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The Butterfly Awards 2013 - recognising organisations, parents & raising money for charity (baby loss).

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TheButterflyAwards Thu 18-Jul-13 11:04:36

The awards ceremony has the focus of raising awareness of baby loss by recognising individuals such as consultants and midwives for the specialist care they provide. Showing support for organisations which offer support to parents during bereavement such as support groups or even memory boxes. Not forgetting YOU as parents by reconsigning your inspirational strength and using your grief towards raising awareness and funds for charity in bereavement.

We invite you to nominate those who provided you with exceptional care, Doulas, Midwives, Consultants...

As well as nominating organisations who supported you, did they provide you with a memory box, counselling...

You can even nominate the hospital which looked after you, did they have fantastic facilities to support you during your time there.

We invite you to visit our website where you can read information about all 15 categories that are available for nomination.

You can also purchase tickets on our website to attend the awards ceremony, which is being held on the 19th of October at The Paragon Hotel in Birmingham.

The night will consist of arrival drinks, a 3 course dinner, the awards ceremony, and an auction to raise funds for Towards Tomorrow Together (1151022).

Many thanks and we hope you will support our cause in raising awareness of baby loss.

Jade Deverill & Mel Scott

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