More Lindo Wing Consultants Advice- The B Team?

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Ucledu Fri 08-Sep-06 17:39:37

We're trying to find a good consultant at Lindo/St Mary's. The Mumsnet Superstars (Karl Murphy and T Teoh) are long booked up, 8 months in advance. . St Mary's has suggested some of their other consultants. Please could we hear from anyone who's had experience or heard views on any of the following:

Mr Charles Wright
Mr Raj Rai
Ms Lorin Lakasing

We are also looking at C & W, even though it's quite far from us, and have some good names there.

Thanks a lot.

slinkstah Fri 08-Sep-06 19:23:34

raj rai is fantastic, he is a lovely bloke and he knows his stuff too. he doesn't patronise you and explains everything well and seems to have time and patience with you too.

sparkle38 Thu 14-Sep-06 14:54:45


I was under the care of Karl Murphy for the birth of my daughter at the Lindo Wing this year but I was refered to Lorin Lakasing ( by Mr Murphy )on three occasions. I can highly recommend Ms Lakasing. She is very easy to talk to, is very understanding and also pays a lot of attention to medical detail which was reassuring for us. I also know Mr Murphy holds Ms Lakasing in high professional regard.

Good Luck

alexh Fri 15-Sep-06 10:38:57

Raj rai backs up Lesley Regan who is my consultant. she is fabulous and so I would be extremelynhappy to have him

oinker Wed 27-Sep-06 08:28:39

Raj RAI is mine too.

He is a lovely man and very straight to the point. He has been really helpful and is very expereinced. i have searched the web for all his previous expereince.
I am seeing him at St Marys in the Recurrent m/c clinic.

Taz101 Thu 21-Jun-07 09:12:48

We're trying to find a good consultant at the Lindo Wing St Mary's. I've read the messages about Raj Rai but also wanted to know if anyone has had any experiences with Guy Thorpe-Beeston or Vik Khullar?


VictorVictoria Thu 21-Jun-07 09:14:51

I am at the Lindo wing under Lesley Regan. she recommends Raj Rai, Mr Teoh (vv busy) or Lorin Lasaking. A friend of mine is under Guy thorpe-Beeston and seemed pretty pleased with him

Taz101 Thu 21-Jun-07 09:56:09

Thanks for the recommendation. I've also just been advised of another consultant called Tarik Miskri as Guy Thorpe-Beeston is actually not available. Has anyone heard of him? I feel under pressure to make a decision as everyone is getting booked up so quickly but I want to know that it's someone I'll feel comfortable with.

VictorVictoria Thu 21-Jun-07 09:57:59

Yes a friend of mine has just ahd a baby under Tariq Miskry and raves about him. I think he sounds great. she had a vaginal delivery of an 11lb baby. amazing and she said he was fantastic

Taz101 Thu 21-Jun-07 10:06:46

Thank you that really helps!

Ucledu Tue 10-Jul-07 10:20:06

Hello. May be too late to help the person who originally asked, but -- We had Guy Thorpe-Beeston as our consultant, but when he took us on he warned us that he would be on holiday 2 weeks before our due date, with coverage by another doctor during this period. In the event, we liked Guy a lot during the entire pre-delivery phase, but in fact our DS came early. So early, in fact, that he came before the appointment Guy had arranged for us to meet Tariq Miskry, his coverage colleague. So, we met Tariq for the first time in the middle of labour.

As it turned out, Tariq was fantastic. He handled the fact that we'd not met very well, immediately putting us all at ease (to the extent possible in mid-labour, that is). He then went on to do a great job with the delivery. He was very much part of the team - giving lots of encouragement along the way. In command, but not stand-offish as many consultants can be. Just what we needed with our first child.

The delivery itself was fine, and we got great care from 95% of the midwives at Lindo. We would go back. Our most difficult decision would be whether to use Tariq or Guy - I think we'd be very happy with either.

annie4 Fri 20-Jul-07 18:47:53

Hi - a really useful website, thanks.
I am under Lesley Regan at the Lindo Wing and would be interested to hear other people's views on her. We are struggling a bit and wondered what others thought of her 'bedside manner' ie her approachability and manner....any thoughts positive/negative gratefully received.

adele1 Sat 21-Jul-07 00:28:27

Has anyone taken an independent midwife for a NHS birth? My 1st birth was quite traumatic and I would like to have a professional that I know at the birth??

adele1 Sat 21-Jul-07 01:21:14

Sorry I butted into your thread, I'm new to posting and was meant to start a new one oops... Sorry again...

