cut and re stitch?

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Oh, just a quick tip if you do have it done under a local, do not look into the light!! There was a big reflective light above me where I could see far more of the procedure than I ever wished to shockconfused That was the worst bit though, everything else was a breeze grin

thing1andthing2 Sun 03-Feb-13 20:17:15

I had one in November. It was to repair damage left after dc1's birth but I had it four months after giving birth to dc2 (no stitches). The stitching after dc1 left me with a hard ridge on the perineum but muscle laxity in the vagina so it was prolapsing when I needed to do a poo.
Anyway, because ds was only 4 months and I am breastfeeding I had it done under a local. Everyone was super nice in the operating room and the surgeon made sure I had plenty of local so I couldn't actually feel anything although I got a bit worked up and asked for a sedative. The anaesthetist came in and was looking for a vein and then the surgeon said he was nearly finished so I made do without the sedative in the end. The whole thing took 20 mins and I was home by 11.30 in the morning (had gone in at 7.30).
It was very sore for about 5 days, doing a poo was the worst so stock up on things to keep you Regular and lots of painkillers. After about a week I was taking the kids to singing groups and getting the double buggy in and out the house, although was in some discomfort still at times.
After a month it was still a bit zingy and I went back to the gp who said it was fine and just that some of the internal stitches were not dissolved and trying to poke through the skin. Anyway, it is three months since the operation now and it's all fine, and the prolapse problem has been fixed and I've tried having sex once and it felt a bit sore and tight but after lots of foreplay and lube we managed to have a good time, it should just improve from here on I reckon... Hope so anyway.

Twattybollocks Sat 02-Feb-13 17:32:58

I had one and it was brill. I had a huge episiotomy for a ventouse with my first and it took ages to heal, after 6 months of discomfort i went to the gp who referred me and they re did it. Apparently I had a lot of scar tissue which had formed. It healed really well second time and although slightly wonky it is nonetheless functional and I was able to ride the horse fine after only about 10 days.

Yes, I have, but it was a lot longer after the birth (9 months) and it didn't get infected, it just didn't heal very well.
I had it done on day surgery with local anaesthetic and it was very successful (dc2 conceived 2 weeks later blushgrin).

DoItToJulia Sat 02-Feb-13 07:38:02

DoItToJulia Sat 02-Feb-13 07:37:42


Not an expert, but I think the procedure is called a Fenton procedure.

Try asking here....

shine85 Fri 01-Feb-13 23:26:56

Hello...I'm here for some advice really. I had my baby in October. Failed ventouse, forceps delivery. I had stitches for the episiotomy. Five days later they were found to be infected so I was put on antibiotics. About a week later the doctor said the stitches had come open and I was left with an open wound. I gave taken ten courses of antibiotics in total and I think I now have reacted to that...ruby yellow discharge for the last eight weeks. I was eventually referred to a gynae who has given me a date for cutting and re stitching along the perineum. I'm looking forward to it because it could mean and end in sight to all this horrible time I've seen. But I'm also nervous and don't know what to expect. Has anyone here been through this or similar? I would really appreciate some advice. Thank you.

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