to bounce on my ball smile

maniacbug Thu 29-Oct-09 18:33:20

Oh yay, that's fantastic news! Welcome back to joys hmm of speculation and anticipation!

Pinkcaz Thu 29-Oct-09 21:05:10

Wow what an exciting time!!! I hope all are doing well and hopefully well on your way!!

Just to join the band wagon, I was at the Midwife on Tuesday afternoon and she felt me have tightenings while taking the heartbeat of the baby and was showing blood in urine which she thought was my show. I also had period like pains when in bed and the cervix hitting shooting pains when walking around... so was all ready then however seems to have settled again now... 39 weeks today so hopefully not long for all of us x x x

Comma2 Thu 29-Oct-09 22:04:40

..must be the weather...nobody seems to be able to get their labor going! Full moon soon!

mosschops30 Fri 30-Oct-09 11:10:25

This is turning into a lovely thread smile

So pleased for you comma what great news smile

Mine too has been doing gymnastics but I have MW today so Im sure she'll tell me where he's lying. Im wondering if she'll do a sweep if I ask her nicely.
I cleaned the house yesterday then went for a brisk walk with ds, then had terrible low down pains and baby felt so low that it might drop out <wishful thinking> I thought maybe I had a bit of a leak this morning but could be something else hmm IYKWIM

Keeping everything except my legs crossed for us all - and raising a glass of RL tea to toast us all for a happy, healthy labour and same for babies

Hopeful2 Fri 30-Oct-09 12:38:18

Welcome Pinkcaz

Yes I agree this is becoming quite an exciting thread - there appears to be a few of us now getting to the point of no return with labour starting!

I've just had little walk around the garden, if not painful, but I am trying to keep active.

I'm just praying that the cramps I keep getting are a good sign that the moment is not too far away. Although, not sure if tomorrow is the best date for baby to come smile...

I wish u all well ladies & that our little bundles soon arrive grin. Lets keep each other posted, ooh who will be first x

mosschops30 Fri 30-Oct-09 13:25:55

Yes me too, am not hoping for a Halloween baby hmm

Shall we have a roll call of dates:

Maniacbug - 3rd Nov
Comma2 - 4th Nov
Hopeful2 - 7th
Mosschops30 - 11th Nov

Pinkcaz - whats your dd?

mosschops30 Fri 30-Oct-09 17:19:42

yay have been to MW, baby is still head down, no longer back2back, 4/5th engaged and she has promised to do a sweep next week if I havent gone into labour.
Will only be 39 weeks so am very grateful for sweep.
She said student mw will have a go first, then she will also sweep grin 2-4-1

Comma2 Sat 31-Oct-09 00:30:08

Way to go Moss ! Sounds like you are good to go then! grin

And you will have a double sweep, wonder what that'll do grin

Hopeful2 Sat 31-Oct-09 11:03:15

U r lucky Moss. I haven't really had anymore twinges or at least not like they were. Getting frustrated to be honest. Also convinced babies movements have slowed down, but then the placenta is at the front & I have never really been able to feel loads of movements anyway - so it is prob just me. I feel baby have hicups nearly everyday...
I would love to ask MW if I can have a sweep considering they told me baby was ready last week to arrive. I'm 39 weeks now but I don't get to see the MW again until next Fri at 40 weeks sad
This must be the hardest part....the waiting when we're so close now!!

mosschops30 Sat 31-Oct-09 11:57:00

hopeful I wasnt supposed to see MW until 40 wks but she has said she'll see me specifically next week for the sweep.
Could you phone your MW or MLU and ask if they will sweep you before you see your MW next week (if you want it that is)

Can I just ask if any of you have been offered the SF vaccine and would you have it? (having mine on monday and a bit nervous)

Hopeful2 Sat 31-Oct-09 12:33:05

Moss I may try my MW on Monday if nothing else has happened from now till then. See what they say - I just want little one to arrive now as I am getting more & more anxious which is not good for me or baby.
My GP has not offered it to me yet. I must admit I am a bit hesitant to have it. I don't know if enough has been researched on PG ladies. The fact that u & I r so close to having our babies I am not sure whether it is even worth it?? Does it give baby some resistance? Did your GP give u a bell? Someone just suggested to me whether I waited to have the vacine once baby has arrived & then have it & then does get into babies system anyway via breastfeeding(which may be a better option)? I am just not sure about having it while baby is still inside me. I am going to ring my GP Monday & ask some of these questions. If u r worried maybe u should speak to some more people .ie. MW or GP etc. Don't feel pressurised into having it if u r not 100% sure. Not sure whether enough testing has been done...I am just staying inside till baby comes now & using loads of hand gel.
I'll let u know what I find out & what my MW says about the sweep. Have u had a sweep before? R u able to tell me anything about them? This is my 1st bubba so I am very new to all this smile

mosschops30 Sun 01-Nov-09 10:57:27

hopeful yes I had 3 sweeps with no.2 baby, but they didnt work and I ended up being induced at 40+15. Both of mine have been late which is why Im being proactive with this one and starting early wink

Im not sure about the vaccine either, I can have it in work, as my GP is still not organised enough to do it hmm.
What worries me about leaving it is that women at the very end stages of pregnancy are at higher risk than anyone else, plus the fact that I am also asthmatic, makes me think I should have it.
I think if I was only 10 weeks then I wouldnt but my baby is fully formed now and just putting on weight, developmentally he's all done smile

Hopeful2 Sun 01-Nov-09 12:14:08

Moss it's good that work r doing it for u. R u still at work then? I went on A/L at 36 weeks & then started M/L at 38 weeks. I couldn't have worked any longer, it's hard enough walking currently sad
Well I had period type pains in tummy & back from 02:30 this morning & they went about an hr a go. Still nothing though sad
I think I am a little anxious as this time last yr I had a missed mc at 10 weeks. I know this baby is ready to come but I just worry the longer he stays in there...silly I know. That's why I was going to speak to MW & explain how I am feeling.
I'm going to ring my GP tomorrow to discuss the vacine & see what they say & ring my MW ref: the sweep.
Hope yours goes well & keep us posted.

mosschops30 Sun 01-Nov-09 12:35:45

hopeful, so sorry to hear about your mmc sad it must be hard with having mixed feelings of remembering that time and yet being excited to meet your new baby.
Just think the longer he stays in there the more protected he is smile (you said he, do you know its a boy?)

