Anyone here have experience of a fast labour?

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doubleshotlatte Wed 12-Jan-11 16:54:52

Did you have 3-4 hours, or less, of active labour?

I didn't realise my last labour was considered "fast" until Midwife at first booking appointment told me. So it took 4 hours or slightly less from being 2cm then feeling the urge to push, pushing actively and DD being born. This after 2 days painful contractions and no sleep. I did feel traumatised by the birth, upset at not having had any pain relief (entonox didn't work). Only when I understand that it was a "relatively fast labour" does it all make sense. Now due in a few weeks confused knowing its going to be even shorter shock am trying to plan and prepare better this time...

So, if you knew you'll have a fast labour in advance, what would you do differently? Or did do, in subsequent births?

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Wed 12-Jan-11 17:04:17

I don't really know how long my labour was with ds2 as the MW only arrived (it was a planned home waterbirth) just as his head emerged. But I do know that I went from waters trickling and no contractions, to birth in about 4 hours.

Ds3 is due at the end of April and we're planning another home waterbirth, but I do realise that this labour COULD be super quick. So, dh and I have thought about doing a resucitation course - just incase the baby has trouble and a MW hasn't arrived yet.

If you haven't already, I would think about having a hb. But of course it's a very personal choice.

ethelina Wed 12-Jan-11 17:10:03

First contraction to birth in 6 hours. Was 7cm at 3 hours and delivered 3 hours later.

There seemed to be a noticeable jump as far as I could tell, from "take 2 paracetamol and have a warm bath" at 12.55am to "fuck me I need to push" at 1.05am. He wasn't born til just after 5am though.

BooBooGlass Wed 12-Jan-11 17:13:11

My first labour was an agonising 14 hours. My second was 3 hours, and came as a complete shock. It was a very easy birth actually. I would say, have all you need ot hand, and don't dither about wether you should go to hospital- just go. Tbh next time (if there is a next time) I would probably opt for a homebirth, because of the speed, but also because a fast labour was incredibly easy for me to manage, and had it not been for a horrendous experience first time round I'd probably have had a home birth second time iyswim, but I was convinced I needed to be near the epidural grin

suiledonne Wed 12-Jan-11 17:13:56

DD1 - first twinge (very minor, not a pain as such) to delivery in 4 hours.

DD2 - first twinge (same as on dd1) to delivery in under 2 hours!

What I would have done differently - listened and believed them when they said dd2 would be quicker as I barely made it to the hospital. I should have gone at first twinge as it is a 45 minute drive on bad roads. It is not a journey I would like to repeat in similar cirumstances.

I was fed up with being in hospital on dd2 as I had high blood pressure and was admitted 3 times in the weeks prior to the birth.

On the night I went into labour I decided I wasn't going back to the hospital until I was sure something was happening.

Sparklies Wed 12-Jan-11 17:16:18

I had a precipitous labour with DC1. I wanted a homebirth anyway, but as I was 36w6d they moved me into hospital (I'd gone to 7cm within 20 minutes of it all kicking off with one massive contraction) and labour stalled. I ended up flat on my back with a dragon of a midwife yelling at me to push harder through what later turned out to be a cervical lip she'd missed. The trauma from that most likely caused my incompetent cervix with future pregnancies. The whole thing took 3.25 hours but if I'd not been moved DC1 would have been out within the hour for sure.

I was definitely going to have a homebirth with DC2 for this reason (the ambulance trip likely to stall my labour again) but circumstances conspired (see: birth trauma from DC1) and I ended up with a failed induction at 35 weeks due to complications, and an EMCS. I'm doomed to ELCS now thanks to the permanent cerclage I have for DC3. Not best pleased, but at least I get to have more DCs.

I had a post partum infection after DC1 because some of the placenta was left. I had the injection to speed up delivery of the placenta but because my uterus was atonic (exhausted from the fast labour, basically) it wasn't able to push the placenta out properly. They had to tug on it and they thought they got it all out but three nights in hospital with IV antibiotics two weeks later proved them wrong. According to subsequent better educated midwives I've spoken to, women with precipitous labours should not have the injection for this very reason. So bear that in mind!

FoghornLeghorn Wed 12-Jan-11 17:17:45

Message deleted

devonsmummy Wed 12-Jan-11 17:19:53

My 1st was 2 hours 10 min from first twinge to delivery!
i was in hospital as waters had gone that morning and blood pressure was high.
i had a few twinges but nothing like I thought a contraction would be then they got closer and I told hubby to go get a nurse as it hurt now. She came checked me and I was 10cm - as they started to wheel me to lift to go to delivery suite I started pushing and was whisked into a side room on the ward - DS born 5 mins later!!

I was seriously scared I'd be alone with a toddler and go into super speedy labour with DD - but this labour was 3hr 20min.
got to hospital after an hour of contractions (DH wheeling me through hospital a speed) thinking baby would be here any sec - but she kept me waiting!!

DS was a week early so had my mum fly in a week before due date and DD was 10 days late!

Good luck - youmay not be as fast ou just cant tell

doubleshotlatte Wed 12-Jan-11 17:20:00

:O at Booboo I had no chance for an epidural either, best-laid plans...

Ethelina poor you the toughest bit took the longest shock eek!

Iliketomoveit... wow, how did you manage, first birth and no MW there yet? Even with a planned HB so much can not go to plan confused

purepurple Wed 12-Jan-11 17:21:14

Yes, very fast for both of them, under 4 hours.
With DS I went shopping with a bit of back pain, went home, had one contraction. Fifteen minutes later I had another, then a show. Another contraction ten minutes later, then another five minutes later.
We then left for the hospital with contractions getting closer. Arrived at hospital, was 8 cms dilated. No time for injection. DS arrived after about an hour.
My blood pressure went through the roof grin

With DD, I took DS to school, felt a bit funny, had a bath. Had one contraction, then another ten minutes later, then another fairly quickly.
We left for hospital, they had no beds, had to wait in day room. Finally examined, and was fully dilated. No time for even gas and air to be brought.
DD arrived just after lunch. Blood pressure again went sky high grin

Nevereatyellowsnow Wed 12-Jan-11 17:22:30

Yes my ds was born 3 1/2 hours after the first twinge. I would love to have another baby but its not really an option atm and the thought of another fast labour scares the shit out of me! The main issue that worries me is that I was not believed, I really should have insisted on going in to be examined but of course I believed the (horrible patronising) mw telling me I wasn't in labour yet and to call back the next day. I think if you've had a fast labour previously you will be taken seriously second time around and they will let you in or get someone out to you asap. I went to a debrief after ds' birth and the mw wrote FAST LABOUR in my notes so that if/when I have another baby the mw will see that straightaway.

IngridFletcher Wed 12-Jan-11 17:24:34

Second was 4.5 hours and third wss1.5. Second was great experience, third was horrendously painful!!!!

AntonDuBurk Wed 12-Jan-11 17:24:36

Both my labours started the same way

Vague grumbling period pains, nothing of note
Waters breaking with a pop and a trickle
Full on contractions (1 min apart) within 15 mins

DD - 5 hours from waters going to birth
DS - 1 hour from waters going to bith (& was an unplanned homebirth)

I wasn't "allowed" a homebirth with DS due to health issues but this would have been (and was) the best thing for my situation. I wasn't going anywhere and was fully dilated and in transition within 30 mins.

Homebirth or not, plan, plan and re-plan how you will get childcare for your first DC. In all seriousness I would also ensure that you have a back up plan for homebirth - towels etc.

Ref the pain. I had no pain relief either time. Yes it hurt (smile) but IMO with such a precipitous labour you head straight into "the zone" and it's over pretty quickly!

MaryMungo Wed 12-Jan-11 17:25:49

My first labour:

11.30am-water goes
1pm-contracting every 5 minutes
1.30pm-arrive hospital, 3cm, told to be very silly coming so soon
1.35-Thirty minutes alone as nurse convinces DH to sort car and bags. WORST AGONY OF MY LIFE.
2.00-Nurse arrives after tenth shriek of "I need to poo but I can't!" to see what fuss is about. Fuss is me being 10cm and baby crowning
2.05-DH arrives
2.06-Baby arrives

PassionKiss Wed 12-Jan-11 17:27:28

I think my delivery was quite fast for a first timer - a few hours of minor twinges at home, then it got very intense very quickly and from 4cm to delivery was about 4 hours . . . I was expecting time at the hospital pottering about, eating snacks and reading magazines but it was pretty much all go from the minute I got there. I tore quite badly as well - not sure if that had anything to do with the speed.

Gas and air worked really well for me though so I was quite happy during. Could you maybe try it again OP?

shirleyhyypia Wed 12-Jan-11 17:29:36

Purepurple, do you mean metaphorically or did your BP actually skyrocket? I had 4 hours labour, got to hospital at 10am (7cms) and he was born at 12.20. My BP flew up and he got distressed, I was told that both were caused by the speed!
And I only went to hospital at 10am as I thought my waters had broken!!!

Am seriously concerned that DC#2 will come faster, esp if he/she gets distressed or my BP goes up, as I couldnt even have a HB...

shirleyhyypia Wed 12-Jan-11 17:32:25

PS, I also only had G&A, inc for episiotomy and ventouse.

Antondeburk - I've just bought new towels so will keep my old ones on standby!!

saggarmakersbottomknocker Wed 12-Jan-11 17:32:41

My third was about 1 hour 40 from start to finish and that included a short period of me attempting not to push. And you know how futile that can be!

dd was my last but if I had my time again I think I'd have just had her at home and saved the 60 mph rush to the hossie and the near delivery in the lift.

Personally it wasn't my favourite birth because it felt so out of control.

shirleyhyypia Wed 12-Jan-11 17:33:32

Couldnt PLAN a HB. Obv no stopping him/her of he decided to come.......

purepurple Wed 12-Jan-11 17:34:49

Yes, it did go up quite fast both times after delivery. They put me in a side room for the first night when I had DS and kept me in an extra night when I had DD. They wanted to keep me in another night but I didn't want to stay.

doubleshotlatte Wed 12-Jan-11 17:36:17

Sparklies thanks for the tip about the injection, poor you had a really hard time with your births. I had no idea things can go so wrong with a fast labour or be so mismanaged confused

I had a dragon of a midwife too, no make em several hmm all yelling at me to push (yeah lady, what do you think my body's trying its best to do?) and one yelling at me not to yell... good grief!

foxytocin Wed 12-Jan-11 17:41:22

I'd say if you are possibly going to have a fast birth, plan a home birth.

I was induced at 38 wks due to PE with no 1 and that was fast but with the induction, who'd know.

No 2 was overdue by a week and from first contraction (a full on one) to birth was under 1.5 hrs.

I just let my body do it. I shouted (v.v. loudly) through every contraction after no.5 and that was v. good to cope with the pain.

DD arrived before the midwives did. Fantastic birth. I'd do that one again.

shirleyhyypia Wed 12-Jan-11 17:44:08

Ahh, mine shot up about half hour before he was actually born (mw was insisting it would be ages yet), and was back down to normal the first time they checked it afterwards. I was being transferred to the consultant led unit as I got the urge to push. In the lift, lol.

MW kept telling me not to, but it wasnt me, it was involuntary! My dad rang to see how I was and the MW said it'll be hours yet. I'm still involuntary pushing so the MW has a look and goes "oh, okay, start pushing"!!

Then he got distressed and MW says "this baby has to come out right now". Am disappointed (prob the wrong word, but cant think of the right one!) as I assume she means EMCS. Then in comes obs doctor with the hoover, and out he comes

shirleyhyypia Wed 12-Jan-11 17:47:03

Its him being distressed that concerns me, if it was just the pain I would def go with a homebirth as I think I coped with it well (think i have a high pain threshold due to monthly migraines since I was a teenager)

I'm just worried that DC#2 would also get distressed, with no hoover to help him/her

doubleshotlatte Wed 12-Jan-11 17:47:13

I agree about feeling "out of control" which I now finally understand why... if only someone had explained to me abotu fast labour I wouldnt have felt so traumatised!

antonduburk good idea about planning for an unexpected HB confused though it scares me silly! am going to look it up right away!

purepurple I had really high BP during labour, birth and just after too and was kept in hosp like forever, ugh. Its possible in both our cases this was due to the fast labour...? hmm

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Wed 12-Jan-11 18:00:37

I just did cope. I wasn't scared of labour and I was relaxed - probably because I thought I had hours to go.

