77 Year old John Shackleton will be driving an ambulance to Ukraine....

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Noonakai Mon 18-Jan-16 19:01:23

I wanted to tell you about an amazing man whose latest adventure we’ll be covering in a documentary this year. John Shackleton is a mild mannered 77 year old from Harrogate, North Yorkshire who buys up old ambulances, fills them full of medical supplies and drives them into war zones and other places of great need.

Over the last year 20 years, John has gone on 44 of these incredible adventures, travelling to places such as Afghanistan, Kosovo and Georgia, dodging all kinds of dangers to deliver much needed medical supplies to innocent victims of war, poverty and natural disasters everywhere.

He’s going to Ukraine in May this year and we’re going to be following him and telling his story. We would love people to follow the progress of this adventure by looking at our Facebook page: www.facebook.com/theambulanceman Just liking the page, asking a question or saying hello would be a great way of creating a bit of a community feel around what we’re doing.

Also - please look at John’s homepage as well as it is the page for his labour of love, a registered charity called Aid To Eastern Europe (www.aidtoeasterneurope.co.uk). Say hello, donate or show your moral support - it’s all good. Thank you for your time! Irfan

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