Im not still in work, I finished at 29 weeks on sick leave, then some annual leave, then m/l started at about 34 weeks I think, it seems ages ago now.
Im doing some keeping in touch days starting in January so dont see why I shouldnt have my jab like the rest of the staff now.

Hopeful2 Sun 01-Nov-09 17:45:55

Moss yes we decided to find out & were told baby is a boy. How about u?
Good idea ref: work & vacine.
Hope it goes ok tomorrow.
Yes it is hard & u r right, baby is at least safe in there, I would just love to meet baby now. No more pains since last night sad...
See what later brings hmm

victoriascrumptious Sun 01-Nov-09 19:12:57

ANy news comma2?

Comma2 Mon 02-Nov-09 07:41:01

No, nada. :-) Is fine though, I don't mind a few days more or less now. Though, come to think of it, not having to pee every two minutes would be quite something. Also not keen on having to get up in the middle of the night to eat cheese, but I hear there are worse coplaints... smile

Full moon tomorrow, I think!

maniacbug Mon 02-Nov-09 11:20:32

Hello, hello.... No Halloween babies then?! I have been quite glad of last few days' distractions (pumpkin carving, ghost outfits, poorly 2-year-old up all night - well, obviously not glad about the latter but it has at least stopped me obsessing re. baby's no-show + reminded me I do have other children to look after!). No news from this end but am booked for a sweep this afternoon - not sure why they've booked it before due date, but presumably something to do with it being a VBAC? - so hoping that will kickstart proceedings. My mum is staying at the moment and just told me she had one with me and it was excruciatingly painful - oh right, thanks for that... Best friend has also just texted to say 'sounds awful'. Am off to google positive membrane sweep experiences.... Mosschops + Hopeful when are yours?

mosschops30 Mon 02-Nov-09 13:16:15

maniacbug dont worry about the sweep, its a bit like having a smear, although i found it less uncomfortable than smears. I am also having one before due date, will be 39+2 when I have mine on Friday.

Cant believe we are all still waiting, but at least we escaped the halloween babies grin
I was sure it was gonna be last night, for a number of reasons but despite having strong BH but then nothing here either.
Am deffo more uncomfortable yesterday and today with a lot of pressure down below.

Had the swine flu vac this morning, woke up at 4am worrying about it and couldnt get back to sleep, but I think Ive made the best decision with the information thats available to me.

Keeping everything crossed for us all, surely one of us must pop soon grin

Comma2 Tue 03-Nov-09 01:27:41

The sweep felt a bit like labour pain to me...just sort of crampy. nothing to worry about!

Hopeful2 Tue 03-Nov-09 11:30:12

I went to speak to MW yesterday about the sweep but it was not the normal lady & all she said to me was you'll have to speak to the MW on your next appnt - which is this Friday (I'll be 40 weeks). So I assume I will be having a chat with the MW Friday to see whether I should have a sweep or not.
Maniacbug I hope your little one is feeling better now. Yes we've all passed the Halloween baby time smile
Moss I'm glad the vacine went ok. My GP isn't doing them yet so I can't really discuss about having one with them just yet, so maybe baby will be here before that time comes.
So ladies, just a quick run round - I know Moss is having one soon, but would you all op for a sweep if given the chance or wait to see what nature brings?

maniacbug Tue 03-Nov-09 13:46:28

Had sweep yesterday - had to do some serious breathing throughout, but it was not that bad and both the consultant who did it and the MW I saw beforehand were lovely - reassuring, gentle, etc. Am sure bedside manner counts for as much as hands-on technique! Had contractions 10 mins apart from almost immediately afterwards + for the rest of the evening, but they tailed off overnight. Spotting (which they'd warned me about) + bloody show this morning, but since then... zilch.
As far as 'is it worth it' is concerned... Sweeps only work if your body's ready anyway, so obviously everyone has different views on this but I just figured it wouldn't be too much of an interference with the natural order of things + that I had nothing to lose. I'm not going to have the option of any more 'medical' induction procedures (and would prob not be too keen anyway) as the speedy labour that can follow increases risk of scar rupture... although having said that they did book me in for next Mon to break my waters. Not sure what the success rate/implications of that are... more googling to be done!
(BTW yes, thanks Hopeful she's still catching up on sleep but singing songs again today for the first time in 5 days so must be feeling better!)

mosschops30 Wed 04-Nov-09 11:13:30

any news maniacbug? did they say if your cervix was favourable or had you dilated at all?

hopeful dont forget that women are still high risk for SF soon after giving birth so might be worth still having the vaccine if you wanted it.
I felt terrible after mine though, monday night I went to bed at 7.30pm, had hardly any sleep, arm was agony, chest pains etc etc, went to see GP yesterday who said that all the staff there had had theirs on monday too and all felt like theyd been beaten up so apparently thats the norm, feel much better today though.

Thought I had a trickle yesterday but turned out to be nothing. Am sure something must happen soon, I was convinced I wouldnt go full term with this one smile

eggontoast Wed 04-Nov-09 11:27:50

I am due on 16 Nov. I have been having 'contraction' pains which last for a few hours then go away for about 5 days. It soooo frustrating. A good sign, however, that we are all looking forward to our babies!!

My first was 40 plus 10 so I am NOT holding my breath!

I am (half) hoping that the baby holds out till I have the swine flu vaccine. Our health centre is really not getting going.

