Does pineapple work to induce labour?

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Marne Sun 05-Mar-06 14:14:39

Has it worked for anyone or is it an old wives tale?
If it does work how much do you have to eat?

Hausfrau Sun 05-Mar-06 14:51:13

alas not for me - I ate a whole pineapple A DAY!!! for 3 weeks - week 39, 40 and 41 and was still 14 days late. Was very nice tho

GDG Sun 05-Mar-06 14:53:55

Didn't work for me. I ate a whole pineapple 2 nights in a row after 39 weeks. Didn't make a jot of difference!

Luggs Sun 05-Mar-06 15:04:34

I was 10 days late and tried everything including pineapple and nothing worked ! I think pineapple is supposed to upset the stomach and apparently an icky stomach can start off labour due to cramps etc. So would imagine you would need to eat a fair bit. Good luck

LadyTophamHatt Sun 05-Mar-06 15:22:47

didn't do much for me either, except make my mouth sore from all the acidity!

Twinkie1 Sun 05-Mar-06 16:00:24

Raspbery leaf tea and 4 sweeps worked for me - well he came out 4 days later!!!

Wanted to try the pineapple route but am allergic Ho Hum!!

desperateSCOUSEwife Sun 05-Mar-06 16:02:53

I was having pineapple, curries and sex with ds3 (not at the same time)and none of them worked

TuttiFrutti Sun 05-Mar-06 18:43:33

No, like Hausfrau and GDG I ate masses of pineapple when overdue but it had absolutely no effect.

The theory is that pineapple has an enzyme which is supposed to trigger labour starting, rather than upsetting your stomach. Personally I don't think it's much of a theory though, more like an urban myth!

Hausfrau Sun 05-Mar-06 18:45:12

hey twink - I can't eat pineapple unless I'm pg either - those 3 weeks were great but that was the last pineapple I shall ever eat - lots of my allergies seemed to disappear when pg and I shall not be doing that again!

jessicaandrebeccasmummy Sun 05-Mar-06 18:46:55

In a word.... nope! I tried more than everything..... even castor oil, but Becky wasnt shifting for anything!

fastasleep Sun 05-Mar-06 18:48:42

I drank pineapple juice as a craving, the next day DD had gone from free to fully engaged, two days later she popped out at 37 weeks! Probably coincidence but felt a bit guilty...

IamBlossom Sun 05-Mar-06 19:08:17

Worked for me, I ate loads of fresh pineapple in the last two weeks and DS was 5 days early. I think it has natural oxytocin, the drug they use to speed up your delivery if things aren't progressing.......

poppiesinaline Sun 05-Mar-06 20:02:16

I ate loads of pineapple when I was due with DS2. He was 2 days early tbh, I think he wouldv'e arrived then anyway pineapple or no pineapple but it was very tasty though!! (Has to be fresh pineapple)

teacups Sun 05-Mar-06 20:12:08

not for me alas... ate boxes of the chopped up stuff from M and S (no whole ones available) but she ended up being induced.

My consultant suggested lobster and a glass of champagne! She said that allegedly there was something in the lobster which might kick start things, and the champagne was to make you feel better if it didn't work . Needless to say, it didn't work for me but it was a good way of trying.

MillaH Sun 05-Mar-06 21:16:47

I ate half a pineapple a day and was induced at two weeks overdue. I also tried everything else - curries, raspberry leaf tea etc - but nothing worked. Hope the pineapple works for you!

starlover Sun 05-Mar-06 21:17:24

didn't work for me! ate nearly a whole pineapple! still went 2 weeks over

Boopert Sun 05-Mar-06 21:19:16

I had gallons of raspberry leaf tea and walked for two hours a day with ds. He arrived 4 days early.
Pineapple didn't work for my friend. Again, two weeks over and induced.

alliebaba Sun 05-Mar-06 21:20:03

no, it bloody doesn't and now i hate it..

alliebaba Sun 05-Mar-06 21:22:08

if you can bear to have sex, semen contains the same stuff that they put in the gel that induces labour...bit yukky though, but if you're desperate... my midwife told me his

"you need a bottle of wine and a man"

she was from the old school of midwifery.. she also gave me castor oil...

Boopert Sun 05-Mar-06 21:26:07

Sex???? Thats what gets you into this mess in the first place!
It would be my luck a spare egg was floating about and got fertilised! Lol

jabberwocky Sun 05-Mar-06 21:27:03

You could try this recipe . Or, nipple stimulation.

