Sore nipples before birth

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IsawSusiekissingSantaClaus Thu 20-Dec-07 19:30:32

Just wondering if anyone else has had this? I'm 37 weeks pregnant and my nipples feel like they're on fire. It's really ouchy (can't say painful as am facing childbirth grin)

Ok. so I'm also hoping someone will say - I had that and went into labour minutes/hours/days later. wink

Amani Thu 20-Dec-07 20:28:19

Susie - am experiencing that on and off on my left one only hmm. Am also clueless as to why....

Sarahjct Thu 20-Dec-07 20:53:00

I get that all the time but it just seems to be the cold that sets them off. Sorry... It's agony though, labour couldn't be worse, could it??

whomovedmychocolate Thu 20-Dec-07 21:02:52

Sarahjct - well it's different

I got this both before having DD and post partum on letdown. Apparently it's just due to high hormone levels and can be set off by cold, stress etc.

Didn't stop me going overdue by about four weeks though hmm (sorry!)

But apparently nipple tweaking can help kick things off if it is time for your baby to come anyway (if you can bear it).

BTW warm flannels make the pain go away (the nipple pain that is).

RIELOVESBACARDI Thu 20-Dec-07 21:05:15

i would keep it in there the sooner its out the sooner its 17 [fency]

Sarahjct Thu 20-Dec-07 21:12:25

LOL Chocolate, I was hoping the nipple pain was worse! I have been clutching hot water bottles to them and it seems to help. And as I've now pulled a muscle in my side I'm walking round with three of the buggers strapped to me to ease the various aches.

Sorry, finished hijacking thread now...!

whomovedmychocolate Thu 20-Dec-07 21:15:06

Sarahjct - long warm baths saw me though the last three weeks of my pregnancy for precisely this sort of thing. Sod strapping hot water bottles on, retire to the bathroom with a book. Once the baby comes you will have to wait years before you can have a leisurely bath - without a hypercritical audience yelling 'mummy did you do a farrrrrrrrtttt' at you! hmm

Can't believe I'm going to have another one, I must be nuts!

Ledodgy Thu 20-Dec-07 21:17:50

I haven't got the nipple thing but has anyone got the urine smelling of breast milk thing? I had it with my other two as well and had forgotten about it until I smelt breast milk after i'd used the loo again the other day! I'm nearly 38 weeks pregnant.

whomovedmychocolate Thu 20-Dec-07 21:22:50

I've never had that ledodgy, or at least never noticed it. Mind you I just smell milky all the time as I'm still nursing DD1 so perhaps I'm immured to it!

Sarahjct Thu 20-Dec-07 21:26:42

(wonders if DH has left any hot water) I don't know why I didn't think of that?

Urine smelling of breast milk?? God I love Mumsnet!!

ShowOfHands Thu 20-Dec-07 21:28:01

In all honesty I found the sore nipples more painful than labour. Felt a lot like somebody was holding a lighter to them for the last few weeks and it was so much worse in the cold. I'm surprised I wasn't on the local news. You know, 'pregnant woman wanders through fog clutching her own nipples and moaning to herself- although we do not consider her dangerous, do not approach this woman on your own'.

Definitely lie in the bath for hours on end. I needed a sophisticated winch and pully system to get in and out but whilst in there I wallowed like the beached whale I was. Happy days.

Ledodgy Thu 20-Dec-07 21:29:05

LOL Sarah honestly you probably won't notice it with your first but after the baby is born you'll know what it smells like and will notice the smell in future pregnancies. It's sort of all warm, milky and comforting. grin

IsawSusiekissingSantaClaus Thu 20-Dec-07 22:15:11

Damn. So it's not a symptom of labour that the MW forgot to tell me about..... Just hurts.

Ho hum. I'm not really surprised they hurt though. I got measured for my nursing bra today and I've gone from a 32D to a 36F. The bra is hilarious!

The milk/ urine thing is very intriguing too hmm

Naetha Fri 21-Dec-07 12:09:52

My nipples are really sore as well, and hyper-sensitive to the cold. The problem with having a bath is that I lie in the bath (although bump crushes my lungs so I can barely breathe!) and my boobs and my bump are the only bits of me not covered in water, so they end up getting even colder!

I just wish DH would remember that I have really sore nipples - he seems to think they're his exclusive property!

Sarahjct Fri 21-Dec-07 12:31:48

MW told me that if your bath water doesn't cover your bump or other bits, drape a small towel or something similarly absorbent across it with the ends in the water and the warmth will have the same effect as the water itself...or something to that effect...!

I find with the nips that because I'm running my own internal central heating system set to the max, I don't realise when it's cold and, consequently, my nips have solidified and have icicles hanging off them before I've realised it's cold. shock

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