Does anyone know if there is a way I can hurry along getting it??

mosschops30 Wed 04-Nov-09 11:58:38

hi egg welcome to the fatties waiting thread grin
I know what you mean about the waiting game, both of mine have been late, am praying this one is not.

My gp surgery also dragging feet on SF vaccination but i was lucky enough to be able to go into work and have it. The problem is that they just dont seem to have any idea about how urgently those of us in late pregnancy want it, mine were saying 'oh well we'll send out letters next week and then go from there', its exasperating.
Could you maybe ring and speak to practice manager or senior partner GP and discuss how desparate you are to have it?

now where the hell is comma???? Have you gone into labour? <sulks> grin

maniacbug Wed 04-Nov-09 12:12:29

Yeah, comma, what's happening? Your due date today, right? Hoping (enviously) that things have started for you!
Still no news from me - had same pattern last night of contractions 10 min apart all evening but eased off again during night, sigh... [fed up emoticon]
mosschops did you go for reflexology in the end? What did you think of it? I am considering acupuncture as there's a clinic locally but not sure whether there's any point just having one session - anyone know what the recommendation is?

eggontoast Wed 04-Nov-09 13:20:11

Thanks mosschops - I will call the surgery and ask to speak to practice manager or senior partner. I was not sure who I could quiz about it. My midwife and reception just keep explaining letters will go out etc.

It would be terrible to get it now and be seriously ill when the vaccine is available to most pregnant women!

mosschops30 Wed 04-Nov-09 13:47:44

yes egg they do seem to be dragging their feet a bit, I know a lot havent had delivery yet, but youd think the ones that have would be cracking on with it wouldnt you!

maniac I didnt go in the end, it was £40 per session and she said it was best to go once a week until baby came which at the time could have potentially have been 5 weeks so couldnt afford it really (better things to spend that money on).
I did see my arometherapist though who made me oil to start with this week, then different oil for labour.
Am also keeping on with the RL tea and pineapple.

I know he will come when hes ready but Im so desparate to see him now smile, he keeps flailing around in there as if he hasnt got any room and is frustrated and I keep saying 'well come out then, we're all waiting' grin
<note to self, must get out more and stop talking to bump>

Comma2 Wed 04-Nov-09 15:42:56

Hi girls, sorry, have mil here and little time to internet. I had some more period cramps last night and thought it might actually work out into something as was quite painful and it is edd...but nothing today. Well, one day less that MIL will get her hands on the baby, can't wait until she leaves again. Well-meaning but oh so annoying and DH in complete regression as usual when she is around.

Hope you all do well! hang in there with the waiting and the pineapple!

eggontoast Wed 04-Nov-09 15:53:29

WARNING: I went into labour last time after a really spicy curry from Indian Takeaway.

PROBLEM: you really don't want to be contracting and pushing when your bowels are full of smelly food, believe me!! I would not try this again!

All other efforts I tried (and I tried everything), failed, but entertained me in the meantime!! I don't actually think the curry worked, I think it was just my time!

EVERY SINGLE TWINGE AND I AM WISHING DESPERATELY AND HOPING FRUITLESSLY THAT IT IS THE REAL DEAL!!! (Am I mad, have I forgotten what I am letting myself in for hehe!) No it is absolutely AMAZING holding your baby for the first time .... I really cannot wait!!!

pootal Wed 04-Nov-09 17:42:20

Sounds like there's some seriously frustrating waiting games going on with a group of you on this thread. I'm relatively new to mums. net, am due 13th Nov with my first and so far have hadn't any signs that the wriggler is on the way out. A bit of mild stomach ache every now and again but nothing to write home about.

Have had 3 pre-birth acupuncture sessions over the last 3 weeks with the last one scheduled for next Tuesday (10th). These are designed to soften all your birth ligaments apparently to help ease wrigglers way out. Also on the Raspberry tea although reading some of the other threads I think I need to up the dose a bit as I'm only having 2 cups a day.

Good luck to those of you that are overdue and waiting....hope things start moving soon.

maniacbug Wed 04-Nov-09 19:59:57

Hello egg + pootal + good luck to you too - one of us has to pop soon, surely!

Ooh, comma, hang in there with MIL (can seriously identify with dh-in-regression)...

mosschops meant to say earlier, I've been getting the odd 'trickle' too but sadly in my case it's purely down to my total inability to focus on pelvic floor excercises in previous pregnancies for more than, erm, about 10 seconds. Haven't even bothered this time round - am resigned to a lifetime of reinforced gussets grin

So, off on a slight tangent, and to distract me from counting contractions (back to 9/10 min intervals this evening), has everyone got names sorted out already? We are still squabbling.

Comma2 Wed 04-Nov-09 20:19:38

Here too, squabling over names. Think DH should leave it bloody well to me, but had to go through labour last time too before he admitted it. grin Now he loves dd's name, so don't feel bad about pushing a bit.

Hopeful2 Wed 04-Nov-09 20:20:39

Hello ladies,
well still nothing to report from my end. Still getting pains every now & then & right now while trying to write this it feels as though bubba wants to wriggle out as keeps pushing down really hard.
EDD is this Sat, so I don't believe bubba will be here before then but who knows.
Maniacbug I had a few sessions of reflex & accupunture but hasn't reall done anything - well it may have ref: ligaments etc but not labour.
Welcome Pootal & Eggontoast...
Ladies, one of us has got to reach the D day soon with all these signs we all keep getting.
Moss I still haven't asked my GP yet, I may ring them tomorrow to enquire ref: SF vaccine.
I have 40 week MW appnt this Fri, so if nothing by then then will have to see what she says...

Comma2 Wed 04-Nov-09 20:20:47

Does it feel to everybody else too like the water should break every time LO moves? I can't believe she can squirm like that and the thing holds up!

Comma2 Wed 04-Nov-09 20:21:57

Hehe hope xpost on the wriggling...