VictorVictoria Sat 21-Jul-07 07:22:46

Annie I too am under lesley regan. Have been for 10 years. Having second baby in jan. For whay tis worth, I thjink she is an outstanding doctor and gives the best advice but is prob best suited to those who have had difficulties conceiving and holding onto babies. Her medical advice is spot on although she can be a little scary. If you want smooth bedside manner amd hand holding she probably isn't for you.

Magi Fri 11-Jan-08 18:27:45

hi there, is the lindo wing very good? i am 20 weeks pregnant at the moment and i just booked the tour over there to see the lindo wing. Is it too late to book now? Does any one can tell something about the lindo wing? thank u

Magi Mon 14-Jan-08 10:38:02

i went to Lindo wing on Saturday on the Tour , and i was so dissapointed shockThe lindo wing is terrible! The standard in Lindo wing is the same as the NHS , stuff are not really nice and pleasent. I dont understand why people go there. We went after wards to Cheales and westminister hospital in Fulham Road and the standars wasnt as poor as in Lindo Wing and stuff and midewifes were so nice and helpfull. I am going to view two oder privet wings in different hospitals. Is such a shame that the service in UK is so poor. !!!

SazzaK Mon 14-Jan-08 14:39:45

The Lindo Wing was good enough for Princess Diana so you must come from somewhere where the hospitals are pretty special Magi!
I'm going to Chelsea again but I think they will be in the middle of renovating when you are due. If I were you I would worry more about getting a place with a recommended obstetrician as a lot of places book up very early on.

irini Wed 14-May-08 12:36:07

I am 16 weeks pregnant and decided last week the Lindo was the place to go if private birth is what you are after in a big hospital with also NHS backing - so no Portland thanks! Then after calling all the doctors whose names are mentioned here, i.e. Theo, Murphy, Lakasing, Thorpe-Beeston, Miskry I ended up finding out that they are SO popular women book then from day 1 of their pregnancy so obviously at week 16 they are all full for October/November when I am due and they have no spare bed allocation!!! They only deliver between 9-15 babies a month! once this slot is full thats it! So now I was advised to go to a doctor with less experiece and that has been in the Lindo for fewer years and is not such a well known name. Have any of you heard of Mr. Khular? Or Mr. Fernando? Or Mr. Horner?

Any advice please would be gratefully received!

I cant believe that to get a good reputable doc you have to "book" him from your first month! I didnt even know I was pregnant then!!!


Anagram Wed 14-May-08 13:49:42

Try the private ward at Queen Charlotte. I was able to switch at 36 weeks after getting thoroughly disgusted with the NHS. The level of care on the private ward at QC approximated the kind of care I had in New York with ds1. The place is clean, calm, well-staffed, and some of their consultants are top-level. I had Dr. Kumar, he did an excellent job.

irini Wed 14-May-08 15:10:02

Thanks!! Might go and have a tour of a few of these hospitals on Saturday as phoning doctors up doesnt seem to be getting me to far!

LadyThompson Thu 15-May-08 15:04:21

I am sorry you have had a hard time getting into the Lindo, Irini. I have just squeezed in with Lorin Lakasing for end Nov/beginning Dec. Anyone had any experience of her recently? I am particularly interested in those who have had caesareans, and also c sections generally on that ward.

kaboju Thu 15-May-08 16:34:41

Hi LadyThompson. Sparkle38 speaks very highly of her in this tread (14/9).

camgirl Thu 15-May-08 21:13:55

Honestly Magi, when you're there you won't give a toss about the decor. It is all about having excellent medical care, and 24/7 dedicated midwife support in your first (for me) week. I had my son with Mr Murphy, and I would book him the minute the blue line came up next time. In fact I may just check his availability before we DTD wink

irini Fri 16-May-08 16:02:16

LadyThompson have heard Lorin Lakasing is brilliant. Friend of mine reccomended her 2 weeks ago for me as she delivered her first baby and was absolutely raving about it..but as i am due end oct/nov unfort she was fully booked - gutted.

Still seems no one has heard of Mr Khullar

LadyThompson Fri 16-May-08 16:23:02

You poor girl Irini, but think of it this way - I don't think the Lindo Wing would have anybody bad, would they? They aren't going to want to compromise their excellent reputation. Someone else (I think on another thread) said Mr Horner was excellent, and as for the others, what I was planning on doing if I couldn't get any of the consultants I'd heard of, was phone their assistants and talk about the sort of birth I wanted or needed, and see who would fit with this. Hang in there. I bet you'll find someone really good.

