how far apart where your contractions when you decided

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bubblepop Thu 17-Nov-05 14:21:44 go to the hospital(or call mw) and then how far off were you to delivering your baby when you got there?just wondering everybody!!

piffle Thu 17-Nov-05 14:26:18

3 mins apart they were whe they woke me up at 5.30am reasonably pianful but still able to talk through the ok, breathing deeply
straight into car
20 mins to hosp
Had dd at 6.30am

With ds (1994) I was at home doing crossword with my mum when midwife came to do daily check (I was 9 days overdue)
She saw me vomiting and told me I was in transition, we leapt into car (still no serious pian at this point like period pains)
hosp 5 mins later
ds arrived 7 mins after we arrived
If I ever have another I ain't leaving my house!

dexter Thu 17-Nov-05 14:44:49

I wouldn't put too much emphasis on this - mine were really close together.....between 3 and 10 mins from the START of labour.....started labour monday, had him wednesday....sorry to be voice of doom, but it's good to know everyone's different. I placed too much emphasis on it and thought I was ready to go to hospital when I had days to go!

pinkmagic1 Thu 17-Nov-05 14:49:24

Same here, mine were coming every 5 to 10 minutes from the start, but I didn't actually deliver for 48 hours!

hayleylou Thu 17-Nov-05 14:50:28

With both DS and DD they started at 5 minutes apart and delivered 10 hours later...

SackAche Thu 17-Nov-05 14:50:29

Bubblepop - Why??? Are you contracting????

PrettyCandles Thu 17-Nov-05 14:54:56

For me it wasn't so much how far apart they were, but how comfortable I was. When I felt that I was getting to the stage when I might need more support, then I went to the hospital. Contractions were probably about 5-7 mins apart at that point, at the stage when I had to groan them out, couldn't concentrate on anything else.

With my second child, I was sitting in the rocking chair, contractions I guess about 5-7mins apart, when I called. When my dad and sister came over to babysit ds, I stood up and BANG - the contractions sped up instantly to 1.5-2mins apart, and much longer and more intense. Dd was born about half an hour after reaching the hospital, IIRC.

mazzystar Thu 17-Nov-05 14:56:27

ten minutes, called the midwife
three hours later - cs every five mintues, went to hospital
two hours later 10cm, contractions stopped
eleven hours later - c-section!

piffle you must be hard as nails

Socci Thu 17-Nov-05 14:57:34

Message withdrawn

Socci Thu 17-Nov-05 14:58:45

Message withdrawn

NomDePlume Thu 17-Nov-05 15:00:27

Woke up at 11.30pm in established labour, no twinges or anything during the day. Waters broke immediately, went to hospital, contractions coming thick and fast, about every 2 mins, DD was born at 2.31am. 3 hours from start to finish.

rummum Thu 17-Nov-05 15:00:48

I didn't worry about the contractions... it was when the pain got unbearable that we went to the hospital...

are you in labour bubblepop??

sweetkitty Thu 17-Nov-05 15:04:11

waters broke 6.30pm
went to hospital and was examined at 9pm told to go home cervix was closed
on way home started getting contractions that were 5 mins apart and agony
11pm got in car and went back was had 3 contractions going from car to maternity ward
told I was 1cm and to lie on bed with gas and air
3.22am DD born

Tipex Thu 17-Nov-05 15:07:22

again, wasnt sure was in labour until they were 2mins apart. just started packing bag at that point then waters went! straight to hospital and Ds born 2hrs later.

bubblepop Thu 17-Nov-05 20:06:20

sorry you lot, didn't mean to worry you all
no im not in labour.just wonderin what everybody elses body does compared to mine!!

joanna4 Sun 20-Nov-05 16:40:51

I was in hospital and was induced both times but like piffle didnt really think much was happening- until around 10 mins before.I thank god i wasnt at home we live 20 mins away from the hospital.

Gobbledigook Sun 20-Nov-05 16:46:42

Ds1 - induced so not really relevant
Ds2 - went to hospital not really sure if I was in labour or not, just felt a bit odd - ds2 born 30 minutes later
Ds3 - woke up and just immediately knew I was in labour, contractions every 7 minutes so went to hospital, ds3 born 2.5 hrs after waking up.

trefusis Sun 20-Nov-05 16:49:23

Message withdrawn

hoolagirl Sun 20-Nov-05 22:48:22

My contractions were never regular, sometimes 10 mins apart, sometimes 2 mins apart. Went on from the Wednesday morning when I had a sweep until the Saturday night when the inevitable happened and out ds popped !

seb1 Sun 20-Nov-05 22:54:45

dd1 - Induced
dd2 - first contraction 4.30pm, contractions every 5 mins by 6pm arrived at hospital 6:10pm,
examined by midwife at 6:45pm, 7cm dilated, DD born at 7:02pm

AnnaK Mon 21-Nov-05 13:44:50

every 5 mins and when the rush hour had died down, 4cm dilated when I arrived then ds born 6 1/4 hours later. I went when I needed more than the TENS machine was providing!

PiccadillyCircus Mon 21-Nov-05 13:46:40

About 5-10 min apart but very painful when they did come. Got to hosputal at 9am and DD born 1:26pm

ThomCat Mon 21-Nov-05 13:48:10

They were pretty much constant tbh. I wasn't really sure what was going on, I just knew I couldn't cope anymore and wanted to be at the hospital.
When I arrived I was fully dilated and ready to push. Baby with us under 2 hours later.

Nbg Mon 21-Nov-05 13:58:46

My contractions started around 8am and by 12 they were just under 5 mins apart.

By that point I wanted to go in to hospital so that they could monitor the baby.

I got to hospital to find I was 5cm and was told I would have baby by 5pm but was given pethidine which slowed things right down, pushed for 1 and half hours, dd was born at 20:17.

homemama Tue 22-Nov-05 14:51:52

Went to hospital when they were 2mins apart. I wanted to stay at home as long as possible.
Ds was born 3.5hours later.

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