Hopeful2 Wed 04-Nov-09 20:40:13

Comma yes it does, you'd think that when bubba pushes like that that waters would break, but then nothing.
I have to say I am a little nervous also - but then this is my 1st, so I don't really know what to expect. Although I want to meet little one now, I am also not looking forward to the labour. I have tried relaxing CD's / reflex / accupunture etc to calm my nerves & one minute I think 'oh I'll be fine, just think of when I get to meet bubba' & the next minute I'm thinking 'maybe bubba can just stay where he is' SILLY I KNOW...

Comma2 Wed 04-Nov-09 21:53:10

Awww, it'll be fine.
1) contractions start and stop, and when they stop you are totally fine and can take a nice little breather, and 2) it's a limited time and then over and done with and 3) you can always have an epidural, and then you just doze peacefully while your body is doing its thing. Really. Anything else, you'll take care of it when it comes up.

The worst is to be afraid, because you get tense and that doesn't help. Go with the flow and trust your body and the doctors, it's all been done before. smile Just think of all the women that have done this. You can do it too.

Hopeful2 Thu 05-Nov-09 11:15:53

Thanks Comma yes u r right. The only thing is with no:3, I am going to a MW House so they do not have access to epidurals! Unless something happens that puts me or bubba at risk then we will not be going to a hosp. I am trying to op for a pool birth (if I get there when no-one else is using it that is). Got G & A & access to Petherdine should I need it.
I have a very calming DP so I am sure he will calm me down also.
I wonder if any of us ladies will have surprises today with all those fireworks going off later smile.

eggontoast Fri 06-Nov-09 10:03:39

Hopeful2 : during my first labour, I attempted to completely believe in myself and know that I could cope with the pain. I managed up till transition (just before you start pushing) without pain relief. Then I entered the birthing pool, which helped take the weight off my body which made it easier to relax and regain composure between contractions.

You could train your brain to make it believe , keep saying over and over, "it will be difficult but I can manage." When you get pains, try and view them as positive; after all they are there to achieve the birth. "The pain is a means to and end, I will see my baby soon, it will not last, and I can cope" etc. Try and avoid letting negative/worried thoughts into your brain, flood it with positive ones instead, that way, you will be more likely to cope. (and when all else fails, I tried gas and air, it sent me loopy so I no longer had chance to worry about the next pain between contractions!(it did not take any of the pain away though when next one did come, unfortunately! Just distracted me in between. I will be holding off using gas and air this time, as last time, until the very end, when the pain is at its worse and my resolve starts to crumble.)

I imagined the pain flowing out of my mouth as I blew strong deep breaths out during the contractions. When the pain increased, I shot my arms out in front of me and imagined the pain shooting out of my body down my arms. It really did help.

mosschops30 Fri 06-Nov-09 11:41:58

hi smile how is everyone?

I felt sure I was gonna go last night, had very decreased movements, lots of lower back pain and tightening across tummy etc.
But nothing <sigh>

Am pinning my hopes on the sweep this afternoon, I really feel that Im ready to go anytime, but that probably means completely the opposite.

comma I feel your pain, Im having issues with my mother about coming to stay, to have you MIL already with you must be quite .... er ... tiring grin

Yes also squabbling over names here too, I have my fave which dh doesnt like, but at this rate I'll be getting it because hes come up with nothing!

mosschops30 Fri 06-Nov-09 15:00:29

well have had the sweep, and now show obviously.
Student did it first, then midwife had a go too.
Cervix is 1-2cm
Baby's head is now 3/5ths engaged

Fingers crossed smile

She will do another one next friday if nothing

Hopeful2 Fri 06-Nov-09 16:36:29

Thanks Eggontoast for the positive words & I will try & use them myself. Be funny throwing my arms out in front of me but I'll try anything to think the pain easier smile
Ooh Moss looks like u won't be long! I saw MW today who has now booked me in for a sweep next Sat afternoon if nothing has happened before then. Fingers crossed it has though as I don't fancy it much after what they explained to me about sweeps shock.
How was it for u Moss?
I was told baby is 1/5ths engaged but I don't spose that means much, especially as Moss is 3/5ths...
How's everybody else doing on here lately?

mosschops30 Fri 06-Nov-09 17:00:58

it was fine, although the student midwife was much more gentle than my MW, didnt care though, anything to help.
why dont you fancy it hopeful?

eggontoast Fri 06-Nov-09 17:40:08

hopeful, if you are worried about the sweep being painful, it is only uncomfortable and a little exposing, if you value your privacy.

IMO, worth it though. Last time, the night after I had had my sweep I had a show and labour started a couple of hours later. I'm not allowed a sweep till I am 8 days over, boo hoo.

eggontoast Fri 06-Nov-09 17:43:46

hopeful, in my maternity book, 1/5ths engaged is more than 3/5ths engaged. In the green booklet? If you have the same one, there is a page that explains "engaged". I was 4/5 at 36 wks, now 39 weeks, 3/5. The lower the first number, the more engaged, in my green book anyway! Not sure if all areas use the same coding.

pootal Fri 06-Nov-09 18:19:50

Ooh I was sure one of you would have gone when I logged on surely can't be long now, it sounds like Moss and Hopeful2 are definitely almost ready to pop.

I'm 39 weeks today, and no sign of the wriggler making any bid for freedom yet.... and feeling a bit sorry for myself as I seem to be getting a cold....just hope that it's not anything more serious i.e. flu!

Was planning a waddle down to the local pub fireworks display but given the weather and the way I feel, think I'm going to give it a miss.

Fingers crossed one of you has progress to report soon.

Comma2 Sat 07-Nov-09 01:51:17

Hu, 2 days over now.

Show isn't obvious, moss you lucky girl. I didn't really have any after sweep I think.