AnnaFey Sat 17-May-08 11:39:35

Hello everyone! I am pregnant with my first child and am 26 weeks. I was originally with Marcus Setchel and was going to deliver at The Portland. But after looking round, my husband and actually didnt think it warrented the astronomical costs for what it was. Plus, wasnt happy that it wasnt attached to a full, working hospital should I or my baby need specialist care. So, on reccomendation, I called The Lindo Wing. Was reccomended Guy Thorpe-Beeston, Mr Miskry, Mr Murphy, Miss Lakasing but all were booked for August! Then called Mr Mason who wasnt taking on new clients but he suggested Mr Khullar. Lindo Wing itelf reccomended Mr Horner and Mr Teoh too. I went to see Khullar and Horner and we've gone with Horner as he's very nice and professional. Only reason not much is known is that he's new to Lindo Wing having come from his native Switzerland a year ago. He also works alongside Teoh who Setchel reccomended me to which is re-assuring. I dont care about decor - just want a clean, safe place with a top consultant. Mr Horner was also very understanding about my very personal reasons for wanting a c-section. Can anyone who's had him confirm he's as good as I think he is?

irini Mon 19-May-08 13:56:28

Who is Mr Mason AnnaFey?

I am seeing Mr Khullar tonight for the first time so will let you know what i thought!

Went to the Lindo Wing tour yest and there was one girl there going with Mr Horner in September.

LadyThompson Mon 19-May-08 14:20:28

Hi Irini, how was the tour?

irini Mon 19-May-08 22:16:23

Really good - met one of the midwifes (Sue) which was simply awesome - so sweet, has been delivering babies for 37 years...was nice to see the rooms, nursery's, labour ward etc. Also the Lindo only has two teams of midwifes - 4 per team - so was nice to meet one of them. If only doc was half as nice........real issue now to find someone I feel confident about. Still looking at 17 weeks is not looking very promising....oh well!!!

irini Mon 19-May-08 22:21:59

AnnaFey what did you think about Mr Khullar? He didnt really fill me with confidence and kept asking me if he can ask me a question - too polite, i dont know how to explain it - but a bit too soft!! Do you think I should also try Horner? Book an appointment maybe before its too late?

AnnaFey Wed 21-May-08 10:01:06

Hi Irini - I completely agree about Mr Khullar! We met him and we found him to be a bit all over the place and too soft. He didnt fill us with confidence at all as he was a bit forgetful - I had to remind him to sample my urine and weigh me!

Horner is really professional, young and made me feel really confident in his capabilities. I think you need to feel this about a consultant if you pick them - you're going to spending £5000 or so so they should make you feel 100% confident.

My original doctor, Marcus Setchel, is the royal obstretician whom I loved but sadly cannot afford Portland - he reccomended Mr Thorpe-Beeston as he delivered all Marcus's grandchildren at The Lindo. He was booked so Marcus also reccomended a Mr Teoh who was booked. But...Mr Horner has told me that if for whatever reason I went into early labour at beginning of August when he's on holiday that Mr Teoh would do my c-section as they work together - that made me even surer about Horner as Mr Teoh is meant to be one of the best. Only reason not too much is known about Horner is because he only came from Women's Clinic in Basel, Switzerland last year. I would go and meet with him if I were you.

Khullar was reccomended to us by Mr Mason who is a very well known doctor - he does a lot of celeb babies at Lindo - but he's not taking anyone else onto his books - plus, a family friend had him and didnt like him at all.

Let me know how it goes...

margot2 Mon 26-May-08 23:58:34


I had Mr Khullar for the birth of my second and he was fantastic, can't rate him highly enough. He was recommended to me by a friend who had 3 deliveries at the Lindo. He is kind and patient and has an excellent reputation (he's in the Tatler Best Doctor Guide)! smile

LisaDrew Fri 06-Jun-08 18:40:57

Irini - I am seeing Mr Khullar for the first time next week. What did you not like about him?

Margot2- Tell me more abt your experience with him. I'm concerned because I haven't seen any other recommendations for him.

AnnaFey Sun 08-Jun-08 12:33:46

Mr Khullar is meant to be brilliant - anyone at Lindo wing will be - I just got on better with Mr Horner. Mr Horner is fantastic, very nice, calming and professional.

margot2 Sun 08-Jun-08 13:55:52

Hi LisaDrew - I'm sure you'll really like him. I delivered my no 2 (big baby nearly 10 pounds) with him and found him charming - the whole thing was just perfect really. I didn't know at the time but he is also a specialist in pelvic floor problems and so he is the perfect person to put it all back together again after the birth! I've been back to see him as my gynae. He was originally recommended to me by a friend who says he was amazing and I couldn't agree more.

