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NCforthebillionthtime Sat 23-Apr-16 08:43:36

But a shameless request to ask you all to help my friend if you can.

Mike was diagnosed with a rare leukemia 2 years ago and has undergone many gruelling treatments since then. Unfortunately, the leukemia has aggressively returned and his treatment options here have run out.

His only chance of survival is a CAR T Cell therapy trial in the US, one that has had incredible results in patients in the same position as Mike and has been recommended by Mike's medical team here.

Now for how you can help! He needs to raise £400,000 asap to fund his medical care while he is there. 10% of this has been raised in 2 days but a lot more is needed, fast!

Please have look, donate if you can and spread the word.


Thank you so much

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