God, baby really tickles my side by sliding feet along...freakish how big they are by now. shock

Gorm Sat 07-Nov-09 03:01:07

I had a great home birth not long ago and from my experience any period pains or cramps mean labour has started.

my baby took 4 days to come, I coped by sleeping in the birth pool and listening to relaxation music.

I didn't need drugs, because the more I relaxed the less it hurt. It really pays to be relaxed, patient and positive during labour - because as soon as you start doubting yourself, you'll stress, panic and the pain will increase.

My baby's head wasn't engaged until well into my labour, this is quite normal.

Also the a week before I was due my baby was still breach and in a posteria position.
She turned as labour started.

Also I was eating through my labour, which kept my energy levels up, but I started vomiting before I had to push the baby out.

before the baby came the pain changed from a period pain to cramps (like a leg cramp) in my lower stomach, then I made sure I was fully dialated and started pushing.

As soon as I could push, all pain went away, and it felt just like doing a poo. I did have a back pain that I just had to try and ignore - but the pools hot water helped and getting my hips jiggled by my husband.

The only problems I had was being constapaited when I was in Labour, I got confused as to wheather it was the baby comming or my just wanting to go to the toilet.

So I had a lot of trouble, but I managed to go to the toilet between contractions.

I think next time I will eat a whole lot of prunes. Also I drank up and go and ate punkin soup - which were both easy to stomach when I was labour.

Through out my pregancy I had the most terrible moring sickness and all I could eat was mainly raw food -
this book helped me eat well, while I was pregnant.

Another great book is: Ina May Gaskins Guide to Child Birth - It answer all the question about labour and pregnacy and its read advice from mothers, its not another one of those medical books. It has lot of different encourging birth stories in it, it really boost the confidence.

Gorm Sat 07-Nov-09 03:17:05

Another thing I forgot to add was, the fact that I couldn't lie down at all during my labour - for some strange reason I got a sharp pinched nerve like pain shooting throughout my whole body everytime I tried to rest or sleep. Floating in the pool with my arm wraped back around the edge enabled me to sleep - it was a savour.

Also I was almost two week overdue, and instead of waiting for the baby to come, as I had been doing,I started talking to it, and mentally invisioning my labour starting, getting comfortable with idea of giving birth, and hoping the baby felt what I felt and the next day my labour started.
I got up at 4:30am to go to the toilet and it was like my period has started, I realised it was the muscus plug. I went back to bed, but had trouble sleeping as I was so nervous and exited.

When I gave birth, I tore a bit, I didn't feel it at the time, or when I got the stiches for that matter, because I was all numb down stairs from pushing out a 10 pound baby. I don't think the size makes much of a difference in terms of pain - it just takes longer to push out.

maniacbug Sat 07-Nov-09 05:59:25

Morning all... can't sleep... been pacing the house for the last hour, scoffing the muffins the kids made yesterday (they are going to have a few questions when they see their number seriously diminished later)...

At about lunchtime yesterday my contractions went from 10 min apart to an average of 6 min apart and were definitely getting more uncomfortable. Then after a clary sage bath I had about an hour of 3 min contractions, thought 'this is it' and arranged for a friend to come over and babysit/stay the night. Then - yet again - it all eased off. I am really starting to worry that something is wrong now, that something is stopping labour progressing (cord wrapped several times round baby's neck?) - surely it can't be right for things to keep stopping and starting so much? (I was 2cm dilated and baby 2/5 'palpable' at the sweep on Mon.) DH has instructed me to stop stressing b/c I'll only make it worse and I know he's prob right, but I just have a bad feeling. Doesn't help that I had to do maternity cover at work once for a woman whose baby was born with cord wrapped twice round its neck and only lived for 2 days, and I will never forget what she went through. So sorry to introduce such a negative thought, but I really am finding it hard not to worry (which is at odds with my usual optimistic approach to life).

Anyway, hope the rest of you are doing well and managing to get some sleep! moss look forward to hearing about your progress after sweep/show... comma + hopeful hoping this weekend brings some action for you! + pootal hope you're feeling better soon...

maniacbug Sat 07-Nov-09 06:30:04

Me again, just wanted to apologise for such a negative post - not helpful to anyone! Am sure everything's fine... off back to bed for half an hour before morning mania begins.

scarlotti Sat 07-Nov-09 09:07:43

Hello ladies

Can I join? 40+1 today but have already had 2 false hospital visits and about 3 weeks now of stop start contractions etc. This is my 3rd and I've been told they're tricky with a long latent phase.
Everyone presumed he'd be early too which doesn't help the waiting game!

So am now huge, get shooting pains from all the cervix dancing and every time I sit on the loo it feels like my waters will burst ... but they don't.

maniac a family friend's daughter had the cord wrapped around twice and she is fine. Don't think for one second that's what's happening but thought I'd pass on a positive story to counteract the negative one grin

maniacbug Sat 07-Nov-09 11:01:01

Thanks for that, scarlotti - I know it's silly to worry, it was just one of those everything-seems-worse-in-the-middle-of-the-night moments and I probably shouldn't have posted. I just called the hospital and a lovely MW said it all sounds completely normal, so that reassured me hugely. Off out for a walk shortly: hopefully the sunshine + fresh air will take my mind off it for a while too!

