did anyone with an EXTREMELY long first labour have a nice short second labour?

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PinkTulips Mon 24-Jul-06 18:15:24

and by long i mean really long. started getting contractions on friday night, had dd at 3pm monday after 18 hours of established labour with contractions every 2 mins, following 2 days of irregular contractions.

please tell me some of you with similar first labours had one of those lovely 4 hours labours i keep hearing about with their second..... please!

expatinscotland Mon 24-Jul-06 18:23:25

I had a 24 hour labour first time round.

Second time, I woke up w/contractions about 6.30AM and DD2 was here at 10.26AM w/no pain relief and only a graze.

coppertop Mon 24-Jul-06 18:24:47

I had 40 hours of established labour with ds1 (48hrs if you count from waters breaking). With ds2 it took just 6 hours.

PinkTulips Mon 24-Jul-06 18:25:16

ooooo, that sounds good!

SenoraPostrophe Mon 24-Jul-06 18:33:13

I had 20 hours of labour with dd and about an hour or 2 (well, half an hour from getting to the hosp) with ds. but I didn't have the contractions every 2 mins for 3 days with either.

sickandtired Mon 24-Jul-06 18:46:04

I had 36 hours with my first ds, the second started around 2am, I had to really persuade dp to take me to the hospital at about 6.30, as he didn't want to be "stood around for hours on end again" and ds2 arrived approx 7.02, exactly 7 mins after arriving at the labour ward - close call or what!

JackieNo Mon 24-Jul-06 18:52:07

With DD my waters broke at 2am in the morning, but she wasn't born till midday the following day (ie 34 hours later). With DS I was having very bearable niggling contractions till midday when my waters broke, and he was born just under 2 hours later.

VeniVidiVickiQV Mon 24-Jul-06 18:58:35

I had a 19 hour labour with DD, which needing cajoling the whole way along and I pushed for 2.5 hours before finally delivering with help of a ventouse.

With DS, contractions started - they broke my waters (needed to - high bp). 6 hours later on just gas and air with only (ha!) 40 mins of pushing, he arrived.

PinkTulips Mon 24-Jul-06 19:05:38

keep em coming girls, this is making me feel much better. am dreading another long labour like last time.

Scoobydooooo Mon 24-Jul-06 19:07:32

I had an 16hr labour with ds & a 7hr with dd but dd's i spent most of at home & the pain was not to bad (i was washing my hair & all sorts through the pain i then got to the hospital at 3.30am & dd was born at 5.14am this was when i actually felt the worst in this 1hr & 44mins

Maddison Mon 24-Jul-06 21:37:56

I had 15 hours of labour with DS1, and 2 hours with DS2. I joked to DH on the way to hospital that it would be great if, when we arrived at hospital, they told me I was 8cm dilated, but like sickandtired, I was in the delivery room 6 minutes and DS2 was born!! The contractions only hurt for the last 15 minutes too and tbh I didn't feel I needed any pain relief, good job too as there was no time

mrsnoah Mon 24-Jul-06 21:53:07

hi pinktulips.
DD1 labour was 37 hrs ending with normal delivery.
DD2 labour was 10 hrs approx.. but by that I mean casually trotting into hosp in morning, nice long soak in bath, bit of gas and air and baby by tea time. (Actually quite enjoyable if you can call labour it that)
Sure you will be similar!! Best wishes.

chopsolata Mon 24-Jul-06 21:54:50

dd was 25 hours, long painful drawn out first labour.
ds was induced and was a relatively lovely 6.5 hours


controlfreaky2 Mon 24-Jul-06 22:00:03

ds1. 36 hours. failed epidural. ventouse. stitches.
ds2. 6 hours. water birth. not so much as an aspirin. no stitches.
good luck!

cece Mon 24-Jul-06 22:01:09

DD induced 9 pm on Weds and born lunchtime on the Fri

DS 6 hours 45 mins.

fattiemumma Mon 24-Jul-06 22:01:41

my labour began at about 6am wednesday with contractions every 6 minutes and being 2-3cm dilated.
ds was finally born at 2:23am Friday!

dd i started having contractions at about 10pm but full blown contractions and then birth lasted 20 minutes!

fattiemumma Mon 24-Jul-06 22:04:31

oh and with ds i had an epdiural, epesiotomy and stitches, threatened ventouse and he spent 24 hours in special care.

dd - not so much as an aspirin and perectly healthy

cat64 Mon 24-Jul-06 22:14:06

Message withdrawn

hana Mon 24-Jul-06 22:17:24

yes I did
first one in admitted on Tues pm and baby born Thurs am
second one admitted about 6am on a Wed and baby born by 9am!!

DollyP Tue 25-Jul-06 18:43:13

My friend has had DS this morning. Woke up at 1am feeling uncomfortable, waited til 4.30 before trying to get to the hospital, left for hospital at 5.30 and DS born naturally at 6.10am.

DD (now 18 months) took 36 hours, synto, ventouse and lots of stitches. So there is hope!!

colditz Tue 25-Jul-06 18:46:55

42 hours induced first

4 1/2 hours natural second.

corblimeymadam Fri 28-Jul-06 00:26:30

Message withdrawn

horseshoe Fri 28-Jul-06 08:48:59

Same here.

Second one was very effortless. 4 hours long and only got on the gas and air as I was pushing.

Tommy Fri 28-Jul-06 09:23:04

DS1 - was induced at 4pm on Wednesday afternoon and he was finally dragged out by forceps on Thursday eve 11pm.
DS2 - had first contraction at 9pm (while at home in the bath), put TENS on when I got out, got to hospital at 10.50pm and he was born after about 3 pushes at 11.10pm

katierocket Fri 28-Jul-06 09:31:17

This is all very reasuring. Thanks for starting this pinktulips, I have exactly the same worry.

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