2Happy Sun 05-Mar-06 21:27:56

I too tried pineapples, and every blooming other "this is bound to get you going" remedy, to no avail. Basically, try it and you might be lucky, but if there was any 100% effective method, then no-one would be induced would they??

alliebaba Sun 05-Mar-06 21:28:05

spare egg... floating around....? nutter

Boopert Sun 05-Mar-06 21:31:52

Yeah, but it WOULD be my luck to be this odd one in a ???? for it to happen to. Weird things happen y'know...

alliebaba Sun 05-Mar-06 21:32:51

oooh, it took me ages to get pg 2nd time.. wish there had been eggs afloatin' at that time!

Boopert Sun 05-Mar-06 21:35:53

Oh i'm sorry. But they say the fun's all in the trying....

alliebaba Sun 05-Mar-06 21:37:30

do they? must have missed that bit

how are you feeling?

Boopert Sun 05-Mar-06 21:39:57

Fat, heavy, oh, had doner kebab for tea. Don't eat them normally. (Well, only after pub!!!!) Was really nice but heartburn like a bugger!
And only 18 weeks. Miles to go. Will be a big as a house!!

alliebaba Sun 05-Mar-06 21:40:38

lovely! put your feet up and sod the housework

Boopert Sun 05-Mar-06 21:42:50

Housework???? Explain...

Boopert Sun 05-Mar-06 21:58:55

Well off to bed now. Nighty night!

sunshinebaby Mon 06-Mar-06 09:18:32

Pineapple, at this time of the year in the UK????? Try reflexoloy instead... it did work for me!

MumtoBen Thu 09-Mar-06 21:40:21

I ate a whole pineapple and went into labour 48 hrs later, but I felt I the baby was ready to come out anyway.

cece Thu 09-Mar-06 21:42:29

YES contractions started within hour and half of eating a whole pineapple....

cece Thu 09-Mar-06 21:44:13

but I was 12 days late and my waters had been broken for 36 hours....

pol25 Fri 10-Mar-06 22:47:39

We had plenty of sex... not exactly on your list of priorities at 41 weeks pg, but raspberry leaf tea set me off... although could've just been because I was overcooking her?!

BamboozlesLover Sun 18-Jun-06 17:24:11

anyone know if motherwort or golden seal works. heard something about strawberries too ..

sweetkitty Sun 18-Jun-06 17:59:45

No just gave me a sore mouth and the runs!

BamboozlesLover Sun 18-Jun-06 18:02:16

is that to the pineapple or the motherwort and golden seal?

JOD1002 Mon 19-Jun-06 20:52:54

Old wives tale - I did try it though but DS was still 16 days late!

Olihan Mon 19-Jun-06 20:58:07

I tried every old wives tale going with my dd - raspberry leaf tea every day, curry for tea, a whole pineapple every night, sex every night - but she was still 14 days late and I ended up being induced. They won't come until they're good and ready .

JennT Mon 19-Jun-06 21:16:10

I used raspberry leaf capsules three times a day from 37 weeks. They're much stronger than the tea. I did loads of walking on the day I went into labour and nipple stimulation...Oh my goodness. Nipple stimulation (according to my NCT antenatal classes) three times a day for an hour helps with uterine contractions. I did it for 10 minutes and got such strong cramps it scared me. It really works, in the same way bf contracts the uterus back down after labour.

JennT Mon 19-Jun-06 21:17:59

And if your fella won't oblige with how's your father, then an orgasm (achieved however you like) also helps..

Olihan Mon 19-Jun-06 22:31:24

Had logged off mn to go to bed and suddenly remembered stimulating my nipples with a breast pump to try and get things going. Although it didn't put me into labour it did mean I was 4cm dilated when I went in for my induction.

Like JennT says it does give you very strong pains but as long as you only do 1 nipple at a time it's completely safe according to my mw. I found the pains stopped as soon as I stopped the stimulation so as long as you're over 40 weeks it's worth a try!

angelicangel Sat 24-Jun-06 15:46:19

I've read that you can't induce with pineapple, there's lots of info on here (other methods too).



AdelaideS Sat 24-Jun-06 15:54:51

Naaah...ds has suddenly taken to fruit smoothies and i've leapt at the chance to get fruit into, we've been having fresh pineapple and banana smoothies morning noon and night for about 3 weeks.
I'm 40 weeks with not a twinge in sight.

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