CRIBS Refugee mother and baby A appeal

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CRIBS4Babies Tue 24-May-16 04:38:15

I am the director of CRIBS international which provides accommodation for refugee antenatal and postnatal women and babies in Greece. Reema recently gave birth to baby Ahmad Bashr by emergency caesarian section. she is back living in a tent while we try to find her a flat. Currently other refugees live in dirty conditions, have limited medical support and are often sleeping on the ground. Food is poor ( 1000 calories per day) and water limited. Greece has a history of obstetric violence to refugees and a70% caesarian section rate. Money is needed to provide flats in town, pay for supportive professional services, and make life decent. I am able to arrange for a speaker in some parts of the UK, also can provide a fundraising pack for your group /church etc. Donations can go to gofundme fund a roof for a newborn refugee. If you want further information please email Thank you so much.

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