I think all of the Consultants there have excellent reputations and so I suppose it all boils down to personalities really - I found I could talk to him easily and I didn't feel at all rushed. Hope that helps!

skyllberg Tue 02-Sep-08 07:52:12

i am under charles wright at the lindo and would be ever so gratful if anyone can tell me about him. ive only ever read about mr khullar and mr murphy etc. No one seem to have written anything here about him. pls help. I;m starting to panick. I only chose him cause he was the only one available at the time when im due. Pls help. many thanks. worried mum to be

scogliera Tue 16-Sep-08 16:41:12

My wife and I have just had our first daughter at the Lindo Wing. Lorin Lakasing was our consultant and I cannot recommend her highly enough - she was absolutely fantastic. Also, the level of care that my wife received was incredibly high. The midwives and nurses were both competent and very caring and friendly. We were both nervous about the process of giving birth and everyone at the Lindo made it an extremely positive experience.

My advice to anyone looking to go private would be to get in early and book with Lorin.

anmigoh Tue 23-Sep-08 16:11:30

Hi, I'm new to mumsnet and am needing some help with choosing the best place to have our first child.

I was initially considering having it abroad (about 80% certainty) but now my DH changed his mind and is persuading me to have it here.

So I'm 20 weeks + 4 and have just booked for the lindo wing tour this Sat. Not sure if it'll be too late even if we decide to go for it.

Looking at all the posts here, consultants seem impossible to book. Also anyone has any ideas about costs?

Would appreciate some advice.

orangina Tue 23-Sep-08 16:33:00

Hi Anmigoh, welcome to mumsnet! I had my ds at the Lindo, under the care of Tariq Miskry, who was brilliant. Would go to him again at the drop of a hat. I would call the Lindo now and ask which consultants might still be available to take you on (the big hitters will probably be booked, but you never know...).

Re: Costs, I think you are looking at about £7-8k for a normal delivery with 1-2 nights in hospital, and about £10k for cs with more nights in. Consultants fees are fixed (and within the sums I quote above) and everything is itemised re: the hospital etc, down to the last thing.

Call the lindo now and ask them their advice re: consultants, and book an appt with SOMEONE if they still have space (it is quite late...)

Good luck!

anmigoh Wed 24-Sep-08 21:31:30

Thanks orangina. It's really helpful advice.

orangina Thu 25-Sep-08 09:53:09

Have you found out if any of the consultants are still available yet anmigoh?

anmigoh Wed 15-Oct-08 12:37:02

Hi Orangina,

By some miracle, Raj Rai is available. So I've booked him.

paree Sun 19-Oct-08 13:19:53

Hi, it's so helpful going through these posts, feels like there is someone you can reach out to. I'm 18 weeks and we were contemplating between Portland and Lindo wing. I was wondering if someone could advise on the best way to meet the consultants at Lindo - would you have to pay for each appointment? I like the security of being attached to a full working hospital but was wondering if there is a big price difference between Lindo and Portland. Since I've had bleeding complications from week 12 onwards, am quite nervous on the best way forward. Any recommendations on consultants who're experts at complicated pregnancies? Thanks so much for your inputs.

wondermum1 Fri 21-Nov-08 18:16:38

Lindo is far better in my opinion. Portland is more like a hotel and if there is aproblem with the baby when born they send the baby to st mary's anyway, whereas if you are at the Lindo, St Mary's is bang next door. Also I was born there, my son was born there and I am due to have another baby there next year. Midwives are amazing.

If you do want to find a consultant yes you would have to pay for every appointment, but be assured that Teo, Thorpe Beeston, Mason, Murphy, Wilson, Armstrong are all TOP top consultants. Good luck

coolpam Mon 24-Nov-08 13:55:01

hey i'm new at mumsnet..but i find it gr8. i had a tour in the lindo wing and i found it perfect but i have this week my first appointment with dr. murphy and i'm quiet scared..can anyone please tell me what experience they had with him and if he has patient and and and?i dindt know which doctor to take but when i called he was available so i thought i will try it with him.please help!

coolpam Mon 24-Nov-08 13:56:59

hey i'm new at mumsnet..but i find it gr8. i had a tour in the lindo wing and i found it perfect but i have this week my first appointment with dr. murphy and i'm quiet scared..can anyone please tell me what experience they had with him and if he has patient and and and?i dindt know which doctor to take but when i called he was available so i thought i will try it with him.please help!