I sort of guessed that things were progressing as soon as I stepped into the pool as I felt the urge to push, but I didn't panic. My body knew what to do and I pushed - there was nothing on earth that was going to stop me. I didn't even quite realise his head was out, the MW had to tell me it was his head blush

It was an amazing experience and I hope it's the same again in a few months time.

ChasingSquirrels Wed 12-Jan-11 18:04:53

1st: waters went.
30 mins later 1st contraction
2 hours after that ds1 born

So I planned a home birth for 2nd.
waters went.
10 mins later 1st contraction.
4 or 5 contractions and less than 15 mins later ds2 was born.
It was obviously a homebirth, but was also unassisted (unplanned). I phoned the maternity unit as soon as my waters went. MW phoned back as I was having my 1st contraction, and arrived an hour after ds2.

saggarmakersbottomknocker Wed 12-Jan-11 18:13:06

Ooo MoveIt - I didn't know you were having another. Congratulations grin

foxytocin Wed 12-Jan-11 18:25:53

Congratulations ILTMIMI. Didn't know you were expecting. Braver than me! I have a Sept and April too!

Because I had planned a home birth, I had accepted that labour was in control and not me. So I just trusted labour and went with the pain. In fact, I could only visualize holding hands and walking with the contractions into the blackness of my mind.

So no pain relief besides visualisation and shouting. was great. I can't imagine having midwives in a hospital telling me not to yell.

My first labour was about 4.5 hours from waters breaking (1st sign) to birth.

For my second, I was warned I'd probably have another quick labour so had to have a chat with the midwife about what I should do if they couldn't get to me in time (homebirth). On my first contraction I got out of bed, woke my husband and we got everything ready. The midwife dashed over to my house and luckily made it - from first contration to birth was 2 hours.

I wouldn't do anything differently I don't think. We didn't quite have everything ready though and my husband did have to interrupt me to ask where the towels were and also had to dash out to the midwives car to get more gas and air. I did sort of want a water birth and even had a pool but it never made it out of the pack.

I think it helped second time round knowing it was likely to be another fast labour so over and done with soon.

I would try the gas and air again as it could be different this time round. 1st time I thought it was useless (and also had a tens which was useless for quick births). Second time round you couldn't get the thing off me - I can't say it helped with the pain much but it did concentrate my breathing and keep me calm.

Narketta Wed 12-Jan-11 18:27:19

With DS I arrived at hospital at 11.55pm and he was born at 1.08am.

With DD I woke having a huge contraction at 6.15am and she was delivered by DH on our kitchen floor at 7.59amshock

I've often wondered what MW would suggest if we were to have another DC. The chances are that we would having an unassisted HB again and that thought scares me TBH.

Narketta Wed 12-Jan-11 18:31:11

Sorry DD was born at 6.59am not 7.59am.

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Wed 12-Jan-11 18:37:13

Thanks for the congrats Saggar and Foxy smile

We're thrilled - it's another boy!

My (induced) labour with DD was fast. DS, it was 12 hours. DD, I think 3, or was it 3 and a half. So it took me completely by surprise, and I wondered why I wasn't coping well when DS's had been hard but manageable. It was without doubt the WORST three hours of my life.

Had I known it would be so fast I would have asked for more pain relief - but I felt that it was ME, that I just needed to get a grip and deal with it - that I must be weak for it being so terrible so early on. But it didn't help that I kept being told it wasn't real labour until I said I am fucking well pushing and I was finally wheeled to a delivery room where I gave birth to DD within a couple of minutes. Labour like that, I'd have morphine as soon as possible. And G&A asap and for as long as possible.

But shock at Narketta - makes my labour seem leisurely by comparison!

Marrow Wed 12-Jan-11 18:46:14

First labour went on for days with intermittent contractions after waters broke and DD born four days later after 15 hours of active induced labour.

DS was born six weeks ago. Went from 5cm to delivery in 25 minutes!

trumpton Wed 12-Jan-11 18:54:33

First...No warning... first contraction had me on my knees DS born 2 hours later. Just made it to hospital...they cut my knickers off and he was delivered.

Second ...Waters went 2pm as I served the pudding up !! Rushed off to hosp (see above timings ) all stopped. Got off bed to go to loo and DD born 10 mins later. No labour as such.

Third. Woke during night . Rang my Dad to come and baby sit. Woke neighbour instead as couldn't wake Dad. Longest of all . She was born at 9am from first niggle at 5am.

I lurved beibg pregnant and having babies. DD2 is most indignant that she didn't inherit my baby genes...she has just done 4 day induction ending in C section. But says it's worth it for her fabulous DS. grin

doubleshotlatte Wed 12-Jan-11 19:42:10

trumpton you seem to be the exception, in more ways than one for instance I always believed that we inherit how we give birth from our mothers, not in your DD's case though!

Ladyintheradiator I know! it makes a big difference knowing that things are happening fast, why it feels out of control, why it hurts more etc... <<offers cup of tea>>

Narketta if you had another DC, could explore ways to slow labour down? Some work better than others...

Iliketomoveit Congrats! and thanks for the positive story

hannahsaunt Wed 12-Jan-11 20:11:11

I've had four. Longest labour from first sign to baby being born was 3 hours and the shortest 40 minutes ... Had them all in hospital. Speed meant I was quite shocked after each one with vomiting etc so always stayed in at least one night. Good though smile.

nikki1978 Wed 12-Jan-11 20:19:24

DS is my second and active labour was 2hrs exactly from first contraction that I could feel to him being born. As I was having a homebirth and didn't expect it so progress so quickly the midwife was called when I guess I was in transition and didn't get there in time. I was apologising to DH saying "I don't know why I am being such a wimp as I thought I was only a couple of cm dilated. 5 mins later I tried to get in the bath and jumped straight back out as I could feel so much pressure. I said he was coming and DH didn't believe me. Reached round and gave myself an examination and could feel the top of DS's head and a bit of cord so I got a bit panicky. Waddled to the lounge and bent over the sofa and started pushing. DH quickly got behind me and 4 pushes later he popped out!

I did start to go into shock a bit after that - was very cold and shaking when the midwife arrived but was fine and managed the 3rd stage quickly with no interventions.

Poor DD was asleep in the bedroom (was a one bedroom flat) and was woken up by my loud grunts when pushing. Poor thing, she was only 2.5 and was supposed to go to my Mums but this was the middle of the night and as I say it happened so fast! We had to leave her crying for 15 mins while we figured out how to get DS between my legs and me on the sofa without ripping the cord out of me!

Nagoo Wed 12-Jan-11 20:38:29

1st one 8 hours (he was back to back).

2nd 1hour 20 mins, 2 mins pushing, well less pushing, more holding baby in as DH had gone to the car to get my notes.

I knew it would be fast, but I was 11 days overdue. I had to persuade DH to oblige me in the bedroom to get things started. Next time I'll be getting him to do me in the hospital car park grin

ALongDecember Wed 12-Jan-11 20:40:57

1 hour 50 active apparently. Induced. I disagree, from start to finish it was around 4 hours but they didn't count 'active' as pessary in to baby out grin

my first was 18 hours. secodn was 6 which was farrrrr better. was imagining it would be about 3-4 for my third baby

48 minutes!!!!

i had planned a homebirth, but the midwives/ambulance didn't get there in time anyway.

Eglu Wed 12-Jan-11 20:47:46

My first was 4 hrs from waters breaking, contractions started after that, to birth. I felt in a bit of shock at the time.

DS2 was 1hr 45 mins from first twinge to birth. I ws fine that time as I was expecting it to be quick.

Am now pg with DC3. Am quite scared about how quick this one may come. I'm trying to prepare myself for an hour or less. I'm having a home birth as I did with DS2. I'm still worried about mw arriving in time though.

Sexonlegs Wed 12-Jan-11 20:48:23

DD1 was about 8 hours from first pains to birth. DD2 was 3 hours from very mild pain to birth; in fact I ended up having her at home- not planned!

I think had I known my second labour would have been so easy, I would have gone for a planned homebirth. Whilst it wen fine, I think I would like to have been a bit more ready!

OmicronPersei8 Wed 12-Jan-11 20:53:04

grin Nagoo.

I was going to put my times - DC1 5 hours, DC2 1.5 hours - but they seem positively slow compared to some of you. DC2 would have been quicker but I was told to hang on for the change of shift.

LITR did you have the drip with your induction? DS (DC2) was an induction, just the pessary and I found the pain much less then first time round. I only used a tens machine, and even then not turned up that high. And I ate my dinner as the contractions were starting. grin. I had planned to have a homebirth, but ended up being induced as I went over. In a way I was just glad not to give birth in a car.

Actually DD (DC1) was also born at change of shift, they didn't realise I was pushing (nor did I), I delivered her myself!

OmicronPersei8 Wed 12-Jan-11 20:55:23

Both times I felt like I'd been run over afterwards though - I was anaemic, bled quite a lot. Interesting about the third stage - I didn't have the injection either time, but did get it after the placenta came out due to heavy bleeding the second time.

AmpleBosom Wed 12-Jan-11 20:56:28

DS1 - 2 hours
DS2 - 2.5 hours (Homebirth)
DS3 - 25 minutes (Induction)

Didn't have time for any pain relief but at least it was quick grin

I felt my first-ever contraction at 3pm when I went into full blown transition pushing labour in the blink of an eye, by 5pm I was holding my newborn. It was all very dramatic. grin I was all by myself at home and madly calling for help! First baby too. Home birth (planned) Next one will be a planned home birth as well of course, but have contingency plan in case Mid Wife doesn't make it!

mummysmadhouse Wed 12-Jan-11 21:03:51

DD1 4hrs - birth centre g&a

DD2 2hrs - homwbirth g&A

DS1 1hr - was at a childrens party with dd1 had a few twinges at 415 didnt think much of it wasnt due for 5days...drove home was home at 430...had big contraction at the dr got to birth centre at 450pm ds arrived at 512pm.

Luckily i rang to say i was on my way and asked them to fill the pool and got 5mins in it. Was fab 5min though really helped pain wise!

twirlymum Wed 12-Jan-11 21:15:34

I was buying carpet cleaner at 10am, had a mild twinge. By 2pm I was fully dilated. Had EMCS at 4pm.

hastingsmum Wed 12-Jan-11 22:35:54

DS1 3 hours in hospital (5 hours after water broke)

DS2 not sure, born 4 minutes after ambulance arrived

DD1 - induction, about 6 hours from AROM to baby.
DD2 - one hour thirty minutes from first slight back ache to baby. She was 5 weeks early.

IF we have another one I will be planning a homebirth in order to have all the kit on hand, and I will be getting hold of the kit by about 30 weeks. Yes, my ambition would be to get to hospital but I absolutely, positively refuse to go through transition strapped down in an ambulance again.
Next time I would also quite like to realise I'm in labour at some point before crowning starts to happen. I will not again mistake it for a kidney infection blush.

queenballerina Wed 12-Jan-11 23:18:39

my first baby was 2 hour 30 min. appox..

2 started feeling funny, a bit nauseus.
2.30 started some minor contractions
3 got to hospital but they sent me home as only 2 cm
3.30 got home, contractions really started got un bearable so eventually headed back
4.30 water broke in car, started pushing when we pulled up to door of hospital..
5 made it to the room, two pushes and baby born at 5

the whole thing freaked me out, no one ever warms you about a very intense fast labour... i felt totally out of control too, plus scared to give birth in car.

i cant wait to have baby #2, but am slightly worried about it being so fast... oh well.

hawesmead5 Thu 13-Jan-11 19:47:40

DS1 -(38 weeks) 4 hours (but got stuck second stage and was pushing for about 3 1/2 hours) forceps delivery
DS2 - (37 weeks)42 mins from waking up and delivering him on the bedroom floor.
We are hoping to try for number 3 sometime later this year but I am dreading another fast birth, poor hubby is worried even more. I won't dare leave the house from about 35 weeks onwards!

ja9 Thu 13-Jan-11 19:53:21

Gosh, i'd never considered myslef to have a 'fast labour' with dd (my 2nd)... but it was less than 2 hrs from start to finish.

woke at 130am to go to toilet - disappointed to not feel any twinges or anything (was about a month overdue - or feeling like it at this point). woke with a start at 4am with a contraction, phoned hospital at 430am, midwives finally arrived 5:15 ish (had a HB booked), dd arrived 5:54am.

