Recommendations for Private or Independent Midwife for Hospital Birth - London

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Allison3 Wed 21-Sep-16 13:21:33

Hi, I am looking for a recommendation for a private or independent midwife for the birth of baby#2. I had baby#1 consultant led at the Portland and while I loved the facilities it wasn't a good fit for my natural birth plan with diet controlled gestational diabetes. I had a natural birth, but was coached into pushing with no distress when my more calm hypnobirthing methods were working well and I ended up with a postpartum hemorrhage (may have had one either way), surgery and an infection.

I don't want to do a home birth, so I would like to find an midwife with experience or existing relationship with a hospital in London (West or Northwest London). I am open to a birthing centre birth. Thanks for the help!

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