ChicPea Tue 02-Dec-08 15:12:42

I had three ceasareans with Mr Teoh and he is fantastic!

kumari Wed 03-Dec-08 21:00:07

I had my daughter this year with Karl Murphy and he is excellent...very calm and just spot on with all his advise. Lindo Wing team are very supportive too.

kumari Wed 03-Dec-08 21:13:03

Coolpam- how did your appointment with Murphy go? Just entrust yourself to him, I was very nervous and anxious during my pregnancy...would ask lots of questions, and Murphy was just so good throughout, if i have a second baby i would go back to him.

coolpam Thu 04-Dec-08 13:46:34

hi my appointment went well he seems very nice! its hard to say by just 20min. its my first child and not sure what makes a doctor good or bad...but at least i know he knows his job very well just hope with the time i will get "closer" to him.
thx kumari for your help. maybe someone can tell me what is important generally to know or to find out from the doctor regarding the baby. thx

MariaM76 Sat 06-Dec-08 15:47:17

Hi Coolpam,

don´t be scared. I´m in my first pregnancy too. I´m with Karl Murphy since the beginning and I can say he makes me feel so confident. Everyone loves him. He is really good in his job. I was reading a lot and trying to find out what to do and found out that Mr Murphy is one of the best so try to enjoy your pregnancy.


AnnaFey Tue 09-Dec-08 16:10:25

I had my first baby at Lindo Wing in August with Etienne Horner - He is literally A.M.A.Z.I.N.G! And the midwives there were just incredible - Victoria, Sue, Patricia, Sharon, Agnyss, all of them made my husband and I feel so looked after and protected during those first emotionally charged days!
It cost around £5000 for stay as had a c section and Dr Horner was £5000 - but as my husband says worth every penny to bring a child into the world safely.

Good luck all expectant mummies and if you need help please find me under Mama Magic service on

wondermum1 Sat 13-Dec-08 18:11:56

Hi ALl

My gynie has put his prices up to £7k I kid you not, have just found out and am due in May, had my ds last november and he charged 5k, I can't believe he has put his prices up 40% anyone else had similar? Anyone know how much LIndo wing is now???

mimu Wed 17-Dec-08 20:29:41

I had Mr Horner for my 4th child, at Lindo as well 4 weeks ago and agree that he and the Lindo MW's were all amazing. It's worth every penny - for the reassurance and expertise - and I'm an NHS doctor!

Sparklyeuropeep Tue 18-May-10 18:29:22

Lorin Lakasing is brilliant - I was under her care at the Lindo Wing from Sept 2009 when we found out I was pregnant to delivery in April 2010 - on the personal side, she is friendly, approachable, empathetic, very human, kind and totally makes you feel at ease. On the professional side, she is incredibly thorough and you feel like you are in safe hands. Her and Karl Murphy back each other in case of absence - I had a brief encounter with him so can't really comment but in the 3 times he dealt with me, I also felt very reassured that I was in good hands (he has also cared for a friend of mine who raves about him) so you can rest assured you are in good hands. I would give Lorin Lakasing 5/5 and would not hesitate to recommend her. If you can afford it, private maternity care really is worth every penny - you are paying for the reassurance that your ob will deliver your baby, the guarantee that you will have managed care before and during your delivery and peace of mind.

LittleSilver Sat 22-May-10 22:25:14

I must admit to reading this thread and sniggering slightly at all these consultants being labelled "B-Team"! Ouch!

missismac Wed 26-May-10 18:04:29

Sparkleyeuropeep - why on earth would you want an obs to deliver your baby? Surely any one who'd done their research would want an experienced midwife? Much less likelihood any unnecessary c-section, or interventions and therefore less likelihood of infant or maternal morbidity, both in this birth and any subsequent ones. That surely is real peace of mind?

bellasmama Thu 27-May-10 09:47:08

Missimac, an obsterician save mine and my DS life so sweeping statements that you made are just ridiculous. Midwives are the experts of normal and thats it. Many women like myself feel safer with the experts on hand should things go pear shaped. It is personal choice and not your place to judge other womens choices.

secretweapon Sun 30-May-10 13:18:27

Just wanted to chime in with another recommendation for Lorin Lakasing. She delivered my DS in March 2010 and was wonderful throughout the pregnancy. She was easy to discuss my questions with, thoroughly knowledgeable and supportive of my choices regarding the pregnancy and delivery. I second everything Sparklyeuropeep said about her, and I'll go back to Lorin for any future DCs.

Amy10 Mon 04-Apr-11 15:24:21

Hi All, Does anyone have any experience of the temporary Lindo Wing (while it is being refurbished) at Alec Bourne and any experience with Dr Shahla Ahmad as a consultant? I am in my 7th week and was looking for recommendations, so any tips would be helpfil.

AudreyAr Mon 12-Nov-12 16:11:41

I had an awful experience with Lorin Lakasing

bluefroggy Mon 12-Nov-12 18:24:57

AudreyAr - sorry to hear that. Can you elaborate? I am considering her

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