First labour was about 18hours from start to finish... but was couple of weeks early, so didn't feel long at ll iyswim.

Didn't feel in any way out of control with dd, just desperate to get her out grin

I have been lurking to see if anyone had a shorter labour than the one I know of. A friend of xps sister had her DS a few months before me 20+ years ago.

Went to the toilet, had first huge contraction and very odd feeling between legs. Screams for mum who checks and sees a foot hanging out shock

Staggers into lounge having 2nd contraction.

Father delivers his grandson with 3rd contraction, feet first while his wife hysterically calls ambulance and new mother apologises for state of the carpet.

8 minutes from start to finish!

Mother and baby fine, no stitches IIRC.

If I didn't know her at the time, I would never have believed it.

Her 2nd DC arrived in a more sedate 2 hours.

Was so envy, my labours took forever.

DS1's labour, 90 mins from waters breaking to 6cm - no idea about after that as I had a c-section as he was breech
DS2's labour, 2 1/2 hours start to finish. Only an hour after contractions starting I was fully dilated.

So yes, be ready for a quick labour! Tis a little scary when you already have a little one as you have to have a fast plan to put into place for their care when the time comes for DC2. I had a very quick short plan - get him to neighbours who would look after him until my mum could arrive (1 hours' drive away) for longer.

8 mins tho... goodness!

TidyBush Thu 13-Jan-11 20:53:57

DD1 was induced and I had a 9 hour labour.

DD2 - had a sweep on the Thursday, couldn't settle all day Friday then woke up at 1am Saturday in full blown labour. Following a quick trip to the hospital it took just 2 pushes and she arrived at 3am. I was back home by 4pm.

KirstyJC Thu 13-Jan-11 21:09:04

I had a 16 hour first labour, in hospital and got scared and asked for an epidural which slowed things down and caused huge pph.

2nd baby - was told I had to be actively managed in hospital but DS2 had other ideas - heard a 'pop' and the waters broke, he was born at home 2h 25mins later!

Now 29 weeks with DS3 and planning a homebirth, but also working out what I need in case of an unattended quick homebirth - just in case!

Odd thing, both labours started with waters breaking at 7.40am on the Monday morning following the due date...seriously, what are the chances of that? So I've told DH to set the alarm and make me breakfast at 7.00am for the next one so I'm ready to go before the next one comes....grin

KirstyJC Thu 13-Jan-11 21:10:01

blush that should read DC3, I don't know the sex blush

ja9 Thu 13-Jan-11 21:11:27

shudder at thought of my dad delivering one of my babies... eurgh and blush

TheSecondComing Thu 13-Jan-11 21:19:40

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

The funny bit was her teenage brother trying to convince the baby's father- he'd only left about an hour before and took ages to convince.

Nickoka Thu 13-Jan-11 21:26:04

My two labours took exactly the same time - 2.5 hours. In both cases I wasn't in labour. They broke my waters at 5cm at 8pm, and then it was just constant contractions.

Exhausting but quick!

Hope it all goes well for you OP.

Renaissancewoman Thu 13-Jan-11 21:37:21

Doubleshotlatte - what you could take away from your last experience is that you can do it. You and your body managed the ordeal that is labour, the pain and the rest of it. This should give you great confidence for the next time. Also knowing what to expect you can prepare a bit.

I have 3 kids. Ist labour just 2 and a half hours in total. I thought I'd eaten too much, just had mild bloating pain for about 20 minutes, tried to ease it in bath, felt pop = water breaking. Then panicked as hadnt packed bag. So rushed round getting every thing ready. Didn't want to leave the bathroom due to bowel pressure. Finally thought I had to get to hospital as my head was spinning and I felt very confused. Luckily I live a short distance from the hospital and was early hours so no traffic. As 1 walked the 2 flights of stairs to maternity (I couldn't remember where the lift was as I was so out of it) I was screaming like a banshee and behaving in a very animalistic way! I couldn't lie on the bed and remained upright, this was just making the whole thing faster as I later found out. I was finally persuaded to get on bed and the midwife expected to examine me. Instead she saw the babies head!
Throughout this I was quite out of control but I think that is good. You just have to go with it and not fight it. I had excellent ante natal classes and I had in mind various mantras from the birth instructor which helped me get into a meditative state so I was not that alarmed by the feeling of the loss of control - something that would normally freak me out.
For the subsequent birth I was terrified I wouldn't make it to hospital so I went for a home birth. As soon as I felt signs of labour I went into a on all fours position with my head down lower than my pelvis. This slowed the whole thing down to a very manageable 6 hours. I did exactly the same with third and that was the best labour of all, really relaxed 4 hours with just 20 minutes of agony at the end.

I really advise the on all fours position with head low. Looks awful with your bum in the air but it works and kept me feeling like I was controlling the speed. It allows the hormones time to build up and open the cervix but with the weight of the baby pointing away from the cervix. I did specific birthing yoga and hypnobirthing/breathing techniques for the third and it all worked a treat.

As long as there are no complications I think fast labour can be great as the recovery period is quicker and easier, no recovering from days of slow labour or caesarean etc.

Hope it all goes OK.

maxpower Thu 13-Jan-11 21:43:51

I had a vbac 25 days ago - waters broke at 7.30pm, first contraction 10mins later, baby born at 9.41pm. So 2hrs 11mins start to finish. Did feel very surreal as i assumed I'd have a few hours to get my head round the fact that the baby was coming, but I didn't feel it was traumatic (although that might be coloured by the fact that I do consider my first delivery to have been traumatic). I would also have preferred not to have the flu at the time!

jessikart Thu 13-Jan-11 23:17:22

First baby was under three hours, so I was a bit panicked about DC2 as our nearest hospital was half an hour away.

Had no signs, no indications, nothing, until...Woke up at 04:44 with contractions, fired up computer, checked the online contraction timer. Made DP a cup of coffee, then woke him up to say 'it's time to call the hospital, and maybe call an ambulance too, just in case we don't make it.' We didn't make it, the paramedics walked in just as she was crowning.

She was born at 0523, on the bathroom floor.

Backinthebox Fri 14-Jan-11 13:26:59

Just to put the cat among the pigeons - I have had the dubious pleasure of having a 42hr labour and a just-under-4hr labour.

42hr labour - 2 sodding days and sleepless nights of misery, followed by a 5 day stay in the High Dependency Unit, apart from my baby who was in SCBU.

4hr labour - I woke up thinking I had a tummy bug, rang midwife (I had an independent midwife booked for a planned hospital birth after my first birth. I wanted continuity of care and was anticipating another marathon birth.) MW arrived about an hour later and I was fully dilated. She told me I wouldn't get to the hospital in time, and I had my baby in the corner of the bedroom. Second stage took a little bit longer than she thought because my baby had to turn a little to get into the best position for descent. The speed he came out at meant a trip to hospital anyway for a repair to 2nd and 3rd degree tears.

But if you ask me to state which labour and birth I preferred - give me the 4 hr birth over the 42hr one any day of the week. I was fully capable of taking part in the first few hours and days of my baby's life, which wasn't possible after the birth of my first child. Sticking my neck out here, I think people who are shocked by the speed of a quick birth have never experienced the feeling of curling up on the floor exhausted and just knowing you are dying - the feeling I had as we went past 40hrs of labour with first baby. I found my second, very quick labour to be elating after that first experience.

Having the MW come to my house was what made it a good experience rather than having to make the decision as to when to go to hospital for myself. If I was to have another baby (I think 2 is enough, but my daughter disagrees with me about this!) I would have a HB booked, with an IM as a luxury but not a necessity.

shanks313 Thu 10-Feb-11 10:47:55

Dd1- 8 hour labour with epidural back to back
Dd2- Another back to back
6.30- Induced
9.00- Dh went home
10.30- Contractions started
Got very painful but midwive wouldn't call Dh
11.45 -examined and 1cm dilated
11.50- Midwive finally called Dh and told him I was distressed and wanted him but not to rush as only 1cm
12.00-Baby born

Bit worried about having Dc3 after that one.

Pinkjenny Thu 10-Feb-11 10:52:53

May I direct you to my fabulous birth story which details my fast labour!

DC1 was 3 1/2 hours from first twinge to birth.

DC2 was 1 1/2 hours from first twinge to birth.

DC3 was 1/2 an hour from first twinge to birth. I woke feeling odd, not quite right, it is very difficult to explain. Bundled the kids in the car and dropped them off at in laws. DH broke the speed limits to get to the hospital. Got through the doors to a very bemused staff who wanted to know why I was there, but my MW saw me and got me a room and I had my first twinge. Thirty mins. later I had my DC in my arms and he was back to back, MW says if he wasn't he would have been quicker. I had to stay in for a while due to GBS and a health problem I have and was regarded as a bit of a curiosity

PaperView Thu 10-Feb-11 12:28:16

1st: 3 hours start to finish - G&A and pethidine

2nd: half an hour start to finish- no pain relief and included his shoulders getting stuck!

3rd: 5 hours from me thinking "ey up i feel a bit iffy" to DS3 being born - G&A

After DS1 we were advised to have a HB or at the very least have a few things in in case things progressed quickly (plenty of clean towels, a cheapo shower curtain.

After DS2 we were told any more and they would highly recommend a HB grin unfortunatly i went from a planned HB to a complicated pregnancy that would have resulted in CS if he hadn't been born when he was.

BelieveInLife Thu 10-Feb-11 12:30:30

I had a four hour first labour with no pain relief. I didn't feel traumatised by it at all, I considered myself lucky to have only had to deal with the pain for such a short time. I am a very 'get on with it' type of person though.

This time I am having a home birth as I've been told it's likely to be at least half the time of the first and I don't want to risk getting stuck in traffic on the way to the MLU!

wilbur Thu 10-Feb-11 12:36:32

First two labours not mega fast in total, but they both took off like rockets after I got to 5cm. With dd (2nd labour), I went from arriving at hosp, being examined at about 5-6cm, to holding her in my arms in about 45 mins shock. They hadn't even assigned me a midwife as my team's mw was with someone else who they thought would be finished before me. I had to make do with some random staff who were milling about the labour ward!

I had ds2 at home - just over 2 hrs from first twinge to baby. It was bliss and I felt much happier knowing I didn't have to go anywhere.

pearlgirl Thu 10-Feb-11 12:41:34

Ds3 was 2 hours from first contraction to holding baby - the others have all been induced and have varied in length between 16 hours and 3 hours.

not1not2 Thu 10-Feb-11 12:56:54

My fastest was less than 45 mins, it was also my 'best/easiest' I spent most of it in the car wailing 'I can feel the head but I'm not pushing' grin

I'm not sure I can add anything to the answers allready on here by the nature of it being fast there isn't really time to do anything.
I kind of said I wanted the pool last time got told no chance it takes 45 mins to fill it grin

neolara Thu 10-Feb-11 13:13:52

DC1 was 4 1/2 hours from first twinge to arrival.
DC2 was 4 hours in a planned homebirth.
DC3 was 30 mins and was an unattended home birth.

Because my first labour was relatively quick, we planned homebirths for all subsequent births. I got the midwife to show my dh and me what to do in case we had to deliver the baby without medical backup, including how to get a baby breathing. And by the last one, I also pretty much stayed in the house for the last month, just in case.... Which was just as well really, given how quick it turned out to be. I have a friend who helped deliver a baby in one of the local parks. She's not a medic, just a passer by, but the woman gave birth very quickly. I REALLY didn't want that to happen to me.

taffetasplat Thu 10-Feb-11 13:15:49

First was forever - from waters breaking about 2 and a half days
Second got the first contraction at 0005, inlaws arrived to look after DS at 0040, got to hospital at 0110, had DD at 0114. Just got my pants off blush

Had her standing up, no pain relief.

It took me a very, very long time to stop thinking about it afterwards. About 6 months before I wasn't processing it in my head every day. This is incredibly unlike me, I never reflect, but apparently part of the process of dealing with shock.

