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Spread the word not the germs ... A cure!

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Stophandwash Tue 04-Jun-13 10:51:46

Hand Hygiene cure...

The lack of hand hygiene is the main cause for the spread of bacterial and viral infections.

Statistics show that one third of the population of first world countries, do not wash their hands after having used the toilet... This makes for a combined UK, EU and US total of 266 million people .

Bacteria and virus germs will transfer from a hand onto any surface that is touched and those germs will survive a minimum of eight hours just waiting for a host, the next hand to make contact. The same people then continue spreading and ingesting germs, making themselves and others ill, sometimes hospitalised , causing illness and or fatalities.

Two thirds of the population who do observe proper hand hygiene then proceed to collect those germs and continue spreading them , making ourselves and others ill.

The smallest particle of feces visible with the naked eye will contain 10 million thriving harmful bacteria it only takes one norovirus spread from child to child, person to person to close schools, colleges, hospitals, Nurseries, play centers and hundreds of other public areas worldwide and also cruise ships. Despite efforts to educate and remind people this is still a major ongoing problem with many outbreaks which increase year on year.

The solution is to make sure everyone wash their hands after using the toilet , before preparing food, before treating the sick, after treating the sick or visiting the sick . JUST WASH YOUR HANDS!

There are billions spent on drugs and campaigns posters and public announcements but the one thing that is missing is a reminder to persuade people to wash their hands at that precise moment when it should be done. We believe the best place to cure a problem is at the source of the problem.


Is an animated sign that automatically detects a person's presence, displays an attention grabbing animated visual and audio message .

Question !!!

Do you feel if this sign was installed in every toilet it would have a significant effect....

If yes carry on reading.

Would you tell people around you about this product....

If yes carry on reading

We are using a funding platform , to launch this product.

Plese go to this site and take a look ...


Carry on reading

Can you think of places you would like to see these being used eg food establishments ,restaurants, schools, nurseries, hospitals, your home, your place of work etc.....

If yes keep reading

Great you agree, the STOP hAND WASH. can make a difference.

Now lets get the ball rolling by supporting us. We need to raise some funds to get the units into production for launch on Global Hand Washing Day, the 15 October 2013.

Choose a backers package starting as low as a one pound and on July the 8th if we have reached our goal the money will be deducted from your payment method and we are all systems go.

All we ask is if you think we are on the right track then back our project and just as important tell everyone you can about it.

Thank you

Startail Tue 04-Jun-13 11:10:53

I don't wash my hands the DCs don't wash their hands, they get far fewer stomach bugs than many of the rest of school. Go figure.

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