Hopeful2 Sat 07-Nov-09 13:22:32

Maniac stop that right now lady. U r just stressing yourself out by thinking like that. I'm sure all is fine. If u r that worried though u should speak to the MW or go & see them. They will put your mind at rest, b/c if they place the monitor on u they will be able to tell if baby's hb seems v.high or low re: if baby is stressed, can't they? I know I can't really comment as this is my 1st but the stress can't be doing u any good.
Eggontoast I didn't realise that 1/5ths was actually further than 3/5ths silly am I blush. Well today I am 40 weeks! How time has flown by..still getting pains, last night had pains & my tummy was rock hard each time but today..nothing.
Really want things to happen b4 having the sweep next Sat. Although of course if it will help then I will have it...
My DP face lite up when I said that the MW suggested sex to get things going...yeah cause I really feel like that right now hmm
I know that it is meant to help but to be honest it is not on my list of priorities..
Hope all u ladies r well smile

Comma2 Sat 07-Nov-09 13:31:15

Lovely to see you here, scarlotti. smile

maniac how horrible for your colleague! no wonder you are scared. But cords are wrapped all the time and not usually a problem. I think usually it just means that labour stalls if the cord is too short and they make a csec.

mosschops30 Sat 07-Nov-09 14:35:30

maniac please try not to worry, if we thought about every possible thing none of us would ever get pg. Your baby will be just fine, and like others have said lots of them get tangled in the cord, im sure lots of midwives have had to slip a cord over many a head.
Whats great news is that you sound like youre well on your way smile

welcome to scarlotti have added you to the waiting list wink, anyone else care to add theirs please do and Im sorry if ive missed you out.

Maniacbug - 3rd Nov
Comma2 - 4th Nov
Scarlotti - 6th Nov
Hopeful2 - 7th
Mosschops30 - 11th Nov

No news for me, had very strong contractions last night, eventually went to bed at 8pm and they stopped, nothing overnight, feel achy in a period type way today, still losing some show, but nothing major. I am preparing myself for another one next week sad. Im going to be so upset if I have to be induced again and go consultant lead, I know its not the end of the world, but just for once I wanted the birth Id planned. Poor dh, Im gonna keep on having babies til I get it lol grin

scarlotti Sat 07-Nov-09 17:49:12

Thanks for the welcomes grin

Hopeful we tried sex, and I did have contractions later that night but no baby. Got sent home from hospital so I reckon any of these things only actually work if baby is ready ... and I can't face it again! DH keeps reminding me that ingestion is apparently more effective hmm yeah, right, because I fancy that .... not!

Nothing happening here but the downward pressure is pretty constant so hopefully it will be soon ... please?!

Comma2 Sun 08-Nov-09 01:23:38

Poor scarlotti that's pretty harsh to not have it work out when you get that far. But after helps!

Moss you are well on your way too, I guess! Crossed fingers here!

Nooothing here...just sort of hurts now when I walk after throwing huge dinner party yesterday. Otherwise nada. I will have my water break again, won't I, without being the tinest little bit effaced or dilated...then it will take another 24 h and up to get it over with. I'm a bit bitter in advance, I notice. hmm grin

pootal Sun 08-Nov-09 17:28:36

Feeling much better today....definitely just a head cold and not flu thank goodness.

I'm due on 13th for the purposes of the waiting list.....but whereas you all seem to have had signs that things might be moving, I can't say I've had anything yet other than normal things seem to be more of a struggle every day. Not due to see midwife again until 40+3 i.e. 16th, so hopefully by that stage something will have happened.

Fingers crossed one of you starts moving tonight.

mosschops30 Mon 09-Nov-09 12:02:53

Maniacbug - 3rd Nov
Comma2 - 4th Nov
Scarlotti - 6th Nov
Hopeful2 - 7th
Mosschops30 - 11th Nov
Pootal - 13th Nov

Any news from anyone?

Ive had a very miserable weekend sad cant face going over dates and the possibility of being induced.
On the positive side I lost ALL my show this morning and it was huge and disgusting so am a bit more hopeful

maniacbug Mon 09-Nov-09 14:26:24

Sorry to hear you had a rubbish weekend mosschops, but hurrah for huge and disgusting shows! That sounds v. promising.

I am off in about 10 mins to hospital so they can break my waters. As it's a VBAC they won't administer gel/drip etc. so baby had better start shifting otherwise it's looking like it might be another CS, which I desperately do not want. Still at this stage holding out for drug-free MLU birth experience, but either way will have some news very soon!
My mum (on her way to look after kids) asked if I was excited. Well, weirdly, no. After all the highs + lows of the last fortnight I just feel a bit flat. Am sure that'll change once we get going though...

mosschops30 Mon 09-Nov-09 16:22:29

oh maniac how exciting smile sending you lots of good vibes and hoping that everything goes your way, but if not, then the main thing is that you and your baby are safe and healthy smile

please come back and give us the news as soon as you are able.

God Im totally over excited for you, sending lots of un-MN hugs {{{{{{{ }}}}}}}}}}}}

fiorelli Mon 09-Nov-09 22:37:01

hi i hope you dont mind me joining your post?! ive been reading your thread and im wih you all! my EDD is 18th nov im 38 + 5 weeks and i just want this LO out now! so heres a run down of some of my niggles; period type pains for about 2 weeks, braxton hicks for about 2 weeks, carpel tunnel syndrome (if thats how u spell it), started loosing mucus plug 2 days ago (not a show though) im 2/5ths palpable as opposed to 3/5ths (which i was a few days ago) so thats something at least.

I've tried everything to help her little butt come out, tried; eating whole pineapple, hot curry, rasp leaf tea, clary sage oil in bath, on bump and in burner, sex, long long walks, walking with one foot on curb and one on road (yes i looked like an idiot lol) and nipple stimulation!

Over the last couple of hours i have been getting period type achey pains low down along with some sharp twinges and braxton hicks, a bit more than usual but i dont think its the begining of anything sad

sorry for the essay lol

Comma2 Tue 10-Nov-09 00:46:26

Good luck Maniac!!

Will have csec on Wed unless baby, who has flipped again, will flip one more time. V. fed up with it all.

mosschops30 Tue 10-Nov-09 11:06:11

Maniacbug - 3rd Nov
Comma2 - 4th Nov
Scarlotti - 6th Nov
Hopeful2 - 7th
Mosschops30 - 11th Nov
Pootal - 13th Nov
Fiorelli - 18th Nov

Welcome to the thread fiorelli smile sounds like your really trying hard to get that baby out. It reminds me of being pg with ds where I tried everything religiously, nothing moved him.
Im a bit more laid back about it this time, Im still drinking the tea and eating pineapple etc but cant be arsed with much else because I know this one will come when its ready and thats that!