What would I do differently? Not sit over the loo trying to do a "poo" whilst we waited for the inlaws, I mean, ffs, I'd had one, you'd think I'd know it was a baby trying to come out, not a poo blush

I would have a quick labour over a long protracted one, though, having had both.

goingroundthebend4 Thu 10-Feb-11 13:20:04

ds1 8 hrs 8lb 3
ds 2 63 mins exact from oh to ohhhhhhhh and he was 10lb 2 oz and no stiches he did catch everyone unaware

Dd well crash section at 35 weeks so not counting
ds 3 emergency section

lolster Thu 10-Feb-11 13:23:11

1st labour 13 hours.

2nd, 45 mins from being sleeping in my bed to DD being born in hospital.

TallulahDoesTheHula Thu 10-Feb-11 13:31:51

DS1 was induced - was 12 hrs from start to finish

DS2 was 4 hrs from first twinge to delivery BUT I got to hospital after 2 hrs and was fully dilated ready to push so could have been much quicker if the lovely MW hadnt taken pity on me and given me the epidural I was asking for as 'it would slow things down hopefully enough for your DH to make it'
DH literally did make it through the door as DS2 was born.
So although my labour was 4 hours it probably would have been 2.5hrs ish without the epidural

I'm expecting DC3 and am a bit nervous about this one!

What sort of things do you need to have in preparation just in case you have an unexpected home birth?

N1MTB Thu 10-Feb-11 13:35:01

Hi doubleshotlatte

DC1 - (38w+1 day) 2 hours 36 mins from waking up with "constipation pains" (bad ones, mind you). Waters broke at home, screamed all the way to hospital and was fully dilated when arrived. Pushing bit took 25 mins.

DC2 - (36w exactly) 1 hour 20 mins from first twinge (morning this time). Went to hospital straight away as luckily had a friend staying who could look after DC1. Much more painful than 1st labour until I had my waters broken (and then it was still bad but not so horrific) and DC2 distressed so had about 11 people in the room (including paed as technically "prem"). Pushing bit faster - not sure how long.

I did try to set up for a homebirth, even though I really didn't want one, to try to avoid having a homebirth without any equipment/midwives... However, as DC2 was 4 weeks early, I wasn't able to even pick up the equipment and you aren't "allowed" homebirths under 37 weeks. Besides, our midwives said it would take longer for them to get to us than for us to get to hospital...

My only birth plan with DC1 was to have an epidural. I was never really that keen on pursuing the no-drugs route but ended up that way - wasn't even allowed the gas and air for DC2 as she was distressed and they wanted me to "focus" on pushing her out. Cheeky g*ts - as if a bit of gas and air would stop me knowing when to push and pushing so hard.

The only advice I can give is to make sure you have (v close) neighbours on standby to look after DC1 at all times from about 35 weeks (!) or to have family/friends staying. Ridiculous but that would help... But, in the worst case scenario, you can call an ambulance and take DC1 with you until somebody can collect them.

Am actually factoring in my fear of an even quicker birth into whether or not to go for DC3!

javotte Thu 10-Feb-11 13:44:47

Waters broke at 11:30 PM.
Painful contractions started at 1:00AM.
Arrived at the hospital at 1:30.
DD was born at 1:43! grin

My DS2 was a ultra fast labour. I was 3 days overdue and the doctor had said I was 3 cm dialated 2 weeks before he was due and to call an ambulance if I went in to labour as this would be fast I was hmm. This was abroad not NHS. I went in to hospital 3 days over due to stay the night and be induced the next day. They gave me some herbal stuff to drink as it apparently sometimes kickstarts labour.
I was monitored at 10pm and have no contractions so was snet to bed in the maternity unit. woke up around 1 abit uncomfortable (thought this will go on a while and went back to sleep) woke up about 2.45 and had bad pains and strong contractions walked to the delivery suite to find a midwife and she said she wanted to monitor the contractions I said no as I could not lie still for 10 minutes. she gave me hmm and said she would examine me to see how dialated I was. DS2 was born at 3.20 20 minutes after I entered the delivery suit.

If I had been at home he would have been born either at home or in the car for sure!

Bramshott Thu 10-Feb-11 13:52:56

DD1 was 2hrs 15 but I put that down to her being early (33 weeks).

DD2 was 1hr 45 and born in the car grin.

If I had another (which I am not), no way would I be leaving home!

Trillian42 Thu 10-Feb-11 14:01:43

DD was 5 hours from 1st twinge to delivery, and that was with an epidural, so I imagine it'd have been quicker otherwise. She came out in 3 pushes! Push 1, Push 2 head out, Push 3 rest of body

The initial pains at home were so mild that I wouldn't have gone in had they not lasted a minute and been every 4-5 mins. By the time we arrived at the hospital they were less than every 2 mins, and the pain level went up by a factor of a million shortly afterwards (hence the unplanned epidural).

Have also been advised to be prepared if we have another one!

juuule Thu 10-Feb-11 14:09:09

My fastest was no6 - 1 and half hours from first twinge (not a twinge - a double up and can't breathe spasm really).

First pain was around 2am (on the way back from a loo visit). At about just past 3 we set off for hospital. Arrived at the hospital with strong urges to push. Baby born just before 3:30am. Very exciting and also had a quick recovery. Also, felt very pleased with myself as I was due in for induction that morning at 8:30am due to being 10days late

The next 3 weren't as quick. The 9th was induced at t+14.

Good luck and try not to worry too much if you can.

tiggerandpoohtoo Thu 10-Feb-11 14:10:50

I had a labour that was 23 minutes from start to finish.
The first time, i had the same but DD got stuck so had to have ventouse. The second time, was no problem.
I have no conractions, the first time i know about it it when i need to push. Great in terms of pain but hard to know when to go to hospital. The first time i was at the hospital because of protein in urine so luckily we were already there.
2nd time we were in ASDA around the corner from the hospital and just made it to the door of the maternity ward before she arrived.

ouryve Thu 10-Feb-11 14:10:58

Um, fast isn't the word for it. Woke up with very irregular contractions, not at all painful. Had a bath and some breakfast. Went to the loo because I really needed a poo (oh yes). Out popped DS2 at 10:30!

It was another 5 hours before the placenta was removed surgically, though.

OP my first sounds similar to yours, and my second was reduced to 10 hours of pre-labour, then only 1.5 hours from "you're 4cm and officially in labour" to holding baby. They tried to send me home at 3cm but they read my notes from the first time and let me stay in which is a very good thing as it turns out! So I still had plenty of warning with the pre-labour, and actually went into hospital too early - but I maintain my labour doesn't get going til I'm in the place where I feel safe and know I'm going to deliver. Am expecting DC3 so we'll see if that theory holds true!

lucysmum Thu 10-Feb-11 14:18:04

DD2 was 3 hours start to finish. With DD3 I went to hospital as soon as contractions started - and she ended up being 5 hours - so you never know what is going to happen !

TheSecondComing Thu 10-Feb-11 14:22:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

boyscomingoutofmyears Thu 10-Feb-11 14:25:42

1st, 3 hours, and an induced labour, so was very lucky.
2nd, 1 hour 40 minutes, was 10cm on arrival at hospital and pushed him out 5 mins later.
3rd 1 hour, induced again.

I don't think there is much you can do to plan for it other than get to hospital asap and don't expect an epidural as it's usually too late (as was case with DC1,).

MooMooFarm Thu 10-Feb-11 14:33:19

First - 6 hours total
Second - 45 mins total
Third - 1 hr 30 mins total

I wanted to have no.3 at home after such a quick birth with no.2, but wasn't allowed to due to other underlying medical problems.

All I did was make sure we got to the hospital as soon as I had a twinge with no.3 - no 'is it happening or isn't it' for me! DH drove me slightly mad in the last few weeks by asking me if anything was happening everytime I sighed or breathed heavily, but then I suppose I can't blame him!

BTW I consider myself v lucky to have had such quick births. The thought of contractions going on for days (or hours) is hideous and anybody going through that has my sympathy.

halfcaff Thu 10-Feb-11 14:54:27

After an averagely long first labour, I couldn't believe the speed and intensity with number two and I was so glad I was able to get into the pool for my planned home birth, midwives arrived in time, and dh got home from work 45 minutes before ds arrived! It can be quite scary as the contractions are so intense and close together and at the time you don't know it's going to be over that fast. My first words when he was born were "Wow, that was hard work....but easier than the first time!"

lou33 Thu 10-Feb-11 14:57:54

i have had 4 children, the labour was quicker each time

the longest was 2 hrs 20 mins from start to finish and the quickest was 22 mins

no chance for pain relief

they were also all early

Vanillacandle Thu 10-Feb-11 15:03:09

I wish!
DC1 - 28 hours and forceps
DC2 - 32 hours then emergency section

1st: 3 1/2 weeks early, gone to Manchester for fill wedding, dh best man. Woke up sat am with small spotting, no contractions or waters, had breakfast, and decided to pop to local hops to get it checked before the day got going. They wouldn't let me out again, monitored me ALL day, NOTHING happened, kept saying "oh, you'll be having this one in Surrey in 3 weeks time, we just want to keep an eye on you."
Took me to a ward for the night as they didn't want me in a hotel, but still nothing happening. Told dh at 7.30 to go and see his Dad as he had missed the whole do, suddenly had huge contraction, I was 6 cm dilated, by the time I got back to languor ward I was ready to push, dd born at 8.45 pm!!!! Felt very, very shocked afterwards and it took me4 days to agree to leave hospital, but we did have to drive straight back down to surrey.
2 nd: 3 weeks early; waters actually broke at 4 am, went straight to local hops, and they accepted me happily when I told them how fast dd had been. Very, very mild contractions, but head not engaged at all. They finally injected me to induce at about midday as they were worried that he would turn round. After about another half hour, contractions started properly; I was standing and suddenly wanted to push. Midwife didn't really understand the urgency, luckily I did and was back on the bed, 1 push and he flew out!! Mw only one glove on! Dh said it was very very fast.
No pain relief for either- no time!

My advice: keep telling them about 1 st labour and trust your instincts!

Kendodd Thu 10-Feb-11 15:12:01

DD2 47 minutes

Do I win? grin

I'm with moommoo at the though of contractions lasting days, but really did feel in shock I think first time.

Seems to be a trend in our family: one sister was so fast with dd that neither her midwife or ambulance go to her, and neighbour had to deliver. Other made it to hospital with10 mins to spare before ds was born!!

kittywise Thu 10-Feb-11 15:16:11

I can't remember the details of all of them. I do know though that number 5 went from 3-10 cm in 30 mins and she was out after 2 mins pushing. I was shaking afterwards.

I had an average-to-short first labour, arrived at hospital at 10pm and DS was born at 12:59am. Second stage was super quick though, one push for head and body, no waiting in between! Wasn't really expecting that.

Asked for G&A, but all happened so quickly I didn't get the thing anywhere near my mouth.

Had a nasty 2nd degree tear, and was in a bit of a daze for quite a while afterwards. It does really scare me that number two might be as quick, the MW at DS's birth recommended a home birth but our walls are made of tissue paper and I wouldn't really want to put the neighbours through it all.

ceasar04 Thu 10-Feb-11 15:25:57

DS was 4 hours established labour but was in hospital as he was born at 36 weeks so was fine. Similiar to OP, I went to 10cm on a normal ward with no pain relief, but had g & a for pushing.

DD was 50 mins established shock. DH set off to take DS to childcare and contractions were 8 mins apart, this was during the recent really bad snow at 8am on
a Monday morning. So a journey that should have taken 10 mins took 35, he arrived home to find me doubled over at the top of the stairs!!
Rang ambulance but didn't arrive in time, DD born about 3 mins later on our bed after 1 push, ambulance arrived 5 mins after delivery.

Had a third degree tear with many stiches and as had no midwife to coach me through pushing, according to DH she literally flew through the air and landed on the bed.

Bit traumatic for a day or so, particularly DH but a cracking birth story!!!

My advice...ignore the midwife on the phone who tells you to use a tens machine (DD arrived 20 mins after this sage advice) even after you have explained that your previous labour was short and get to hospital asap (or have a planned home birth, really wish I had done that).

