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Could you spare a day or week to help sell Daffodil pins for Marie Curie Cancer Care?

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carriemumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 17-Sep-13 10:02:29

A dear friend of mine at school (mum to two young children) lost her husband to cancer a couple of years ago and has since dedicated herself to helping raise funds for Marie Curie who helped to care for him in the last years and months of his illness. She is looking for mumsnetters who would:
a)Put Marie Curie forward as your school’s Charity of the Year if your school has one (ours does a poll at this time of the year amongst parents)
b)Volunteer to sell daffodil lapel pins during the March Great Daffodil Appeal
As she says: “we get much better results from those schools where there is an active parent who takes responsibility for the daffodil selling, rather than relying on the school to put out a box.”

For the daff selling she is particularly looking for mumsnetters who have kids in the 2-13 years age range (its not so cool to wear a daff from 13!) to
- seek permission from their school to actively sell daffs in the playground or school gate for one week in March.
- organise one week of mums to help them sell the daffs to kids, teachers & carers

She is a lurker on Mumsnet but not a poster so I said I would post this appeal for her and I really hope some mumsnetters might feel able to help. If you think you can help or need more info you can email her directly on

In case you need more info about what Marie Curie do – there’s some below. I always assumed for example that hospices were NHS funded, but that is not the case.
"Marie Curie provide practical, social, emotional & spiritual care to those people reaching the end of their lives due to a terminal illness. Nationwide, patients can live their last days at home with nurses providing specialist help to patients and their families. In addition there are nine hospices that provide in-patient and out-patient support to help take away some of the anxiety and strain, through medical, physiotherapy, psychological and spiritual assistance. All care is provided free of charge regardless of personal wealth. "
Thanks in advance.

98percentchocolate Wed 25-Sep-13 11:42:15

My dd is too young for school but I would love to help having lost my grandfather two weeks ago to cancer. Is there any way I could sell door to door in my local area, sell to people at work, etc?

i work in an FE college and could potentially see if it's possible to sell them there and how best to approach it if that's any use?

prissyenglisharriviste Wed 25-Sep-13 03:51:36

We sell real daffodils (in small bunches) to raise money for cancer research in Canada. It's essentially the same program, but with real flowers instead of lapel pins. It's lovely - I did it for a few years, we had an army of women that essentially went everywhere on daffodil day - schools, businesses, everywhere, with baskets full of wee bunches of daffs. Everyone knows what it means and always sends kids to school with money that day, or makes sure to take cash to work. Lots of people buy five or six bunches and give them away.

Good luck - can't help as we are in Canada, but I will be buying my daffs ;-)

Solo Tue 24-Sep-13 23:45:49

I would have loved to do the pin selling, but I don't know what I'll be doing in March yet. I need a new job see!!

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