I woke with strong contractions in the night, thought that was finally it, sadly they died off and nothing today. Am still losing loads of mucus, its disgusting!

comma how come youre booked for CS tomorrow? Is induction not an option for you, or has baby turned again?
Sending you lots of good vibes too hoping things move along.
Wonder if maniac has popped yet? smile

mumofmoomoo Tue 10-Nov-09 11:54:24

Hi - May I join in for a moan!?! Due date is 10th November, 2 days ago got seriously painful contractions, every 3 or 4 mins, went to hosp after a couple of hours to be told only 1cm dilated and sent home, after which everything stopped! I didnt know your cervix could dilate and then just stop! WIth my first child she was 5 days early and i got to 5cms dilated without even realising i was in proper labour! Thought it was meant to be easier the 2nd time. Got midwife appt today so will see what she says.

Hope everyone else is OK and hanging in there.

mosschops30 Tue 10-Nov-09 11:59:51

Maniacbug - 3rd Nov
Comma2 - 4th Nov
Scarlotti - 6th Nov
Hopeful2 - 7th Nov
mumofmoomoo - 10th Nov
Mosschops30 - 11th Nov
Pootal - 13th Nov
Fiorelli - 18th Nov

welcome to thread, moan away with the rest of us smile. This waiting is soul destroying!!!!!!


I had the same as mumofmoomoo two weeks ago! bloody awful contractions, 3 mins apart but only 1 cm dilated and after two hours strapped on a bed angry it all stopped and i was sent home!

I'm due this week too - 12th Nov and have been having cramps etc for about 3 weeks now... DH is getting fed up with my demands and my MW did a mini sweep this morning and told me to keep hassling DH to 'service' me - nice! blush

I really want to have the little one this week as I have to see the consultant next tues who has threatened an induction as I had a c-section 10 years ago sad...

fingers crossed for everyone!

mcb2b Tue 10-Nov-09 14:35:09

Hi ladies

I have been following your threads for a few days. Wishing you all the very best for hopefully imminent arrivals.

My due date was 8 November. Have had a sweep today and booked in for induction next week. Otherwise have no obvious signs of anything starting to happen other than a few period like cramps over the last few days. Baby not even engaged.

Sending you all lots of positive thoughts!

elmoflumpity Tue 10-Nov-09 15:29:34

Hiya, can I join too? due to be induced on Thursday (at 38 weeks with identical twins). Have been following your thread avidly. had sweep last thurs 2cm dilated and soft. Lost plug Friday. Cramps and backache all last night but still nothing!! sweep again this lunchtime, now 3 stretching to 4cm dilated... had a really looooooooooong induction last time with dd so desperate for them to turn up without tlinduction this time but the clock is ticking...

The waiting is maddening isn't it.

pootal Tue 10-Nov-09 16:21:34

Just back from my fourth 'preparation for birth' acupuncture session. That's the last of the scheduled sessions so we're just going to wait and see whether anything happens over the weekend. Have my next midwife appt on Monday at which point I'll be 40+3 so if nothing is moving by then might try a bit of reflexology or something.

Hang in there ladies, one of you has got to pop soon.....maybe if we synchronise a bit of ball bouncing and raspberry tea drinking and all focus our minds at the same time it will work?????

Comma2 Tue 10-Nov-09 17:38:15

yes, what's with the influence of the strong over the weak-minded and using the force? ....sigh Our babes seem to have one up on us there. grin

Welcome all! Nothing like waiting in a nice chatty group. smile

Moss I would LOVE an induction, but yes, baby has turned back into transverse. So cs tomorrow, but if she has flipped back by then he'll induce. Am 40 +6 today and instead of being impatient for labour to start I think I have overdone the waiting-thing and just wished the entire birth issue would just sort of go away now.

Hopeful2 Wed 11-Nov-09 14:38:00

Hi ladies,
just a quick update - baby Nathan joined the world on 09/11/09 at 07:49 hrs. Both him & I are well (although very tired). From waters breaking to baby arriving was just over 4hrs, which for 1st birth I think was quite good. It was a water birth also, so very pleased I got to have what I wanted.
So come on to all the other little ones waiting to arrive & good luck to all of u who are nearly there...

congratulations Hopeful2!

Hopefully this is the start of many of us!

fingbusymum Wed 11-Nov-09 19:32:43

Would any of you (living in London) be willing to be observed once a week with your baby to help with my course at the Tavistock in Infant Observation? It is urgent that I find someone so I can continue my training to be a child psychotherapist. Great way for someone to participate in baby/child development research, without having to do anything, just be yourself, with your baby.

The observation is non-intrusive, non-judgmental and can be a great source of support for a new mother to have reliable and on-going interest in her baby. Also, I would give you my notes at the end so you'd have an amazing record of the two first years.

Please forgive me for intruding but it could be a fantastic experience for the right person.

Thanks xx

mcb2b Wed 11-Nov-09 19:43:45

Congratulaitons Hopeful2. Great to hear such a positive birth story. Let's hope the other little ones will arrive soon....

mosschops30 Thu 12-Nov-09 10:38:39

Oooh I gasped with pleasure and suprise to see hopefuls post.
Yay the first one of us to finally drop and set the tone for the rest of these naughty babies who show no sign of arriving!
Congrats hopeful on getting the birth you wanted, and welcome to baby Nathan smile

Comma2 Thu 12-Nov-09 22:42:37

Hi girls,

baby Esme was born on 11/11 after an induction at 41 weeks. She is 9 lb and 5 oz, labour lasted almost 24 h (which, for a second birth I though rather bad grin ) and I had an episiotomy, but we are both doing very well if stone tired. Will be home tomorrow and happy as can be.
Good luck to all waiting ladies!

mosschops30 Fri 13-Nov-09 13:11:24

Congrats to comma and welcome to baby esme smile

Please post your birth announcements when you have time so we can read all the gory details of hopeful and comma (hmm when you have time, in about 4 years then grin)

So [envy} that you guys have your little babies.