Good luck!!

lou33 Thu 10-Feb-11 15:59:47

Nope kendodd, i posted my one of 22 mins earlier lol

cuppateaanyone Thu 10-Feb-11 16:20:43

I was induced, went on the drip at 11am and DS born at 16.28, didn't feel any pain till about 1pm. I didn't get on with G&A but had meptid, it's like pethadine but shorter after effects,in retrospect MW could see it was going quickly and the Meptid just about lasted, really glad she read the situation so well.

molemesseskilledIpom Thu 10-Feb-11 16:24:22

DD - 4 hours. Start to finish.

DS - 2 hours. Start to finish

laylasmummy09 Thu 10-Feb-11 16:29:22

4.5 hours for me from going to hospital at 5.5cm dilated til birth but had forceps so maybe it doesnt count?

spiggy Thu 10-Feb-11 17:14:52

DD is officially recorded as 2hrs 40 (including 20mins for the placenta) but that was with the benefit of hindsight. I had a few pains, 15 mins apart but didn't think I was in "proper" labour. Finished my dinner and thought I'd pop in the bath to see if that helped speed things up. Waters went and within 20mins I was holding a baby. Ambulance turned up just in time but even they didn't realise how close I was to delivering, by that stage I couldn't talk, just scream obcenities grin. Pg with DC3 and will be phoning mw at first sign of a twinge and insisting on being seen. Planning a home birth this time- hopefully with a mw, as I think that will give me more of the control I want. I have a script ready for phoning delivery suite to ensure that I get a mw when I request it and am not taking "phone us back when the contractions are closer" for an answer.

If I had a choice I would pick DD's birth over DS's (36hr labour, drip, epidural, ventouse) any time. I actually felt I had more control over her birth than DS's as I was the only one involved (paramedic had his back to me chatting to DP as her head crowned) whereas DS's birth was lots of people doing things to me. I went into shock slightly but once I was over that I felt amazing and recovery was much quicker. No stitches needed either. I'd read an article just a few weeks before DD's birth that talked about what to do if you found yourself in the position of having an unassisted birth and I think that helped me mentally- when I realised I was pushing I did remember what I was supposed to do next.

Bet the little blighter takes forever now I've planned for a quick birth grin

lou33 Thu 10-Feb-11 15:59:47
Nope kendodd, i posted my one of 22 mins earlier lol

And I am just behind you at half an hour darn that b2b grin

SpeedyGonzalez Thu 10-Feb-11 17:43:00

You'd have thought I'd be first in line for a speedy delivery, huh? hmm

DC1 took 2.5 days from first contraction to birth.

DC2 took just under 11 hours - though that included 5 (yes, FIVE) eye-watering hours of pushing.

thelizard Thu 10-Feb-11 18:15:28

Another perspective...

Ds1was 3 hours from waters breaking and waking me up to delivering him in hospital. Gas and air, all fine. I felt very weak afterwards, ate 8 slices of toast with sugar sprinkled on top and fel better!

Ds2, was told to expect a quicker labour, actually prepared for homeborth, although was too anaemic in the end tpso they told me to aim for the hospital. I still kept everything ready for a hb just in case, which made me feel better. In the event, waters broke while I was asleep as before and we went straight to the hospital on the advice of mw. But took 8 hours as he was facing the wrong I.e back to my back. Was not too bad really, felt a bit 'wrong' but actually was nicer to do it at a more relaxed pace!!

So not guaranteed that second will be quicker... Although am now 26 weeks with third and starting to wonder about what to do...

thenewMrscullen Thu 10-Feb-11 18:17:06

dd2 was 2 hours active,
i arrived at hospital at 8am and was holding dd at 9:55.
my best friend has been even quicker though, she gas 4 DC but has never had a contraction and all 4 births have been unattended, her waters will break the she gets urge to push and viola she has a baby,

her ds1 born in the hospital lift 22 mins after waters breaking.

her next 3 were all born at home with
ds2 18 mins after waters going,
ds3 12 mins after waters going and
dd 9 mins after waters going.

she is currently 39w5days pg with dc5 so is understandably not leaving her house

youtalkingtome Thu 10-Feb-11 18:38:37

1st: 18 hours all pretty excruciating. Epidural didn't work down one side.

2nd: 2 hours. Wasn't expecting it obviously. No time for epidural - gas and air a waste of space. Felt traumatised afterwards.

I'd choose the 1st one any time.

TwoWeeSausages Thu 10-Feb-11 18:48:46

Labour with DS2 was 1.5hrs from 1st contraction to birth.

Ambulance had to be sent as it was during Friday evening rush hour and hospital were concerned I might get stuck in traffic.

Waters broke as i stepped into the ambulance.

Paramedics had to use sirens and lights to get us there.

Gave birth outside the maternity unit in the ambulance with an offduty student midwife (who had never done an unassisted delivery before) delivering DS2 as midwife team didn't arrive in time.

Quite scary in retrospect.

TwoWeeSausages Thu 10-Feb-11 18:50:43

Also no pain relief throughout

missfairlie Thu 10-Feb-11 19:19:03

Epidural? grin
I had a few smarty contractions about 12.30, was convinced they were warm ups.
Things began to hurt about 1.30.
Baby born 2.20 - I had only been in the hospital 10 minutes (thankfully else it would have been in the car, on a busy London street).
I am hoping it won't be faster as I want to go back to the same hospital but live further away now!
Good luck, watching the thread with interest...

TheSecondComing Thu 10-Feb-11 19:31:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Rinnyx Thu 10-Feb-11 19:49:03

DD was 3 and half hours and DS was just over a hour.
With DS I just made it to the ward, my waters went as they opened the doors to let me in and 11 mins later (pushing) he was born

If I ever get DP to let me have a 3rd and final DC I worry I might end up giving birth at home

LittleMumSmall Thu 10-Feb-11 20:00:04

First labour 5 and a half hours from start to finish and it was a planned homebirth, so no problems - although we didn't realise it was progressing so quickly and only called the midwifes when I began to push! I was 2-3 hours managing contractions after waters broke and then pushed for the rest. There was pain but I don't remember it being severe. Moved around a lot until it was time to push, ate bananas, got DH to distract me with conversation.

DD due in April and we are going for another homebirth. This time round we will be calling the midwives the minute I feel a twinge! They are also going to prep DH on how to deliver a baby just in case. Still not sure about how to work around DS1 (only 15 months and happily oblivious that mummy is pg!) but will think about that in March!

OP, if you think it might be a quick one, I'd really recommend staying at home, it is lovely.

GetToFalkirk Thu 10-Feb-11 20:02:10

minor contractions throughout the day, got to 4cms dilated, waters broke and 5 mins later DS surfed out !

veggiemama Thu 10-Feb-11 20:05:41

1st child - 1hour 40 mins labour from waking up with backache to delivering my DS.... my husband and I were in total shock afterwards as we couldn't quite believe what had happened....lets hope No. 2 isn't quicker.

Ameliel Thu 10-Feb-11 20:31:02

My first delivery was about 7h from first twinge to birth, stayed home until waters broke and I started to think "not sure if I can handle this pain much longer", then barely made it to hospital, was fully dilated on arrival and DS1 was born about 30min later.

Second delivery was a planned homebirth, it took 2h 20min from first twinge to birth. The midwife barely had time to get her gloves on (all her stuff was still in the car and the second MW did not arrive until 10min after birth). We joked that the next time they should perhaps start camping on our front a couple of weeks before the due date!

My third delivery, again a planned homebirth, took just 1h from first twinge to birth, and this time I delivered my DD3 by myself as DH had just popped out from the room for few moments (!) and the MW arrived about 5min afterwards. (She should indeed have stayed in a tent outside our house, lol!) Everything went well and despite the shock of such speed, it was a lovely experience!

I think the reason I've had such fast labors each time is because:
-I did a lot of yoga beforehand
-I massaged the relevant acupressure points on my feet before labor
-I had homebirth and birth pool (helps to relax)
-I stayed upright and active (walking around) during the labour all the way until I needed to push, then got into the pool on hands and knees (so gravity was also on my side). I would definately recommend home birth and the birth pool, and walking around to speed things up! Oh and did not have time for any pain relief on any of the deliveries but as it was so fast it was not too bad

threewithquiffs Thu 10-Feb-11 21:01:29

DD - I arrived at hospital 10pm, she was born midnight (g&a) (41 weeks)

DS1 - arrived hospital midnight, he was born 1am, I was on all fours so couldn't hold the g&a mouthpiece (41 weeks)

DS2 - 42 weeks, what is it with my kids and being late? Induction didn't work, 15 hours later after walking around deserted hospital corridors, no sign of twinges, waters popped like a champagne cork. Five minutes later, after a furious race to the delivery room backwards in a wheelchair, up on the bed on my knees, two pushes and he was out.

felicity10 Thu 10-Feb-11 21:14:02

Oh my goodness, we are currently considering ttc dc2 and the trauma of my fast first labour has never gone away.

Reading these I am so glad to hear it is not just me being daft. I was 4 hours, but last hour, it was 4-10cm and baby out, so was so intense and I got a big whack of pethadine just 30 mins before dd was born - which was far too big a dose at that stage IMO. Space cadet for quite a while afterwards. Who knew half doses were possible.

Thank you for sharing and making me realise it is ok to be shocked.

OP - I think you're doing the right thing, getting prepared and getting your head around it, I do think that if I'd known it can happen that fast I might have been more prepared as to what to expect. Good luck with it all, and lucky you, you'll have a newborn to cuddle soon!

3 hours from first contractions with DD. I had been okay, still chatting and stuff, when I had a contraction which ended with needing to push, 9 minutes later DD was born. We were at home and only had 1 midwife so she told ExH to get gloves on and help, only he faffed about ripping gloves and worrying about how to out them on while I got on with giving birth!

I have very flexible joints, apparently this makes it a lot more likely to have a very fast birth.

PinguFanatic Thu 10-Feb-11 21:47:29

1st baby: 4 hours from 3cm dilated (24 hours from first twinge)
2nd baby: 45 minutes from 4cm... (6 hours from first twinge)

jujubean Thu 10-Feb-11 21:51:42

I had fast labours with both DD's. DD1 was 5cm to delivery in 2 hours, DD2 was 5cm to delivery in 1 hour. In both cases I was just having twinges to get to 5cm and didn't realise I was in labour. You think I would have learned after DD1. Midwife only got there in time for DD2 because I was very shouty about the fact that DD1 was born in 2 hours so she came up to the house.
I think with fast labours its so intense all the breathing and swaying your hips goes out the window. It can get a bit panicky because there seems to have been no build up and there often isnt much opportunity to relax between contractions because they end up being so close together. Having someone to calm you down and get you to focus on calm slow breathing is really important even though you'll probably want to punch them in the face.

PinguFanatic Thu 10-Feb-11 21:52:48

meant to add, I'd just make sure I'd have everything ready really early next time. Sort of presumed I'd have time once labour started to get everything sorted, whereas it turned out I didn't.

jujubean Thu 10-Feb-11 21:58:21

p.s have got a fab bit of paper from DD2 where I started writing times of contractions so I could tell MW. Starts with all neat writing, after about 6 contractions writing goes all slopey, then it gets all joined together and finally sort of trails off. Made me laugh when I came downstairs the next day to find it on the kitchen counter.

MrsRigby Thu 10-Feb-11 22:00:42

DS1 - I was going the toilet a lot and DH said that was 1 of the signs of labour. I told him I was not in labour. He rang the midwife for advice and she came around. She examined me and told me I was 8cm. From then to giving birth it was 14 hours - so probably no, not a fast labour.

