caulophyllum-how? when? Should I?

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spinasnowflake Sun 17-Dec-06 10:38:58

i'm 39 weeks pg(Due Xmas day-whoops!) I've bought some Caulophyllum 200c from Neal's Yard but not sure what dosage is.
I've come across three versions
1. use one then another if nothing happens
2(the most common one) use one every half an hour for two hours
3. use one every 15mins for an hour then every four hours

I've done a search on MN and am beginning to wondor whether I should be doing anything at all(I AM a believer in babes turn up when thery're ready,BUT...I'm going quite insane at moment and have my poor DS1 to think of)

Has anyone used caulophllum successfully or otherwise? Horror stories will be appreciated as much as positive ones. I need some actual evidence from those with experience before I proceed.

I really appreciate your help. Off to jump in shower but will come back.


PS am doing pinapple,sex,long walks,etc already BTW

spinasnowflake Sun 17-Dec-06 11:28:18


or not to bump that is the question.

Baretoes Sun 17-Dec-06 12:55:40

Hello there - my homeopath gave me some caulophyllum 30c and tld me to take one daily for each of the 10 days leading up to my due date. What it is meant to do is to help the cervix to soften, efface and dilate etc NOT bring on the start of labour. I have also been given a homeopathy birthing kit which includes the same dose as you - 200c and I have been told to take it hourly during the birth. The kit also came with a sheet saying that caulophyllum is to be used if labour is progressing slowly / stops / failure to dilate etc. A couple of osteopath friends I know, swear by it!

HTH. My due date was 8 days ago....

Baretoes Sun 17-Dec-06 12:58:00

p.s. the 30c is much weaker than the 200c, so I don't think you should be taking yours before the actual birth itself. I believe that if you overdose / take it inappropriately, it either does nothing or exacerbates the symptoms that you are trying to treat. I am sure that most homeopaths would be happy to give you some quick advice over the phone?

skerriesmum Sun 17-Dec-06 13:43:07

Do you actually have advice from a homeopath to take these remedies? Do you normally dose yourself? I was given a homeopathic birthing kit too, but I'm worried that if I take that stuff I won't be able to take any regular medicine in the hospital... what do your doctors think?

lulumama Sun 17-Dec-06 14:01:50

i think it is best to speak to a homeopath, rather than buy the stuff off the shelf, as it were....

i don;t actually know if it interferes with traditional medication......but i imagine if you are using anything homeopathic, best to let the midwife know anyway,

be interesting to see if other people have tried this succesfully!

spinasnowflake Sun 17-Dec-06 14:43:53

I bought it from Neal's Yard and was unsure whether to buy the 30c which seemed the right one to buy off the shelf or the 200c which seemed to pop up a lot in my research.
The lady in shop phoned the homeopath and she advised 200c but NOT before 39wks. No dose unfortunately.

My DH's friend is married to a midwife and she used it on her due date and it worked. But can't speak to her and she said she doesn't know anything about homeopathy.

I am thinking that NOTHING should happen if I'm not ready, but I'm wary of using something that might induce an baby who's not ready to be born.

Thanks for all your advice. Had anyone used the stuff and had success at 39 wks?

lulumama Sun 17-Dec-06 14:44:57

can you call Neals Yard back or email them>

spinasnowflake Sun 17-Dec-06 14:49:41

Thanks lulu. think I'll give them a call tommorrow.
It all seemed like SUCH a fab idea a week ago when I bought the stuff.Noow I'm beginning to wonder if I should not just let nature take its' course!!

lulumama Sun 17-Dec-06 18:00:46

you can gently encourage the cervix to ripen and labour to start...but ultimately, the baby arrives when he/she is ready...not to say there is no point trying to help things along....but i would want to ensure the safety and efficacy of anything i was be sure to double check re the homeopathy

sex, orgasm and nipple stim really do soften the cervix and encourage contractions ! and sit on a gym ball to get baby right down!

Baretoes Sun 17-Dec-06 18:04:54

Apparently for anything for the birth itself, 200c is the right dosage - 30c simply isn't strong enough. That goes for the arnica too! Also - my understanding is that homeopathic remedies do NOT interfere / interact with traditinal medicine. You will need to speak to a homeopath, not a midwife. The midwife will not know enough about homeopathy to give you a conclusive answer! I know that there is a homeopathic help line but I don't know what the number is. The booklet with the birthing kit is self-explanatory. To use caulophyllum - again, it's to assist with the dilation of the cervix and progression of labour. HTH.

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