Am having another sweep today, then another tuesday. Am demanding an induction for next friday if nothing happens by then, I will be 40+9 and even if it means consultant led care I just need this to be over with

pootal Fri 13-Nov-09 20:31:30

Fab news hopeful and comma. Hope your sweep went well mosschops. Fingers crossed things will start naturally.

My due date is today but there's been no sign of any movement so far.

congratulations comma!

my due date was yesterday (thurs) and I had worse cramps all day but nothing... then today from about 4pm I've been getting bad back ache and front pains but not really been timing them so hopefully something soon... mind you, not to be undone my DH decided to scald his hand this evening and is moaning about the pain! arghhhh lol

good luck everyone!

Pinkcaz Sat 14-Nov-09 08:01:16

Good Morning,

I hope you don't mind me butting in too.... by the way Congratulations Hopeful and Comma its so exciting hearing good news
My due date was 6th of Nov which now seems an eternity ago!

I had a sweep on Tuesday with not much look then lost my plug on Thursday night however I have been having a lot of mucus (spealt wrong sorry lol) since and woken this morning from 3am with painful period like cramps which keep coming and going and making me have to rush to loo for number 2's alot (sorry TMI) I just wondered is this normal or sounding like a UTI?

Booked in Tuesday for being induced which I really dont want to happen ... but at least it gives a date when all this waiting may finally be over hehe

Good Luck everyone x

Pinkcaz Sat 14-Nov-09 08:02:22

I'm such a idiot.... just re-read that and my date was the 5th not 6th... baby brain and tired eyes not a good combo x

Hopeful2 Sat 14-Nov-09 11:06:45

Congrats Comma & welcome to the world baby Esme. Sorry to hear u had such a long labor, u must have been exhausted. I seriously think I was not long in labor because I may have been having pre-labor pains for up to 3 weeks before he arrived. I also think Raspberry Leaf did something to help.
Come on baby the way on the day I went into labor I was made to drink a virgin bloody mary - very spicy & I swear that helped..funny how a few hrs later my waters broke!
Maybe u could try that also Pootal smile
From the sounds of it Pinkcaz I'd say your body is getting ready..& hopefully u r not that far away from the start of labor.
Good luck ladies & soon arriving bundles of joy x

brockleybelle Sat 14-Nov-09 22:23:14

A good sign. I had period-like cramps throughout the night (wed) at 40 weeks, was fine the next day (thurs), then had him early hours of the following morning (fri). All the best!

mosschops30 Sun 15-Nov-09 10:12:36

still waiting on baby mosschops, I am preparing for an induction sad cant decide whether to book in for next friday (T+9) or wait until the following week and have it done at T+12/13

maniacbug Mon 23-Nov-09 10:23:57

Hello everyone - not sure how active this thread still is but just wanted to say huge congratulations + welcome to babies Esme + Nathan! hopeful - sounds like a wonderful experience, and comma, ouch! but hope you are recovering well and enjoying getting to know one another.
Final update from our end: baby Theo entered the world on 10th Nov weighing 9lb 9oz after an arduous night of back-to-back labour with just a TENS machine... culminating in an emergency C/S when he went 'tachycardic' (I felt like I was in an episode of Holby City, but at least now I finally know what it means!). It turned out he also caught strep B from me and had suspected meningitis so was in intensive care for 2 days - they whisked him away so fast I didn't even get to see him, or hear him (he needed resuscitating) sad for 6 hours after the birth. I lost 5 pints of blood but managed without a transfusion (hurrah for Pregaday tablets!) - we were both in hospital for a week but are now well and happy at home.
Hope all has gone well for everyone else... mosschops how did it go, has your little one arrived yet?!

Just to let you all know, I finally had DD on sunday!

all started naturally at 5am and was 6cm at 10am, then 8 at 12, then.... it slowed down! turns out DD had twisted to be back to back and wasn't happy so I ended up with an emcs with her coming out at 5:34pm! she was 8lbs exactly and is gorgeous!

came home on wed pm and now settling into life...

goodluck mosschops, can't wait for news!

zoep88 Tue 20-Jul-10 19:33:01

hi i am 39 weeks and 4 days i have been getting on and off period like cramps all day and had pain in my back could this be it starting .

katiejelly Sun 13-Nov-11 10:03:47

hiya everyone smile im due 20th nov, been having bad back ache, sickness n loose bowels for 2 days now so feeling pretty rubbish, im hoping this baby comes soon smile

tiredchocoholic Mon 14-Nov-11 13:42:16

Hi, I am 39+ 4 and also experiencing lots of labour teases....Back ache, period-like pains, loose bowels, loss of mucus plug etc. It's been going on for almost a week and is driving me CRAZY! I read this thread with great interest but it took me a while to realize that most of the posts are 2yrs old!! If there is anyone els out there in th same Boston now, I would be great to hear from you.
What's the latest with you, Katiejelly?

tiredchocoholic Mon 14-Nov-11 13:43:32

...oops, should read 'anyone else in the same boat', sorry!

5inthebed Mon 14-Nov-11 13:47:38


Sat reading this thread thinking "I never knew Mosschops was pregnant" and then realised it was 2 years old.

Stop bumping old threads people! Start your own!

CollieandPup Fri 18-Nov-11 02:44:24

Blimey 5inthebed what a GRUMP!!!! Really!!

chocoholic! I've just bloody googled cramps and read this thread then realised it was active. I've been having all sorts of 'signs' (BH, diahrorrea slow break down of plug) for 2 weeks, but still nothing. Started last night with painful cramps after a swim though.....I'm desperately hoping this is it- 39+5 today! But unsuccessfully trying not to get my hopes up too much!

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