However, DS2 - I was experiencing some period pain. DH said I was in labour. I told him I was not. He rang the midwife for advice and she came around. She examined me and asked did I feel like pushing, I said no, she said you're 10cm dilated. Then she examined me again (I'm sure she did something) and my water broke. From this to giving birth 35 minutes. I'd say this was fast.

milanomum Thu 10-Feb-11 22:03:32

DD: woke up at 11.20 with waters breaking and massive contraction. Me and DH counted next 2 contractions within 5 mins before getting in the car and going to hospital (just down the road) 3 contractions between car park and hospital entrance, one at the desk and then it all goes hazy. Had an amazing, hands off birth with no pain relief and DD was born at 2.50.
Am a bit worried whether I'll make it to the hospital with this one but a planned home birth is too expensive here so no chance of that.

hpsaucy Thu 10-Feb-11 22:08:02

twinges at 8pm got worst very quickly got to hospital at 8.45. Wasn't examined a change of staff at 9.30. Waters broke at 9.30 on the dot all hell broke loose DD1 was born at 9.58!!!

boohoohoo Thu 10-Feb-11 22:08:29

DD1 3 1/2 hours hospital birth, DS1 7 minutes, home birth. Was planned home birth, had no contractions before waters breaking and 7 minutes later DS was born, could not call midwife in time but my sister was there with her boyfreind and he caught DS as he arrived, was first time I had met him blush

magie73 Thu 10-Feb-11 22:22:53

Not sure how you calculate but here's my sequents of events:

- Woke up at about 3 am feeling funny.
- Couldn't get back to sleep as slight weird feeling/pain in stomach (not quite cramps)
- Told DH (after he'd gotten up and showered for work) he might not be going to work as I felt a bit sore.
- Felt bad cramping and couldn't really sit for more than 15 mins (part 1st time nerves)
- Rang MW at 9.30 am and said I think I'm in labor; told obviously not call back later.confused
- 10 am to 11 am had the feeling of 'just had to go to the toilet'
- 11ish am got first really painful contraction (the one you really cant communicate during)
- Arrive at hospital about 11.30 am
- MW said I'll get to you in a minute (thinking I'm in a 1st time panic)
- MW examination when massive contraction resulting waters breaking over MW occurrs (MW wasn't pleased)angry blush
- MW informs everyone 'we're going into room 3 NOW!' I was apprantly fully dilated and potentially 'moments away'.
- 12.45 baby born [shocked]

After reading the above I'm very nervous.

I definately will go in when I think I'm in labour and not wait like last time. [scared]

pooka Thu 10-Feb-11 22:27:29

DD - 7 hours.
DS1 - 2.5 hours. Arrived at hospital fully dilated and he was born, in his amniotic sac, 15 mins later. Supposed to have hb but no midwives. Grr.
DS2 - waters broke at 9pm. He arrived at 11.25pm. Midwife arrived with 10 mins to spare (having come round at 9.30pm, me not contracting much, head not descended, so she went to get supplies). After she left at about 10.30pm I had a shower and then suddenly got one intense contraction after another. Had the urge to push before MW got back, so panted and panted for AGES.

Tgger Thu 10-Feb-11 22:37:58

Ok, first baby LONG labour- several days really- although "7 hours" is written on my notes (lies smile)

Second baby (2 years later), well, she was born in hospital car park (BBA they write on your notes), not sure who you'd say delivered her, she sort of delivered herself, and I certainly wasn't pushing (well I guess my body was, but "I" wasn't). And it was less than 5 minutes after arriving at said car park.

It was a bit scary but also hilarious. I didn't have any pain relief apart from the Tens machine, and got some gas and air when they stiched me up (still managed a 2nd degree tear, probably due to quick arrival).

Labour was actually something like 2-3 hours, but I was in denial that it was "real labour"- I didn't get "the show" until about an hour or less before she was born and waters only broke as she came out I think!!

gaelicsheep Thu 10-Feb-11 22:52:48

I wouldn't live too far from the hospital. grin

My second was pretty quick. I can't say how long I was in active labour because I had the baby within 40 minutes of arriving at hospital. If we had left it any longer DD could easily have been born in the car (hospital a 40 minute careful drive away). Who knows at what stage "active labour" had started. I would say I felt properly "in labour" from around 6 am. DD born at 8.40 am, so I think it was pretty quick.

scottishmummy911 Thu 10-Feb-11 23:33:52

Got propess pessary at lunchtime. Nothing til 2am when had mild cramps that woke me up but didn't stop me going back to sleep. 6.30 am woke up and waters broke got to hospital at 7.15 and baby born at 8am.

All very quick! The opposite to my first baby.

10lb 8 baby and quick labour though meant 3rd degree tear sad

hamandegger Fri 11-Feb-11 07:27:53

ds 72 hours, dd1 8 hours, dd2 less than 2 hours with less than a minute of pushing. in retrospect i shouldnt have pushed all the way through the delivery, when they told me to wait and pant, but there was literally nothing i could do. it did result in a postpartum hemorrhage though, more to do with the force of the birth than the speed though,

seoraemaeul Fri 11-Feb-11 07:28:06

DS was about 4 hours
DD was less than 45 minutes from first twinge to birth - she was delivered at home and DH arrived back home from his journey into the office, literally in time to catch her! DS slept through the whole thing.

If you think its going to be so quick as to not make it to hospital then my advice is get someone to stay with you. Having said that personally I was glad I was by myself, it simply wasnt an option to get to hospital and end up giving birth in a car!

Keep phone numbers to hand - MW, Maternity hospital and of course 999. And if possible 2 phones, I had MW on the landline and 999 on the mobile.

If you are on your own, make sure a neighbour has a key. Other than my son waking up my biggest worry was how do paramedics get through locked doors? Apparently the answer is they have to call the police.

And my MW assured me that if it happens that fast its likely to be an easy birth because if there are any problems things slow down (hopefully in time to get to hospital or a paramedic to get to you)

ChestnutSoup Fri 11-Feb-11 10:09:50

My SIL was induced with her DC4. I spoke to her at 2:45pm and she said nothing was happening, not a flicker of anything. At 3:15pm I got a text from my brother saying that he had a son.

Apparently, she suddenly said at 3pm "I want to push". The MW at first said "Don't be silly", then examined her, looked panicked and said "I'll go and get your notes." She came back 5 minutes later to find my brother with the baby's head in his hands, looking terrified slightly anxious.

She was on an antenatal ward. The other mums-to-be looked a bit worried about how things were done in that particular hospital!

Rosa Fri 11-Feb-11 10:18:07

DD1 - 1 hr 35 . Waters broke teh day before .Was put on drip at 8.30 then they gave mi an epidural round 9.00 as the doc had time and the midwife could administer when needed. After 30 mins they wondered why the pain was getting worse. They checked and I was 8cm. DD1 was born at 10.30 - DD was 40+3 weeks
DD2 waters slowly broke round lunchtime. Went to hosp at 16.30 was put on monitor for 45 mins - slight discomfort. HAd to wait to see doc at 18.15 before they could release me or whatever. I had 2 contractions in that time. DOc saw me at 18.30 said I was to be admitted. DH went off to do paperwork. I sat with midwife and started contracting.DH came back to find me in full labour he asked for pain relief for me but midwife said baby would be there in next hr. She was wrong baby arrived within 38 mins of starting. The same doc that checked me out me at 18.30 was dumbstruck....Said it was a record for the hospital from start to finish. The previous lady had done 40 mins !
This was at 38.5 weeks
They said if I was to have another I should come in as soon as any sign of waters breaking. However No3 is not planned......

notquitenormal Fri 11-Feb-11 10:55:11

Less that two hours here.

I woke up at just after 3am needing the loo.
On the way there my waters broke.
Sat around for 45 minutes hoping my contractions weren't going to take ages to start.
All of a sudden hit by very strong, fast contractions.
Left house as 4am
Found I desperately needed to push in the car on the way there.
Arrived at hospital and 4.30
DS arrived at 4.55

It was very painful and quite violent. I would liked a bit on build up. I was in daze for a good week afterwards.

If I do it again, I'm booking a homebirth.

torie1980 Fri 11-Feb-11 11:10:32

my first labour was over 48 hours and was the most painful experience and i said i would never do it again then i got pregnant again and i was so scared after the first experience i told the MW i wanted a c section but she said no i went into labour with my second child and after 35 minutes start to finish and only two pushes my DD was born i was so happy that it was not long and painful i did feel out of control in both labours but more with my second labour as it happened so quick my body went into shock so still ended up staying in hospital for ages

I've had three DCs and went from 28hrs of labour to 2.5hrs to 1.5hrs shock I had HBs for all three which I would wholeheartedly recommend as there is no way I could have got in the car with Nos 2 and 3 once things got going as they went from 0-60mph in a matter of ten minutes.

Hypnobirthing was good as well along with the pool (igf you can get it filled in time!) grin

FlightofFancy Fri 11-Feb-11 11:42:11

Mine wasn't that fast by comparison with some of you, but just under 5 hours from first twinges to baby felt fast for a first one (particularly at 37 weeks so was massively unprepared and in denial that it was happening!).

Waters went 8pm, but absolutely no contractions. Drove self to hospital as they wanted to check was definitely waters and all OK. Hour being monitored, but no labour. Went to 24hr Tesco to buy all the things I didn't have for hospital bag. Got home 11pm ish - DH arrived home at about same time (was at friend's house for dinner the other side of London). Settled in for long night (had done hosp tour the day before and told average 1st labour at least 22hrs). Started frantically packing hospital bag at about 11.30 when period pain like twinges started. By 1am was on way back to hospital and DS arrived at 4.20am.

They did fill the birthing pool for me when I was in labour, came in to tell me it was ready - I said 'can't move' through gritted teeth, was examined and ready to push! They suggested that perhaps one of the midwives could have a hot bath in it to not waste the water!

blowmeaway Fri 11-Feb-11 12:01:52

first - elective caesarean for medical reasons

Second - waters went 8.30 am, no pain at all til 1 pm then mild contractions, hardly dilated. 5.30 pm - terrible pain, contractions close together, born 9 pm.

Third - got to hospital 9 pm as contractions painful and close and trickling waters, told me hardly dilated and could go home. I refused. Examined 9.30 pm as I was telling them I was in agony and still in room with other people - was 10 cm, cue MW grabbing wheelchair and running with me to delivery room. Got onto bed whilst pushing but then she was stuck as back to back so registrar called and manually internally rotated her, ouch, she was born at 12.50 am, no pain relief and no stitches although a ruddy great 'superficial' tear.

MLWfirsttimemum Fri 11-Feb-11 12:08:04

26 hours with DD1 I am afraid (but back to back, cord around her neck, twice, so no wonder she couldn't get out fast!) now 16 weeks pregnant with DC2 and hoping (from evidence above!) that the second one is going to be ok. And also no lying on the sofa watching tv while on maternity leave waiting for this one to be born!

CinnabarRed Fri 11-Feb-11 12:22:19

DS1 was 3 hours 5 minutes from waters breaking to delivering the placenta.

DS2 was 2 hours 45 minutes from first contraction to delivering the placenta.

I'm now pregnant with DC3 and am seriously considering a home birth because I'm not convinced I'll get to hospital this time!

torie1980 Fri 11-Feb-11 12:36:45

CinnabarRed -- Have a home birth the MW told me that if i went on to have a third then i would prob deliver it in the hospital car park as my last labour was 35 mins start to finish and i had my DS on the floor of the hospital

NonnoMum Fri 11-Feb-11 13:06:02

boohoohoo LMAO!

"Hello, nice to meet you. Would you care to catch this slippery baby just shooting out of my fanjo?
So, how did you meet my sister?"

Breezey Fri 11-Feb-11 13:37:42

ds (36+ weeks) Felt a bit strange all day, went for a drink on a boat about 6 pm, came home about 8, DH said in labour I said not, called M/W about 1130, she arrived,(planned HB) about 1200, I said I didn't like it much she examined me then phoned GP and told him (not me) that I was fully dilated, baby arrived 1230 before Doctor and Gas and Air.
DD took 12 hours from 1st pains, also H/B but m/w just got there as nothing much happening, for ages so not convinced it was for real. Feel anxious as DC 3 due in 2 days, planned HB again, DH says he doesn't want to be on his own. Tore after both as very rapid, also quite shocked, worried about 2 DC and hope it happens when they are at school

Colourworld Fri 11-Feb-11 13:49:31

First one: 4 hours, that is when I had an urge to push, a real and painful one. The miwife then told me it was a quick labour. I though she was an idiot
Second: 3 pushes and that was it. I think it was 3 min.

Apparently wasn't in labour at 6am less than 3cms when examined baby born at 6.29 am

TheLimeFairy Fri 11-Feb-11 14:35:41

Mine halved each time!

DC1 6hours
DC2 3 hours
DC3 1.5 hours
DC4 30 minutes

This was from mild pain to actually giving birth.

My advice (should have taken it with DC4!) is to go at the first hint of pain if you think it is going to be fast otherwise you may not make it!

NorbertDentressangle Fri 11-Feb-11 14:42:12

DD was 2.5hrs so I was advised with DS to phone the labour ward as soon as I could and tell them how quick my first labour was. When my waters broke, even though I wasn't having proper contractions, they told me to come straight in just in case.

I was convinced he'd be born on a roundabout on the outskirts of the city where the hospital was and where I worked at the time.

I'd spend my morning commutes when pregnant sitting in the traffic queues at that roundabout worrying about giving birth there when it came to it and planning how I could bypass the tailbacks grin

As it was my labour was slightly longer at around 4 hrs.

RunAwayWife Fri 11-Feb-11 16:05:03

DS1 15 minuets
DS2 19 minuets (walked on to the hospital at 8.30 and at 8.49 there he was)

mrsmoores Fri 11-Feb-11 16:41:41

DS1 4 hrs and born in hospital

DS2 45 mins, just managed to get to the hospital, he was born 10 mins later.

Thank god for gas & air

naturalbaby Fri 11-Feb-11 16:48:38

3 planned homebirths
ds1 waters broke, stretch and sweep, baby arrived after an hour of pushing 7hrs later

ds2 phoned midwives 5hrs after start of mild contractions, baby arrived 2hrs later with no pushing a few minutes after transition

ds3 up at 2am phoned midwives at 10am, 3cm. eating lunch at 12:30 baby arrived 1/2hr later within minutes of transition and no pushing. he waited till ds1 and ds2 were settled for afternoon nap, but not for midwives! dh freaking out that baby's head was out and we were on our own but i warned him we'd be on our own and i would be catching baby as it came out.

i discussed delivering on our own with several midwives and had a feeling it would happen that way. the midwife on the day was well aware it was my 3rd and the last 2 were fast, especially the last bit, but she was still too late!

established labour to delivery was 1hr 25 mins! everything was perfect apart from a few tears and therefore stitches. when I went to hospital I was only 3cm and they told me to go away and come back in a couple of hours, but waiting for the car I felt worse and went straight back upstairs to labour ward, they said thank goodness I listened to my instincts!

PrincessScrumpy Fri 11-Feb-11 17:39:40

dd came in 2 hours 5 mins. I would have ignored mw telling me I had hours to go and pain was going to get a lot worse (turned out I was 10cm at this point) and dh would have asked for a second opinion earlier - mw tried to send me home 45 mins before dd was born as I wasn't having contractions (according to the machine - I was saying otherwise!).

Would have trusted my body more not the mw.

tigermummy35 Fri 11-Feb-11 18:54:35

I woke up in the middle of the night feeling a contraction and my waters breaking, 3 hours 15 mins later DS was born. First baby for me too, which is worrying for how fast a second birth might be!

For the record, I had my first contractions about 12 hours before he was born, but not painful, so we went to bed as normal

hurricanewyn Fri 11-Feb-11 19:04:37

DS was a very leisurely 26 hours. I had an epidural and it was all very easy going, even got to send OH out for magazines and papers. DD decided to make an appearance 6 weeks early and in less than 2 hours of labour, and as I was horribly disorganised I hadn't even packed my labour bag. Trying to make sure I had everything in full labour wasn't fun, the first nappy she wore was her 18 month old brother's. My poor mother was as scared as I was at how fast everything was progressing as she drove us to the hospital. My blood pressure was sky high on that labour and they couldn't get it down, so I do think that had something to do with it. I ended up in hospital for a week afterwards and as I wasn't breastfeeding they discharged her and not me sad

portaloo Fri 11-Feb-11 19:16:33

DC1 36.5hrs
DC2 48 minutes grin

GORGEOUSX Fri 11-Feb-11 19:25:23

My first was 4 hours from first contraction to birth, and the midwives were astonished; not least because they'd told me to go home and come back the next day - but that's another story. (Obviously no pain relief whatsoever).

Second one, I opted for gas and air thinking it would be quicker, and it was - an incredibly short 2 1/2 hours from start to finish! Definitely no problem going without pain relief for such a short time.

Good Luck smile

beepbeep Fri 11-Feb-11 19:30:32

first 4 hours 20mins from first twinge to birth (10 mins after getting to hosp)

second 2 hours 20 mins from first twinge to birth (3 pushes and out @ 10.1lb)

third 40 mins, 5 mins after getting to birthing centre.

No pain relief for any (other than water births for 2nd & 3rd), didn't feel needed it for such short labours.

Good luck!

Cousinit Fri 11-Feb-11 19:51:12

DS born 3.5 hrs after waters breaking. I'd been using hypnotherapy CDs and found the whole experience to be v. positive. It was quick but I didn't feel out of control.

DD born just over 1 hour after first twinges. Totally different experience. Agree with person who said relaxation techniques etc just go out of the window. My body went into shock - in fact the uncontrollable shaking was the first sign I had that I was actually in labour. I felt out of control and quite panicky. Luckily we lived v. close to hospital otherwise wouldn't have made it in time. Having said all that, would def opt for a quick labour over a long one. Not sure I want a third though - would be quite worried about an even quicker delivery. Are you close to the hospital? I would prepare for a home delivery just in case.

Cousinit Fri 11-Feb-11 19:57:57

On more thing I would add is trust your instincts - if I hadn't and listened to my MW when I called her ("go and take a paracetamol and try to relax for an hour or so, you're probably some way off yet"), I would have had DD on kitchen floor!

Only have one dd. Waters went at 6am and I thought I'd wet myself, then went back to bed and slept until 11am. Some contractions which I assumed were BH as not regular, not particularly painful and didn't get closer together. Started to hurt about 4pm and called MW out who said I didn't sound like I was in labour but as it was my first and I was booked in for a HB she'd come and check me over. MW arrived about 5pm I think and found I was already 10cm, dd arrived at 6.30pm.

Was quite lucky actually as MW started off telling me that I couldn't stay at home as they were short staffed at the birthing unit so I'd have to go in. I was OK with that as it made sense, but then she checked how dilated I was and it seemed it was already too late - MW was really surprised.

DS1 - 6 hours from start to finish
DS2 - 45 min from start to finish

With DS2 I had a mild twinges at 7.15am when I woke - DH repeatedly asking if he can go to work. I rang my mum to sit on DS1 and then suddenly my waters broke - shouted to dial 999 as the pain was unbelievable. I was admitted to hospital at 7.58am the midwife was saying 'pant pant pant I can see the head' DS2 was born 8.02am - in the caul so he is extra lucky!

justaminute Fri 11-Feb-11 20:42:49

Don't mean to panic you but....

Dc1 - first twinge at 6am, born less than 4 hours later in the front seat of the car as we drove to hospital. Stupidly I believed the anti-natal classes when they said first labours are 12-24 hours long. Dh didn't believe me when I said the baby was coming as we drove to the hospital. Conversation went as follows
Me - the baby's coming
dh - no it's not, we've got ages yet <reassuring tones>
Me - Yes it is I can feel the head <mild histeria>
dh - <foot to the floor>

dc 2 - one hour from first twinge. dc born whilst I was on the phone dialling 999 to request a paramedic/ midwife.

No way am I having anymore.

shoshe Fri 11-Feb-11 21:19:28

3 Labours longest 45 minutes, 20 minutes, 25 minutes.

First one had a show two hours before, but then nothing till 45 minutes before he was born.

Second I haemorrhaged, at 6pm, but didnt go into labour till 10pm

Third straight into labour and bang she was there.

Lala241280 Fri 11-Feb-11 21:29:14


MissScarlettInTheLibrary Fri 11-Feb-11 21:40:36

I had a quick labour, less than 3 hours from the first sign to baby born. Luckily I planned a home birth. Midwife came in when she was half out.

julybutterfly Fri 11-Feb-11 21:47:14

1st DC - lots of hours...days...weeks (felt like it anyway!)

2nd DC - Waters broke at home, DH delivered baby while on the phone to paramedics after I'd had 3 contractions and pushed twice. Was very scary though!

bitofalurker Fri 11-Feb-11 22:07:42

dc1 ~7hrs

dc2 appt with mw at 1pm, 1st contraction 2.30pm, baby arrived 5.45pm. Mw from earlier appt was v surprised when she heard! I was a bit in shock as I hadn't got my head round actually being in labour til about half an hour before dc2 arrived.

dc3 less than 2hrs I think (it's a bit of a blur!)

Answering your question about what I did differently for no.3, I got everything I could ready beforehand (birthing pool, arrangements for existing kids), and was on the look-out for the signs I noticed only in hindsight with no.2 (periody pains & feeling like I'd had a dodgy curry), I also phoned for a mw as soon as I thought I might be in labour even though I wasn't sure as I'd been told they'd be happy to come out even if turned out not to be because it'd been quick previously). I literally phoned before the contractions actually got painful!

Unfortunately, although it meant I had a mw in time rather than 10mins before the baby was born as previously, it also meant I was aware of every twinge & less relaxed than with no.2.

Good luck!

Tw1nkle Fri 11-Feb-11 22:58:07

Long & short - same labour!!!

My waters broke on the Sunday!
In labour 'officially' for 1.5 hours the following Thursday!!!!

mpuddleduck Fri 11-Feb-11 23:30:54

Ds1 was born in 2hours 30minutes from the first twinge of backache to delivery. I had a bath when I started feeling backache, went to bed and my waters broke, dh insisted we drove to the hospital 25 minutes away, half way there the need to push became intense, I think I held ds in. Got to the hospital and literally walked in the labour room and delivered ds standing up, no time for examination etc. With ds I was already at the hospital but it was equally quick but slightly more painful as ds2 was bigger.

I think I would avoid planning trips into the country or too far away from my preferred place of delivery and make sure there is someone I can call on at anytime if I was to do it again. Good luck.

TomlinTowers Fri 11-Feb-11 23:46:24

DS1 - waters broke, didn't go into labour, induced 24 hours later, 7 hours after induction he arrived.

DD1 - my DMum was on eggshells telling me that second labours are quicker, I didn't believe her. Woke up at 5.30am with what I thought was a stomach upset, noticed cramps were coming and going so decided to go in shower to see if that helped. 6.50am decided to ring labour ward just in case, they told me probably early stages of labour, have two paracetemol, go in bath, "you haven't been going long so you'll be ages yet". Woke up DH, who took one look at me crouched on floor and told me I was going to hospital. One white knuckle car ride later, arrived at labour ward at 8.15am. MW told me to go to triage as would still be early stages, I shouted that I could feel head and needed a delivery room, DD1 born without any pain relief (no time) at 8.43am. Up and about 30 mins later, was brilliant.

I have been told that should we decide to go for DC3, I should consider a HB, and have to go to hospital if I want a hospital delivery as soon as I feel first contraction, as labour likely to be even quicker. shock

So, things to bear in mind - have all your stuff ready so no last minute panics, and if you don't have a HB go to the hospital and demand an exam, even if MWs are telling you it can't possibly be later stages of labour. Also be prepared that you might not get pain relief that you would like - I was really panicky when they told me I couldn't have an epidural because I had been relying on one.

Was interested to read further up thread about delivery of placenta being difficult after fast labour - I had injection (just about had time) and it was really difficult. They really had to tug it out, much more difficult to deliver than after DS1. DD1 came out more easily than placenta, actually.

Good luck! Let us know how you get on...

blimp72 Sat 12-Feb-11 00:24:16

My first labour lasted about 15 hrs But in all fairness if i'd known what the fuck i was doin it would probably been a good few hrs sooner no one told me to push like avin a shit!!!!!( i never went to anti natal class an thought i was the dogs nads) but i wasn't!!!!!!! however my 2nd PG i was No probs done this b4 all got ages yet!! 23 mins from arriving @ hospital to actucal birth!!!Talk about getting my eye wiped twice!!!! I asked the MW to give me sum drugs she just laughed an said theres no point the babys hanging out (SHIT MY SELF)

blimp72 Sat 12-Feb-11 00:27:40

When i got to the hospital we coudn't get into the maternaty ward cos it was almost full i was on my knees in the waiting room it was only that a potential dad came out for a fag and rang his MIL to let him in that i got into the ward otherwise i would have had my DD2 in the waiting room!!!

blimp72 Sat 12-Feb-11 00:29:12

I had my DD2 @ 26 mins past 3 in the AM and was @ home by 11.00 that morning

legaleagle21 Sat 12-Feb-11 00:59:15

All done in 2 hours 40mins - but ripped to shreds so dont wish for it being too quick

10isenough Sat 12-Feb-11 06:28:33

I ended up having dd2 on a zebra crossing outside the entrance to the hospital. About half 10 at night on New Years Day with my trousers down by my ankles still holding on to the roof rack of my father-in-law's car. One friend referred to it as a Dickensian street birth!

I had called the labour ward 3 hours earlier when my waters had broken but there were no signs of contractions, they said 'oh right, well come in in the morning if there's still no sign of baby'.

I literally had some mild period type pain, had a bath and a paracetamol then maybe 5 strong contractions while waiting for FIL and that was it, no pushing, she literally fell out of me. Luckily a midwife made it out of the hospital in time to catch her. My poor DH had the fright of his life (along with maybe 10 passerby's).

I'm now pregnant again though only 7 weeks. DD1 was a horrendous 13 hour labour, dd2 under 2 so what do you think that means for dc3? Do I just need to go straight to the hospital first sign of contractions? What do you normally get second time after a fast labour?

bruffin Sat 12-Feb-11 06:28:46

Ist labour was 24 hours which was following two days of inducing.

2nd - waters broke at 6 ,got to the hospital about 8 and DD was born at 10.40. Did the last bit in 15 minutes.
It was a lovely birth and no tearing at all.

PavlovtheCat Sat 12-Feb-11 07:51:17

I was 4 cm dilated for two days prior to going into active labour. Had a sweep as 8 days overdue, and they were surprised I was not having any contractions.

Then 4 hours and 9 mins from first contraction to holding him in my arm.

I shall be having a home birth if possible next time.

PavlovtheCat Sat 12-Feb-11 07:51:57

shock next time not sure where that came from!

AutumnWitch Sat 12-Feb-11 08:07:52

3 hours for DS1, less than an hour for DS2.
DS1 was 5 weeks early and was in hospital being monitored as the waters had broken a few hours earlier. DS2, again the waters had gone and they'd said come in for a check and book in for an induction in case nothing happens. Was chatting to the midwife and contractions came on quick and strong. I asked if she could check as I though something was happening - turned out be the head!

Anyway - assume you won't make it to hospital, then you'll be prepared. Have everything you might need ready and make sure that anyone who is likely to be with you knows how to deal with a sudden home birth as you won't be able to tell them grin
Have it written down and pinned up somewhere obvious to be sure.

Best of luck

coffeeaddict Sat 12-Feb-11 09:33:40

I had a really quick labour for dc2 (midwives didn't believe me etc etc...). I was so traumatised by the speed and violence of it, and dreaded idea of giving birth in a car/on road/in front of children, that for dc3 and dc4 I had planned inductions. Slowed it down to six hours or so. Was wonderful, mellow, controlled (also got epidural ). I felt like my body had time to adjust to what it was about to do.

I actually HATED giving birth so fast, even though people said 'lucky you'.

TheButterflyCollector Sat 12-Feb-11 10:26:22

One hour and 20 minutes. shock

Woke up with labour pains and was in hospital within an hour. Was checked over immediately and labour at 3cm dilated was established. From there to delivery of DD was 1 hour 20 minutes. Ventouse delivery, no time for an epidural and only gas and air. Midwife didn't believe me when I told her that the baby was coming. DD1's birth was the longest hour and 20 minutes of my life, traumatic and agonised. Never again.

DD2 was born, at my insistance, by elective caesarean. That was a calm, happy experience with virtually no pain as it was managed perfectly. I'd recommend an ECS any time.

ilovecakes Sat 12-Feb-11 11:00:56

took me 6 hours to get from waters breaking to 5cm, then went from 5cm to baby being born in 30mins! that last half hour was horrendous, was hallucinating and all sorts

mamapea Sat 12-Feb-11 16:37:18

I can definitely relate as had 4.5 hours active labour with my ds1 resulting in planned homebirth with midwife in attendance for last 2 hours...

Ds2 however was 40 mins and BBA so it was lucky that DH and I were pretty cool headed as flew solo with no medical attention as all happened so quickly.

Advice....not sure really....we.had planned hb and when I called the midwife out they were trying to talk me out of baby was born 35 mins later!

reallytired Sat 12-Feb-11 16:49:25

Dd birth was 3 hours from first inclination that something might be happening to holding the baby.

I had a home birth and I think it was the best thing for us.

mamadiva Sat 12-Feb-11 17:02:37

I personally don't because I had to get an EMCS after 14 bloody hours but my mum has always had relatively fast labours and says although it is more painful she prefers it that way.

Her 1st (me) was just over 6 hours
Her 2nd (DB) was I think 4.5 hours
Her 3rd (my twin sisters) was 2 hours 20 minutes

I know she had gas and air for me but did'nt like it so has never had drugs any other time and she has only had 3 stitches, 2 with me and one with twins!

Like you she warned me that because it happens so fast you don't get a chance to 'get into it' as such and it seeems like a sort of out of body experience in the fact that you can't control anything.

pheeebs Sat 19-Feb-11 11:59:38

my labour was 7 hours im told thats not 2 bad it def seemed it!!! i had pethedine and gas wen i hear of people doing it with nothing or just gas i rate them so much!!! i screamed the place down! i think a lot of it was fear with me tho -the midwife just kept saying "i know this is scary" which didnt help!!! this time (im 27 weeks at the min)i hope i will be more prepared!lol

gabid Sat 19-Feb-11 14:08:28

Was in hospital overnight ready for induction in the morning. Woke up at 7am with contractions, moved to delivery suite and waters were borken at 10.45 at 3 cm dilated. Birth at 11.30 after 2 pushes and no stiches.

So 45 minutes very painful labour, during which I demanded an epidural, but it was too late - I was so glad I was already in hospital!!!

June2008 Sat 19-Feb-11 15:34:18

Officially 1 hr 19mins from start to finish for me. I was in hospital for 11 mins before dd2 arrived.

This is in contrast to dd1 who took over 72 hours.

I knew that the second time around it would be faster, but not quite that quick!

My only advice would be to have everything ready, and I mean everything. Bags by the door etc, and someone who can come at very short notice.

My waters went at 2.30am, at which point dh phoned my parents to come to look after dd1, that half hour wait seemed to go on forever! I was sat in the car waiting for them, got into the hospital at 3.30 (very agonising walk from the car park!) and dd2 born at 3.41am. Very traumatic trip on the mnotorway, with me saying, 'I need to poo or push and I don't know which it is,' and lovely dh turning up the music louder as he didn't know what else to do!! All totally over by 3.49 an home for tea!!

pheeebs Sat 19-Feb-11 19:23:32

wow!! it helps to know the 2nd time should be quicker -72 hours how did u do it?!

Choufleur Sat 19-Feb-11 19:27:13

DS1. Water broke (hind waters) at 4pm. Arrived at hospital at 5.30pm, 7cm dilated. DS born at 7.45pm.

I hadn't had any real pain/strong contractions before my waters going.

Trinaluce Sun 27-Feb-11 14:23:38

70 hours. If yours was less: I HATE YOU angry


blueberryjam Sun 27-Feb-11 15:29:14

I have had 4 quick labours so from first twinge to holding baby was
ds1 2 hr 50 mins
ds2 2 hr 20 mins
ds3 1 hr 20 mins
ds4 35 minutes

I am now pg with dd1 and am asking for a planned induction as I live 30 mins away from hospital and have young children at home and dp unlikely to get here in time. The thought of this labour scares me I just hope they agree to induction.

mummyjah Sun 27-Feb-11 19:59:59


Read your post about fast labour with interest. I have also had fast labours - three. My last one (went from couldn't feel contractions to feeling need to push quite quickly - second stage lasted one minute) resulted in a PPH. I have since spoken to a highly rated consultant who said that this was because the midwife insisted on following my birthplan for my request for a physiological third stage. My uterus was atonic and according to the consultant, women with precipitous labours should ALWAYS get an injection to contract the uterus because the uterus will rarely contract on its own. What is the reasoning behind your MW's suggestion that women with precipitous labours shouldn't have the injection?

mummyjah Sun 27-Feb-11 20:00:07


Read your post about fast labour with interest. I have also had fast labours - three. My last one (went from couldn't feel contractions to feeling need to push quite quickly - second stage lasted one minute) resulted in a PPH. I have since spoken to a highly rated consultant who said that this was because the midwife insisted on following my birthplan for my request for a physiological third stage. My uterus was atonic and according to the consultant, women with precipitous labours should ALWAYS get an injection to contract the uterus because the uterus will rarely contract on its own. What is the reasoning behind your MW's suggestion that women with precipitous labours shouldn't have the injection?

jcp123 Mon 28-Feb-11 11:00:47

My first labour was a long and painful affair. Contractions started at 4:20am, were very intense and came regularlly every 5 minutes but progress was slow. Ended up with 2 shots diamorphine then epidural and DS1 was born via forcepts.

My second labour started at 4am with intense contractions every 5 minutes. Here we go again I thought, but instead made very rapid progress and made it to the hospital just 15 minutes before DS2 arrived. Had no drugs.

DS1: 19 Hrs 15 Mins
DS2: 3 Hrs 45 Mins (spend rest of morning saying "I can't believer its over")

Also must say that my recovery with DS1 was slow, he was very sleepy and did not feed well to begin with. Ended up in hospital for 2 nights. With DS2 I only needed a few stitches and was back to 'normal' very quickly. I left hospital the same day.

lisa07769 Thu 31-Jan-13 14:34:15

I am terrified my first labour from first twinge to delivery was 5 hours. My second from first twinge to delivery was 35 minutes. How does that happen? I never had any of the normal contraction patterns just my waters break and that's it. I am now pregnant with third and am terrified. I have never had time for pain relief options apart from a bit of gas and air with my first,nothing with second. I remember just feeling shocked with both at how fast they arrived especially my daughter. I will need to keep my legs crossed come September lol.

BiddyPop Thu 31-Jan-13 14:40:34

1st twinge about 9pm. Got to hosp at about 1am (couldn't leave my grandparent's Christmas dinner and present unwrapping til after 11.30, went home to change and pretty much straight to hosp) - MW on assessment found I was 1cm. Got changed and sent to ward, examined again (same), walked a bit, hot shower for an hour(ish), came out to walk and chat to MWs but went back into shower again another hour(ish) and asked for another exam at about 5 (roughly) - had gone to almost fully dilated and whisked in wheelchair to delivery. Didn't manage a full 20 mins monitoring before they decided it was pushing time, and DD arrived just after 6.

BiddyPop Thu 31-Jan-13 14:46:29

Sorry, hit post too soon.

I had the use of shower which was GREAT. I used tens on way in and up to getting in shower - I found it didn't work as well after 1st shower. Concentrated on relaxing mind and body in shower and hot water on small of back really really helped.

Had gas and air in delivery room, but that was it in terms of formal pain relief options.

BUT: I had done prenatal yoga from 13 to 39 weeks, and that really helped me focus. It was dark outside and we kept shower room dim too which helped. I had lavendar oil dabbed on the back of my hand to help too. (And mint oil for when I felt sick). DH kept quiet, and exams were kept to a minimum. I was left alone to get on with it myself, and I think that both helped me to progress and to deal with the pain.

JumpingJetFlash Thu 31-Jan-13 14:57:18

Woke up about 6:45, DD was born by 8:25 with a Daddy midwife as I was only 35 weeks pregnant so no one (read midwives etc) really believed I could be in labour until it was too late to get to hosp. Was my 1st baby, haven't had a second to say whether its be quicker - partly as a result of 1st labour :-/

Zara1984 Thu 31-Jan-13 18:57:36

Ahh! This scares me. Just posted about this on another thread. What if your labour was started by prostin gel? Can you expect the same or faster a second time, or is it different if you're induced?? I didn't have the drip.

My waters went a couple of hours after send prostin gel. It was like the movies, horrific pain as soon as they went, screaming for an epidural (which I got immediately, thank god). I dilated from 1vm (waters breaking) to 10cm in 90mins. DS born just over 90 mins after that. I'm fucking terrified of a non-induced second birth being faster. I have zero interest in a home birth and mostly scared of not getting an epidural in time confused

The hospital technically counted my labour from when I was admitted for induction 12 hours earlier, but aside from some prostin pains I was just reading trashy mags in the induction annex before my waters went.

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